Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spanning the Globe - As there’s other Racing going on besides Planet DannaCar

Spending way too much time inside this weekend, as hey that bright yellow thingy has been popping in ‘N out of the clouds this afternoon … After another rainy Northwest day yesterday…

I found it entertaining to note the wide variety of racing series on le Telescreen, as there really are other series already competing besides that ever so present Danica Patrick and her 2010 World Tour, as surprisingly I watched my very first ever “Aussie” V8 Supercars event yesterday from none other then Yas Island and the Yas Marina circuit, which previously held the very last round of the 2009 Formula 1 Championship in Abu Dhabi.

Then today, while probably everybody Up North Eh! In “Oh Kana-Duh” was watching some ‘lil ‘Ol Hockey game in Vancouver, BC eh? I accidently tuned into the season opener of the World Superbike Championship, (WSBK) coming from Down Under on Phillip Island in Austraila, Mates!

And those riders are simply BONKERS! As maximum velocity was reached by none other then Max Biaggi, who twisted his Aprilia’s throttle to an amazing 320kph… (As in 198.72mph!) CRIKEY’S!

Yet it was the 26yr old Englishman Leon Haslam leading away from the front in Race 1, having scored his first ever WSBK SuperPole, as Haslam streaked away with the two factory Ducati Xerox riders of Michel Fabrizio
And Noriyuki Haga nipping at his heels as the trio sped away from the pack, before Haslam aboard his Alstare Suzuki led from wire to wire and defeated Fabrizio in a photo finish of 4-one thousand’s of a second!

And it was entertaining to hear how Haslam was punching a hole in the air for the trio of riders at 297kph, while Haga in third was benefitting from the draft while cruising about at 305kph! With Biaggi blistering the field while chasing the leading group with an astounding 316kph, SHEISA!

Yet I missed the majority of Race 2 due to a TV Guide hiccup which claimed it was the WSBK Boyz at Silverstone next, (Huh?) so I went for a walkabout instead, returning “Just-in-Time” to see Race 2’s final four laps with Haslam Leading once again, albeit being stalked by Carlos Checa riding for the Althea Ducati Team alongside his aptly nicknamed teammate, Shane “Shakey” Byrne.

Yet apparently the crafty 38yr old Spaniard had been saving his tyres and on the final lap with just three corners remaining, Checa made his move and powered past Haslam to claim his first victory of the season.

And Oh yeah, I failed to mention the AMA Supercross race from Atlanta, Georgia last night, where Ryan Dungee won his third race of the season…

Friday, February 26, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Delta Wing Update Kit revealed!

(Photo courtesy of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing)

Apparently the entire furor over the perceived looks of the Delta Wing Project’s much discussed views upon its styling cues tipped the scales when Indy Carr league officials learned that NO less then their Number 1 media darling had weighed-in on the matter… As Danica Patrick was heard saying: “ARE YOU KIDDING?” When recently having seen the initial Delta Wing images…

Thus, with much poking ‘N prodding… OUCH! Exclaimed the Cheepster, still harbouring some broken ribs… He asked Master Designer Ben (Bowlby) to see if he could come up with some sort of update kit to his latest creation that would possibly be a little more palatable to those angry 40yr olds scribbling ‘bout his pet project on their Confuzers…

Bowlby says that the major shift of philosophy should make ALL of the Open Wheel critics happy, as it’s now got four Open Wheels along with lots of sponsorship space and plenty of rear Downforce… Not to mention UV protection and should really stick on the leagues Short tracks, although he encouraged his Boss to stay away from taking it for a spin until he’s fully recovered…

While NO word on whether Chip and partner Felix will insist upon Juan ‘N Jamie’s contracts being modified to prohibit riding on top of? While Bowlby claims that rear decklid should also protect Dario in case of any Blow-over’s in the future!

Have you taken your Randy letter to the Mailbox yet?

THE ‘DAWG’s letter writing campaign to incoming Indy Car CEO Randy Bernard is fast approaching, as pressdog wants Y’all to get your letters to him in time for his first day on March 1st, 2010… Which YIKES! Is just right (‘N left) around the corner, so in ‘Dawgsta-speak, DO IT NOW!

And yeah, your humble No Fenders Scribe did indeed mail his 1pg letter earlier this week…Although I left out the part ‘bout wanting FREE Popcorn!

Tick-Tock ... Time Running Short to Write to Randy by March 1

Chip’s Delta Wang World Tour runs afowl!

Apparently The Cheepster, nee chip Ganassi, was busy celebrating his recent Roundy-round DayToner 647 victory, along with perhaps combining a little business with some pleasure? By beating the ALL YUHS NEEDS TO KNOW – BY GUMMIT! IS WHAT I TELLS YUHS… World Tour over his much ballyhooed Delta Wang thingy-muh-jig… Err excuse me rocket Sledcar!

As according to TSR this past Sunday evening, Chip suffered a couple of broken ribs whilst navigating the powdery stuff skiing. Mmmm…. Sprinkles! Although there was no word upon where it happened or if Messer’s Kalkhoven ‘N George were present?

And NO! I have NOT changed my tune upon the Delta Wang (Putang) thingy ‘Juan iota… Nor do I intend to, as it simply DEFEATS the purpose of what Open Wheel Racing is supposed to be… As in FOUR ‘COUNT-EM 4 OPEN/Exposed majik rings… Preferably black rubber without any gimmicky sidewall colouring, which is making it hard for me to know what to think over the initial reports about the BAT project…

Yet I do have to say that the related image by an unknown source in Pop Off valve’s story is somewhat more palatable then the original Flying V Tricycle shaped Klingon-mobile.

Indy Car fan's designs changing opinions about the DeltaWing

As Y’all will never guess what the Topic du Jour was on last week’s Trackside with Cavin ‘N Kevin, on which I had to pull the plug as it got overly dronish on trying to Pooh-Pooh the Naysayers over the Delta Wang thingy… As how many covered wheels belong visible on an Open Wheel Racing Car?

Can you say ZERO!

As the more people I hear trying to be overly neutral, nee PC over Chip’s Delta Wing project, the more I conjure up images of a PIG with lipstick!

Yet interestingly, Cavin pointed out that one of the few current ICS Team Owners who wasn’t onboard the Good Ship Ganassi, was none other then a one Mr. Roger Penske, so it would be interesting to know just exactly how many Team Owners really were behind the Cheepster, as in behind this project and not On track as Cavin coyly noted.

Yet I still DON’T get-it??? As in the need to SCREW-UP Open Wheel Racing by picking some Buck Rogers Podmobile Phalanx LSR contraction to continue racing in 2012… I mean if it’s so necessary then why HASN’T Formula 1 felt the need to implement some sorta futuristic tricyclemobile, eh? Or put a myriad of florescent lighting on their racecar’s sidepods?

You can read my elongated thoughts upon the Delta Wang thingy here,
So what really is the story behind Project Delta Wing?

Then again, BEWARE! I’m ‘Juan of ‘Dem 40yrs Olds Somethings-aruthers with a Confuzer… Not to mention being a verrittble ‘Vurd Botcherer, nee Blogger! So uze may wannas consults your neighbor’s 10yrs olds insteads, eh? As who knows, perhaps young Johnny will be more enlightened on the matter… If his Pappy is willing to take him to the racetrack?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dario gets a Shave ‘N Haircut at the Barber

(Dario Franchitti’s wrecked No. 10; Source: Birmingham

Apparently reigning 2009 Indy Car Series Champion Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti had a little excursion today at Barber Motorsports Park, when he went off course to due a little gardening in his racecar. No word on whether or not this was related to cold tyres, with testing being delayed a few hours this morning due to the frigid temperatures…

Dario Franchitti wads up his car at Barber

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

INDYCAR: And Their Off! Testing begins

Albeit 90min late due to the unseasonably cool ambient temperature blanketing Birmingham for the foreseeable future, as Yawn! Surprise-surprise... Team Penske was 1-2, with Ryan Briscoe leading Helio Castroneves, with Penske’s third cog Will Power slotting in at P4, as the Penske black, white & red Freightrain was interrupted by Team England’s, Err Dryer & Reinbold’s new recruit Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson…

Rounding out the Top 5 was some Dude Y’all call The Iceman, nee Scott Dixon, but how ‘bout that KV Racing Technology squad, with EJ “What, Me Worry?” Viso leading new boy Takuma Sato in an impressive sweep of P6-7, while ‘TK, (Tony Kanaan) Dario Franchitti and Heideki Mutoh rounded out the Top 10 respectively. Twenty Drivers participated, with You-know-Who… ACK! Danica Patrick leading a trio of Femme Fatales home in P18, with rookie Simona De Silvestro and Sarah Fisher following Princess on the Time sheets…

Meanwhile the day’s other debutant drivers, Rookie Mario Romancini finished in 12th, With James Rossiter nipping at his heels in 13th, as Rossiter and De Silvestro are just testing currently, with no Race Drives announced as of yet.

Day 2 will kick-off at 9AM, temperature permitting, before the Firestone Indy Lights take over the 2.38 mile 17 turn road course on Friday…

Where are the Yanks?

Apparently yesterday Mr. Chrome Horn, nee Paul Tracy set off a firestorm upon twitter with his comments towards only four Yanks being on the grid, while he, Buddy Rice and Graham Rahal all sat at home, and he hoped we enjoyed it! while Curt Cavin has now reported that “The Son ‘O Stash” (Graham Rahal) is now throwing the N-CUP word around, claiming he’ll definitely not be at the season opening Brazil Indy Car race…

So why all of the massive grumblings over the potential loss of American Open Wheel Drivers in Indy Car? I mean this isn’t an exactly new phenomena, which I’ll hazard a guess is partially a result of something known as The Split!

But I applaud Stephanie’s take on the matter the best… As in why AREN’T Top 500 American Companies stepping up to the plate instead? Or is it simply related to the fact that there simply isn’t enough Bang for the Almighty buck in Open Wheel Racing? I mean after all RASSCAR’s on FOX, TNT and ESPN/ABC, with 1,497hrs coverage of DayToner on SPEED alone… Not to mention that every 6min a commercial break is run during the 14hr Preamble, with Drivers trained to profusely spew out their obligatory list of corporate donor’s every 69 seconds… So how can Indy Car currently compete?

Its time to revise our definition of ride-buying

And back in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s (Yeah, I know I’m dating myself here…) we had the last vestiges of the great Hatfield’s vs. McCoy’s, Err Unser vs. Andretti duel with ‘Lil Al racing against Mikey, not to mention names like Bobby Rahal, Rick Mears and Danny Sullivan…

And yet apparently History is repeating itself once again? As recall that one of Champ Car’s guiding lights was the rediscovered AJ Almendinger, whom after being let go from RuSport after failing to live-up to Carl Russo’s expectations, was snapped-up by Gerald Forsythe and subsequently went on a tear winning five races alongside PT at Forsythe Racing, even being labeled a future Championship contender. Yet Gerald Forsythe was unwilling to put-up the necessary Dinero to compete with the call of a Foreign backed Tin Top Team, as Almendinger, who some had nicknamed “Wall-Dinger” prior to his renaissance at Forsythe bolted for the lure of a 3yr, $9 million deal to race a Red Bull Toyota Camry in RASSCAR instead…

Now is this AJ’s fault? Or is it Gerald Forsythe’s fault for being too stingy? (Ask Tracy how those contract dealings went…) Or is it simply the harsh reality of a Racing Driver’s relatively short window of opportunity… While I’m certain there’s a reason that Mr. Forsythe is a Multi-millionaire and I’m not!

As I certainly DON’T have the answers, nor will I try to answer them… Although I find it absolutely pathetic that McDonald’s quickly pulled the plug upon funding NHLR after its Patriarch Paul Newman left the Building, instead wishing to ‘Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge, focus upon the Olympics… Of which I’ve taken to calling the COMMERCIALYPICS… Which in turn sees its own share of disparity between certain American athletes, as in the Ski Jumping members have to pay their own way, while Geoff Bodine stepped-up to the plate for the Bobsledders…

Do we need Graham Rahal to stay in Indy Car? HELL YES! And it seems absolutely PATHETIC that NO American Corporation is willing to jump behind him… Especially since Indy Car costs only a fraction of what it takes to run Down South, like in one-third the amount? Ok, at least 50% less…

But its also bothersome that John Edwards has decided to go race a Mazda RX8 in the Grand Am GT class instead, which I don’t know if that has anything to do with Edwards being politely told he’s not experienced enough to run with the ‘Big Boyz...

So, yeah it would be excellent to see Ed Carpenter, Rice, Rahal and even ‘Ol PT all with fulltime gigs in Indy Cars this year and beyond, but it AIN’T gonna happen, and as far as I know the Kuh-Nucks aren’t whimpering over only having one fulltime driver this year, eh?

Open Wheel Merry-go-Round

Whale, its that time of the season, as in almost time for the ‘Big Boyz to go racin’ again… And I simply cannot keep up with the Hyper-drive flurry of Open Wheel Racing Announcements, namely Driver signings…

Sheez! How do these guys do it? As Ryan over at Junior Open Wheel Talent is busy keeping his finger on the pulse of Indy Lights announcements, plus his new Ladder Report, along with keeping tabs of all the various Junior Formulae…

While Up North Eh! The ‘CAM WOW! Of The Other Side has been keeping busy breaking news on the latest Indy Car Gluteus Maximums numbers of all the various Team/Driver line-ups, not to mention where I first read about the new BAT Project, which I’m dubbing the 5th Wheel for the New & Improved 2012 Indy Car chassis search…

Meanwhile Mr. Earle previously posted a Headcount story over at My Name is IRL. Although I’m a little worried about his paying Homage to Godzilla… Something to do with Heideki Mutoh being confirmed at the esteemed ICS Firm of Newman Haas Lanigan Racing? While thinking about Takuma Sato’s confirmation at KV Racing Technology for reasons unknown made me start humming that ‘80’s Fad song Turning Japanese, I really think So? Which fortunately yesterday’s Teleconference musak cleared outta my head!

NO Word on whether or not “CAM WOW ‘N Mr. Earle are involved in a friendly round of who’s Driving What – Where, Pop goes the Driver game, which I think is somewhat akin to some ‘lil ‘Ol Hockey game recently played between USA ‘N Canada… Oh Never Mind!

Yet, interestingly Jan “Van Hagar” Heylen is listed as the pilot of the No. 17 Team E Indy Lights car… Does anybody know who this Team is? While Brian Herta Autosport (BHA) is now a confirmed two car entity with a single I500 entry this May, as Brian’s co-owner’s name Steve Newey is driving me crazy, since I know I know the name, from F1? I can’t seem to recall exactly what his CV is? While I’m most entertained by the new Team Cake Motorsports, which apparently is in conjunction with Wayne Taylor Racing, as in Sports Car fame…

Whale upon closer inspection, its actually Cape Motorsports, with Gustavo Yacaman behind the wheel of the No. 10, as I’m guessing that Cape has something to do with Wayne Taylor’s S. African roots…

Welcome to Team E

Meanwhile, NO word on whether or not the Indy Car Driver’s are busy working’ on their Tan’s or busy makin’ Snowmen Down South in Sweet Home Alabama…

Just read Ryan’s post about Gustavo Yacaman’s signing and its actually a collaboration between Dominic and Nicholas Cape And Wayne Taylor; Sorry ‘bout that Dominic & Nicholas…

Gustavo Yacaman Signs with Cape Motorsports/Wayne Taylor Racing

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TELECON: Penske first to the Barber

Today began the continued frenzied building of excitement towards the fast approaching 2010 Indy Car Series, as Team Penske held a Press Briefing which included a Teleconference that I was able to participate in thanks to Team Penske and the IRL as part of Media Day at Barber Motorsports Park.

Thus sitting on hold with some Don’t Worry – Be Happy musak playing in the background I thought to myself how odd that the Teleconference was starting late as a voice came on the line at 4min past the appointed time telling us to please be patient, before we switched over to hearing the Star Penske personnel getting into their seats in an overly noisy venue as Will Power told somebody about having done some racing/driving(?) somewhere; 6 or 10 laps? While Helio Castroneves’s smile could be heard thru the phoneline as he jubilantly said Hi as he entered the arena, while Ryan Briscoe got asked to slide down…

before Team Penske President Tim Cindric kicked off the Briefing at 8min past, which I mused to myself that it seemed so Un-Penske-like as I thought he ran with Military precision. Perhaps they had trouble getting thru the DannaCar media scrum?

But it was very COOL getting to partake in eavesdropping on the Media briefing, which I’d heard the news about somewhere prior, claiming that Team Penske would be changing colours, but it was interesting to hear Cindric confirm that indeed it was the start of a new era for Team Penske, who will no longer be running its long standing traditional red & white (BAD HABITS) Marlboro livery…

As Phillip Morris has effectively left the sport, which Cindric noted that the Tobacco Giant had first sponsored racetracks way back in 1987 before joining Penske in 1990, when “EMMO” (Emerson Fittipaldi) brought the red ‘N white cigarette brand to The Captain’s Ship along with the No. 1 plate after leaving Patrick Racing, co-owned by somebody named Chip.

So I found it entertaining how Cindric coyly noted how the team will now be representing the Altria Group instead, in some sort of Corporate Services role, as when asked, Cindric said the simplest way to explain it was. If you were at Daytona you saw a massive Red Tent there, which had a bunch of Penske Racing memorabilia, as a backdrop to promote Altria’s various entities, with the Red Tent traveling to approx. 15 venues this year, 10 NASCAR and 5 Indy Car…

Thus, in case you didn’t know, Altria Group Inc is the parent company of Phillip Morris, having changed the companies name in 2008 to divert attention away from the worldwide name recognition that Phillip Morris and its synonymous red & white branding carries.

Yet Altria still controls Philip Morris USA, US Smokeless Tobacco, John Middleton and Ste Michelle Wine Estates, along with a 28.7% interest in UK based Brewer SABMiller and Phillip Morris Capital.

And apparently Altria’s current portfolio includes a massive 42 Cigarette brands, including such names as Marlboro, L&M, Virginia Slims, not to mention Smokeless Tobacco giants Copenhagen and Skoal.

And I was totally unaware that Altria owns the very upscale Chateau Ste Michelle Estates which are right in my backyard, so to speak, as in nearby Woodinville, WA, which holds a great yearly Outdoors music concert series… Not to mention once hosting the Steam locomotive Dinner train. As Altria currently possesses 22 different Vino brands, including Chateau Ste Michelle, Columbia Crest and Snoqualmie, (all local names) not to mention three Champagne brands including Domaine Ste Michelle…

So it’s interesting that Anheiser-Busch long ago snapped-up Redhook Brewery with Altria grabbing Chateau Ste Michelle, yet NO major Motorsports events out here in the Pacific Northwest. But I digress, eh?

Cindric also noted it’s the first time Penske has run a 3-car Operation full season since 1994, which I’m certain they’d like to emulate that season this year, when Penske simply obliterated the CART competition with ‘Lil Al, Emerson and Paul Tracy racking up some 15 wins and Al Unser Jr. claiming his second Indy 500 and CART Championships…

Otherwise it was seemingly the typical Pre-season banter, of how all the drivers expected to do great, beat the competition and leave everybody in their wake whilst “Working Together!” Although Bruce Martin did get a chuckle outta Hulio when asking him how he felt by getting ganged-up by two “Aussies” on the Team… While Will Power eluded to the fact that Qualifying will be crucial at Barber since it’s really difficult to pass there… As in NO word on whether or not they’ve done anything about installing passing zones? Yet we’ll have to wait ‘N see. While I was politely surprised to hear Hulio mention Justin Wilson’s name when asked about if it was going to be another typical Penske vs. TCGR season on track again?

as that concluded the audio portion of the event while everyone was invited to go downstairs and take a look-see and snap pictures of the new Verizon liveried Penske racecar’s… Although I believe NO tyre kicking was allowed!

Monday, February 22, 2010

INDYCAR: BMS Open Test Entry lists revealed

Whale I first read the FIL list from over at JOWT before reading the ICS list over at 16th & Georgetown…

And don’t worry, its gonna be alright! Danny Boy Wheldon and his No. 4 Panther Racing Cammo-car will be around in 2010… But apparently Wheldon was busy askin’ his son what he thought the future IndyCar should look like instead, before they went’ for a gander at the shoe store at the Mall; was I supposed to be somewhere south this week?

2010 Barber Test Entry lists
I just received word from FAZZT Race Team that they & ‘TAG (Alex Tagliani) have decided to skip the Barber Motorsports Park Open Indy Car test this coming Wednesday – Thursday due to the forecasted inclement weather… As in lower then expected temperatures which could be in the low 50’s or below? Which is a minimum preferred ambient temperature for the Firestone rubber. So looks like Wheldon won’t be the only one skipping the test…

Write to Randy and John

Ok Race Fans, we need to do this pronto, as I’m a little behind here once again, as that pressdog guy has been uber creative by having figured out ways to not only contact Indy Car’s VP John Lewis, but also initiated a letter campaign to soon to be newly anointed Indy Car CEO Randy Bernard.

So you can get the info below – and please NO “Randy Andy” or “Dear John” letters… Just keep it simple ‘N sane and let these two guys know your thoughts upon the current status of the Indy Car Series…

IndyCar Fans: Remember to Write to Randy

John Lewis, VP of Marketing, Talks about IndyCar's Effort to Talk to Fans

And don’t forget that Keith Wiggins ‘N Co. want to also hear from you too!


And now I’ve gotta go write a concise one page letter to Mr. Bernard asking to please choose anything BESIDES the Delta Wing and when in the HELL is Indy Car coming back to Portland?

Mission Accomplished!

Although I won’t post my snazzy ‘Juan page letter written to ‘THE DAWG’s strict guidelines, but DAMN! What’s all this bright stuff outside here, eh? On my way to the nearest mailbox, as I think they call it the Sun? Must be something wrong though, as it’s NOT supposed to be sunny here…


If I’ve done my homework correctly, then today is the 2yr Birthday of that storied Open Wheel Racing Mergification ceremony hosted on SPEED TV, where Kevin “Smiley Face”Kalkhoven and Tony “I WON!” George announced the long overdue reunification of Open Wheel Racing in the US, after what is known as The Split came to an end after an acrimonious 12+ years as the frenzied Popperatzi’s flash bulbs continuously took pictures of Kevin and Tony shaking hands jubilantly.

But it’s been a wild ‘N wooly two years since this ridiculously overdrawn affair occurred, (the merger) as I’ll leave Y’all to ponder if Open Wheel Racing is better off or worse today?

Of the crumbling Champ Car World Series Dynasty, only a handful of Teams still exist in the Indy Car Series today, as Gerald Forsythe is nowhere to be seen, having left Mr. Chrome Horn, nee Paul Tracy High ‘N Dry… While Paul Gentilozzi is now busy trying to resurrect Jaguar’s Sports Car legacy with his RSR GT2 program.

Kevin Kalkhoven along with partner Jimmy Vasser continue trying to mold KV Racing Technology into a front runner in IndyCar, with a revolving cast of Drivers, including The Thrill from the West Hill, (Paul Tracy) whose been moonlighting for them the past two seasons.

Derrick Walker who planned to merge with the IRL seemingly got the Shaft when business partner Craig Gore took his Aussie Vineyards sponsorship and prized driver Will Power to KVRT instead, leaving the longtime CART, Champ Car and IRL Team Owner holding the Bag… As scuttlebutt now suggests that the venerable Scotsman may be trying to work a deal with Robby Gordon for a return to The Speedway this May?

Eric Bachelart has been fighting gamely to stay afloat with his low-bucks conquest Racing Organization, as he continues to bravely field a lone single car entry with a cast of assorted racing drivers, having unfortunately bought brand new Panoz DP1’s just prior to the merger! Yet Bachelart plans to contest 2010 and hopefully Jan “Van Hagar” Heylan will be back in the seat for the fast approaching season? Or will it be “Moana Vye’s” Tomas Scheckter?

Carl Russo and his upstart RuSport Racing Team have long since left the fight, with signature driver AJ Almendinger going’ south to pursue a Tin top career, first for Red Bull before some ex-F1 Piloto named Scott Speed replaced him, with AJ now racing for Richard Petty Motorsports.

AJ’s teammate was a chap affectionately known here at No Fenders as Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson, who is one of only two Champ Car drivers to have won an event in Indy Car’s… Can you name the other? (He’s currently seeking a ride…) While the final Hotschue to drive for the amalgamation between Rocketsports Racing and RuSport, which became RSPORTS alongside Wilson, was ‘TAG, a.k.a. Alex Tagliani, who will now drive for the brand new FAZZT Race Team in 2010.

Minardi Team USA, which was a combination of the plucky “Aussie” Paul Stoddart and veteran Champ Car Team Owner Keith Wiggins, who’d run the ex-Tony Bettenhausen Operation under multiple guises, including a stint with Cedric The Entertainer, ran a well oiled machine that saw Open Wheel upstart Bad Bobby D, a.k.a. Robert Doornbos to two wins, third in the overall standings and the series final rookie of the Year honours, as well as being one of the few drivers besides PT to get underneath The Hamburgular’s skin, while his teammate was the blazing fast, crash prone Dan “Speedy-Dry” Clarke.

And while apparently Stoddart is in the Outback on a Walkabout, Wiggins joined the Party in 2008 as HVM Racing and looks set to run Doornbos once again this season, although it’s unclear if a second car will be run? As apparently the long arm of the IHJ, nee Brian Braveheart has given the Black flag to the “Swiss Miss” female Atlantics Standout Simona de Silvestro, who tested for the Team at Sebring and reportedly was quite impressive…

Seeming to have possibly lost their way is the once mighty Newman Haas Racing Team, which moved to the IRL under the auspices of Newman Haas Lanigan Racing, with Justin Wilson replacing departed 4-Time Champ Car Champion Sebastian Bourdais, (The Hamburgular) who was seeking greener pastures in the rarefied world of Formula 1, while The Son ‘O Stash, a.k.a. Graham Rahal was trying to master the art of Oval racing at NHLR, who now apparently is without a ride while the Team is seeking sponsorship, Err dare I say it? Paying Drivers... Although I’d be happy to see Alex ‘Pink Lloyd Shine-On, along with Heideki Mutoh continuing his Dream of being an Indy Car Driver with NHLR, although I still say Milka-licious in the number Double Zero is too much to pass-up for me… (Just wishful thinking, as I know she’s a No. 23 CITGO Girl Thru ‘N Thru…)

Dale Coyne, the proverbial Little Team that Could! Finally broke its Duck with Justin Wilson’s second Indy Car victory last year at Watkins Glen, after a 25yr victory drought, and will be known as the only driver to win in 2009 besides Penske ‘N TCGR. Although Justin has now jumped to Team England, Err Dryer & Reinbold Racing, while DCR expects to have two full time entries, with hopefully Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter and whom some are calling Captain America, nee J.R. Hildebrand at the controls.

And lets not forget the handful of Champ Car Drivers who never got their fair shot in this much vaunted single seater series, as names such as Simon Pagenaud, Ryan Dalziel, Andrew Ranger, Katherine Legge, (The Other Danica) Oriel Servia and David Martinez come to mind. (HELL! I suppose I need to even mention Bruno “WINEYBAGS” Junqueira here, eh?) Not to mention Mario “Boom-Boom” Dominguez, Jan “Van Hagar” Heylen, Nelson Philippe, Neil Jani and “Christian Comedy,” (Tristan Gommendy) or “Shorty,” a.k.a. Cristiano Da Matta…

And yeah, I realize this story is lopsided, as where’s Darren “DangerMouse” Manning, buddy “Hot Rod” Rice, Townsend Bell, Arie Luyendyk Jr., etc. Not to mention that Ed Carpenter looks to be sitting on the sidelines, Hmm? Perhaps he could seek refuge at DCR?

And notice how I didn’t say anything ‘bout tony George being gone from Indy Car’s pressdog…

But Hey! Let’s get Ready to Rumble… As its almost time to go racing! Not to mention the barking of those fire breathing Honda powered Ethanol lumps being uncorked in Sweet Home Alabama… At Barber Motorsports Park, where a bunch of other drivers will participate with Princess this February 24-26 in preparations for the IndyCar Season Opener in Sao Paolo, Brazil on March 14th, which Y’all can watch on Versus with Bob Jenkins, Robbie Buhl and “Professor” Jon Beekhuis in the Announce Booth, while “LyndieCar,” (Lindy Thackston) Robbie ‘Purple Floyd ‘N BRUT Arute-Arute will potentially be trolling the Pit lane, albeit I’m not sure about the Sao Paolo race which probably will be a remote broadcast with just Messer Jack Arute on location? As I haven’t heard of any Airtimes yet.

And oh yeah, by the way, I think only Justin Wilson and Graham Rahal have won races in Indy Car since 2008, when reunification began for the URGH! “Transition Teams… As after all it was a TAKEOVER, not a Merger! But Hey, I’m looking forward to the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series, as it sure BEATS the HELL outta some ‘lil ‘Ol Roundy-round SpinCar series, or You-know-Who and her 24/7 media circus! NO? DON’T know who ‘Dat is? Whale just look for the flock ‘O media circle in Birmingham…

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paging Peter Windsor - Paging Peter Windsor…

Mr. Pete Windsor the Formula 1 Circus is waiting for you… Please pick up a white courtesy phone and dial your party’s extension… There’s a Mr. Tomaso for you on line-4 and an Uncle Bernaughty for you on line-1!

Once again Paging Mr. Pete Windsor, please pick-up the nearest white courtesy phone and dial your awaiting parties extensions...


As I’ve been somewhat loathe to scribble about this, having first seen news towards the immanent demise of the House ‘O Windsor’s All Americana Formula 1 Team, better known as USF1 late Wednesday evening… When it was first reported that a tearful Mr. Windsor told Jose Maria Lopez that USF1 was on life support and would most likely not make the F1 Grid this season…

And while the stories continue to grow from numerous sources who I perceive as reputable, nevertheless I’ve been sitting on the story while holding out on hope of all hopes that this isn’t true, even trying to contact the Team with no success.

Rumours continue to swirl over the impending demise of USF1, claiming that the Team’s major financial backer Chad Hurley, of Youtube fame has left the project in disgust, along with Lopez having gone off to London to talk to no less then Bernard Ecclestone about resurrecting his hoped for Grand Prix career, potentially landing at the reconstituted Campos Meta 1 Team now instead?

This along with reports that the Squad’s Charlotte HQ building is up for sale, the Team has NO completed racecar and has cancelled mandatory FIA crash testing in England, all seem to imply that its increasingly likely that the Team will indeed NOT be on the grid in Bahrain in just 3-weeks time, while Stefan GP waits in the wings, now with whispers that some Kuh-Nuck named Jacques Villeneuve could be in the frame?

Here’s the story that triggered the Firestorm of reporting that USF1’s Dreams of making it in F1 will be stillborn…

Sponsorship Woes Threaten Future of U.S. Formula 1 Team

Yet apparently in full Damage Control mode, reportedly either very late last night or early this morning, Ken Anderson finally broke the deafening silence concerning the matter… As apparently in an article published in the New York Times, which must be buried rather well, since I cannot locate it! Ken publicly revealed that indeed USF1 will NOT be on the grid at the Formula One’s season opening round in Bahrain.

Anderson says USF1 to miss Bahrain, team’s future in hands of FIA

Yet Anderson’s claims that the Team wishes to miss the first four races and that its fate is simply in the hands of the FIA, doesn’t bode well for the Team, since I don’t see how the WMSC can open itself up to such a can of worms, having just clarified that ALL Teams MUST compete in ALL Grand Prix’s or face immanent sanctions, or even total exclusion…

Management shake-up at Campos

As we come into the home stretch of preparations prior to this years season opening Formula 1 race in the Desert Sands of Bahrain, just a scant 22 Days prior to the very first Grand Prix, yesterday it was announced that Campos Meta 1, which has yet to appear in any Pre-season testing, and was one of Uncle Bernaughty’s two picks to not make the Grid in 2010…

Announced that a “Rescue” package has been put into place, seeing Co-owner Jose Ramon Carabante take over Controlling interest in the Team and having inserted Dr. Colin Kolles as its new Team Principle, while Adrian Campos and Daniele Audetto have left the Team…

You may recall that Kolles was previously in-charge at the never ending revolving door of Formula One Constructors Jordan-Midland-Spyker-Force India, before finally getting the heave-ho late in 2008 from Dr. Vijay Malia, yet Kolles has convinced Carabante that he’s the right man for the job of saving the sinking Campos Meta 1 ship and has promised that two Dallara built, Cosworth powered F1 racecar’s will indeed be on the starting grid of Bahrain in just three weeks time.

And I also believe that it was the same Messer Kolles who performed an emergency root Canal upon Tiago Monteiro during a Grand Prix weekend!, reportedly the 2005 Turkish GP, with Kolles also having operated on Monteiro’s teammate Christijan Albers subsequently.

Also noted racecar designer Geoff Willis who was spotted at a previous Jerez test session has been hired as a consultant to oversee the technical development of the chassis, while no word on Driver’s has emerged at this moment.

Bruno Senna does have a contract with Campos, but was not mentioned in Friday’s statement, with Kolles citing the inevitable need for Paying Drivers… While reputedly USF1’s lone signed Driver Jose Maria Lopez could be in the frame, along with his millions of backing from the Argentine Government.

No word on what the Team will potentially be renamed as in the near future, with the chassis being maintained from Dallara’s Italian base for the time being, while new state of the art premises are expected to be completed in Spain sometime later this year…

Thursday, February 18, 2010

BarneSpeak: Fanbase Building 101

“Our success and whether we’re going to stay in business, in all motorsports, is determined by that 10-year old kid. It’s not going to be determined by the 40-year old looking at the computer.”
John Barnes, Panther Racing co-owner
(Source: My Name is

There is so much WRONG with this statement that I do NOT even know where to begin and hence I’ll wait for another day to scribble my thoughts upon the sheer STUPIDITY of this statement!

Psst! Mr. Barnes, perhaps you’d like to talk to one of your contemporaries, a way further Progressive Team Owner named Keith Wiggins on Fan interaction, eh?

Here's your Sign!


Keith Wiggins reminded Curt Cavin during his interview that his Indy Car Racing Team had created a spot upon its Team’s website for Fan input on what they wanted to see for the future of Indy Cars, or simply tell them what your thoughts were upon the Delta Wing concept and its contemporaries… As in this is so novel! An Indy Car Race Team actually wanting to know its Fans opinions and giving them a place to do so at! So in the immortal ‘Vurds ‘O pressdog… Go There NOW! And drop ‘Wiggy a line or 43; preferably PG rated, eh? And I’d like to second pressdog’s sentiments as in if Y’all know of any other Indy Car (or other Open wheel) Race Teams doing such a thing let me know and I’ll give them a Shout-Out…

Wiggins wants to know…

So what really is the story behind Project Delta Wing?

I find it very interesting that I’ve now been approached by three of the four entities regarding the Delta Wing Indy Car project, although I suppose I should clarify that only Swift and Lola (twice!) have actually sent Press Releases to the No Fenders mailbox, while a third party simply seemed intent upon soliciting some positive “Spin” (my assumption) regarding the Delta Wing project with an offer of video footage of the Chicago Auto show unveiling.

And I find that I’m not able to sit back ‘N let things sink in before speaking, or in this case typing away somewhat furiously, (or is that laboriously?) as I’ve already given my initial thoughts upon the Delta Wang thingy, as in IT SUCKS!

Indy Car’s newest racer unveiled

Thus I decided to tune into the Kevin ‘N Cavin Trackside Show last Thursday night to see what the Pied Pipers of IndyCar Racing had to say. (Although apparently Kevin was forsaking Indiana’s snow in favour of the tropical Bahamas’…) As I must admit I was quite impressed with Curt Cavin’s abilities to remain overly neutral towards this most fervent subject, as a wry smirk came over my face when he told his first guest Ben Bowlby that there were some names towards the project he’d refrain from mentioning… As Meesh’s Ode to the Penis Car immediately sprang to mind!

Now I’m not an Aficionado on the history of Indy Cars, as I’ve only been following them since 1985-ish, so I don’t know all of the history behind them, Err Mr. Donald Davidson is on line one… Although a reoccurring theme seems to be innovation, which many claim has been lost over the past decade, as I’m starting to grow overly tired of the EXCUSE towards NOT being able to allow more than one manufacturer’s design, which I’ll go out on a limb and say the majority, including myself are pining for… As I understand the economic reality behind this, but let’s be truthful and admit that a monopoly is always the best business practice possible!

Thus I don’t know if Streamliners raced at The Brickyard in the years prior to the Rear Engine revolution, but I do know that Formula 1, arguably the pinnacle of Motorsport ultimately OUTLAWED Streamliners, nee closed coupe bodywork after the all conquering Mercedes W196 of the mid 1950’s era. Other advances in technology have also been BANNED over the following decades, such as four wheel drive, active suspension, launch & traction control, four wheel steering, ABS, Fly By Wire/Digital controls and four rear driven wheels (along with six wheeler’s) to name a few items that would potentially advance the commercial innovations of Automobiles. Not to mention the recently scrapped KERS systems, as the “Greening” of Motorsports is another topic I’ll need to sit down and get off of my chest someday, eh?

So I’m sure that Ben Bowlby is quite the accomplished Engineer, having after all designed the Lola B2K which resurrected Lola’s floundering Champ Car prospects after being beaten into submission by the all conquering Reynard Chassis. Yet, Bowlby himself admitted what I consider the key fault in the Delta Wing’s design process, by stating that in every aspect of his radical design: Form follows Function and it was NOT a styling exercise which is quite obvious to my somewhat jaundiced eye.

Cavin’s other guests were Keith Wiggins, Head Honcho of HVM Racing, the newly hired IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard and Dental Plan Dan “Spike” Wheldon, to which I enjoyed Wiggins comments toward knowing absolutely that Bowlby’s designs work and are quite track worthy. Although Wiggins did confess that the Indy Racing League has to keep in mind it, like almost every stateside racing series is in the Entertainment Business.

Which makes it even harder to swallow for myself, (GROAN!) the fact that the 800lb Gorilla, nee NASCAR (which I DESPISE!) has acknowledged that it is an Entertainment based series and thus is IMPORTANT to give the Fans what they want, as in the return of bump drafting, larger restrictor plates and the return of the rear spoiler, instead of the somewhat futuristic rear wing as they attempt to turn around the SS RASSCAR from the current TV ratings iceberg in order to keep their lofty position in North America…

And Randy Bernard claims he’d like to use Focus Groups to help direct the future of the Indy Car Series, which if Cavin’s claims of negative responses towards the Delta Wing concept running at a rate of 100-1 are true, then Indy: We’ve got a Problem! While Danny Boy (Wheldon) simply put on his ‘Dancin Shues and gave Cavin the ‘Ol Driver-speak “Soft Schue” Positive Spin toe dance…

As I cannot fathom The Cheepster, a.k.a. Chip Ganassi simply setting Bowlby loose to conjure up the future of Indy Car’s just to see what he can come up with? As chip doesn’t exactly have a reputation of throwing out blank checques… Unless it’s his subtle way of trying (Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge!) to put his own indelible stamp upon the future direction of Open Wheel Racing, to which I give credit to Cavin for asking Wiggins the obvious… What happens if the Delta wing project is voted down by the IRL as it seemingly has a twinge of CART’s previous Owners vs. Sanctioning Body feel, to which Keith could only retort the obvious; that another Split is definitely not a valid option.

Thus I cannot tell if this is some sort of mythical bargaining “Chip,” nor is there some more twisted evil plot behind it? Or even worse yet, That Roger ‘N Chip are pissing themselves silly at us right now... While I do have to admit that Tony G’s Mergification was long overdue.

On another tangent that I don’t believe has been discussed yet? What in the HELL will these new cars sound like? As history notes that a large portion of this series luster is engine noise, harkening with such diversity as the scream of the Supercharged Millers, to the almighty Whoosh mobile, (the mighty Pratt & Whitney Turbine engine) the ubiquitous ‘OFFY’s, (Offenhauser) or the all time Fan pleasers, those thundering Novi’s. (Of which I’ve never heard any of the above) Yet, as a visually impaired Fan of Open Wheel Racing, sound, smell and colours have become the reality of my racing universe, as I fear the future of the starkly quiet George Jetson Astrocar era… While I applauded Indy Lights crankshaft reconfiguration to fix the hideous sounding Indy Pro Series tractormobiles!

Which brings me to another comment towards the Swift proposal which I was unaware of until Curt brought it up… And I have to say right off the bat it sounds way too GIMICKY! As he mentioned something about a novel lighting system to be mounted upon the sidepods to show us car position, braking, acceleration, etc. DON’T GO THERE Swift, Please!

Yet if you haven’t caught my subtlety yet, by far my biggest COMPLAINT towards the Buck Rogers Star Wars Pod-mobile looking contraption called the Delta Wing is it’s NOT an Open Wheel Racing Car! As I DON’T play video games, DON’T wanna see a bunch of Pod Racers SILENTLY skimming around levitated racing tracks or have to give into the whimsical demands of the sought for 18-35yr old Demographic… who I suspect DON’T know what they really want anyways? I mean C’mon, if I wanna see some really bad IndyCar Racing, all I’ve gotta do is throw on my Dolby DX Surround sound laserdisc copy of Driven! (OUCH!!!) And why is it the more I conjure up visions of the tricycle podlike Delta Wang thingy that the word Klingon comes to mind?

Interestingly, Formula 1 was going through a somewhat similar situation a few years ago whilst trying to solve the dilemma of spectator’s perceived notion that there wasn’t enough overtaking in Grand Prix racing, which one solution that the FIA Technical Working Group came up with was to invoke a split twin style rear wing minus traditional central mounting posts, in order to accomplish giving the racing cars closer following abilities. Yet I believe that the public’s response was so deafening(?) That have you noticed this design was never implemented! Although Formula One did give its Racecar’s an “Extreme Makeover” last year, to which some critics claim are ugly, yet I rather like these chassis simply for the fact that they’re devoid of the myriad of multiple “Add-ons,” i.e.; kick-ups, strakes, flip-ups, strakelets, barge boards, etc.

And they supposedly even have exposed exhaust pipes, thus is it the Swift proposal that has the exposed engine bay? And I’ll NOT even delve into the regressing to four cylinder turbocharging, as my all time favourite engine pitch is the long abandoned 2.65 liter turbocharged V-8! (Can you say CART?)

So why’ll I’m all in favour of introducing a new Indy Car chassis, lets not lose track of what got us where we are today, as in what are our core values? Do we wish to stay true to the nature, heritage and tradition of Open Wheel Racing? Or do we wish to push our beloved single seater series into the abyss? As I don’t know ‘bout Y’all, BUTT! It seems pretty clear that the Delta Wing simply denigrates all of the virtues of what an Open Wheel Racing Car should be!

Then again as George of Oil Pressure has noted as an unlikely offshoot of the Delta Wing’s unveiling, finally, at last… Both of us CART/Champ Car Crybabies ‘N Ovalheads (my words here) have finally found something to unite against… As in we DON’T want the Delta Wing! As I simply believe that I have NOT come across one single IRL/IndyCar Blogger who supports this ABOMINATION! As how can someone be so far off the market’s sweet spot, eh?

(Which kinda makes me feel somewhat sorry for Ben Bowlby… As I realize how hard it is to create something from scratch…)

So perhaps I won’t haveda bother watching IndyCar beginning in 2012?

One Positive about each Constructor

What was that Sir Mix Allot song about? Big Butts? Baby got Back? Oh Never Mind!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TELECON: Luczo Dragon – De Ferran Motorsports

(Photo courtesy of Luczo Dragon De Ferran Motorsports)

So once again it seems somewhat Karmic, as Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward spoke about the need to feel positive towards the upcoming Formula 1 season and how he was growing a wee bit tired of all the negativity surrounding the “Off-season” in one of his posts this morning.

Thus opening up the No Fenders mailbag I was bowled over by the emails awaiting me… Announcing that Luczo Dragon Racing and De Ferran Motorsports had merged operations, while even better yet, Firestone Indy Lights Media Relations (PR) Guru Arni Sribhen had once again given me the opportunity to listen-in on the big teleconference this afternoon… As I must say that this news hit me like a bolt ‘O lightning! (As in GREAT NEWS!)

As after all I’m a big fan of Gil’s, having long thought he’s a “Class Act” and I’m thrilled he didn’t wind-up mergifying Operations with some Dude named Tony G, along with being very impressed by Jay Penske and Steven Luczo’s Indy Car Racing Team. As I’d pestered Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B for an LCR Cap way back in 2007 when they ran the then upstart Ryan Briscoe in the No. 12 (“Third”) Satellite Penske Racing Car, where he finished ahead of Ahem! Someone named DannaCar…

Not to mention Steve Luczo’s ties to the Pacific Northwest and the looming Triangle ‘O Death for the fast approaching 2011 Major Soccer League season…

Yet my one ‘N only Black mark upon the LCR Team is that I CANNOT consciously root for or support any Racing Team/Driver combination that actively participates under the auspices of Military Sponsorship… And thus I cannot bring myself to cheer on ‘RAFA, (nor Dan Wheldon) even if he’s a byproduct of the Champ Car Atlantics program…

But I anxiously await the Telecon to see if any “Hard” answers will be revealed, like; will there be a second car? And will its driver be none other than Takuma Sato? Since it would seem odd that Ernesto Viso is testing with KV Racing Technology if Taku-san was going there, eh? Along with Keith Wiggins having told us that EJ “What, Me Worry?” Viso has already signed a contract with somebody. And I seem to recall that ‘Bia (Ana Beatriz) has some ties to Robert Clarke who used to work with De Ferran… And isn’t there some Sao Paolo Indy Car race just around the corner?

So I guess my lunchtime plans just changed as I await tuning into the news conference and will scribble the resta my thoughts below shortly…

Otay! So I found it to be a very entertaining Telecon, as I found all three of the new Racing Team Owner’s cast to be hilarious and much laid back… As Gil seems to be the consonant Gentleman when it comes to providing answers/sound bites to his questioner… As I just sat there laughing loudly over his reply: Do you want the short or long answer to my driving again at Indy? The short answer is NO… And the long answer is NO!

So what did we learn today? Whale Curt Cavin thinks he’ll have difficulties saying Luczo Dragon Racing De Ferran Motorsports (LCR-DFM) in a sentence, and that the Team will continue to work out of its Gasoline Alley premises over Gil’s Brownsburg Base.

The Team will focus its immediate energy on solely running a one car entity for Rafael Matos the entire season, with hopes of building to a two car stable sometime in the future – hopefully.

Also Gil can tell Rafa to Stay Calm in Portuguese way better then either Jay (Penske) or Steve (Luczo) can!

And although two key members of DFM have previously departed, I.e.; ‘ANDO, a.k.a. John Anderson and Will Phillips, Gil mentioned that 3 DFM members have been meshed into the LDR Operation and perhaps more in the future?

As to the rumours ‘bout Taku-san (Sato) joining the Team, De Ferran noted that those rumours seemed to be fueled by their past association at Honda’s Formula 1 Team and Gil and Takuma simply chatted about IndyCar Racing in general and that we should really inquire with Takuma regarding his racing future…

Jay mentioned that of course Graham Rahal would be an asset to anyone’s Racing Team, but it’s currently not in the cards so to speak… Which of course you wouldn’t expect them to tip their hands to us, would yuhs? As I don’t know the status of Graham ‘Mmm-Mmm-Good! Rahal, Mickey D’s and Newman Haas Lanigan, etc, but Luczo Dragon certainly seems to put together a good product racecar-wise, eh?

And I was glad that Gil pointed out how his managerial, nee Team Owner experience was what he liked to consider a culmination of his lifetime of experience; from his Go Karting days with his father, who just so happens to be an Engineer, to working with The Wee Scot JYS (Jackie Stewart) at Paul Stewart Racing, to Jim Hall and then The Captain, and he guesses now that there’s another Penske in the mix, i.e.; Jay…

And funniest question of the day goes to Gil being asked if Taku speaks in Portuguese to Gil, or Gil speaks Japanese to Taku-san? To which a laughing De Ferran said we speak in English, he says a few words, then I say a few words but I was laughing too hard to really hear the final answer!

So although I guess we really didn’t learn a whole lot from this Teleconference, nevertheless it’s great to have Gil De Ferran back in the Paddock fulltime with a Blue-chip Racing Organization…

And who knows what the future will bring, eh? Could we see a “One-off” second car entry for this year’s I500? With perhaps ‘Bia behind the keyboard? And I still think Takuma could show-up? As after all he was trying to get a ride with Red Bull’s little sister Scuderia Toro Rosso last year, as I’m guessing the exclusive Franks Energy Drinks deal has lapsed with the Speedway? So who knows what 2010 will bring us?

Lola joins the party

Whale I’m still not buying the “Party-line” over that Delta Wang thingy… (Futuristic Sex Toy?) But now Lola Cars has finally released their first ‘Pics of their proposed 2012 Indy Car concept, as I’ve even received another Press Release from Lola Cars…

And I’m still sittin’ on the sidelines over which new IndyCar replacement looks best, my ONLY requirement being that it KEEPS the concept of being an Open Wheel Racing Car! (As in NO Fenders/Wheel Fairings…)

Thus, once again I’ll defer to my Bloggaratzi Compadres in giving Y’all the scoop,

16th & Georgetown: Lola’s 2012 Concepts
For my insight(?) on the other three candidates, see: Holy Delta Wings Batman!

Kimi “N his Oomphlats chase Polar Bears in Sweden

This past weekend while Y’all were watchin’ Dat Humdinger of all Roundy-round races, affectionately known as the DayToner 647hrs, with DannaCar’s SpinCar World Tour continuously playing on Duh Nation’s News making machines, along with ‘Dem Pickem-Up Trucks playing a rousing chorus of Pinball Wizard…

Over yonder in the Arctic reaches of Europe, the Kimster, neee Kimi Räikkönen began his baptism under fire in the opening round of the 2010 World Rally championship. (WRC)

Yet interestingly, Kimi AIN’T the only Big Name (Gun) having been brought in to resuscitate some intrigue into the WRC, where Sebastian Loeb has WON the last 6 consecutive WRC Crown’s…

Thus, there’ll be a total of five past Arctic Rally winners on hand with Petter Solberg, Jari-Matti Latvala, Mikko Hirvonen and Marcus Gronholm, (who came out of retirement) not to mention Sebastian Loeb Who’s also won on the snow all chasing victory in the Nordic lands of Sweden, which like Vancouver, BC is hopeful of having adequate snowfall for its event, while both venues are expecting to remain free from Polar Bear sightings.

Yet the top rung of the WRC appears to be a two Bear affair, with one Factory backed “Works” Team apiece for Ford and Citroen, with the BP Ford Abu Dabi World Rally Team’s Mikko Hirvonen (No. 3) and teammate Jari-Matti Latvala (No. 4) vs. the Citroen Total World Rally Team of defending WRC Champion Sebastian Loeb (No. 1) and teammate Dani Sordo. (No. 2)

There’s also a quartet of entries being “Semi-Works” affairs, with the three Ford runners of Stobart M-Sport, Munchi's and the Monster World Rally Team vs. a lone Bear powered by Red Bull competing for Citroen’s “Junior” Team which features our hero The REAL Iceman.

On Thursday night at the Karlstad Trotting Park Super Special, Räikkönen took it cautious and was listed in ninth place when the real competition began on Friday. And according to his Co-Driver, everything was going fine until the windscreen misted up and The Iceman hit a Snowbank and impaled his Citroen C4 upon it… As some clever hack has scribbled a comical rant ‘bout mythical Polar Bears ‘N the exploits of The Kimster.

Swedish Rally: Red Bull leg one summary- Seeking Polar Bears?

And from the Monosyllabic Master of Understatement himself…

Kimi Raikkonen
"Everything was going fine until we put the car into the snow,"

"There were no spectators; only a helicopter filming us overhead. I would have much preferred it if he had decided to pull us out instead..."

Meanwhile at the front, Mika… NO! NOT that Mika, can you imagine another Finn being named Mika? (Otay I stretched that a bit, eh?) As it actually was Mikko Hirvonen as Ford’s leading driver who was locked in a major scrum for victory vs. his perennial arch rival Sebastian Loeb, albeit Hirvonen’s clever tyre strategy on Day 2 seemingly swung the victory towards the Finn, as Loeb elected to stay out on worn spikes while Hirvonen put on some fresh “Boots” and stretched his lead to 16 seconds at the end of the second day…

And although the battle wasn’t over, it was to be Hirvonen taking the victory ahead of Loeb with Latvala on the podiums final step, as now the WRC goes from the winter climes of Sweden to the warmth of Mexico for round 2 where Ken Block will make his 2010 debut aboard his Monster Ford Fiesta. Hmm? Fiesta ‘N Mexico… Oh Never Mind!

Monday, February 15, 2010

F1: 2010 launch - Lotus

(Lotus T127; Source: F1

And then there were eleven Formula 1 constructors having rolled out their brand new shiny Racecar’s for the fast approaching Grand Prix season… As the newly reborn Lotus F1 Racing Team launched its 2010 Challenger, the Lotus T127 in London last Friday night to a crowd of some 500 strong, including Sir Stirling Moss and ‘BLOODY NIGE, a.k.a. Nigel Mansell.

The Mike Gascoyne penned Lotus Cosworth was actually shaken down by Malaysia’s Fairuz Fauzy, the Team’s Test/Reserve Driver, at Silverstone prior to the ritzy launch and the T127 model apparently borrows heavily upon Lotuses traditional colour scheme, while I’m certain that the squad’s Racing Drivers Jarno Truli and Heikki Kovalainen are itching to get down to work this coming week in Jerez…

2010 Car launch: Lotus T127

T127 in pictures

Hamilton leads Jerez Hit Parade

For those of you keeping score of Formula One’s Winter Olympics, it was Lewis Hamilton coming out on top of the time sheets overall for the just completed second Pre-season Test held last week at Jerez, with a surprising Jaime Alguersuari in the STR5 runner-up, while Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi slotted in at P3, Toro rosso’s Sebastien Buemi fourth and Adrian Sutil rounding out the Top 5.

Wondering where the “Heavy Hitters” are? M. Schumacher was eighth, ‘JENSE was ninth, ‘ZEBB was P13, with the Scuderia duo languishing in P14-15, with Fredrico Suave heading Massa, as the Brazilian claimed honours for most laps completed with a massive 232.

Joining the fracas in Jerez this week for the third round of Pre-season testing will be the newly unveiled Lotus Cosworth, leaving just Campos Meta and USF1 absent from the party…

Combined 4-Day lap times - Jerez

The DayToner 24?

So is the GURR-RRRR-REAT Americana Roundy-round race over yet??? As I noticed that they played the HELL outta some catchy commercials for their brand new start times… As I thought the 24hrs of Daytona was a Fortnight ago? I even took a nap and watched, Err listen to a whole slew ‘O Advertisements for the ongoing COMMERCIALYMPICS!!! Hmm? And they keep insisting that the Peacock will lose a cool $200m, which I DON’T quite follow… Guess I’d better go see if the DayToner 574 is still runnin? Hey, they could truck-in some pothole supplies via that Sikorsky Sky Crane helicopter they’ve been usin’ Up North Eh!

Occupying time during Boring Nascar races

Although its pretty funny to think that there’s a record number(?) of ex-Formula 1 Piloto’s taking part, (3) an ex-Indy 500 & IRL Champion along with an ex-Champ Car Rising Star, eh? And the only good thing I can say for the DayToner 649 is that it signals the return of Ye Windbag extraordinaire Dave Despain along with his sidekick, the Boy Wunderer Robin Miller…

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Runaway Red Horse

So I have to say it was pretty DAMN Hilarious to watch ‘Dem Pickem-Up Trucks NOT even be able to complete a single lap without wreckin’ last night at Daytona… After having been rained out the day before, as it was pretty cool that ‘Juan of the Talking Heads “Spotlight” Drivers was none other then Nelson ‘Pickett Jr. who managed to avoid not one but two massive nine truck pile-ups… And even funnier yet was running 1-2 with another ex-Formula Uno Piloto named Massimiliano Papis, albeit MAD MAX was ahead before apparently Pickett Junior gave Massimiliano his patented Singapore Shove, Err I think it was a LUV-tap, eh? As after all it’s Valentine’s Day weekend… Although I’m not sure if they’ll be exchanging Valentine’s Cards with each other?

Yet apparently the other Drivers didn’t get the Memo ‘bout it bein’ cupid’s Weekend as there wasn’t a whole lotta LUV bein’ shared as 20 of the 36 Dancin’ partners got ‘DONE TORN UP!

But it was pretty cool to hear none other then ex-RASSCAR Driver Phil Parsons wax-on about the lineage of Pickem-Up Truck Nielsen Ho (Piquet Jr.) noting he’s the youngest ever British F3 Champion along with his Pappy Nelson Piquet Sr. being a three time World Champion. Only one of eight to accomplish the feat in Formula 1, as Phil noted that the elder Piquet had nearly a 1-in3 ratio of finishing on the podium… With 23 wins and 60 podiums in 204 Grand Prix starts, with Pickett Jr. finishing 6th in his very first NCWTS start, just one place shy of a Top 5 finish…

Timothy Peters slays Sitting Duck Bodine

Friday, February 12, 2010

Seeing the Olympics

(Brian McKeever; Source: Calgary

Whale I’m certain there’s more then just these two fine Athletes who’ll be contesting this years Winter Olympics Up North Eh! (Vancouver, BC) Even if Mother Nature continues to wreak havouc upon the ski slopes, yet these two men have an added burden towards their pursuits of winning Gold as one is Blind and the other has a major vision disorder, of which I’ve scribbled ‘bout previously in,

Bobsledder makes Good!

As Steven Holcomb and Brian McKeever will be of particular interest to me, since after all I share a common bond with these athletes by being visually impaired. (Instead of the athletic part, eh?)

Thus I’m not sure which of these two athletes I’m more impressed by, as American Holcomb drives a Bodine Bobsled notoriously nicknamed Night Train which is currently shredding the World Cup Bobsledding Championships at up to speeds of 100mph while enduring forces of 4G’s.

Meanwhile “Kuh-Nuck” McKeever is busy combating the glare of snow while attempting to navigate the cross country course solely by memory, as McKeever has only 10% of his vision remaining, enroute to becoming the very first ever athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics at the same time.

Blind Canadian skier Brian McKeever makes Olympic, Paralympic teams

And although Holcomb suffers from Keratoconus and had experimental surgery performed to correct his impending vision loss, it’s McKeever who suffers from Stargardt’s Disease that I’m way more impressed by, as he qualified for his Canadian Olympic Team berth by winning a 50k Qualifying race unaided!

So keep an eye out for these two athletes performances, as Holcomb definitely has a shot for Gold, as I find it quite amusing how Holcomb now needs to keep his helmet’s face shield scuffed ‘N dirty since he was actually seeing too much!

Shortly after posting this story I learned of the tragic death of 21yr old Georgian Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili in a training accident prior to the Winter Games Opening ceremonies, which I didn’t bother watching, as I still find it very hard to comprehend why there was NO padding on the exposed steel poles surrounding the ultra high speed sliding track’s finish, where competitors were reaching speeds nearing 100mph! As his unnecessary death made me think of Jeff Krosnoff’s unfortunate accident many moons ago…

Father says Georgian luger called Olympic track unsafe before fatal crash in Whistler

Troxel slides past the Boys

Although The ‘DAWG may have previously scooped me on Melanie Troxel’s waxing of the Bo-Deenie Bobsled Challenge field recently held at Lake Placid, New York, I noticed pressdog didn’t mention listening to Melanie on the Speed Freaks, which I did before my FREAKIN’ internets link became permanently broken after 2yrs of listening, SHEISA! Why does everybody have to continuously “TWEAK” their websites to make them look more Bright ‘N Shinier, eh? QUIT moving the links around will Yuhs! But I digress…

As Melanie’s brief chat with duh Freaks was a decent interview, while it struck me that here’s one more driver searching for that elusive Sponsorship in hopes of landing a Full time ride in 2010… As you can listen to Troxel by clicking here.

Meanwhile no word on Dental Plan Dan “Spike” Wheldon who apparently was black ‘N blue after flipping his Two-man Bobsled during the Bodine Sled-fest, as I believe that both his hair ‘N teeth survived, although no word on whether or not any of his prized footwear was damaged?

And on a recent Autosport Radio show, Melanie’s main squeeze, a.k.a. tommy Johnston Jr. noted that his better half had now picked up In ‘N Out sponsorship, as in hamburger’s Y’all!

2010 Winter Olympics begin

The Winter Olympics begin today in Vancouver, BC, when the Opening ceremonies will take part in BC Place tonight, in one of the only DRY venues of the Winter Games, before the actual competition commences on Saturday, Feb 13 and runs thru Sunday, Feb 28, with the Closing ceremonies occurring later that same Sunday evening.

You can check out countless hours of Olympics television coverage upon the Peacock Network, a.k.a. NBC, now a proud? Member of the cable TV behemoth known as Comcast.

Yet I’m not terribly excited by these games which are just Up North Eh! From my hometown, as after all it was these very games which sealed the fate of a most enjoyable Temporary Street Circuit event once known as Molson Indy Vancouver… As was it really 20yrs ago that I attended the inaugural event; SHEISA!

And quick, without utilizing duh Google-monster, who was the races inaugural winner? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ENT! Times Up! As I know the answer… It was none other then then rising Star ‘lil Al, a.k.a. Al Unser Jr. As I still DON’T get it, as residents routinely BITCHED about the noise, although leaf blowers weren’t’ a nuisance… As this event was truly a Fan favourite, NOT to mention extremely popular with the CART Drivers, as those ‘Kuh-Nucks simply enjoy their Motor Racing, eh?

Ironically, although NO official reason was ever given, if you check out the locale of the Olympic Village, you’ll notice that its located adjacent to False Creek, which is where the Champ Cars used to pound ‘round at high speeds over the bumpy streets, and I believe that the monstrous complex will then be turned back over to the city of Vancouver to become luxury Condos after the games.

And I recall on ‘Juan ‘O my last treks to the race, after its traditional Labour Day date had been changed to early August instead… I recall there being a massive 3D Diorama model encased in Plexiglas depicting the cities plans for the new race venue/city complex, a la “Monn-nocquoe” (Monaco) replete with a Pit lane ‘Walkabout boulevard As the city seeked to make its version of Long Beach a reality, yet now its simply gonna be wall to wall sky rises instead.

So although I coulda gone, and will probably tune-in to duh Peacock to watch selected events, I’ll always be just a bit jaded… Since after all we’ve LOST two great Open Wheel Racing events here in the Pacific Northwest which the Blunderheads at IRL DON’T seem too inclined to do anything about replacing… As in seriously? You’re gonna continue to SNUB the major metropolitan markets of Vancouver, BC-Seattle-Portland? As even Californians were gladly attending Portland’s race after the cancellation of Laguna Seca. Oh Never Mind!

Now where’s Eddie the Eagle when Yuhs needs him, eh? Tuh-Duh! Like I couldn’t have planned this better as none ‘utter then duh USA Today has answered my questione..

Eagle’s spirits still soaring 22yrs later

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pickem-Up Trucks to outshine other Daytona races?

Whale the outpouring of DISGUST over the ABOMINATION in the Open Wheel Racing ‘Vurld, a.k.a. NO FENDERS!!! Has potentially driven your Humble Scribe to scribble ‘bout another type ‘O racin’ sweepin’ duh Nation and hence I gives uze some Roundy-round Fenderland coverage instead…

As it certainly seems that the Camping World RASSCAR Trucks race is getting the least amount of media attention this weekend, although I think it’ll be the Best Show by far of the weekend at DayToner. As DON’T tell anyone but I actually watched a bit ‘O practice on duh Telescreen and was amused to here the announcers admit they’d gone a whole 26mins WITHOUT mentioning you-know-who!

I mean how can you go wrong with the cast ‘O characters they’ve got racin’ Even if it DON’T involve what’s-her-name DannaCar! As apparently the only female is some lady named Jennifer Jo Cobb.

But just check out some of these participating drivers handles: Schrubb, The Onion, The Sherriff, the GOAT and ‘MAD MAX, (the OTHER Max, as in Massimiliano…) as those are just the few I know of… Yeah, way too much knowledge upon those fendered Pickem-Up Truckes, eh?

But they’ll have a little of everything, with the Mark Martin crowd consisting of Ron Hornaday Jr. and Mike Skinner, while former Champions Ted “Muskrat Luv” Musgrave and Johnny Benson return to action, as Musgrave sat out last year while Benson returns from a fiery accident last season, with Musgrave piloting the Hope for Haiti Pickem-Up Truck.

Then there’s the not so traditional runners consisting of ex-Supercross Star Ricky Carmichael and some ex-F1 Boy named Nielsen Ho, Err Nelson “Pickett” (Piquet) Junior, no relation to Wilson apparently… As I haven’t come up with anything catchy for the Brazilian other then BASH, The Wicked Nielsen Ho, or perhaps Bam-Bam?

Another outsider tryin’ to cast his lot with the Fenders crowd is Max Papis, who very boldly claimed recently that he’s NOT in SpinCar for the Money… Err, excuse me while I cough-up a BULLSHIT furball… As in really Massimiliano? You’re not in it for the money? Then what are you doin’ pimpin’ the HELL outta yourself for that Gecko sponsor of yours, eh? (But Hey! I like MAD MAX and hope he succeeds…)

Then there’s the local connection, as two Northwest talents are slated to compete: Tayler Malsam and Derrike Cope, the unlikely 1990 Daytona 500 winner when Ironhead Sr. hit a Seagull! As Malsam must be a potential rising star having been signed to drive for none other then Kyle Busch’s start-up effort after having driven for Randy Moss Motorsports last year...

So I’ll be rootin’ for Trey Amigos of Malsam, Carmichael ‘N Picket Junior to run up front, although I suspect it’ll be ‘Juan of the Usual Suspects in the winners circle, as Y’all can tune-in Friday night (5PM PACIFIC) on SPEED to watch the big Pickem-Up Festiva of running round those Highbanks of Daytona, where they were picking up an extra 9mph in the Draft during yesterday’s practice…

RUMOUR: Campos leaving F1, USF1 next on block?

It’s always somewhat entertaining when you read your story somewhere else on le internets after you’ve scribbled it… Which is exactly what happened after I speculated over Bruno Senna’s current plight as a Gran Primo Piloto…

As there are now rumours percolating that Adrian Campos has been forced to leave his floundering Formula 1 Team, with none other then Uncle Bernaughty scooping in along with Co-Owner Jose Ramon Carabante to takeover the Spaniard’s outfit, even going so boldly to predict it’ll become Volkswagen in 2011. Hmm? So long to those thoughts of VW in Open Wheel Racing stateside, eh? Although it would seem more logical for VolkswagenAG’s SEAT subsidiary on the Spanish Racecar’s flanks, while this would be great news for Senna, who the squad claims will honour his current contract.

The rub is now that the rogue Serbian Stefan GP outfit that reputedly Emperor Bernardo has his greasy mitts on will need to target admittance to this year’s fast approaching Formula 1 season by acquiring the American outfits grid slot; Aye Karumba! As perhaps this is part of the hold-up over Adrian Vales announcement, eh?

And by the way I forgot to mention The Glen’s, as in Watkins Glen CEO pinin’ for Bob Varsha’s Mate to come ‘N test his Racecar for “FREE!” Anytime at the fabulous road course during SPEED’s Rolex 24 coverage, although Barber Motorsports Park is supposedly the preferred venue…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indy Car’s newest racer unveiled

Spirit of America

Swamp Rat 30

Delta Wing Indy Car concept



As I totally agree with THE ‘DAWG, as in this is a totally UGLY Racecar and looks to me like its more suited for someplace called Bonneville instead of.. Uhm? I don’t know, what’s ‘Dat place called? Oh yeah, I think it’s known as the Brickyard…

And this is what ALL of duh FREAKIN’ Secrecy was over??? WTF! I woulda kept it secret too, as I think it’s a total DUD! As I’ll take any of the Swift or Dallara concepts, since I haven’t seen any Lola Spy-pics…

Then again, is this just another Red Herring in order to make us wanna stick with the tried ‘N true Indy Cars? And I still DON’T get it… why can’t we have more than one competing chassis/engine package, eh?

UPDATESo le internets is awash with commentary upon the much ballyhooed unveiling of the Delta Wing Indy Car concept, which I’ve already noted my distaste for above.

Thus Oil Pressure’s story about the Junk formula seems well timed… While Pop Off valve has a most enlightening piece out, while I await The ‘G-Mann’s (16th and Georgetown) opinion, not to mention whether or not Mr. Earle, nee Jeffie of My Name is IRL will weigh in upon the matter…

Revolution Calling: Delta wing stirs controversy

The Junk formula

And I DON’T wanna say the Fans DESPISE IT – BUTT! The absolute hideousness of the Delta Wing unveiling even got the wrath of long unheard Kuhnaidiun scribe Meesh’s attention, who so bluntly penned the following title,

Nuff Said, eh?

F1: 2010 launch – Red Bull

(Red Bull RB6; Source:

Today prior to the beginning of the second round of F1 Pre-season testing, Red Bull Racing finally unveiled its 2010 Challenger, the RB6, becoming the final existing Constructor to join the party.

The RB6 like the Force India VJM003 is an evolution of last year’s chassis; albeit the RB5 had much better results then the latter’s VJM002. Mark Webber will have the honours of driving the new car first, getting the first two days of this week’s test session before ‘ZEBB, a.k.a. Sebastian Vettel gets behind the wheel Friday-Saturday.

Reportedly the only visible changes to the RB6 are its shark like front nose and protruding rear dorsal fin, while the obligatory changes necessitated by the new fuel tank and skinnier front tyres have been carefully considered…

2010 Car launch: Red Bull RB6

RB6 in pictures

And then there were 10 Formula 1 Teams

With the unveilings of Force India’s and Red Bull’s latest creations, which joined the F1 Circus today in a soggy Jerez, there are now 10 Formula 1 Constructors testing their 2010 Challengers in preparations for the fast approaching season… Which kicks off in Bahrain in a scant 30+ days! (March 14th)

Thus we’re now just awaiting the arrival of F1 New Boyz Campos Meta, Lotus and USF1, who’ve all yet failed to appear with completed chassis, as the much maligned Campos Meta Team seems to be the most questionable of the remaining trio.

Meanwhile the New Lotus concern has fired their “Cossie” lump recently, along with shaking down its Racecar at Silverstone prior to this Friday’s expected launch, with no word on USF1’s plans, while Campos financial future seems uncertain at the moment with the rogue Stefan GP waiting in the wings.

Meanwhile the FIA has announced a statement over the misleading quotes upon Teams being allowed to miss up to 3-Grand Prix’s, which contrary to Jean Todt’s recent claims is VERBOTTEN!

Teams obliged to participate in every race says FIA

Holy Delta wings Batman

Today the mysterious Delta Wing Indy Car will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto show, where we’ll finally see if it really does give you wings? Or will it become the Indy Racing Leagues albatross? As I’m starting to wonder if this is solely an PR exercise in order to force Dallara and possibly others to step up to the plate with a new Racecar…

Yet I’ve been poondin’ meeze nucels Bloody on other masterpieces and haven’t really been following the various Spy-pics being leaked by the various major specialty Single Seater Chassis manufacturers, i.e.; Dallara, Lola and Swift.

As I can’t tell Yuhs anythings ‘bout the mysterious Delta Wing project ‘cause uze knows the drill… I’ve been sworn to secrecy as parta ‘Duh Double Secret-Secret Probation we here at No Fenders were placed upon after inquiring for more info from IndyCar Curmudgeon Robin Miller… whose NOT to be Cornfuzed with the Boy Wunderer, eh?

So today in the Windy City around Noonish time, Hmm? A perfect place to debut said mysterious Delta Wing project, rollout will occur, as I certainly hope it really AIN’T NO Buck Rogers Space machine, even if the current Crapwagon needs updating, eh?

And although I’m touched to have received the said ‘Monster Swift Press Release, plus the Lola Cars PR blurb in the No Fenders mailbox, as hey! It AIN’T everyday Y’all get emails from Swift ‘N Lola, eh?

Nevertheless, since my Compadres in the IRL Blogosphere have already done the heavy lifting (and I can’t seem to figure out how to open the Swift PDF: PRETTY DAMN FAT? Attachment) I’ll defer you to their stories instead…

Planet IRL: More Dallara pics

Planet IRL: More Lola and Swift News

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

F1: 2010 launch – Force India

(Force India VJM003; Source: F1

Despite rumours that Force India could be in the clutches of being “Wound-Up” for failure of filing Company documents in England, nevertheless the Team has today launched its 2010 Challenger, the VJM003, just one day prior to the second round of Pre-season Formula 1 testing to be held in Jerez, Spain, where Vitantonio Luzzi will have the honours of driving the new car first.

Mark Smith, the Team’s Designer claims that the VJM003 is an evolution of last year’s VJM002 chassis, which scored the India backed Constructor its very first Grand Prix Championship points, and the Team obviously hopes to build upon this.

“Tonio” Luzzi along with Adrian Sutil will continue as the Teams Race Drivers, with Paul Di Resta having been named as Force India’s Test/Reserve Driver and will get a chance at driving during selected Fridays…

2010 Car launch: Force India VJM003

VJM003 in pictures

F1: 2010 launch - Virgin

(Virgin VR01; Source: Joe Saward’s Gran Prix blog)

Last Saturday, while you’re esteemed No Fenders Scribe was caught-up in DannaCar-land euphoria… Let ‘Dat sink in a wee bit, eh? Across the Pond clever ‘Vurd Botcherer’s were noting sightigs of Virgins at Silverstone… Nah, Twasn’t NO Virgin Mary, nore Duh Sisters Georges ‘N Mother Mary… Uze knows, this years featured act on duhs Tastes-em Greatz, Lesser filling Fast Friday Speedway concert… Err, actually it was 2010 ‘Newby Formula 1 Constructor Virgin Racing shaking down its brand new Racecar: ‘Shaken not Stirred! Having skipped the traditional countless hours of Wind Tunnel modeling comparisons in order to be the very first New Team to rollout their first Racecar.

As I’ll be very interested to see how Nick Wirth’s latest 100% Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) F1 chassis performs this season, as Wirth has eschewed time honored traditions and instead solely designed his “Clean Sheet” (insert BAD Virgin jokes here?) VR01 Racecar 100% digitally… as Timo Glock had the honours of driving the new model first on a typical British winter day at the cosmetically altered Silverstone circuit, before new boy Lucas Di Grassi took over the following day in better weather, as the Team will now join the Formula One circus at Jerez for Round 2 of testing this week.

And lets remember that Wirth Research used the same method to create last year’s very impressive Acura ARC-01 LMP1 Racecar used by De Ferran Motorsports & Highcroft Racing in the American Le Mans Series, so the theory does appear to work…

2010 Car launch: Virgin VR01

VR01 in pictures