Monday, October 31, 2022

A Musical Treat for All the No Fenders Ghouls’

Although I Don’t think Michael Jackson should be too Scared…


“You Hear the Door Slam

And realize there’s Nowhere left to Run

You Feel the cold Hand

And wonder if You’ll ever See the Sun


Cause this is Thriller

Thriller Night”


Yeah Kiddoes’, it’s Fright Nite’ once again Here upon Nofendersville. As may be you’re sitting Home with the lights Down low, with just the Candle light from your Carved Jack ‘O lantrens Ah-Glowin’ and enjoying a few Adult beverages? Especially with your neighbor’s TV Blarin’ Out that Roundy round RASCAR’ Mash sound!


And may be you’re in the mood for something Halloween to listen to instead of Monday Night Football? Cough Cough, Omer Ha Ha!


Then Y’all should Check out this Halloween Album recorded by Dave Allen, who’s also known Here upon Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville as Artiste Dave’. The creator of thoust Bitchin’ No Fenders logo!


As it’s on All the Hip places like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music or Deezer, whatever that last one is?


Or simply go to the website link below! And listen to these eight Original Halloween theme tracks written and performed by Dave Allen.


Partial song lyrics from:


Thriller Album: 1982

(Thriller single release: UK, Nov, 1983; U.S., Jan, 1984)

Michael Jackson 

Remembering Indy Cars Greg Moore

As regardless of His Stats, like Max Papis says: Greg was A Bad Arse!


Today marks the Twenty-third Anniversary of Greg Moore’s Death at Fontana. And as usual, where Has the Time gone? As I was amazed it had been three years since this Great Interview by Marshall Pruett with Dario Franchitti, Max Papis and Paul Tracy was published. As it’s a Great video that’s definitely worth watching again! And I love Dario’s Wordsmithing; Noting the Johnny Fever Bus…


Or Y’all can read what I scribbled Here upon No Fenders three years ago in the link below. Although unfortunately the ESPN RPM2Night Youtube video’s no longer available… 

Friday, October 28, 2022

F1: Quatro Newbie’s Shine at Austin

And One of them will even race in Formula 1 next year!


Spent last weekend Gorging Thyself on the USGP from the Circuit Of The Americas, which it’s hard to believe it was already ten years ago when I attended it’s Debutante Formula 1 race…


Hadn’t thought I’d get to partake Friday’s (Free Practice) FP1 session on Thy Telie’, but I returned Home Justin-time’ to catch the whole Broadcast.


As I was Uber curious how current Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar Driver and 2021 IndyCar Champion Alex Palou would do upon His Formula 1 debut. And I have to say I was suitably impressed.


As it was pretty Funny Hearing Bloody ‘Ol Jense’, aka Jenson Button bemoaning how Alex was “Dirt Tracking” the McLaren into Turn-1, saying that’s No way to drive an F1 Car, before Palou summarily put in a Flyer’ of a lap, only some 1.9 seconds adrift of P1! Which I think was Max Verstappen at that time?


Whilst I enjoyed listening to Jense’ and Ant’, aka Anthony Davidson discussing the merits of Power Steering in Formula 1 vs. Indy Cars lack of it! Along with Button noting how He preferred a “Heavier” steering feedback. And they even played a brief In-car radio snippet of Palou sounding very Happy to be fulfilling His Dream of driving a Formula 1 car in Anger during a Grand Prix weekend!


And then the three Talking Headz’ in the Sky Sports F1 TV Booth further inquired with McLaren F1 Team CEO Andreas Seidl how Palou Had Done? To which Seidl gave the typical Non-comittal He Did a very Good Job PR Speak…


Even better yet, during Saturday’s FP3 Practice session. Following an enjoyable interview with ‘Ol SuperMario’, nee Mario Andretti in the Booth alongside Danica Patrick, their next guest was Alex Palou! For which Palou got a fair bit of interview time!


Whilst I’m not sure if He was mentioned again during the ridiculous 90mins Sunday morning Preamble, which I skipped in favour of the Malaysian Grand Prix MotoGP race’s television coverage…


As it was Good to Hear IndyCar getting it’s due upon the F1 Broadcast! As I’ll try not being too cynical over recalling that Liberty Media has a tiny Ownership stake in Meyer Shank Racing, Me Thinks, and this was just smart Cross Promotional work.


Ultimately the four F1 Rookies predictably Shook Out where I’d have expected them to, with Ferrari’s Robert Shwartzman on top in 16th, with a time of 1:38.951


As the Russian Shwartzman who was born in Israel, now races under an Israeli license.


Palou in the McLaren was P17 at 1:39.911. followed by Alfa Romeo’s Theo Pourchaire at 1:40.175 and Team Willy’s Logan Sargeant at 1:40.325.


Whilst we’ll skip former F1 Driver Antonio Giovinazzi Blotting His Copybook in the Haas! Other than the Italian’s FP1 session was a Nightmare! As Giovinazzi finished last after Clouting the Wall on only lap-3 of the first practice session, Momma Mia!


As I tend to recall, Shwartzman had Soft Pirelli rubber on, with Palou and Pourchaire on the Mediums. With Sargeant also on softs. Thus you’d have to Arse-sume that both Palou and Pourchaire could have theoretically gone faster, albeit we’ve got Zero Clue what each respective Rookie Drivers “test” programme was, other than naturally keeping it “Clean” and Off the Walls!


For comparison’s sake, the (FP1) session’s Fastest runner was Scuderia Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. with a time of 1:36.857. As the Spaniard then summarily claimed His second F1 career Pole with a scorching time of 1:34.356.


Yet as we All know, All of Carlos’s work was Quickly undone in the first corner of the race’s first lap! Where Sainz got somewhat out of shape and was summarily Punted by Mercedes George Russell! With the Ferrari’s radiator being pierced, before Sainz was forced to retire!


As Shwartzman is a former F2 driver and a member of the Ferrari Academy, along with being a current Ferrari F1 Development Driver. While Pourchaire and Sargeant are both currently FIA Formula 2 championship Drivers. With All three expected to no longer be part of the series at season’s end, with Pourchaire becoming an Alfa Romeo F1 Reserve Driver next year.


Interestingly, Williams Racing’s Boss Jost Capito said the day after, that Logan Had Done exactly what they’d expected from Him during FP1, and it was enough to convince them to announce the 21yr Old Yank’ would become the next American to race in F1 during the 2023 Formula 1 season.


With Capito  smartly adding provided Sargeant claimed the necessary points to garner a FIA Super License, presumably in deference to All of the Noise surrounding IndyCar’s Colton Herta’s Failed attempt…


Yet Sargeant is surely a “lock” for this, since He’s currently third overall in the FIA Formula 2 Championship with one round remaining at Abu Dhabi, and only needs to finish fifth Overall. Or Logan can “slide” down to sixth Overall, since Williams plans to run Him in the Mexico and Abu Dhabi  FP1 sessions, which will garner Him an extra two Super License points.


As Logan will be pulling Double duty on Yas Isle when running His third FP1 session along with Arrow McLaren SP IndyCar Driver Pato O’Ward… 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A somewhat Abbreviated look back over IndyCar Activity the past Several Weeks

As Motor Racing Never Sleeps!


First and foremost, as I’ve already elabourated, it was super enjoyable and Uber Refreshing having been away from Ye Confuzer’s Keyboard for over three weeks. Having gone on an extended Holiday Wayback on September 19th, which I’ll save Scribblin’ about my latest trek to the Penske Racing Museum for a future No Fenders post.


Thus, this is just an attempt at playin’ Ketsup over the major Headlines that Peaked my Attenzione over being on vacation prior to this past weekend’s USGP, and isn’t intended to cover everything that happened in Indy Cars during the past month’s time.


As I’d have to say the biggest News to Mwah upon return, was the surprise announcement of Arrow Mclaern SP’s (AMSP) Managing Director Taylor Kiel Departing AMSP. Which I first learned of via Ye Oldest IndyCar blogger Geo. Phillips of Fame. Where George notes He believes that Taylor simply grew tired of the Nonstop Three ring Carnival-like atmosphere Mr. Zakery “PT Barnum” Brown’s brought to the Organization with Palou Gate and Piastri Gate and the Never ending Craziness surrounding the attempted Hirings of 37 Drivers this Summer!


Although it’s worth noting that Racer’s Marshall Pruett has an article on about Alex Palou potentially landing at AMSP for 2024, presumably at Felix Rosenqvist’s expense? Or will AMSP morph into a four car entity?


Whilst I couldn’t stand it’s No more and finally asked Blogmeister’ Miguel whilst in The Valley of The Sun to Google Colton Herta latest news on Wednesday night, October 12, to learn that sensibly, Colton had Inked a Multi-year contract extension to stay at Andretti Autosport, which the team’s just confirmed to run thru the end of the 2027 IndyCar season. And reportedly keeps Him from chasing a Formula 1 seat until 2025.



Thus ending the long running speculation concerning a possible Formula 1 departure, which seemed just a really big longshot due to Colton lacking the necessary points for a FIA F1 Super License, which Y’all know that the FIA Denied the request for granting the Yank one. And with McLaren F1 continued testing of fellow IndyCar drivers Alex Palou and Pato O’Ward, it’s No surprise that McLaren Racing and Zakery Brown have No plans for running Colton in any further F1 tests.


On the Driver front, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that A.J. foyt Enterprise’s has Hired the Great Santini’, aka Santino Ferrucci as the Fulltime Driver of it’s No. 14 entry. Along with the not surprising signing of Indy Lights Benjamin Pederson to fill it’s No. 4 entry.


Whilst Dalton Kellett has officially left Foyt Racing after three seasons. Making me wonder if the likeable Kuhnuck’ could become part of the previously rumoured Foyt Porsche 963 IMSA GTP entry? Although I’ve Heard Nothing about this ever since Marshall Pruett wrote about it Wayback’ in July…


Meanwhile, ‘Ol JJ’, nee Jimmie Johnson has announced His retiring from Fulltime IndyCar competition in 2023, leaving Chip Ganassi Racing’s fourth No. 48 IndyCar entry without a Driver, albeit Johnson Hasn’t made any plans publicly for whether or not He’ll return for another “One Off” Indianapolis 500 entry, run other Ovals or what next season?


Although I’d say this firmly signifies Johnson’s intentions to be part of the NASCAR Garage 56 Project for Le Mans next year…


Making me ponder if this will become a likely destination for reigning Indy Lights Champion Linus Lundqvist, who after all has a $1.3 million Cheque and guaranteed three race IndyCar entry, including the 107th Indy 500 next May, even though His name doesn’t seem to be mentioned much lately…


Whilst another Racer Headline noted that Kyle Busch was Out of the running for an apparent fourth AMSP Indy 500 entry, but that Tony Kanaan was in the running, and has now been secured at AMSP for next May.


And while I wasn’t surprised that Meyer Shank Racing’s (MSR) IMSA DPi Sports Car Driver Tom “The Bomb” Blomquist topped the unofficial Timesheet for MSR during a private five car IndyCar test on Sebring’s Short Course. I was surprised by the names of the other aspiring IndyCar Drivers.


With Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing testing the beleaguered Estonian Juri vips, who lost His Red Bull Racing F1 testing role for using racially Offensive language during a Online “Gaming” session!


While Jake Dennis tested for Andretti Autosport and Marcus Armstrong drove for Dale Coyne Racing with HMD Motorsports.


As Andretti kept it’s IndyCar “Young” Driver evaluation HotSchue’ “In House,” by running one of it’s current Avalanche Andretti Formula e Pilotes. With Vips and Armstrong both being current FIA Formula 2 championship Drivers.


Interestingly, Juncos Hollinger Racing (JHR) ran longtime Argentinian  Touring cars Driver Augustin Canapino at Sebring, a Tintops’ Driver I’ve never Heard of before. Along with the Scuttlebutt of JHR running IndyCar Demos in Argentina early November with Canapino at the controls of it’s #77 Dallara/Chevrolet.


Not to mention being unaware that IndyCar actually once raced in Argentina some 51+ years ago…


Although in retrospect, I should know Canapino’s name, since I’m Arse-sumin’ I scribbled ‘it during my 2019 Rolex 24 preview, when Agustin drove Juncos Racing’s #50 Cadillac DPi with Kyle Kiser, Rene Binder and Will Owen.


Finally, McLaren F1 Racing announced that Alex Palou would make His Debutante Formula 1 outing during Circuit Of The America’s Friday (Free Practice) FP1 session, replacing Daniel Ricciardo. And then Patricio O’Ward will participate in the Abu Dhabi FP1 session in place of Lando Norris. As this is in order for McLaren to fulfill each Formula 1 Team’s obligation to run two Aspiring F1 Hopefuls during an FP1 session this year. Along with the Testing of a Previous Car (TPC) programme.


As I’d known about Palou and O’Ward testing McLaren’s MCL-35B in a private test at Barcelona, but didn’t know about the other test at the Red Bull Ring in preparations for the IndyCar duo’s upcoming F1 Friday morning outings. Which I’m guessing is part of Zakery Brown’s Mending Fences with some of His 37 Driver Contracts this year… 

IndyCar Announces 2023 Testing and Season Schedules

As Welcome Back Spring training!


Pretty sure by now, Y’all are already aware of IndyCar having announced it’s three IN-Season tests, along with the Calendar for next year. Although I wasn’t expecting Indy Cars return to Spring Training to occur at the Thermal Club, which I only learned of last year. When that Cheeky Fellah Elton Julian claimed that’s where He met Don cusick to cement the Dealio that garnered IndyCar it’s vaunted 33rd Indianapolis 500 entry, with Stefan Stork’ Wilson at it’s controls…


As IndyCar will hold a two Day Open test on February 2-3 at the Thermal Club, before another two Day Open test at Mother speedway in April. Followed by the third and final Open test at Laguna Seca in September. For which I’ll let The Pit Window’s Mike Silver do All of the Heavy lifting.


As for the 2023 NTT IndyCar Series season Schedule, it features the same 17 races as last year’s calendar. With the only venue change being the return to the Streets of Downtown Detroit after leaving Belle Isle.


As you can read All of the Glowing words Heaped onto this typical IndyCar Press Release, with it’s No. 1 Puffed Shirt Mark Miles Crowing again over How GURR-REAT’ Indy Car is! Somebody pass me some Tums, as I think I’m gonna Ralf! As once again, Toronto and Oh Canada get the Shaft! By being the only IndyCar race exclusively on NBC’s “Popular” Spew! Peacock Network. With 13 races airing on Big NBC and three on USA Network… 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Back in Ye proverbial Saddle, Again

As just How many Left’s makes up 24 Days, Me Wonders?


So it seems to be the Hip thingy’ right now upon Ye Blogosphere. That is, rehashing one’s “Vacation,” for which if Y’all weren’t awares’, your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso was on a Mega’ 24 Days “Holiday” recently! Although thanks to Ye Magic of Blogger, I was able to post the massive “Two Ton Heavy things!” Twenty seven Blog stories I’d feverishly poonded’ out before departing, but I digress…


As my trip encompassed another great two weeks stay upon Vashon Island and Tacoma, before departing on a Big ‘Ol Jetliner as Stevie GeeTar’ Miller once crooned from Seattle, flying nonstop to Phoenix. Where I spent the final portion of my Holiday in thee Valley of The Sun!


An Sun was definitely the right word, since it was an extremely toasty 95 degrees-F upon touchdown, Aye Karumba! As it still cracks me up that I found the water in Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King’s swimming pool to be somewhat cool upon His telling me it was only 87deg-F!


As a gaggle ‘O eight USAF F-15 Eagle Jet Fighters from nearby Luke Air Force Base flying in circles serenaded us overheads for some 45mins! For which I think they’re definitely louder than those Uber annoying f/A-18 Growlers on Whidbey Island, Aye Karumba!


During the first of our multiple NFL Football Party gatherings, the first being a rather Abysmally pathetic Thursday Night’s 12-9 win, ironically by the Indianapolis Colts against the Denver Broncos, in the Battle of Field Goals. Although I took great delight in the continued Poor performance of ex-Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson! Since I like many in the Pacific Northwest Hope He Tanks!


During a lull in the Uhm, “Action?” Hut-Hut Omaha? Nope Thar punting the Pigskin again! Amy, who works for an Arizona winery I’d naturally never Heard of before. Called Pillsbury Wines told me about a very entertaining “racing” event that they hold yearly upon it’s vineyard in Willcox, Arizona.


As Willcox is surrounded by six of Arizona’s ten tallest Mountains withing a 70 mile radius, surrounded by some of it’s most prominent Mountain ranges. With Tucson’s Mount Lemon, the only one I’ve visited being 57 miles to the West. And apparently at 4,167 feet Elevation, it’s dry, Desert climate is excellent for Grape growing…


As Amy, like most of those in attendance know that the sport I follow is Motor Racing! Predominantly Open Wheel Racing, Hence the reason I’ve been scribblin’ Here upon No Fenders the past 16 years, Say What?


As Amy told me about their yearly Cycle Kart race, which even Honours some iconic 24Hrs race at Circuit de la Sarthe! Taking place upon a makeshift Mile and a Quarter Me Thinks? Dirt track thru the Pillsbury Estate in Willcox, AZ. Replete with classic 24 Heurs du Mans Start of Drivers running across the track! Whilst a local Jaguar club showed up during this year’s event, for which I believe Amy said they paused the race.


Amy was one of Team Pillsbury’s cadre of Drivers and even briefly led the race before the steering went out on their Cycle Kart and they had to retire…


As I still cannot exactly wrap my Noggin’ round what a Cycle Kart looks like or is? Especially Ahem, Have I mentioned I’m Blind lately? For which I found the following link upon Ye All knowing Intrawoods’, aka internet.


Naturally, No trip to Scottsdale, AZ is complete without another visit to my Numero Uno Haunt Thar. That being the Penske Racing Museum, which this time I thoroughly enjoyed in the company of Arizona Bureau Chief Snowbyrd MJ’ and Blogmeister Miguel, who quickly set upon testing my “vast” knowledge of Team Penske lore. Which Pales in comparison to Ye Oldest IndyCar Blogger George Phillips of Fame. As I’ll save that museum visit for a latter No Fenders post.


Whilst I was Foolishly compelled to play guitar a la Jimi Hendrix style at another of No Fenders Bitchin logo as Randal would say, by Artiste Dave’s Friday Night Jam sessions. Even though I Don’t know how to play guitar, I managed to Oh, so cleverly come up with the words to the title of a Robbie Robertson tune appropriately called Somewher Down the crazy River! For which several years ago, I wrote another wacky  No Fenders poem from Honouring Thy good Buddy Tony George, Yikes!


And although Sunday was primarily devoted to NFL football, having endured 3.25 separate Pigskin games, Urgh! Blogmeister Miguel did manage to pull up the “On Demand” ESPN version of the Japanese Grand Prix, which I had summarily expected to miss, a la foregoing the previous Singapore Grand Prix. As the best part of All, was that we were able to Fast Forward thru the entire two hours Red Flag Delay, with the programme clocking in at a Hefty 3 Hours and 56 minutes! Instead simply watching the Start and then skipping All the way Ahead to the final 40+ minutes of the Timed race, Hurrah!


Where Max Verstappen put a veritable Beatdown upon the entire field! Pulling out a 27 second lead over eventual Runner-up Sergio Perez during the race’s 28 laps, My, Oh, My!


And along with a few morning walks upon the Golf course, which were All Shut down for Reseeding, before the “Winter” golf season began on October 15th, FOUR!


Then I accompanied Snowbyrd MJ’ to the Downtown Scottsdale American Legion Post for Her Dress Rehearsal for the musical Love Boat, where She was performing the song Oblivion on Her Theremin!


As the song Oblivion was one of the many masterpieces that famed Argentine Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) composed and performed on the Bandoneon. For which I learned that Maestro Piazzolla was the creator of Nuevo Tango, for which reputedly, Argentine’s first rejected.


As Maestro Piazzolla created Oblivion in 1982 at Age 61, for which you can listen to it in the following Youtube link.


Naturally when at the American Legion Hall, I thought of Tony Kanaan,. Since Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen says He’s probably tired of everybody including me, making fun of His large Schnoz. Although I know that fellow Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar driver Alex Palou, well He’ll be at CGR for one more year. Also ran the American legion sponsorship this year…


And then suddenly, in the proverbial blink of an Eye, it was time to go to the Airport to Fly back to Eugene, Oregon, before making the drive to Bumfiddle Florence and return to my Sleepy ‘Ol Bungalow by The Sea. Where we’ve just Had our first significant Rainfall this past weekend since June, complete with a brief Thunderstorm! As Falls definitely arrived! 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

F1: Colton Herta’s Formula 1 Dreams Put on Hold

As the 22yr Old Yank’ will focus upon Indy Cars and Hope for Andretti Global to finally land it’s sought after F1 “Franchise,” Err Formula 1 entry…


Interestingly, Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward noted cynically in His Green Notebook from Crevecouer-le-Grand, following this year’s Dutch Grand Prix. That perhaps Der Helmut’, aka Red Bull’s “Junior Minder” Helmut Marko could be using Colton Herta as a Red Herring to keep us from Not talking about Red Bull’s Porsche Power Unit Dealio’ Having it’s Plug Pulled…


Having been away from Ye All consuming Confuzer and Keyboard for nearly a month, I had Zero clue what the latest rumours were regarding Colton Herta’s possibilities of racing next year in formula 1, prior to finally asking No Fenders Blogmeister Miguel to query Colton Herta latest news for Mwah on Wednesday, October 12th.


For which Y’all are presumably Ahead of Mwah, knowing that we won’t be seeing the young American IndyCar Star participating in this Friday’s (Free Practice) FP1 Session for either McLaren or Scuderia AlphaTauri.


Since it was announced last Friday that current Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar driver Alex Palou will be making His FP1 debut for McLaren at Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA in Austin tomorrow. Aboard Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren MCL-36/Mercedes racecar.


While Arrow McLaren SP’s Pato O’Ward will take over Lando Norris’s McLaren mount, making His FP1 Debut at the season finale Abu dhabi Grand Prix this November.


And I’ve got Zero Clue how Colton’s “Private” Test at the Hungaroring for Alpine went? Or How many Drivers participated? Since this was supposedly being Done to Kill a Few birdie’s! Filling the vacated spot originally planned for Oscar Piastri before He “Bolted” to McLaren and left Alpine in a lerch! Along with evaluating other potential aspiring F1 Drivers.


And as we All know, Alpine needed to find a replacement Driver for the departing Frederico Suave’, aka Fernando Alonso. But Messer Saward has also Bantered On ceaselessly over How pairing AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly would be a Bad idea for Alpine! As Gasly and Countryman Esteban Ocon apparently still Have a Nasty rift between them from when they were friends as Wee lads’ Go Karting against each other…


Ironically, next year will be the 30th Anniversary of Mikey andretti’s one season in Formula 1, as somebody named Ayrton Senna’s teammate at McLaren! For which Critics still claim wasn’t a great result for the proprieter of Andretti Autosport, along with being Colton’s current Boss…


As there’s been joust a paltry three Yanks to race in Formula 1 in those past thirty years, with Andretti followed by the Dubious Scotty “The Goose!” Speed driving for Scuderia Toro Rosso between 2006-0. Before literally becoming Team Boss Franz Tost’s Punching Bag!


Then the latest Yank was Alexander Rossi, colton’s past Andretti Autosport IndyCar teammate. As Rossi drove a scant five races for the beleaguered Manor Marussia F1 Team in 2015. And I believe His 12th place finish at COTA was His best result…


Whilst the last IndyCar Driver to try His Hand in Formula 1 was le Hamburgular’, nee Sealmeister B’, SeaBass’ or simply Sebastien Bourdais. With the Frenchman driving also then for the Back marker Fienza, Italy Toro Rosso team during 2008-09. Before being replaced by another Sebastien, who’s last name is Buemi.


Yet Bourdais’s teammate wasn’t No Slouch! Long known Here upon No Fenders as ‘lil syd viddle’, aka Sebastian Vettel. For which we All know the German went on a tear, racking up four consecutive F1 World Championships between 2010-2013 for Red Bull Racing, or as Austin F1 sherpa Claudio coined them, the Big Bulls!


Yet I suppose All of that is academic now, since Colton’s since signed a new Multi-year contract extension to wisely stay at Andretti Autosport and focus upon Indy Cars after the FIA Declined to Grant the request for special dispensation to give the young American the necessary F1 Super License.


Whilst Alpine has subsequently signed Monseiur Gasly as Fred Alonso’s replacement next year. And AlphaTauri has signed Nyck de Vries as Gasly’s replacement alongside Yuki Tsunoda.


And with Alfa Romeo retaining GuanYu Zhou alongside Valtteri Bottas next year, the only driver vacancy to fill is who’ll partner Alex Albon at Team Willy’, aka Williams Racing next year, with Nicholas Latifi leaving at season’s end. Since Haas is supposedly set to make a really, really Big announcement at COTA this weekend, presumably it’s next Title Sponsor, and possibly who’ll take over Mick Schumacher’s seat. Can Y’all say Nico Hulkenberg? 

Monday, October 17, 2022

FIA F2: America’s Next Formula 1 Driver?

As Who knows Who Will get there First. Sargeant, Herta, Neither?


Presumably by now, Y’all know about American FIA Formula 2 driver Logan Sargeant’s upcoming Formula 1 drive this Friday at Circuit Of The Americas in Austin. As Sargeant will participate in His maiden (Free Practice) FP1 session for the eponymous Team Willy’, now simply Williams Racing during this year’s U.S. Grand Prix.


Logan Sergeant

Carlin, #6

Born: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DOB: 12/31/00, Age: 21


Cannot Help wondering, and Arse-suming that Floridian Logan Sargeant must have crossed paths with Jupiter, Florida’s Oliver Askew and Kyle Kirkwood during Thar formative Karting Day, even if briefly? As Logan began Karting at Age 8 before going Across thoust Gory Puddle in 2009 to compete Internationally.


Reportedly Logan became the latest Yank’ to win the Karting World Championship in 2015, with the last Yank’ winner a FIA Karting title being the unlikely Lake Speed in 1978! As Speed is primarily known for His NASCAR career, having made 402 Starts between 1980-1998.


During the winter of 2016-2017, Sargeant contested the Formula 4 UAE Championship for MotoPark in His Single Seaters Debut. Scoring 15 Podiums from 18 Races, Logan finished Runner-up to teammate Jonathan Aberdein.


Next Logan joined Carlin for the 2017 British Formula 4 Championship, finishing third Overall with two wins behind F4 Champion Jamie Carolin and Carlin teammate Oscar Piastri.


For 2018, Sargent joined R-ACE GP for the Formula Renault euroCup season, winning on Debut at Circuit Paul Ricard. Sargent then Bookended the season by winning the finale at Barcelona with a win at the Nurburgring in-between. Finishing fourth Overall behind Championship winner Max Fewtrel and others. Most notably finishing second in the Rookies Cup behind a Bloke named Christian Lundgaard…


The following year, Logan returned to Carlin for His Rookie FIA Formula 3 Championship campaign, in what can only be considered a “learning” year, finishing a “Pedestrian” P19 Overall.


For 2020, Sargeant moved to Prema Racing and scored His Debutant FIA F3 victory in the Silverstone Feature race! Then followed this up by winning the Spa Sprint race. Yet ultimately finished third Overall behind His once again teammate Piastri, who won the Championship by four points. And Theo Pourchaire by a scant, single solitary point!


Sighting He wouldn’t be moving up to FIA Formula 2 due to Financial constraints. Sargeant remained in Formula 3 with Charouz Racing System, scoring His first of four Podiums, a third in Hungary. Then another third at Spa, second at Zandvoort before His only win of the season at Sochi. Finishing 7th Overall.


Logan also made His FIA Formula 2 Debut at Jeddah for Hwa Racelab, before being confirmed at Carlin for His Rookie F2 campaign this year last December.


On July 3rd, Sargeant “technically” became the first American to win a Formula 2 race. Although I’m 98% certain that former Yank’ GP2 Bad Arse Alexander Rossi would scoff at that superlative! Since Rossi won four times in the Formula 1 Feeder series before graduating to Formula 1…


Nevertheless, Logan won this year’s British FIA F2 Feature race, before claiming His second Feature win a week later at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, after the two drivers ahead of Him were Handed Penalties.


Exactly a year ago, at last October’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Logan was announced as a Williams Driver Academy member and is set to make His Friday practice outing as part of the FIA’s mandated running of two Young Drivers in a Friday practice session by All ten F1 Constructors.


As Logan’s Carlin F2 teammate Liam Lawson, a Red Bull Junior Driver made His Friday practice F1 Debut for Scuderia AlphaTauri at the Belgian Grand Prix. As the Kiwi’s also claimed two F2 wins this season…


As of Spa-Francorchamps, with two rounds remaining, Sargeant trailed FIA F2 Championship leader Felipe Drugovich by a Healthy margin of 76-points. And was third Overall behind Theo Pourchaire, some 33-points ahead…


As that would be the FIA F2’s Top-3 Finishing order. As Drugovich clinched the F2 Championship during Saturday’s Feature Race at Monza, when Pourchaire Failed to score enough Points to Deny the Brazilian the title. Whilst Sargeant finished third Overall.


As next up will be Logan’s Friday FP-1 Outing at circuit Of The Americas, where possibly we’ll see two Yanks’ on the Formula 1 Grid briefly? 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

FIA F3: American Drivers You’ve probably never Heard of Before?

Since I’d certainly Not Heard of either of these Drivers previously…


Continuing this No Fenders “Deep dive” into aspiring Yanks’ plying their trade in gory Europe, here’s the other Half of the current American Quartet contesting this year’s FIA Formula 3 Championship in Hopes of advancing to FIA Formula 2. For which I’ll freely admit, I’d never Heard of either driver previously.


Kaylen Frederick

Hitech Grand Prix, #17

Born: Potomac, Maryland

DOB: 6/4/02, Age: 20


Kaylen Frederick began Karting at Age seven before making His Single Seater Debut at Age 14 in 2016. Although due to being only 14, Kaylen was forced to miss the first six races of that year’s F1600 championship since He was under the series minimum Age requirement. Nevertheless,

Kaylen scored His maiden win that season, along with three second place finishes to finish seventh Overall driving for Team Pelfrey. He also made His U.S. F2000 National championship Debut for  Team Pelfrey at Laguna seca that year.


For 2017, Frederick competed fulltime in U.S. F2000 for Team Pelfrey, scoring five Podium finishes enroute to fourth Overall in the Championship behind Oliver Askew, Rinus VeeKay and Parker Thompson. While the following year Kaylen switched to Pabst Racing Services and finished sixth Overall in the series.


At year’s end Frederick made His European racing debut when contesting two rounds of the Euroformula Open series before committing to His Rookie BRDC British Formula 3 Championship with Carlin for 2019. Kaylen scored two wins enroute to P9 in the championship. Then Frederick Blitzed the field with nine wins and won the final British F3 title in 2020.


For 2021, Frederick graduated to the FIA Formula 3 championship with His current team Carlin, finishing 22nd Overall and now is contesting His Sophomore FIA F3 campaign, having switched to Hitech Grand Prix.


Hunter Yeany

Campos Racing, #21

Born: Virginia Beach, Virginia

DOB: 5/11/05, Age: 17


Hunter’s Karting career must have been fairly average, since little is known about it. Before making His Single Seater Debut in the 2020 U.S. formula 4 Championship which He thoroughly Dominated with seven wins and 14 podiums whilst driving for Velocity Racing Development. (VRS) Where Hunter’s teammates were current Indy Lights racer Kyffin Simpson and Eric Evans. As Yeany skipped the season’s final round in order to make His FR Americas Debut at Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) Season Finale instead, albeit as a Guest Driver He was inelibible for collecting any points from His Top-10 finishes.


For 2021, Yeany raced a multitude of Open Wheel Racing series, notably contesting the full FR Americas season with VRS, where He finished 12th Overall. Along with a partial Indy Pro 2000 campaign with Velocity where He finished P14.


Hunter also contested three rounds of the GB3 Championship along with making His FIA Formula 3 Championship Debut for Charouz Racying system at Spa-Francorchamps as Enzo Fittipaldi’s replacement. As Enzo had moved up to FIA Formula 2. Yet Hunter was forced to miss the final F3 rounds due to His FR Americas commitment. With Hunter’s best finished being 18th for Charouz.


For the 2022 FIA Formula 3 season, Yeany switched to Campos Racing, where I’d say He’s had a fairly “quiet” season, being ranked P32 Out of 38 Drivers with 0-points as of the Spa-Francorchamps outing.


Although Hunter’s season has been interrupted after Breaking His wrist during the Spielberg Sprint race. Being forced to withdraw from the following Feature race as well as the Hungarian weekend’s outing.


As Oliver Goethe, a 17yr Old Teenager Born in London and of Danish and German descent, Crikeys! Who Substituted for Yeany at the Hungaroring, also continued Deputizing for Hunter at the following Spa-Francorchamps round, as Yeany’s wrist continues Healing. With No word on when the young American driver will return… 

Monday, October 10, 2022

FIA F3: American Drivers Chasing their Dreams of Glory

But can Any of these Yanks’ make it to thee Pinnacle ‘O Motorsports?


Presumably Y’all have heard about current IndyCar Driver Colton Herta’s maiden Formula 1 Test outing for McLaren abourd a year old McLaren MCL35M chassis at Portimao, Portugal Wayback’ over July 11-12, Righto? As Herta’s been signed to a McLaren Testing contract and Arse-sumedly we’ll see Him taking part in the (Free Practice) FP1 session at Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) this Fast approaching October 21-23 weekend…


Yet Colton’s not the only Yank’ with aspirations of reaching the Pinnacle of Motorsport, for which I’ve only just become aware of several other Yanks’ plying their trade in Formula One’s Feeder Series. Most notably thanks to the previously unknown Jack Crawford’s recent triumph at the Red Bull ring.


Jack Crawford

Prema Racing, #5

Born: Charlotte, NC

DOB: 5/2/05, Age: 17


Jack Crawford began Karting in Houston at the tender age of six. Winning several National Karting championships along with competing Internationally before making His Single Seaters Debut in 2018. Winning six races and amassing eight more podium finishes, Crawford finished runner-up in the NACAM Formula 4 Championship behind Manuel Sulaiman, a future Indy Lights competitor.


For 2019, Jack raced a partial U.S. F2000 National Championship season campaign for two teams, albeit missing the season’s start due to being too young, ultimately finishing seventh Overall.


In January, 2020, Crawford became a member of the vaunted Red Bull Junior Team. Along with contesting both the German (ADAC) and Italian F4 Championships, finishing Runner-up to Red Bull Junior Team member Jonnny Edgar in the ADAC F4 series. Before graduating to the FIA F3 championship the following year with Hitech Grand Prix, finishing 13th Overall in His Rookie season.


For 2022, Crawford switched to the Italian Powerhouse Prema Racing Team and became the first Yank’ to win in the FIA F3 championship, claiming the Podiums top step in the Austrian GP FIA formula 3 Support rounds Sprint race, His maiden F3 victory. And then currently sitting fourth Overall, 28 points behind leader victor Martins prior to the next outing at Hungary.


Following the Mighty Spa-Francorchamps weekend, Crawford had dropped down to sixth, 26-points adrift of what had become a four way scrum for the title! With Isack Hedjar, Oliver  Bearman and Martin knotted at 106-105-104 points respectively. With Arthur Leclerc P4 with 101-points and Roman Stanuk in fifth with 96-points with four races remaining.


Following the Dutch Grand Prix weekend at Zanvoort, Crawford Had Dropped a further position in the Points standings, now in seventh, 36-points adrift of Victor Martin. As the Frenchman regained His Points lead with 126 points, Holding a Slim lead of 5 Markers’ over Countryman Isack Hadjar entering the final two races at Monza.


And whilst Martin claimed the FIA F3 Championship at Monza. Crawford finished off His Sophomore season by finishing third in the Feature Race. Netting Him a total of five Podium finishes this season. His Austria win coupled with a pair of second and third places leaving Him seventh Overall.



Juan Manuel Correa

ART Grand Prix, #9

Born: Quito, Ecuador

DOB: 8/9/99, Age: 22


Juan Manuel Correa Borja has Dual Nationality and races under an American license. As perhaps Correa’s name is vaguely familiar to Y’all? That’s because He was involved in a fatality Crash at the Mighty Spa’ in 2019, but I’m getting ahead of myself.


Juan began Karting in 2008 and won titles in both Ecuador and the United States before making His Single Seaters Debut in 2016.


For 2016 Correa competed in both the ADAC and Italian F4 Championships, scoring three wins in the Italian series and finishing sixth Overall. While He finished P10 in the German series, before contesting a second season in both Formula 4 Championships.


Correa made His GP3 series debut Mid-season at Spa-Francorchamps for Jenzer Motorsport before contesting the full 2018 GP3 season with Jenzer. And although I’d say His results weren’t spectacular, finishing 12th Overall. I do find it funny that Correa’s Bio points out that He finished four places Ahead of His only fulltime teammate Tatiana Calderon; Hmm, where have I Heard Her name lately?


For 2019 Juan graduated to FIA Formula 2 with the Sauber Junior Team by Charouz, where His teammate was a bloke’ named Callum Ilott. As we’ll never know if that season’s results would have turned out different for All involved?


Since you may remember that Correa was involved in a massive Shunt on lap-2 of the Spa-Francorchamps F2 Feature race, ricocheting into Anthoine Hubert’s racecar. Ultimately ending with Hubert’s Death, the first Formula 2 Fatality since Harry surtees occurred a Decade before at Z


Ironicaaly, Hubert’s Rookie teammate at BWT Arden that season was the series first Female Driver, Tatiana Calderon…


Both of Correa’s legs were completely Shattered from the Mega’ 65G Crash impact! With initial fears that His right Foot may need Amputating! While Correa would also suffer from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome following the Crash due to the High G-Forces suffered, and was place in a Medically induced Coma.


Due to the seriousness of Juan’s accident, He would require a year’s recovery before making His return to competition for the ART Grand Prix team in the FIA Formula 3 Championship in 2021, with Juan continuing in the series this season.


Correa was a member of the Lotus F1 Junior Team between 2014-2015, being Dropped when Renault took back over it’s Beleaguered F1 Team. Then for 2019 He was signed as an Alfa Romeo Development Driver, alongside Tatiana Calderon, who was an Test & Development Driver Herself.


Following His Accident and  return to racing in 2021, Juan re-signed as a member of the Sauber Academy, previously known as the Sauber Junior Team, which serves as Alfa Romeo’s Driver Development programme. 

Friday, October 7, 2022

F1: Is Domenicali Calling timber on Spa and Other Classic Circuits?

Although it’s Great News that Spa will be back for 2023, but How long will it remain Safe?


Not sure why? But I tend to recall having earlier read about Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward proclaiming that Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali was a really Decent Bloke…


Yet the more I “Hear,” Err read what Liberty Media’s Mouthpiece says about the future of F1, the more perturbed I become! As Domenicali’s really starting to come across as an Uber Starched ’N Puffed Shirt to Mwah!


Look, I understand, although I continue to forget when switching on thy Telie’ to “Watch,” Err listen to another Sky Sports Grand Prix TV Broadcast that F1 is a Business first! Uhm, All Motorsports are, along with any professional Sporting entity, i.e.; that Uber Annoying 869lb Gorr-Rillia’ known simply as the NFL!


Which Arse-sumedly was only trying to Fatten it’s Wallet after just having awarded All Thursday Night Football game broadcasts to Amazon Prime’s Streaming service. Which if you’re Blind, I still do Not know how you’re able to Stream anyting! But I digress…


Although I’ll probably be quickly reminded next year when the Cable TV Bill goes Up again when Liberty Media squeezes more profit out of it’s TV Broadcasting Rights Dealio!


As Domenicali’s lately been Huffing ‘N Puffing over how such classic F1 venues as Monaco and Spa aren’t guaranteed spots upon future Formula 1 calendars simply due to their Historic significance, WTF?


Seriously, would Professional Tennis Shun going to Wimbledon every Summer just because they hadn’t installed the latest Video Boards or put in new Playing Surfaces? Or the ATP Skipping it’s U.S. Open since they Didn’t have the latest in Entertainment to Amuse the Fans?


Or will the PGA ever decide to not put the Masters tournament on it’s yearly calendar? And How about the Ryder Cup being left off the schedule?


Or How about NASCAR Not going to Talladega? Or IndyCar electing to skipg Long Beach, the second longest running event on it’s Calendar. Although at 45 years and counting, Long Beach is a L-O-N-G ways Behind the Mighty Spa which has been on Formula One’s calender since the inception of the modern era beginning in Gory 1950!


And those are just a few of presumably countless examples that your Non Stick ‘N Ball No Fenders Scribe Tomaso can think of Off Ye Proverbial Cuff, FOUR!


And like I’ve scribbled previously, I’m Not a Fan of Red Bull’s Piped Piper Christopher Kringle’ Horner’s, But! Lately Dare I Say It? He’s been trotting out many sensible, logical straightforward comments. Most lately by Decreeing that the FIA and F1 Need to keep a small core of Historic F1 Venues permantly affixed to the F1 Calendar.


With Horner noting that Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza and Silverstone should Always remain on the F1 Calendar since they’re the Soul of Formula 1! And do we really want to just have 24 Sanitized, Glitzy,  Slick Cookie Cutter Race Circuits instead?


So last year the weather was Abysmal at Spa! But Hey, it’s in the Ardennes Forest and I did survive attending Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) Mudfest Wayback’ in 2015!


Since I’m pretty sure last year’s attendance at COTA wasn’t a Problema, Selling Out some Gory six years after Hurricane’s ravaged the Gulf of Mexico and brought torrential Rain to Austin!


And All of this conjecture about Spa being one of the current F1 venues with smaller attendance seating at only 70,000 Spectators is Bullshit! Since Miami’s is capped at 82,000! But then again, where’s Spa going to put in the Faux Marina, and how many Mermaids will show up at Spa?


As I’ll agree that Spa-Francorchamps should be on the Formula 1 calendar in perpetuity! Along with Monza and Silverstone, and if any of the aforementioned Classic circuits are gonna be Axed, then I’d say Timber to Thee Principality! Since it’s nothing more than a Gory Parade and I haven’t bothered “Watching,” Err listineing to it’s TV Broadcast for years now!


But wait, Holy Pigskins Batman! That would be akin to the NFL cancelling it’s Super Bowl!


And if we’re gonna have to rotate venues to accommodate every race circuits demands. Then Why Stefano? Aren’t we going to rotate the four Middle East events? Or did Liberty Media quickly acquiesce to their demands for long term contracts since they were willing to Pay Inflated Sanctioning Fees? Not to mention enticing the FIA with some Aramco Official Oil Partner agreement?


As I have to ask myself why does the good ‘Ol USA need to have a record three Bloody Grands Prix beginning next year? And which will be the worse Abomination, Miami or Las Vegas?


And that’s before we even bring up Germany having No Grand Prix, with France set to join them. Not to mention how soon will Domenicali set His sights upon Sao Paolo? As How many “Super bowls” do we need on the F1 Calendar? Oh Never Mind!