Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Formula One’s Brat Pack: Young Turks’ – Soaring with Eagles, Or?

Uhm, Ain’t Thar something about Turkeys that goes with that Soaring line?


Whenever I think about Eagles Soaring, I instantly think of ‘Ol robin Trower’s signature Day of The Eagle sgon! Not to be Cornfuzed with an Chandler, Arizona Ostrich Festival massively Outdrawing the inaugural Iceberg Grand Prix in Phoenix Wayback in June, 1989!


Perhaps it’s just Mwah getting Old-ER’, but I have a Mucho Problema with today’s F1 Brat Pack! And Yeah, I realize they’re All extremely talented Open Wheel Racing Drivers. And who cares what a tottering ‘Ol Blogger has to say? But Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn!


Since this current F1 Brat Pack that I define as Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and George Russell simply rub me the wrong way! As I find All four to seemingly believe they’re indebted Everything! That Racing should mimic the video games they play. And when it goes wrong, they Whine, Cry and Complain like Spoiled Rotten Children!


As All four have easily come across during Formula 1 races as raging Hot Heads via their In Car radio messages! Most notably it seems like Lando’s Always Defending Himself a la Lewis Hamilton’s pointed Barbs against His Silver Arrows team whenever the strategy goes Pear Shaped! Whilst George Russell Didn’t do Himself any favours when I scribbled about His joining Formula One’s Pariah Club nearly some 18 months ago!


Thus with All of the controversy over Oscar Piastri’s Declaring He wouldn’t be driving for Alpine next year, naturally I have to wonder if the 21yr Old Aussie’ prodigy will soon be joining this illustrious F1 Brat pack? Which Ain’t necessarily a Good thing…


Maximus Hothead, ergo Verstappen has obviously been a pretty “cool Cucumber” this year, but why not? Since He’s simply been Crushing the Competizione All season long! As He seems to become more Smug each race, and Seriously Max? You needed to winge on ‘bout Having the Team tell Sergio to Pull Over for you so you could totally Decimate Him by some Gory 18.5-20 seconds at Spa-Francorchamps, Seriously?


Whilst Leclerc shows some signs of improvement with His Mea culpas, but seems to be doing this too much lately. As the Monegasque Falls Further ‘n Further Behind in the Points race!


With Lando’s not doing Himself any favours by proclaiming He has No Sympathy for McLaren teammate DannyRick’, aka Daniel Ricciardo! As I eagerly relish the day that Norris starts getting Waxed by His fellow McLaren teammate! Uhm, could that be a one Messer Piastri shortly?


And Russell’s gone relatively silent lately, mostly due to Mercedes woeful performance this year…


Thus whilst I always enjoy Rootin’ for the Underdogs, naturally I find myself rooting for Ricciardo, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz Jr. these Days! Along with other such notables as Kevin Bacon’ Magnussen, Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon.


Hence, in a different Zip code Age wise, suppose you could say that Ricciardo’s No “Spring Chicken” at Age 33.


yet initially it seemed somewhat predictable that Daniel will soon be rejoining Alpine in essentially a straight Seat swap with Piastri for 2023. Although it now seems that Alpine’s Upper Management has some reservations over this…


And Don’t get me wrong, as I’m a Big Fan of DannyRick’s, But! Following Belgian Grand Prix Qualifying, where Alexander Albon “Knocked” Ricciardo out of the Q3 Top-10 Qualie’ session. I mused to Thyself how it would be Great seeing albon in an Alpine seat next year!


And Yeah, I know Albon’s already signed at Team Willy’, ergo Williams F1. Meaning if Alpine’s truly wishing to focus upon developing future F1 Star talent, then I’d suggest they Ink Nyck de Vries as Alonso’s replacement!


Although I don’t understand why FIA Formula 2 Championship elect Felipe Drugovich’s name isn’t being considered? As it would be good having a Brazilian back upon the Formula 1 Grid next year. But Drugovich’s name is seemingly being whispered as possibly joining IndyCar’s instead…


But I also would Hate to see Formula 1 lose the services of Ricciardo! Who I always recall ‘Ol Professor (Steve) Matchett’s assessment of the Aussie’ nicknamed the “Honey Badger!” Calling Ricciardo the Smiling Assassin! With His Mile wide Aussie Smile with a Dagger firmly clenched between His teeth!


As I Heard some far ranging Scuttlebutt during the Spa weekend suggesting Ricciardo’s Best bet for next year’s F1 Grid would be at Haas, Arse-sumedly as Mick Schumacher’s replacement, Huh, Say What?


Even going so far as to suggest that Mick could inherit Pierre Gasly’s Scuderia AlphaTauri seat if Alpine’s able to Buy Out the Frenchman’s contract.


While we await the outcome of the FIA’s

Contract Recognition Board’s (CRB) ruling following the Belgian Grand Prix…


Although it’s sounding more ‘N more like Alpine’s determined to bring Gasly into their Fold for 2023. And as Racer’s Chris Medland notes, that doesn’t even take into consideration whether or not AlphaTauri will retain Yuki Tsunoda next year?


And now that the CRB has unanimously ruled in McLaren and Piastri’s favour, announcd on Friday’s first day of F1 Practice at Zandvoort. The $64k Questione is who will Alpine sign now? Since regardless of what they’re saying publicly. It sounds like the pairing of Gasly with Esteban Ocon will be akin to Oil ‘N Water! A la Ocon v Sergio Perez at Force India. Where ironically, I’m 98% certain that Otmar Szafnauer was the Team Principal then…