Saturday, August 13, 2022

INDYCAR: Brickyard GP Postmortem

Like Dude, that race was so long Ago! And it don’t even register after Crashville’, Yeehaw!


Wasn’t originally planning on scribblin’ about this here on No Fenders, but thought Thar was a few Nuggets to share…


Not until a few days following the Brickyard Weekend’s IndyCar race,

August 3rd Me Thinks? We were made privy to the fact that Alexander Rossi’s winning #27 Andretti Autosport Dallara/Honda entry had Failed Post-race Tech Inspection. Specifically being underneath the minimum 1,700lb weight limit when the car’s Drinks’ (water) bottle was removed from the chassis. Which Racer’s Marshall Pruett claims can weigh between 2-3lbs, for which teams typically make up by adding extra Ballast. Typically somewhere in the range of 5-7lbs.


Although IndyCar also deemed Rossi’s car to Not be under the minimum weight during the race, they were unwilling to publicly divulge how much the car had failed Post-race tech inspection by. To which Pruett speculates that the chassis had to be somewhere between 1,697-1,699 pounds in order to trigger this infraction. And that somebody made an unintended mistake on calculating extra ballast needed. Thus Andretti Autosport was docked $25,000 and 20 entrant points. While Rossi was also docked 20 points, dropping one place in the standings to ninth, one point behind Arrow McLaren SP’s Felix Rosenqvist; who’ll potentially be teammates next year…


Arse-sumedly due to the fact that Justin B-I-G Unit’ Wilson was my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver for several years until His untimely Death. I still remember Wilson’s winning the 2012 Texas Motor Speedway IndyCar race where subsequently Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) was penalized following their victory for having more Downforce than Allowed. Although IndyCardid Not take the win away from DCR! Instead it took away five points from Wilson and fined Coyne $7,500 for having unapproved parts on Wilson’s sidepods.


For which I remember more Dario Franchitti’s, who I was calling Dashley Lepew at the time’s ridiculous comment. With Dario Whining loudly about He’d Happily Cut Off an Appendage to make up for the amount of Downforce Justin had precieveably Had an Advantage of during that race…


Tyres’ R Us…

Although Not trying to take Anything Away from Jessica Mace’s accomplishment of going over the Wall as Alexander Rossi’s right Rear tyer changer during His Brickyard GP victory, for which I say congrats to Jessica! It’s worth noting, since I Don’t wish to Call Out my current No. 1 Pit Reporter by name, but! If He’d read to the bottom of Marshall Pruett’s article…


Then He would have known that the Unheralded, and I’d say totally unknown Tess Gape was the first Female Tyre Changer to go Over the Wall on a winning IndyCar entry. With Gape doing so on the winning entry Wayback in Gory Ought-three on The Dude’s! Aka Ryan Hunter-Reay’s American Spirit Team Johansson Reynard 02i Cosworth racecar down Under at surfers Paradise Mates!


It’s A Mad, Mad World!

C’mon Y’all, Sing it Along with me. It’s A Mad world After all. It’s A Mad World After All!


As think I’m gonna start calling Zak Brown thee Mad Hatter! Since it was just prior to Toronto, that ‘lil race Up North Eh! When some Ganassi v Palou lawsuit was making thunder claps, remember that Y’all? That apparently it was quietly learned that Felix Rosenqvist contrary to popular belief, is Not under Contract at Arrow McLaren SP, Uhm McLaren Racing for 2023! Which Pruett reportd just days prior to Nashville.


Despite the fact that Zakery Brown and McLaren put out a press release on June 23 proclaiming that Felix was “Off the Market,” being signed for McLaren next year. Just not knowing if the Swede would be in IndyCar or Formula E next year, Rosenqvist is actually Available next year…



Which just seems like it was an overly “Clever” Diversionary tactic being deployed by thee Mad Hatter and McLaren in order to trykeeping Rosenqvist in the Fold while knowing the Shit was gonna Hit the Fan over Alex Palou’s “Poaching!” For which All I can say is Smoke On! 

Friday, August 12, 2022

INDYCAR: Mother Speedway Smiles on Alexander Rossi

As it’s good Having A Beaming Rossi Smiling again from atop the Podium…


Don’t know ‘bout Y’all, but this current stretch of the IndyCar season feels like the Fast and furious to me, and I Never thought I’d use that analogy! As I’ve already scribbled some preliminary thoughts here upon No Fenders prior to the second Indy Road Course’s Brickyard GP Qualie’ session.


In Marshall Pruett’s typical fashion,

It was entertaining Hearing How Appalled He was over IndyCar being treated like the Red Headed Step Sister at IMS over the Brickyard Double Header Roundy Round’ weekend! With Marshall noting How Weird it’s having IndyCar being the Undercard of the Undercard of the Undercard! And How they’re literally by the Shitters! i.e.; Turn 1 Honey Buckets which He proclaimed in His Racer Friday Morning Indy GP Report video.


The Best News of the entire weekend was that Josef Newgarden was Cleared to compete in all IndyCar Activities and passed both of His Concussion Protocol tests Thursday-Friday!


And you have to say it’s Funny how Newgarden seemingly was “Glued” to His good buddy DJ WillyP’s  Gearbox, with All three Penske Drivers in Round One’s Group 1 Qualie’ session, with Power and Newgarden winding up P4-5 respectively at Day’s end…


Biggest News had to be Felix Rosenqvist, the Forgotten Arrow McLaren SP Driver winning the Pole position! Not to mention how estatic Pato O’Ward was qualifying third. Along with O’Ward enthusing How Happy He was for Felix to be on Pole, saying He definitely Deserves to Stay in IndyCar! And How Rosenqvist’s the right type of Driver as a teammate, who’s totally Transparent, which is what you need in a teammate! Which the media took as a vailed swipe at the possibility of Alex Palou landing at AMSP next year…


Great interview with David Malukas by Marshall Pruett after Qualifying, where Malukas “Kidded” about liking to Have Brakes on a Road course! Claiming He’d had No Front Breaks during the Fast 12 Knockout phase, noting how His Brake pressure PSI was almost Half of what they normally have!


As Malukas has His work cut out keeping up with Christian Lundgaard in the Rookie Of the Year (ROY) Battle. As Lundgaard made His first Fast Six Shootout appearance of the year, finishing sixth, one year from making His Shock Debut when Qualifying P4 at the same race.


Whilst is it just Mwah? But have Y’all noticed how Chip Ganassi Racing isn’t running IndyCar title sponsor NTT Data on it’s #10 entry now. Since I know that Alex Palou ran with American Legion on His car at Iowa’s Race-2 and on the IMS Road Course. With the Spaniard being Cheep’s Highest Qualifying entry in P7.


Rossi Finally claims another W’

Although this race was definitely not as Wet ‘N wooly as the “Guns ‘N Roses” Indy GP in May. Nonetheless the first lap weren’t Pretty! As I think it was Colton Herta who bumped into Will Power, who in turn Spun Out a Hapless Pato o’Ward! With the duo dropping to the tail end of the grid.


Cannot remember what the first Caution was for? But DJ WillyP’ used this to Help go forwards from P16 with O’Ward also making up places. And the day just got worse for Arrow McLaren SP, as Pole Sitter Felix Rosenqvist just dropped like a rock and ultimately limped home ninth.


Alexander Rossi who’d started second, tried making a late breaking pass upon Roseqvist for the lead going into Turn-1 but wasn’t successful. This caused Rossi to drop into the clutches of Andretti Autosport teammate Colton Herta who made an easy pass upon Him and looked set to motor off into the Sunset enroute to victory.


Yet Herta pounded the Infield Kerbing too Hard on lap 42 and suddenly lost drive to His car, limping slowly to Pitlane before retiring and Rossi Never looked back after! As I love how All of the media pointed out it had been 1,133 Gory Days and 49 races since Rossi last won over three years ago at Road America! (June 23, 2019)


With Racer’s Marshall Pruett cheekily noting in His Post-race video that Rossi’s Happy and Smiling today, but He’ll find something to be Grumpy about tomorrow, Hya!


Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s Rookie Christian Lundgaard spent All day in the top sic, and much of the end of the race in second, where the Dane’ finished, scoring His maiden IndyCar Podium. Coupled  with David Malukas’s 13th place finish; Lungaard once again increases His rookie Of the Year (ROY) points lead to +27. (248-221)


And although Will Power didn’t have anything for the first two finishers, ‘Ol DJ WillyP’ wily sauntered home P3, leading a three car Team Penske Freight train across the Yard ‘O Bricks. As ScottyMac’ (Scott McLaughlin) got around teammate Josef Newgarden with the Kiwi finishing fourth and Newgarden P5.


As Newgarden should be content losing only two points in the title fight, while McLauglin clings to an outside chance some 81 markers adrift…


Scott Dixon who was boiling after qualifying a lowly 20th, led CGR’s Quartet Home with a  Quiet eighth place finish, two places ahead of Alex Palou. With Marcus Ericsson making an impressive recovery drive from last to P11. As the Swede lost His Points lead to Power and now trails by nine markers.


Ericsson finished one position ahead of O’Ward, with the Mexican tenaciously staying in the Championship Hunt. As next up is Nashville, (Round 14) where ericsson’s the Defending Race winner, and Anything can Happen…


2022 Point Standings

1) Will Power: 431

2) Marcus Ericsson: 422, -9

3) Josef Newgarden: 399, -32

4) Scott Dixon: 393, -38

5) Pato O’Ward: 385, -46

6) Alex Palou: 379, -52 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Another “Spin ‘N win!” A Rooskie’ tries Cup, A yank’ Wins Again and Kimi to sample Watkins Glen

Although No idea if thee Iceman’ will try an Ice Cream from the Concession Stands in Upstate New York?


Have to say it was a very entertaining weekend from Mother Speedway,. Since originally I had No intentions of Tuning into the premiere Taxicab bombers race on Indianapolis Motor speedway’s Infield Road Course. Which I only caught snippets of, part of Stage 2 and mostly the end of the race…


What I enjoyed most was the Host of “New Guard” Names at the Sharp end of the Grid. With the likes of Tyler Reddic, Christopher Bell, A.J. Allmendinger, Ross Chastain and Austin Cindric being Called Out. And How ‘bout that Allmendinger, Eh?


As still Don’t think Racing Drivers are Athletes? As Allmendinger not only ran out of (Drinking) water, but His Cool Suit malfunctioned! With ambient temperature in the 80’s, and the track surface Bakin’ at over 100deg-F. To which NASCAR Truck series winner and NBC Pit Reporter Parker Kligerman said it had Happened to Him previously and it’s like wearing a Garbage Bag underneath your Firesuit, Youza!



As I was Rootin’ for the unlikely Sweeping of the weekend by ‘Ol A.J. who got as far up as second before fading to finish seventh. With Allmendinger basically Falling out of His car from Heat exhaustion as soon as the race ended! But was checked and Cleared by IMS Medical Staff afterwards.


Kligerman had His own issues the day prior when suffering a Brake failure during the Xfinity race that Allmendinger won. To which Kyle Larson’s Brake failure Sunday was also Scary with His 3,500lb Stock Car getting All four wheels off Terra firma when clouting a Hapless Ty gibbs! Who was Substituting for Kurt Busch, in the car Reddick will “Inherit” in 2024.


As Reddick who started from Pole, led the most laps and won His second NASCAR race of the season for RCR, while Chastain was ultimately penalized for “Cleverly” using the Access Road to enable Him to navigate Turn-1 where All of the Roundy Round Boyz’ were trying Ah-Mighty to be the last of the Great, late Brakers!



Was super Cornfuzed Saturday when Hearing somewhere the news that a Formula 1 Driver would be starting the Big Boyz’ Cup race Sunday, Huh? I didn’t think that Kimi the Original “Iceman” Raikkonen was making His Cup Debut until Watkins Glen? Only to discover late Saturday evening that it was Russian ex-Formula 1 driver Daniil Kvyat “They” were talking about.


As Kvyat who last race for Scuderia AlphaTauri at the 2020 season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was making His Stock Car Debut for the Minnowesqe Team Hezeberg, who I’ve only heard briefly about earlier this year. When Jacques Villeneuve made His Debut in the Big Show when Qualifying His way into the Daytona 500 on Speed…


As Kvyat said it was definitely interesting driving the latest Gen-X generation Cup Car. Obviously completely different and at the total opposite of the spectrum compared to F1!


As Daniil Qualified the team’s second entry, it’s #26 Toy-Yoter’ Camry 36th, which is where I believe He finished enroute to becoming the first Russian to contest a NASCAR Cup race.


The  team’s primary Cup entry, the #27 Team Hezeberg Ford Mustang GT was driven by Dutch racer Loris Hezemans, son of Team Co-Owner Toine Hezemans. As Loris hasn’t been cleared to drive upon the Superspeedway’s, Hence why Jacques was racing at Day-Toner’.


And Speaking ‘O Dutchies’, I was so surprised over Max Verstappen not only coming from an uncharacteristic P10 Qualie’ result, before Gobblin’ up the Competizione and ultimately passing race leader Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari not once, but twice! As Verstappen made a lazy 360-degrees Spin after passing the Monegasce the first time for the lead. Hit nothing, resuming His charge for the lead again before motoring to His 28th Formula 1 victory!


As all I could think of was ‘Ol Hollywood’, aka Danny sullivan’s memorable “Spin ‘N Win” nearly some 40 Odd years ago at the 1985 Indianapolis 500! Making me somewhat embarrassed that I momentarily couldn’t recall who’d won the prior day’s

IndyCar race when talking on the phone, Aye Karumba!


As sorry Rossi, who I’ve been a Fan of for a long time. But as the media lamented, it had been an excruciatingly long 1,133 Days and 49 races since Alexander Rossi had won His last IndyCar race! As All I could figure is that it’s been so long since I’ve Heard Rossi’s name in the winner’s circle. Along with being mesmerized by Max Headroom’s performance, that I had temporary “Some-timers,” Sorry Alexander!


Another name I hadn’t Heard mentioned in a longtime was Joey Hand’s, who was chauffeuring the #15 Rick Ware Racing (RWR) Ford Mustang GT. As Joey’s a prolific Sports Car racer who’s Stock Car transition makes me think of Andy The Enforcer’ Lally. While the second #51 RWR Ford was being driven by Cody Ware, Remember Him Y’all?


Finally, Yes! Kimi and His Oomphlats’ will be contesting this year’s RASSCAR’ round at Watkins glen International Raceway August 21st.

With Kimi suitably impressed by Justin Marks flying to His Switzerland Home to inquire if thee Iceman’ would be interested in contesting a Roundy Round race for His team? As Marks and Entertainer Pitbull are Co-Owners of the Trackhouse Racing Team that fields entries for Ross Chastain and Daniel Suarez. As Trackhouse acquired the former chip Ganassi Racing NASCAR Operation in order to secure two NASCAR Franchises, Err Charters.


As Raikkonen will make His Cup Debut behind the wheel of the team’s third #91 Chevrolet Camaro for Trackhouse’s Project 91 effort, the team’s initiative to expand Internationally, albeit Kimi’s drive is just a “One Off” this season. As the team Hopes to run it’s #91 entry again in the future, but not until 2023…


Whilst we could potentially See two F1 Drivers racing Taxicabs at Watkins Glen? Since Daniil Kvyat is also interested in running The Glen and the Charlotte Roval. Damn, I might have to watch another Cup race, Yikes! 

Monday, August 8, 2022

I Will Not be Driving for Insert Race Team Here Next Year, Insert Drivers Name Here!

C’mon Down Oscar, You’re the latest Driver who Wants to Go Somewhere else!


Presumably since I’m continuing to get Old-ER’, I simply cannot remember such a Shit Show surrounding Planet McLaren! Or being able to Process, Disseminate and scribble everythingy’ that occurs daily in the 24/7 News Cycle we live in. Having “Coined” the phrase long ago that Motor Racing Never Sleeps!


Especially since it’s 30 Odd years ago that some Dude named Flavio Poached a young German driver away from EJ’, nee Eddi Jordan. Who’s name was Michael Schumacher…


Naturally after I’d Squeezed in briefly here upon No Fenders the news of Fredrico Suave’s “surprise” move to Aston Martin next year as ‘lil syd viddle’s replacement. And that surely Alpine would be shortly announcing Oscar Piastri as Fred Alonso’s replacement for 2023, Kuhblamoe!


Following alpine’s announcement Tuesday that the 21yr Old Australian would be joining Esteban Ocon next year in the obligatory Press Release, Shuhzamm! Piastri pulled an Alex Palou! Taking to TWIT-ER’ to proclaim that Ahem, Alpine’s Press Release wasn’t endorsed by Him and that He wouldn’t be driving for Alpine next year!


Sound Familiar? Since it comes across to Mwah that somebody named Zak Brown’s got His Fingerprints All Over It! And the Media’s quickly made the same conclusion, noting the distinct similarities between the Chip Ganassi Racing v Palou Spat. And now Alpine v Piastri.


For which Racer’s Chris Medland notes that Piastri’s move implies He’s signed for another team. While Alpine Team Principal Otmar Szafnauer Bluntly said He Doesn’t know what Oscar’s signed wit McLaren, when noting that communication Had Broken down wit Piastri…


As the only thing that’s different is that McLaren’s staying Mum upon the subject, making me think that Szafnauer’s trying to throw a Spanner into Brown’s Driver manueverings! Although  this matter definitely sounds like it’s headed straight to the FIA Contract Recognition Board Tootsweet!


Thus it also sounds like the Handwriting’s on the Wall for the embattled DannyRic’, nee Daniel Riccardo’s departure from McLaren F1 nexxt year, regardless of having a year remaining on His current contract.


But it just really makes me wonder mostly how Alex Palou and Colton Herta will feel about this, along with Pato O’Ward to lesser effect. Since the Mexican seems somewhat resigned to the fact He’s an IndyCar Driver. While Felix Rosenqvist is getting the Shaft by being pushed over to Formula E!


As what’sthat ‘Ol don Henley song about You Can’t Get the Genie Back into the Bottle… 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Chip Ganassi Racing “Now Hiring!”

“Slow” Drivers Need Not Apply!


Nope, I’m Not taking sides in the Cheep v Palou Sweepstakes, for which I truly Hope that Alex Palou Ain’t gona end up with nothing more than a Bag ‘O glitter!


And that was before I learned of Palou’s lawyer’s Counter suit…


Just wanted to toss out a little more thoughts upon the subject, since thoust pages of No Fenders have been Overflowing lately. And Haven’t been able to squeeze these in.


On the subject of Poaching rival team’s Drivers. Less we forget that Ganassi secured the services of a one Mr. Ed Jones away from Dale Coyne, who thought His Handshake Deal with the emirati Driver would keep Him at DCR a second year. Remember that Y’all? Or more importantly how Jones IndyCar career panned out…


And No! I’m Not trying to compare Palou to Jones, since it’s Obvious that Palou’s much more talented!


But before we All feel bad for Dale Coyne. Must have been on Racer via Marshall Pruett where I read how Coyne Had prevented letting le Hamburgular’, nee Sealmeister B’, aka SeaBass’ or simply sebastien Bourdais from leaving DCR, when Coyne wouldn’t forgo His Contract Extension upon Bourdais. While ironically Bourdais was trying to move to CGR!


Or How Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) wouldn’t release the Big Unit’, nee Justin Wilson from His contract, to which I think Marshall said Justin sat out from driving for DCR before He finally was able to move to Andretti just before His untimely Demise…


But I still like Colton Herta’s comment about Zak brown the Best. With Herta saying Zak’s Cut Throat, He’s a Businessman! For which obviously, All Team Owners Are! And I’d say that it’s the Drivers who have a limited “Shelve life” career wise vs. the Owners…


Yet cannot say I can recall a Driver being Sued by His Owner in the middle of a season and still being expected to show Up and Drive for Him!


Whilst let’s Not forget about Tyler Reddick, who announced His Departure from current RASSCAR’ Richard Childress Racing’s team 18 months before His Contract expires! Which News leaked out either the same day, when Reddick “Crashed” a 23/11 Racing Zoom Call, but most definitely the same week as Palou’s Contract Spat did. And we haven’t even gotten to the Oscar Piastri story!


Naturally I’d finished scribblin’ this No Fenders story before Hearing the News that Alex Palou’s lawyer’s had filed a Counter suit vs. Chip Ganassi Racing LLC for Defamation and wanting the trial moved to Federal Court in Hopes of getting a “Fairer” Hearing from the Judge involved in the matter, since it would require a New Judge being assigned. Also Slowing CGR’s request for an expedited trial in Marion county civil court before the end of August.


For which Cheep’s lawyers have rescinded their Superior court filing and agreed to move the trial to Federal court jurisdiction, still in Marion County. Although they’re still trying for an expedited Trial while attempting to keep the matter “Sealed” and just for the Judge’s privy…


Yep, Yuhs know it. Hold onto Your Hollyhocks indeedy! 

Friday, August 5, 2022

IndyCar Radio Network’s “Kiss of Death!”

Since Nobody saw that Coming!


For those who watched Iowa’s Race-2 on Sunday July 24th; remember that Y’all? When an additional 50 laps were added, meaning drivers had 300 laps to complete around the Ultra Quick 7/8th’s Short track Oval. Then Y’all know the Heartbreak that Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden suffered after leading a race High 148 laps.


Yet for several reasons, I now exclusively listen to IndyCar Qualifying and Races on the IndyCar Radio Network. Ahem, if you’re paying extra for that Peacock service, then shouldn’t you be getting the A Team of Leigh Diffey as lead Announcer instead of His Backup Kevin The Werewolf! Lee in the booth? Oh Never Mind!


Yet it’s funny how the Racing Gawds work, since Mark Gravelly’ James and Davey Hamilton were singing the praises of How Newgarden seemed totally Hooke Up and could go wherever He wanted on track, i.e.; High, Low or Middle lane to Pass all of the competition with ease.


And then Nicky Salt’ Yeoman spent a few minutes pontificating upon How Newgarden simply Owned Iowa Raceway, having begun the day having led a ridiculous 1,385 laps and had then surpassed 1,500! And it there was one racetrack that Newgarden simply Dominated, having the most wins with four there, and surely Headed for number five, it was Iowa! Before an excited Mark James broke in saying we’ve got one car up against the wall!


With Hamilton saying How about that! As race leader Josef Newgarden’s car inexplicably spun out and collected the Turn 4 Wall on lap 235 with a mighty Thump! Whilst leading the race’s  Most laps, i.e.;  148 laps, nearly Half race distance!


With Hamilton claiming when watching the accident’s replay that Newgarden’s car Had Bottomed Out, seeing Sparks just before the incident! For which I feel like I was the only one who remembered that Michael Young had earlier reported that Josef had radioed in saying He’d felt a vibration following His latest Pitstop…


Thus obviously the race was turned on it’s Head with second placed Patricio Pato’ O’ward taking over the lead, which He seemingly held off will Power with ease enroute to His fourth career IndyCar win. While Power’s Penske teammate Scott McLaughlin finished  third, being ecstatic over having passed His fellow countryman and Hero Scott Dixon in the closing stages of the race.


While I’ll mention that Jimmie Johnson came Home fifth, His best IndyCar finish to date in His two year IndyCar career. As it was somewhat Disappointing to Hear CGR teammate and current Points leader Marcus Ericsson saying that JJ’ was too strong for Him at the end and He couldn’t get around Him!


But is it just me? Since the whole weekend seemed like a JJ’ Love fest, Barf!


Thus it’s amazing how the points swung back ‘N forth over the Double Header weekend. As Ericsson was destined to leave Iowa either second or third with Newgarden taking over on the strength of His impending season’s fifth W’ before that unexpected crash. Hence seeing Ericsson leave Iowa with 8th and 6th place finishes respectively. With the Swede proclaiming they knew it was His weakest track.


As Ericsson left Newton, Iowa with a razor thin eight points lead: 403-395 over Will Power. While Newgarden dropped one place and was subsequently tied with thee “Iceman” Dixon who finished a Quiet P4. Both being just 34 points adrift. With Josef holding the Tiebreaker on wins.


The Driver having the Best Overall weekend mathematically at Iowa had to be Arrow McLaren SP’s Pato O’Ward, who capitalized upon Newgarden’s misfortune to win Sunday’s race. Although I don’t think either O’Ward or anybody else was going to catch Newgarden! And Along with finishing runner-up in Race-1, Pato effectively cut His 75 points Disadvantage entering Iowa in Half. Leaving Newton only 36 pointsbehind Ericsson.


Alex Palou’s points gap continues sliding Backwards ever since His Contract Debacle announcement. With the Affable Spaniard dropping to sixth Overall after an uncharacteristic 13th place finish , coupled with a sixth place finish Saturday. Seeing Alex leave Iowa 44 points behind Ericsson.


While ScottyMac’, aka Scott McLaughlin rebounded strongly by finishing third Sunday, after an error with His right rear tyre during Saturday’s race saw Him finish P22. With the Kiwi’ keeping His Championship Hopes alive, albeit marginally as the last Contendah’ 86 markers behind. Since All of the Pundits are saying 100 points deficit is the Cut line for staying in the title fight…


Meanwhile Christian Lundgaard had a Brake issue forcing the Dane’ to finish P26 while David Malukas scored His first Top 10 finish of the season in eighth place. Thus Malukas closed the Rookie Of the Year (ROY) title fight from 24 points to now only four! With Lundgaard leading 208-204 prior to Mother Speedway’s IndyCar-NASCAR Road Course Double Header.


Whilst I won’t belabour the point of how the Face of the Hy Vee Iowa Double Header Jack, Not Bloody Nige! Harvey did, since it’s already been covered Ad Nausea elsewerhe…


While Who’d ah-Thunk It! That Romain Grosjean would be carrying the Banner for Andretti Autosport as their Best performer of the weekend with finishes of seventh and ninth respectively. Especially since it was only Romain’s fourth ever Oval track outing, and first time on this Uber Short Track Oval!


Afterwards, we learned that Team Penske had diagnosed the culprit of Josef Newgardne’s mechanical failure. As Newgarden’s car suffered an extremely rare right Rear Damper failure, or what us Yanks’ call Shocks. With Team Penske President Tim cindric saying the failure was somewhat troubling since it’s a part not known for failing and it hadn’t exceeded it’s life cycle, so very odd. Especially since they’d been running this Damper configuration a long time without any issues…


2022 IndyCar Point Standings

1) Marcus Ericsson: 403

2) Will Power: 395, -8

3) Josef Newgarden: 369, -34

3) Scott Dixon: 369, -34

5) Pato O’Ward: 367, -36

6) Alex Palou: 359, -44


Thursday, August 4, 2022

IndyCar throws down on Massive Double Header return to Iowa

But did they come for Gwen Stefani or the IndyCar races?


Think I’ve scribbled previously,? That I find myself Far more Interested in the IndyCar Championship this year vs. Formula 1, albeit having a Hard time keeping up with everything currently happening in this Jam Packed sequence of five races in four weeks!


Thus electing to get up early Saturday morning Justin-time’ to listen to the entire Qualie’ session beginning at 7:30AM Pacific, which didn’t seem nearly as Obnoxious as Formula 1 Qualifying from Le Casslet, France.


And being Blind, have I mentioned that lately? I find it far more appealing listening to the IndyCar Radio Network, especially when Kevin the Werewolf! Lee’s sitting in Leigh Diffey’s Chair. Not to mention that thee Mayor ‘O Hinchtown’, aka james Hinchcliffe just seems way too Gory Polite! And I easily tire of His and (Townsend) T-Bell’s Chip ‘N Dale No No, I insist routine utterly Boring…


Musing to myself that Josef Newgarden sounded Pissed during the Post Qualifying interviews after His Penske teammate Will Power Had snatched Both races Poles away from Him! Seeing DJ WillyP’ claim Pole positions #65-66 and bringing Him withing one Pole of tying the legednous’ SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti for All-time IndyCar Career Poles!


Thus I’d say this serious Agro’, nee Agravation served as Josef’s impetus for the Beatdown He put upon the field Saturday afternoon, leading an insane 208 of 250 lap, Aye Karumbas!


And with the Indy Lights race following at 9:20AM, (Pacific) I decided what’s that expression those bloody Brits use about In for a Pound, In for a Farthing, Hya!


As the Lights race’s finish was quite controversial, with eventual race winner Hunter McElrea freely admitting He’d been Lucky! And that Mathew Brabham Had been robbed!


As series Points leader Linus Lundqvist put a Squeeze Job (Block) upon Mattie B’ who definitely Had a Full Head ‘O Steam run for the lead, and looked intent on passing for the win! Before Lundqvist squeezed Him into the Wall!


Brabham suffered a broken front Wing and dropped from second to P4 at the Chequered Flag with Lundqvist initially winning with McElrea and Christian Rasmussen on the Podium. Yet Indy Lights Stewards correctly assessed Lundqvist a three place penalty for Avoidable Contact, thus dropping to fourth, with everybody moving one step forward.


As a Peeved Brabham found little solace in finishing third! Noting how He’d set His car up for the race, and saw Linus giving Him the High line. To which Brabham said Ok, Thank You very Much, I’ll take the High line and the lead before He just came up on me…


Next up in the Day’s Heat, with a High of 98 degrees Fahrenheit, was it 99f or triple digits of 100f? And 80% Humidity! Many were saying that the Point Standings could change drastically following Indy Cars only Double Header race of the season. Especially at Josef Newgarden’s Playground, where Newgarden Had won three of the previous six races before His Saturday Beatdown!


Current Points leader Marcus Ericsson’s day seemed to go “Pear Shape” after battling Will Power for second. As I believe it was Power’s teammate ScottyMac’ (Scott McLaughlin) that Marcus decided to try going around upon the High line and went up into the marbles and almost became a passenger Headed for the Wall!


Although Ericsson saved Himself, the Swede dropped to ninth and then as far back as P11. Never able to recover before ultimately finishing P8 and seeing Newgarden trim His Championship lead to just a scant 15 points, i.e.; 375-360. While Power dropped to third, only 22 points behind.


Enjoyed IndyCar Radio Network’s Michael young’s telling Christian Lundgaard that a ‘lil Birdie had told Him it was Lundgaard’s Birthday Saturday. (7/23) Wanting to know if celebrating His Birthday at Newton Iowa was the strangest place He’d celebrated His Birthday? To which I believe Lundgaard replied He’d spent His Birthday prior at Sebring. As the Dane’ was celebrating His 21st Birthday.


Also enjoy Messer Young asking Dalton Kellett if we’d be seeing the Rush tribute Helmet again at Iowa? To which Dalton mentioned He’d run it during practice Friday, and who knew about the racing weekend?


Nothing against Christian Lundgaard, who Racer’s Marshall Pruett picked to be Rookie Of the Year (ROY) but, the Dane’ simply does Nothing for me on ye Excitement meter. As I failed to get the points numbers before Iowa’s first race, albeit knowing that Lundgaard’s lead for ROY had increased from 14 points going into Toronto, leading David Malukas 159-145. And I know that Lundgaard increased that gap to 20 points following Toronto. And unfortunately for Mwah, the Gap’s going in the wrong direction! As Malukas fell further behind following Iowa’s first race; then trailing Lundgaard 203-179 in the ROY points chase.


As I’m a Huge Fan of Malukas’s if Y’all couldn’t figure that out? And I really want Him to win Rookie Of the Year, especially after that Farcical annontment of some ex-roundy round “Star” Driver at Mother speedway this May…


Sounds like Thar was an entertaining back ‘n forth between Saturday’s runner-up Pato O’Ward and third place finisher Will Power during the Post-rae Press Conference. As Pato apparently told Will to Quit being so Negative Man! Over Power lamenting Not being able to do anything vs. Newgarden. To which Power shot back You try passing Him Man!


And thus, it seemingly was already Done ‘N dusted for Race-2 on Newgarden’s Playground to see Josef winning another race at Iowa Sunday… 

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

F1: Vettel Out, Alonso In and Sargeant at Austin

As perhaps Formula 1 thought IndyCar was making too much Noise?


Certainly Y’all have heard that ‘lil Syd Viddle’, aka Sebastian Vettel announced His retirement from Formula 1 at the end of this season prior to last weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.


And while many in the media speculated over who’d fill Vettel’s Aston Martin seat next year. With rumours of Mick Schumacher being on Pole, along with the embattled DannyRic’, aka Daniel Ricciardo. In the mix. Somewhat surprising news came Monday that thee GURREAT’ Fredrico Suave’, nee Fernando Alonso moved quickly and will fill Vettel’s seat on a multi-year contract.


Alonso’s move solves Alpine’s Dilemma over what to do with it’s Budding talent Oscar Piastri, who’s been waiting in the wings for a Formula 1 seat of His own, and surely Alpine will shortly announce the young Aussie’ as Alonso’s replacement for next year.


Meanwhile, Team Willy’ will Jumped the Shark by announcing that Williams Academy Driver and current FIA Formula 2 Frontrunner Logan Sargeant will make His F1 Debut at Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) in Austin during the (Free Practice) FP1 session at the upcoming U.S. Grand Prix.


So take that Zackery Brown! But I’d Arse-sume we’ll be seeing two aspiring Yanks’ running FP1 at COTA, where I’d expect Colton Herta to be piloting one of the McLaren’s… 

INDYCAR: Toronto Tidbits

It’s A Beauty Eh! To be Back Up North Eh! Like Take Off eh, Hoser! Like where’s Good ‘Ol Bob & Doug McKenzie Eh?


Everybody already knows that Scott Dixon scored His first IndyCar win of the season Up North Eh! Upon Indy Cars return to Toronto after a three year’s absence, where the Kiwi’ scored His 52nd IndyCar victory.  His first since last May at Texas Motor speedway. (TMS) Tying Him for second with the legendous’ SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti for All-time IndyCar victories.


While Racer’s Marshall Pruett Cheekily noted in his Podcast with Leigh Diffey how All of the Noise surrounding Andretti Autosport’s Drivers Dustup at Mid Ohio and A.J. foyt’s Parking Tatiana Calderon’s No. 11 entry had vanished courtesy of the ‘lil Kerfuffle over Alex Palou…


Have to say I’d previously never been impressed by Dalton Kellett, who I’ve known about since His being a Mid-pack Indy Lights Driver for Andretti Autosport.


As Dalton spent three years driving for Mikey A’s concern, with a best season finish of seventh Overall. Which He repeated in His fourth and final Lights season for Juncos Racing in 2019. Although I tend to recall He was a very bright Engineering Student then.


And I know I shouldn’t be so easily swayed, but after listening to Marshall Pruett’s MP1289 Podcast with Dalton, I came away with a totally different opinion of this Kuhnaidiun’ Driver, who seems to be a very Cool person!


Thus, this made it very cool that ‘Ol SuperTex’, nee Anthony Joseph Foyt Jr. wanted to come Up North Eh! And watch His young Charge Dalton Kellett running in front of His Home Crowd in Toronto. As I enjoyed Larry foyt’s reply to Alex Wolff about A.J. staying out of trouble on His Bulldozer in Texas. With Larry saying it’s a little Hotter there, so A.J’s Happy to be Here in Toronto where it’s a little cooler.


Equally cool was Dalton’s wanting to do something special for both His No. 4 A.J. foyt Racing’s Dallara Chevy and Helmet. Which I only learned via one of the multiple pre-recorded interviews that IndyCar Radio Network Pitlane Reporter Alex Wolff did with this Hoser.


As Alex asked Dalton to tell us a little bit about the Plaid “Flannel” motif on the engine cowling.


While Dalton also expounded upon His special tribute Helmut with some of His favourite Kuhnaidiun’ Artists on it. Notably Rush, with Rush’s 2112 Album and Neil Young’s Harvest album amongst others on his “lid.”


As Here’s the Marshall Pruett Podcast with Dalton Kellett which completely made me “See” this Kuhnuck’ Racing Driver in a whole different light!


Sticking with the A.J. foyt enterprises concern, another Marshall Pruett Podcast I recently listened to featured Marshall Catching Up with Tatiana Calderon. And I couldn’t help coming away not Hoping that Tatiana will be able to resume driving Foyt’s No. 11 entry again shortly. And that RockiT will soon get their Act together!


Believe it was IndyCar Radio Network Pitlane Reporter Joel Sebastianelli interviewing the Homeboy I’d previously anointed the moniker of DeCrashFesto’ too.


For which even though I’d Heard the story before, Pre-season on another Marshall Pruett Podcast. I tend to forget about Devlin DeFrancesco’s traumatic early life. Having been Born 15 months Prematurely, weighing less than two pounds and spending His first Four months in an Incubator!


Thus I’ll Begrudgingly say Kudos to the Toronto native for giving back to the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Midtown Toronto that DeFrancesco claims Saved His life!


As Sebastianelli asked Devlin to explain the significance of His special “Kit” as the Brits’ enjoy saying. Over why His Firesuit and Helmet were adorned in special Sunnybrook Health motifs. Along with mentioning how Devlin had raised $250,000 for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center’s Prenatal Center. To which DeFrancesco emphatically said without them, I wouldn’t be Here!


Thus I suppose I should have been “viewing” Devlin as a Scrapper since Season’s beginning, Eh? Even though I’d Heard during another Marshall Pruett Podcast Pre-season about DeFrancesco being Born 15 weeks Early, weighing under two pounds and spending His first four months of life in an Incubator! I tend to overlook this amazing story…


While recall that during Saturday’s Round 1’s  Group 2 Qualie’ session, Devlin brought out a local Yellow Flag that was immediately followed by Alex Palou causing a Red Flag when His car stopped Ontrack.


Yet DeFrancesco correctly advanced to the Fast 12 shootout round, since He hadn’t caused a Full course Yellow or Red Flag. Although He was then subsequently Docked His two Fastest laps during the Fast 12 Shootout and Not allowed to advance any further for having impeded Colton Herta during the First round session. Since Devlin couldn’t See Herta coming when backing up onto track in what He described as a Blind Corner.


Yet it’s nice knowing that DeFrancesco got His Highest Qualifying result to Date of P12 at His Home track. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

Lingering Noise from Toronto, While Ferrari Melts in France

Ratings? We Got Your Red Hot Rating Here! Read All About It…


Yeah, I know I’m woefully Behind as Always Here on Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville Mateys. But Y’all try having to paddle the Canoe over to the Mainland to get a Newspaper that’s several Days Old! Not to mention trying to not dump Ye Groceries out on the way back, Hya!


As I know, I really need to just let this go, But! Since others on Ye Blogosphere are Bangin’ on about the virtues of Peacock and Kevin Lee, then I feel compelled to offer my Opposing views…


One of the things I Hate most in our Capitalistic Society is the Corporate doublespeak we’re constantly Bathed in. Like c’mon Indy Cars Numero Uno Puffed Shirt Mark Miles, who Always Struts round telling us How Ratings are going thru the Ceiling for IndyCar, Blah Blah Blah!


Then don’t Y’all just Love How “They” Bury their collective Heads in the Sand with Thar Tailfeathers in the Air singing Falalalalalah, I Cannot Her You  when their vaunted Ratings Suck!


Since now I’ve figured out where Marshall Pruett’s weekly Podcasts are Hiding and that there’s actually a Play Button that’s Screen Reader Friendly… I’ve started listening again weekly. And was Amused Hearing Marshall note during one of His recent The Week In IndyCar episodes How He’d tried looking several times for Any Numbers upon the Peacock Only Toronto IndyCar Broadcast.


Think Marshall said He’d checked show biz(dot)com? But they only post figures for shows that get Over 200,000 viewers, and the IndyCar Toronto Race Never Showed Up. Peep Peep, Crickets!


Meanwhile, like I’ve said before and will keep saying. If you’re paying extra Dinero for Streaming, then shouldn’t you be getting your Money’s Worth? And instead of having the Backup lead Announcer Kevin The Werewolf! Lee filling in, you should be Hearing Leigh Diffey leading the Call! As Kevin is Not a Great lead Announcer contrary to those on Ye Blogosphere! As how can I say this nicely? Uhm, Kevin’s Falsetto is just Horribly Unbelievable, and He should just stick to being a Pit Reporter instead…


All of which only makes me even more Happy listening to the IndyCar Radio Network instead! Which if you’re Blind like Mwah, “Paints” a far superior “Pictuer” than TV does…


Yes, I understand that IndyCar Stupidly agreed to one race being exclusively on Peacock, But! Seriously Comcast? Three measly Hours of Law and Order or Chicago PD Re-runs are More profitable than airing a live IndyCar race? Then Houston, we’ve Definitely Got A Problem! Not to mention once again Hosing our IndyCar Fans Up North Eh!


How ‘bout that Miles Rowe!

Otay, if I’m gonna Pile on Indy Cars, then I suppose I also need to acknowledge when the “Powers to Be” do something Right or good! Which I also learned via Pruett’s aforementioned Podcast.


As Marshall noted that several Fans Up North Eh! In TO’, aka Toronto along wit Himself Had noticed Force Indy Deckles’ on Myles Rowe’s #22 Pabst Racing Services racecar.


Noting that El Capitano’, nee RP’, aka Roger Penske who’d anonymously given Rowe’s Go Fund Me page a $200,000 Donation earlier this year! With Myles Hoping He’d be able to complete His U.S. F2000 season after creating the page since He Didn’t have any Funding to pay for His ride.


Pruett casually mentioned how RP” had just told Rowe to keep doing Good Things “race wise” and it’d work out. As Penske has now (rightly) apparently picked up the remaining portion of Funding Myles needs to finish the season. Which is Great since Myles has been battling for the Championship all season long.


As Rowe has scored three Pole positions and won five races to date. And not only leading the Points standings much of the season, is currently the Points leader with just the final three rounds remaining at Portland over September 2-4.


Rowe has reportedly been having a Battle Royale with Cape Motorsports Michael D’Orlando, whom roe leads 345-323. While Rowe’s teammate Jace Denmark is third with 322 points.




Ferrari Melts in French Heat…

What started out as a very good race at Le Castellet’s Circuit Paul Ricard, France. With la Scuderia’s Charles Leclerc on Pole position ahead of Red bull’s Max Verstappen quickly went “Pear Shaped” for Ferrari!


Leclerc withstood Verstappen’s challenge when the lights went Green and seemed to be in control of the race. As the Monegasque driver’s Ferrar’s High Downforce package seemed to be keeping the Red Bull at bay thru the Twisty’ bits. Yet Leclerc threw it away during a Millisecond’s lack of concentration, spinning on His own and totally Blamed Himself for Crashing into the Tyre barrier at Turn 11 on lap 18!


And then it seemed like the race became another Snoozer, since Sky Sports Talking Headz’ just began prattling on about anybody besides Max Headroom’, nee Maximilian’, ergo Verstappen who was cruising to another victory, Ho Hum!


As Verstappen scored His seventh win of the season and 27th Grands Prix win Overall. Tying Him with the legendous’ Wee Scot, nee JYS, aka Sir Jackie Stewart! As Verstappen’s in some pretty rare company now, and He seems like He’s just getting “Warmed Up!” Could this be the new Schumacher, Yawn!


Meanwhile, the end of the race was totally chaotic! And I’m a Wee Bitamyte’ surprised I cannot find anything on the Intrawoods’ (internet) about the Farcical Ferrari Pit Strategy employed upon Carlos Sainz, Jr.


As the Spaniard seemed destined to finish third before Ferrari told Him to Box box Box! Right in the middle of His fighting Sergio Perez for the final Podium spot!


As Sainz dropped down to P9 and could only get back to fifth, while Perez and George Russell tussled Ah-Mighty over the final Podium spot, which I totally believe that Sainz would have claimed, even with His 5 second penalty for an Unsafe Pitstop release.


And for those who still don’t think Racing Drivers are Athletes, it was amazing Hearing How Hard both Leclerc and Sainz were Breathing due to the Heat, Excessive G-Forces and Oh Yeah, driving at some Gory 150-200mph while talking on their In Car radios!


For which I totally agreed with Sainz who said repeatedly I don’t Understand! When being told to come to Pitlane for a second Pitstop…