Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Another “Spin ‘N win!” A Rooskie’ tries Cup, A yank’ Wins Again and Kimi to sample Watkins Glen

Although No idea if thee Iceman’ will try an Ice Cream from the Concession Stands in Upstate New York?


Have to say it was a very entertaining weekend from Mother Speedway,. Since originally I had No intentions of Tuning into the premiere Taxicab bombers race on Indianapolis Motor speedway’s Infield Road Course. Which I only caught snippets of, part of Stage 2 and mostly the end of the race…


What I enjoyed most was the Host of “New Guard” Names at the Sharp end of the Grid. With the likes of Tyler Reddic, Christopher Bell, A.J. Allmendinger, Ross Chastain and Austin Cindric being Called Out. And How ‘bout that Allmendinger, Eh?


As still Don’t think Racing Drivers are Athletes? As Allmendinger not only ran out of (Drinking) water, but His Cool Suit malfunctioned! With ambient temperature in the 80’s, and the track surface Bakin’ at over 100deg-F. To which NASCAR Truck series winner and NBC Pit Reporter Parker Kligerman said it had Happened to Him previously and it’s like wearing a Garbage Bag underneath your Firesuit, Youza!



As I was Rootin’ for the unlikely Sweeping of the weekend by ‘Ol A.J. who got as far up as second before fading to finish seventh. With Allmendinger basically Falling out of His car from Heat exhaustion as soon as the race ended! But was checked and Cleared by IMS Medical Staff afterwards.


Kligerman had His own issues the day prior when suffering a Brake failure during the Xfinity race that Allmendinger won. To which Kyle Larson’s Brake failure Sunday was also Scary with His 3,500lb Stock Car getting All four wheels off Terra firma when clouting a Hapless Ty gibbs! Who was Substituting for Kurt Busch, in the car Reddick will “Inherit” in 2024.


As Reddick who started from Pole, led the most laps and won His second NASCAR race of the season for RCR, while Chastain was ultimately penalized for “Cleverly” using the Access Road to enable Him to navigate Turn-1 where All of the Roundy Round Boyz’ were trying Ah-Mighty to be the last of the Great, late Brakers!



Was super Cornfuzed Saturday when Hearing somewhere the news that a Formula 1 Driver would be starting the Big Boyz’ Cup race Sunday, Huh? I didn’t think that Kimi the Original “Iceman” Raikkonen was making His Cup Debut until Watkins Glen? Only to discover late Saturday evening that it was Russian ex-Formula 1 driver Daniil Kvyat “They” were talking about.


As Kvyat who last race for Scuderia AlphaTauri at the 2020 season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was making His Stock Car Debut for the Minnowesqe Team Hezeberg, who I’ve only heard briefly about earlier this year. When Jacques Villeneuve made His Debut in the Big Show when Qualifying His way into the Daytona 500 on Speed…


As Kvyat said it was definitely interesting driving the latest Gen-X generation Cup Car. Obviously completely different and at the total opposite of the spectrum compared to F1!


As Daniil Qualified the team’s second entry, it’s #26 Toy-Yoter’ Camry 36th, which is where I believe He finished enroute to becoming the first Russian to contest a NASCAR Cup race.


The  team’s primary Cup entry, the #27 Team Hezeberg Ford Mustang GT was driven by Dutch racer Loris Hezemans, son of Team Co-Owner Toine Hezemans. As Loris hasn’t been cleared to drive upon the Superspeedway’s, Hence why Jacques was racing at Day-Toner’.


And Speaking ‘O Dutchies’, I was so surprised over Max Verstappen not only coming from an uncharacteristic P10 Qualie’ result, before Gobblin’ up the Competizione and ultimately passing race leader Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari not once, but twice! As Verstappen made a lazy 360-degrees Spin after passing the Monegasce the first time for the lead. Hit nothing, resuming His charge for the lead again before motoring to His 28th Formula 1 victory!


As all I could think of was ‘Ol Hollywood’, aka Danny sullivan’s memorable “Spin ‘N Win” nearly some 40 Odd years ago at the 1985 Indianapolis 500! Making me somewhat embarrassed that I momentarily couldn’t recall who’d won the prior day’s

IndyCar race when talking on the phone, Aye Karumba!


As sorry Rossi, who I’ve been a Fan of for a long time. But as the media lamented, it had been an excruciatingly long 1,133 Days and 49 races since Alexander Rossi had won His last IndyCar race! As All I could figure is that it’s been so long since I’ve Heard Rossi’s name in the winner’s circle. Along with being mesmerized by Max Headroom’s performance, that I had temporary “Some-timers,” Sorry Alexander!


Another name I hadn’t Heard mentioned in a longtime was Joey Hand’s, who was chauffeuring the #15 Rick Ware Racing (RWR) Ford Mustang GT. As Joey’s a prolific Sports Car racer who’s Stock Car transition makes me think of Andy The Enforcer’ Lally. While the second #51 RWR Ford was being driven by Cody Ware, Remember Him Y’all?


Finally, Yes! Kimi and His Oomphlats’ will be contesting this year’s RASSCAR’ round at Watkins glen International Raceway August 21st.

With Kimi suitably impressed by Justin Marks flying to His Switzerland Home to inquire if thee Iceman’ would be interested in contesting a Roundy Round race for His team? As Marks and Entertainer Pitbull are Co-Owners of the Trackhouse Racing Team that fields entries for Ross Chastain and Daniel Suarez. As Trackhouse acquired the former chip Ganassi Racing NASCAR Operation in order to secure two NASCAR Franchises, Err Charters.


As Raikkonen will make His Cup Debut behind the wheel of the team’s third #91 Chevrolet Camaro for Trackhouse’s Project 91 effort, the team’s initiative to expand Internationally, albeit Kimi’s drive is just a “One Off” this season. As the team Hopes to run it’s #91 entry again in the future, but not until 2023…


Whilst we could potentially See two F1 Drivers racing Taxicabs at Watkins Glen? Since Daniil Kvyat is also interested in running The Glen and the Charlotte Roval. Damn, I might have to watch another Cup race, Yikes!