Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Racing Nirvana: 12 Announcers, Four Series, 24 Hours and Six Days...

Although it's Not the Album cover I was looking for. Nevertheless, Chicago's third album cover should hopefully Peak Ye Curiosity? (Image source: albumcovergallery.blogspot.com
Talk 'bout your Ultimate Motor Racing GorgeAthon, Aye Karumba!

Suppose the Only Way it could be Better, would have been Trackside, Eh? As this veritable RaceAthon began Sunday, March 10th approximately round 8:33AM, (Pacific) when turning  on Thy Telie' to NBC Sports Network's IndyCar hour long Preamble for some riveting Chatter during Breakfast; Err, 9:33AM since it was the morning of that lame Arse Spring Forward clock thingy'.

As I just casually Dropped-in to hear the Boyz', nee Leigh Diffey, Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell Talkin' Smart about the upcoming IndyCar Season and impending race, which we all know how that worked out. Ho Hum, another Team Penske W'.

Nah, I thought up My Oh, So clever Story title prior to it causing Mwah to Flashback to an 'Ol Chicago song I used to listen to on vinyl. Y'all know that Classic Hit 25 or 6 to 4, Righto?

Which chased Mwah down another long, dark Wabbit' Hole, trying to learn that the Chicago record, which I still remember it's vivid album cover is Chicago IX, actually Thar first Greatest Hits collection I've got was released in 1975; Aye Karumba!

Thus began the Fruitless Search for your Blind Word Hack' to find said image of this long forgotten vinyl record boxed-up in Tomaso's Bungalow by-the-Sea, as almost every Chicago Album cover's out Thar, 'cept the Chicago IX record's in Questione!

Although I suppose Pink Floyd's Time song or Chicago's Does Anybody Know What Time It is? Would also have been Apropos for this story's title too...

Then appropriately, when Y'all were celebrating St Patty's Day, Drinkin' Green Beer or perhaps, a la this riveting No Fenders Story. Kissing thou Blarney?

Thar was some 22hrs 'O Motor Racing remaining, which I believe is Simon Pagenaud's number? As too bad for the Frenchie', although may be this CoInky-dense' will be a good Omen for Indy Cars inaugural  outing at COTA, Wee-Wee?

As pretty certain that "Symone" Doesn't need me reminding Him he hasn't won an IndyCar race for El Capitano' (Roger Penske) in nearly two years; YOWCH!

Nope, instead I'm referring to what was dubbed as Sebring's Super Sports Car Weekend. Whale' Otay, think actually it was just Super Sebring, but still quite the Nirvana for Sports Car Fans! Featuring the first ever 1,000 Miles plus 12 Hours Endurance races Back-to-Back March 15-16.

Which Scott Atherton, (President of IMSA claimed that the Sebring Raceway Staff began planning this Monster Sports Car outing in the Fall of 2017...

First up was the FIA's inaugural 1,000 miles or 8hrs, whichever came first World Endurance SportsCar Championship outing, which was shown live in its ENTIRITY! Did Yuhs Catch that NBC Sports? On the Velocity Channel...

As apparently I missed another "Memo," whilst too busy Ridin' shotgun in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT to GrandMaMa's House for Turkey Dinner...

And I've got to admit that I find the lead announcer Martin Haven to be a most knowledgeable, amiable and soothing voice calling thou action. With Thee Scottish Terrier, aka Allan McNish, who was the weekend's Grand Marshall, and a past 12 Hours of Sebring Four-times Winner as Driver Analyst always enjoyable.

While Graham Goodwin, who comes across as a Jeremy Shaw, or more notably 'Ol R', aka Robin Miller. Since I'm fairly certain I've read Graham's contributions to Racer Magazine's Online Le Mans/WEC News, did his usual Yeoman-like job.

Yet as I'd hear Johnny O' correctly lament the following day. He already knew who was gonna win before the race even began. Eluding to how the two Space-based Toyota TS050 Hybrid LMP1 Prototypes are light years ahead of everybody else!

As IndyCar Rookie Ben Hanley was behind the wheel of his DragonSpeed No. 10 BR Engineering/Gibson 4.5-litre Normally Aspirated V-8 in the LMP1 Class, albeit in the lesser "Privateer" category. Which are Heavily Handicapped vs. the Factory Toyota LMP1 Hybrid's.

As it's too bad Hanley won't be racing at Circuit Of The Americas this weekend, who'll return to Indy Cars Duty at the Oh, so Bootyful' Barber's, moved forward to make way for the Easter Wabbit'. And probably needs a little recovery time, Eh?

As the Newbie' IndyCar Team DragonSpeed had two cars in the race. It's second entry running in the "lower" LMP2 Prototype category, with its #31 Oreca/Gibson V-8 being Spearheaded by Pastor Maldonado.

And some Smarmy Spaniard who's constantly Crowing 'bout winning the Mythical Triple Crown. Y'all know that Dude Fredrico Suave, aka Fred Alonso, Ci? Who'll be contesting his second Indy 500 this May for McLaren Racing was behind thou keyboard of his No. 8 Toy-Yoter'.

Whilst impending 2019 Indianapolis 500 Rookie Jordan King, who'll make his Debut at Mother Speedway this May aboard a third Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing entry, helped the No. 37 Jackie Chan DC Racing Oreca/Gibson V-8 lead the LMP2 Class extensively wire-to-Wire for the Class victory.

As I heard Jordan's name mentioned multiple times during the TV Broadcast that I watched over 50% of Friday evening. Noting how King was handing over to ANT', nee Anthony Davidson, another ex-Formula 1 Driver during the race, which finished at Midnight eastern Time, with the last half hour being under worsening precipitation!

Finishing under a Full-course Caution after somebody had slithered mightily into the "Armco" with less than 10mins remaining. Requiring a Flatbed Tow-truck to remove said vehicle...

As another former F1 Pilote' was back in SportsCarsland' over the weekend, pulling "Double Duty,' like a Handful 'O Drivers did. Seeing Kiwi' Brendon Hartley racing both events.

And I also know that Renger van der Zande, along with MAGS', nee Jan Magnussen and Antonio "the King" Garcia All pulled Double Duty, with reportedly the Corvette C7.R chassis doing this also? Since I know that Shea Adam alluded to the No. 63 Corvette's number panel falling off during the WEC race to reveal the Number 3 on its Door-panel!

As think that's what I heard her mention? Although they also talked briefly during Saturday's 12 Hours Enduro' race 'bout how the Seester' No. 4 Vette' had seen multiple action round the globe, a la contesting le 24 Heurs du Mans.

As apparently the Corvette Racing Squad rotates its inventory, as they were one of the Gran Torismo Le Mans (GT LM) teams running multiple entries...

To continue reading, see; Racing Nirvana: The Clock Strikes Midnight, with another 14hrs of Motor Racing to G-O'

Friday, March 15, 2019

RETRO: Time for Another Tortuous Twelve Hours on Sebring's Notoriously Brutal Tarmac

This Porsche 935/77A was entered for the 1978 24 Hours of Le Mans by Dick Barbour Racing. The car in bright red Hawaiian Tropic livery was driven by Brian Redman, John Paul and Dick Barbour. It  also appeared at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it finished runner-up with some iconic Hollywood Actor's name PL Newman on its flanks. (Image source: motorsportretro.com)
As Y'all know the Drill here on thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville... Apparently not having scribbled anythingy of Substance last year, Eh?

Although right now I've got my Mind Ah-wonderin' over the recent News of a former Kremer K3 Panzerwagon', albeit the 1979 24 Heurs du Mans Porsche 935 that's currently on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum, which is another story for another day...

With the All Conquering Porsche 935 Panzerwagons (variants) being virtually unbeatable that year, I've failed to mention previously that four decades ago, it was some Cool Cat known as Thee Flyin' Hawaiian and his Boss Ted Field, along with some bloke with the last name of Haywood. A one Mr. Hurley Haywood winning aboard Thar brand spankin' new #0 Interscope Racing Porsche 935/79 in that year's 24 Hours of Daytona race.

Although apparently Sebring's notoriously rough 'N tumble Concrete tarmac got the better of the Interscope Racing's "Double Zero Buckshot" (#00) Porsche 935/77A, which finished 35th overall, suffering suspension failure on Lap-120.

Whilst 40 years ago, it was Dick Barber Racing (DBR) scoring its second consecutive Sebring W', in what would ultimately be an Ultra Rare Hat-trick of victories between 1978-80. The first two scored with its then de Riggour Porsche 935 customer chassis, before upgrading to a Kremer K3 variant in 1980.

With the victory going to Bob akin, a future Porsche Team Owner who'd later triumph at Sebring for a second time with his own Porsche 962. (1986) And the relatively unknown tandem of Rob McFarlin and Roy Woods.

Although Dick Barber Racing had three Porsche 935's entered, naturally with the BOSS', nee Dick Barber in Thar newest 935/77A mount. finishing P4 Overall with some Dude fondly known as Rocket Rick' Mears as one of his Co-Drivers.

Whilst another legendary Cat nicknamed Bondo', aka Bob Bondurant Spearheaded DBR's other Porsche 935, which finished one position ahead, third Overall.

As Porsche's Stranglehold upon Sports Car racing as a whole, came to a close with the arrival of Electramotive Engineering's Nissan GTP ZX Turbo thirty years ago. Which saw Geoff Brabham, thee Flying Dutchman, nee Arie Luyendyk and Chip Robinson victorious at Sebring.

As Porsche wouldn't return to Overall victory at Sebring until 2008, when El Capitano', nee Roger Penske was running a Brace 'O Factory Porsche RS Spyder's, with Timo Bernhard, Romain Dumas and Emmanuel Collard winning.

This year's 12 Hours of Sebring features a total of five current IndyCar Drivers split between two classes, i.e.; Thee B-I-G BOYZ', nee Daytona Prototype International's (DPi) and Grand Tourismo' Le Mans Coupes. (GT LM)

With Alexander Rossi and Simon Pagenaud running the Endurance events for Acura Team Penske's DPi's, i.e.; Daytona, Sebring and Petit Le Mans for certain, along with possibly the Watkins Glen 6hrs Enduro?

Whilst IndyCar Rookie and NBC Sports (NBCSN) Booth Boyz' Darling Colton Herta will be behind the Keyboard of the #25 BMW M8 GTE Tintop, going for a Florida Sweep, having won the season opening Rolex 24 GT LM Class victory.

Yet IndyCar Bad Arse reigning Five Times Champ Scotty "Iceman 2.0" Dixon, and 4X Champ Car Champion le Hamburgular', now referred to as Sealmeister B' here in Nofendersville. Hmm? What's Dat Marshall Pruett "Hamburger & French Fries" Skit All 'bout, Eh?

Will see these two IndyCar Veterans aboard Thar respective CGR Ford GT mounts gunning for another GT Le Mans Class W' vs. teenager Herta.

Along with said current IndyCar Drivers is a trio of Celebs', with past Penske IndyCar Drivers HULIO' and JPM, aka Helio Castroneves and Juan Pablo Montoya with five Borg Warner trophies total Spearheading the two Acura DPi entries .

Whilst Talkin' Head (Townsend) T-Bell's co-driving the No. 12 Aim Vasser Sullivan Lexus RC F GT3 racecar in the ultra competitive GTD (Daytona) class.

And Unlike the Access Denied "404 Error" Pay Wall NBC Gold Pass, which Really? You need to Pay to watch Indy Cars Qualie' and Practices Chock O'block with Commercials, WTF!

Instead, I'll enjoy listening to my Numero Uno Announcer Der Heindenmeier', aka John Hindhaugh on IMSA Radio. Which not only is FREE! But Also Doesn't Barrage Yuhs with Commercials during said Broadcast!

So Stick that in Your Pipe IndyCar Blogger McSmarty Pantz' and Smoke That! Whilst you gush over how Paying to watch Indy Cars on Pay-2-Play' television broadcasting is a NO Brainer... As who's the Sucker, Eh?

And although Y'all can indeed catch the race on Linear TV, it'll be another Discombobulated television broadcast. Needing to tune-in to CNBC, NBCSN and FRICK! That El Stupidio' NBC Sports App thingy', Bugger!

With the action beginning Saturday morning, March 16th on CNBC at 7:30AM Pacific. Which will make for a really long day 'O motor racing, with the Australian Grand Prix from Down Under in Bloody Melbourne later that evening Stateside, Mates...

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Charlie Whiting: 1952-2019

Was very Shocked to hear the News late Wednesday evening Stateside via Reuters,  that Formula One's Race Director Charlie Whiting had unexpectedly Died, Age 66 from a Pulmonary Embolism.

As Sadly, when I think of Charlie's name these Days, I immediately think of 'lil Sid Viddle's Nasty, and totally Unwarranted FU Message, when Sebastian Vettel wasn't getting his way during the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix!

Yet per Tipicali', giving us the broader  brush strokes. F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward notes how Whiting's Death casts a pall upon Formula One's Season Kickoff in Melbourne, and how Charlie was a "Lifer" in F1.

Whilst you can check out just a small sampling of the Heartfelt Condolences in the following Daily Mail article. But as one of "Bernie's Boys," naturally Charlie would presumably echo Ecclestone's mantra: "The Show Must G-O On!"