Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Movie Stars, Racing Cars and Aeroplanes

Yeah, really Bad Take-off of an 'Ol John Candy & Steve Martin Movie I just watched the ending of once again recently...

Ah, thou Plot Thickens, as they say in Hollywood Me Thinks? As towards the beginning of Ford v Ferrari, when Ken Miles is busy throwing wrenches at 'Ol shel', aka Carroll Shelby at Willow Springs Raceway. Thars' a brief bit 'bout some Porsche Guys are trying to "Hire" Miles and somebody asks what do you think Reventlow?

To which Lance Reventlow Quips Somme-thun' to the effect He's Bloody Quick since All I've seen is his Rear the past Two years!

But the Movie Star I'm referring to isn't Lance, even if he was definitely running in Hollywood Circles, being Pals with some Dude named James Dean. Not to mention his first wife was Actress Jill St John.

Nope, instead I'm referring to Carey Grant, who briefly was Lance's Step Father, for which I can't get over the Quip in the Grant Biography Audiobook I listened to earlier this year noting Barbra Hutton, Lance's mother and Grant were frequently referred to as "Cash & Carey" in Hollywood!

Whilst I was Unawares' of the fact that Shelby once drove one of Lance's Automobiles, a Scarab Roadster to victory in a race. Not to mention Reventlow later leased his Venice, CA Workshop to 'Ol shel at the beginning of building the Almighty Cobra! Which perhaps, just perhaps? Is why Thars' brief inclusion of Reventlow in the Ford v Ferrari movie?

And I also didn't know that Shelby had earned his "Wings",  becoming a Pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII - which perhaps has Somme-thun' to do with the flying scene in Ford v Ferrari?

While Lance was Killed in a Small plane accident in Aspen, Colorado in 1972 at the age of 36, when scouting properties for a future Ski Resort...

As Y'all may be interested in watching the following Shelby interview I just stumbled into upon Youtube', even if the sound is a bit wonky, it's great hearing Carroll saying How Many Hours Have Yuhs Got Son? But be aware, it weighs in at a Hefty One Hour, 38mins duration...