Tuesday, August 25, 2020

INDY 500: Many Fans Seeing Red Over Yellow Flag Finish

Wherez RASSCARs 'Ol DW to Oh-pine' Checkers or Wreckers, Yee-Haw!

For Mwah, the only thing that really mattered 'bout this year's Indianapolis 500 finish was that miraculously Spencer Pigot Walked away relatively Unharmed, i.e.; No Broken bones, Serious Concussion, Internal Injuries etc from his Nasty Crash!

And I readily acknowledge that Scott Dixon is one Bad Arse Hombre behind the steering wheel, presumably en route to a staggering sixth NTT IndyCar Series Championship and would certainly have been justified of winning on Sunday, but I found myself Rootin' against him, since I tire easily of Ye Big Three, nee Penske, Ganassi and Andretti Always winning...

Thus I found myself chanting Ah-Mightily Taku-Taku-Taku' with four sets 'O fingers crossed towards the end of the race that Takuma Sato would indeed win the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500!

But I'm surprised over how much Backlash there's been for IndyCar Not throwing a Red Flag. Since according to ESPN's Ryan McGee, there's been 16 Indy 500's since 1940 to finish under a Caution Flag. And I was at the last two in person, circa 2012-2013.

As what's happened to our Sporting Collective and why do we think we're entitled to always have a Green-White-Checkered Flag Finish in Open Wheel Racing?

As one very Sage Reporter out Thar noted it's the Indianapolis 500, not 501, 502; Err, Uhm that would be 502.5, 505, or the race ended on Lap 204, etc. Nor do we have any Lucky' Dog Wave Arounds behind the Pace Car to Unlap yourself! As I believe that's a different series called RASSCAR', Get along 'lil doggy...

As I speculated with one friend immediately afterwards asking where did All of the massive Debris go? Was it littering the Pitlane? Since perhaps IndyCar was worried that by bringing the field to a Red Flag Halt on Pitlane where Nobody's allowed to work on their cars, i.e.; Changing tyres, etc. how many competitors would risk having cut tyres when returning to racing?

Although I've since heard following the race Crash Gladys of Speed Freaks Fame noting that IndyCar mentioned briefly that it would have taken over One Hour to repair the Damaged Attenuator. And For The Love of Indy's Raymond Hando noted Sunday night that on the radio they claimed it would have taken at least 90mins. All of which was running up against NBC's going Off the Air at 3PM Pacific, and I believe that NBC Sports still had the NASCAR race on its TV Network, and of Course we wouldn't have wanted another Heidi Outcome, Righto?

Therefore, with only Five laps remaining, and in this topsy-turvy COVID 19 Pandemic world, I totally feel IndyCar made the right Decision to end under Caution and that Takuma Sato was a totally Deserving Winner! Having rolled off an Indy 500 career best third and staying in the Top-5 all day long.

Takuma Sato on Milk, Party Plans & Honda Engines

Ironically, the last Non big Three Indy 500 winner TK' Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's 2013 victory for KV Racing Technology also came under a yellow flag, but Nobody seems to have a Problem with that...

Ant Anstead: Master Mechanic

As Bloody Hell, I'm always suitably Impressed by Anyone who can Build His own Car from the Ground Up!

I suppose in some small way, it's ironic, Isn't It Alanis? Err Karmic or more likely symbiotic that I began Scribblin' this on the very same day Jolly 'Ol Silverstone was hosting the 70TH Anniversary Grand Prix.

Which was won seven decades ago by the very same racing car that Starred in the Motortrend TV television show Ant Anstead Master Mechanic that I watched all six weeks of its two half hour vignettes from May 20th until June 24th "Encore" presentation.

If you're a Formula 1 Diehard like Mwah, then you'll already know that the car in Questione is none other than the All Conquering Alfa Romeo Tipo 158. Having enjoyed Domination of the Sport A la Mercedes is currently enjoying, albeit for a far shorter duration "technically" if only considering the beginning of our current Formula One World Championship in 1950.

although it was as every bit Uber Dominant a la Mercedes over its very long racing tenure, beginning in 1937 thru 1951, interrupted obviously by World War II. Racking up a most impressive Win Tally of 47/54 Grands Prix outings! Not to mention the only racecar to go Undefeated in a season, winning 11 of 11 Races in 1950 Me Thinks...

As Giuseppe Farina and Alfa Romeo won the inaugural Formula 1 race of the modern day F1 series sanctioned by the FIA held at Bloody Silverstone Wayback on May 13, 1950, which I've previously chronicled in the following No Fenders tome.

Birth of the modern F1 championship

Ant Anstead is a most interesting character to Mwah, since although I like the main cog of Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer, it's Anstead which keeps me tuned into Ye Motortrend TV show, as I just find him to be hugely charismatic.

As Ant, whose first name is Anthony was previously a British Constable, reportedly one of the youngest to become a member of the Tactical Firearms Unit (TFU) permitted to carry a Firearm in Bloody England!

Whilst he also played Semi Professional European "Football," what us Yanks refer to as soccer here. First as Goalkeeper and then moving to Striker for Ryman for 15 years, claiming to have made over 700 Caps.

As I particularly enjoyed him telling about his extremely modest beginnings when he Quit the Police Force in 2005 to chase his Dream of becoming a Car Builder. Noting he'd made a Deal with Arse-sumedly a Farmer, that if he made his One room Cow Barn fully functional, i.e.; lighting, heating, Cleaning etc. He could have the Barn the first year rent Free.

As the premise of the show which was produced in 2019 was that Anstead has three months (12 weeks) to build his Dream Car. As he'd better be Done by then because he's got a Son on the way! For which Hudson was born on Sept 6, 2019.

Ant's Dream Car is the aforementioned legendary Alfa Romeo Tipo 158, for which he muses how he'd like to have been a part of those Heady late 1930's era, presumably as a Mechanic at Alfa Course, fabricating the magnificent voiturette Tipo 158's.

Whilst a few times when mentioning how much larger he was than Juan Manuel Fangio, noting how El Maestro appeared to be almost spilling out of the Alfa's Cockpit, anstead mused he was 6 Feet two inches and 230lbs, I immediately muttered Out-loud He's a Big boy!

The series began with Ant having acquired a Knackered Out 1950's era MGTD, for which wisely includes rack & pinion steering, for which he effectively Chucks everything minus the front suspension and ladder chassis frame rails, which is the basis of his new racecar. As Ant then takes it to a nearby Bead Blaster, where he goes into the Blasting Shed himself to "Sand Blast" his frame, using walnut shells I believe.

My favourite episode follows, as Thars a Hilarious bit 'O Slapstick when he goes to retrieve what he thinks will just be a live rear axle. As the Auto Wrecking Shop's proprietor plays along Beautifully, telling him, Yours is Outside. To which Ant says Deadpan, you Didn't tell me it's still on a Car!

Then he ends up taking the Clapped-out Alfetti Spyder for a brief spin. Growling there's No clutch Pedal, before merrily Grinding Gears with the proprietor saying I Hope he Doesn't take it on the Freeway!

As I think it's really Cool that Ant ended up using much of the Alfa Spyder's Guts for his racecar, i.e.; engine, transmission, rear axle with locking Differential, and many of the car's gages and various sending units et Al.

Next Anstead flies Across Thee Puddle, back to his former European Workshop where he just so happens to have an Alfa Romeo 158 Fiberglas Mold in Storage, from a previous One-off he built for a charity Drive.

While I'm still Cornfuzed over how exactly he Detached his Bicep muscle playing Football? Which adds extra Drama to the Car's build Deadline. Along with one Episode's "Intro" having him whisper Never Wake a Sleeping Pregnant Woman," i.e.; his wife Christina, a TV Actress who previously co-Hosted Flip or Flop on the HGTV Network, and subsequently has her own TV Show aptly titled Christina On the coast on the same television network.

Meanwhile Anstead's back in California and the show takes a few Detours, notably visiting somebody with a "real" Alfa Romeo 158, albeit I could never discern if it's a replica somebody built? Since the apparent owner said it took four years to build, and claims is worth a cool $20m as in Millions, Aye Karumba!

Although apparently this Alfetta is a real Honest-to-Goodness Racecar, having all aluminum panels and being built from a Treasure Trove of left over surplus Alfa Romeo 158 Bits that came up for sale several years ago.

Birth of an Alfeta: The Alfa Romeo 158 Made from Spare Parts

As I've never heard the name Peter Giddings before, who reportedly was the guiding force and Backer behind the exquisite Tipo 158 creation, who succumbed to Cancer in January, 2019...

Peter Giddings Racing Bio

Along with visiting the Car Collection of a noted Ferrarista owner. Since Thars Michael Schumacher's F2002 on-hand, presumably that year's f1 Championship Winner. Along with a Ferrari F40, F50, Enzo and la Ferrari...

Ant has his Alfa Romeo two-litre straight four rebuilt by an engine specialist who does serious porting, polishing and rebuilding work to boost the 'lil Four-banger's Horsepower, including converting to Dry Sump lubrication. Which naturally Ain't what real Tipo 158's have.

Although Ant cleverly pays Homage to the magnificent Gioacchino Colombo 1,479cc Straight 8-Cylinder Roots Supercharged Formula 1 lump' by adding four fake exhaust headers to his Bundle 'O Snakes pipes exiting the side of his fiberglass bodied replica.

And while Ant's anxiously awaiting the arrival of his Alfa transplant lump', he sets about welding together his integral Space Frame amongst thou myriad 'O tasks still awaiting completion.

As Ant wisely upgrades All four corners with Disc Brakes, along with separate Master Brake Cylinders for the Front/Rear Brakes, with a slick Cockpit adjustable Brake Bias lever. And also upgraded to new modern era Shock Absorbers; Err Dampers.

Then for the car's paint scheme, Anstead consulted his Pal', renown Automotive Designer Chip Foose, who does a quick rendering and gives some tips regarding potential liveries, including a mustache on the nose? Telling Ant whatever you do, it has to reflect you...

As the race was on for the car's public Debut no less than at the 2019 United States Grand Prix Formula 1 race at Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) in Austin, for which Anstead claims got much praise over the race's weekend, since they weren't allowed to bring any cameras inside the circuit.

As the only part of the whole build that puzzles me was the brief mention of how he'd be running lights on the racecar, Huh? Like does this imply he was adding headlights to it? Which makes No sense to Mwah for a Track Only vehicle.

As the show concludes with him spending the day at Willow springs raceway I believe? Running the car Solo, for which I seem to recall him saying he needed to add an extra silencer to the exhaust since it's too Bloody L-O-U-D! Whilst we're left watching 'N listening to the soothing sounds of his tweaked Alfa Romeo two litre Four Banger singing around the race course...

Ant Anstead Drives his Alfa Romeo 158 Replica for the First Time video

As I highly recommend watching the whole 12-part series, which weighs in at 6hrs running time if you're a Car Nut, as the whole show's quite entertaining...

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Technology Rears its Ugly Head Again...

As will Microsoft, Google and it's Armies 'O IT Boffins ever make transitioning to a new Operating system easy? As I won't even Dare saying thou word Seamless, Bastardoes!

Yes, of course I realize Thars way worse Problems afflicting the World right now, specifically the omnipotent scourge 'O Ye COVID 19 Pandemic, Beirut's Port Explosion, Cancer et Al...

But to Quote young Alexander albon, I'm definitely still A Bit Fresh right now! Especially over the Nasty trick those Bastardoes at Google just played upon Mwah...

As I've been dreading the day that Blogger.com, the blogging platform I've used since starting this Blog Wayback in September, 2006 would Force me to use Thar New & Improved "Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge," NOT! Blogging platform, which from now on I'll refer to as Blooger! Since I knew it wouldn't work with my outdated Screen Reader, which they've done to me before, but that's a whole Nutter' story for another day, since I've been fighting the Demands to Upgrade to the New, Bootiful' Colour Coded Dig-It-Tull' world 'O winDOUGHS for several years now...

Another relic from Microsoft's Dustbin...

But I'm really Cornfuzed! When you read the words Dismiss this Notice, what does that imply? As Jokes On Me! Since I finally got tired of circumnavigating the Annoying Warning Message 'bout Blooger changing, that I've ignored for over two months, since I knew it wouldn't work with my current system and complaining to Google's absolutely 1,000% Useless!

But the chirpy, Sunshiny Bunnies 'N Rainbows message Notification politely suggested: We encourage you to try the New Blooger and tell us about any critical problems. But Don't Fret the Old Blooger Legacy platform will still be Available...

"cough-Cough," BULLSHIT!

As little did I know that when I clicked to Dismiss this Notification message Tuesday evening, August 4th - that it would Kick me to the New Piece 'O Shit Flash Bang Boy Howdy Palm Pocket-Rocket Blooger' version automatically and S-H-I-T, You FUCKS! I can No longer Post any riveting No Fenders Blog stories, Arseholes!

And now having reluctantly gone to the Blooger, Err Blogger Blog for the very first time, and being Disgusted over learning that apparently the reverting to Legacy option was a "Limited Time Offer," SHIT! If you're gonna pull a Fast One like that gOOgle, then you should Gory Well include explaining that in your message notification, El Correctomundo?

Although I believe, since Lucy' My Trusty 'Ol Arse-Steamed' (Zoomtext 10.1) Screen Reader cannot Read Anything on Blooger! Besides the first two words Search Posts, Sigh! But think Blogmeister Miguel said the current Notification message says we'll now have until September 1st to Revert to Legacy does Not Work, Psyche!

Especially since right now I seem trapped in No-Man's land, since my new winDOUGHS 10 machine and the Zoomtext 2020 Screen Reader that refuses interfacing with each other has sat on my desk unplugged since late March, CRAP! When I also lost the ability to Email; Oh Never Mind!.

As I Don't know how to currently rectify this problem, especially since so far I've managed to completely Stump the Zoomtext Tech Support Boffins repeatedly during multiple Remote Login sessions, URGH! Yet trying to make the Gory Confuzer' work will now apparently become my new Full-time occupation, Ack!

But Shame On You Google! As I find it totally incomprehensible to simply turn off the "Spicket" for somebody who's posted Blog stories faithfully on your Blog platform for nearly 14 years and 4,100-plus Posts later! As another Disgruntled longtime Blogger has just posted the following sentiments.

"I managed to ignore New Blogger for a few weeks but Google's ability to fark stuff up has the same air of inevitability as rotting corpses."

Google: Nobody Asked for A New Blogger Interface

Like many Racing Drivers, I'd hoped that and still do, that I'll be able to determine upon my own when I retire from blogging and go out on my own terms! But right now it appears that for the time being, Ye almighty gOOgle Monster has decided for Mwah instead, Buggers!

As that's the reason for my latest gap in Story Posts, and I'm sticking to that! Since not everybody can afford or wishes to live on a Smartfone', Yuhs Hear? Especially if you're Blind! And buying a new winDOUGHS 10 Computer may be the farthest thing from consideration right now for Millions of people, Kapish!?

Thus I've got No Clue when I'll hopefully be able to return to posting my riveting thoughts about Der Vurld de Motorsporten here on No Fenders in Ye future, or if I'll just go away in a whimper?

Or how to find out what the best blogging platform, if any for Blind writers exists? And why the world's so Hell Bent upon making everything impossible for Blind people! Like can we please Stop using graphic symbols for everything! Which if you're Blind, it's Gory Freakin' Hard to SEE 'em, get it? Not to even mention the unwillingness of Web Designers, Coders, etc to enable Screen Readers to R-E-A-D THEM!

As Google's Never Cared about the Blind or Visually Impaired in the 14 years I've been Fumblin', stumbling and most Definitely Bumbling thoust way along on Ye Intrawoods', aka that World Wide Web thingy. As c'mon Google, Knock Off the Insane use of Graphic Symbols, Puh-Puh-Puh-Plese!

No Gory Imogys Here!

Janis Joplin - Buy Me A Mercedes Benz video

Hope to return someday in the future. Although I've currently got Zero Clue towards when I'll be able to easily post blog Stories once again,

or need to migrate to another Blog platform instead, since Blogger's now thoroughly a Piece 'O Shit, FRICK!

Kudos to Blogmeister Miguel for Posting this riveting No Fenders rant...


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

F1: We're Not Racist...

And the Pope's not Catholic I suppose?

I've treid to refrain from Scribblin' about this but, I cannot keep from commenting about this anymore, albeit I'm less than qualified to trully do so...

While I'm Not at the least bit surprised by Uncle Bernaughty's Daft Comments on the subject, nor Sir Jackie Thee Wee Scot's', I must say I'm truly Disappointed by SuperMario's, nee Mario Andretti's stance upon the subject, since I thought he'd be more understanding due to his upbringing.

As how can these three Old White Men, with Mario the Whippersnapper' at 80yrs, Jackie Stewart 81 and Bernard Charles Ecclestone 89 know anything about Racism from a Black persons view? And why are they All trying to Denigrate Lewis Hamilton and his push for more Diversity in Formula 1?

Oh Yeah, I almost left out Jean Todt from this triumberant of Know It All 'Ol White Men regarding racism. Since I'd say that the FIA's not really doing very much on the matter. As Gory Hell, Lando Norris seems more committed than they are!

Thus I suppose that's why I found the always Forthright, Outspoken views of Willy T. Ribbs right on Ye Mark as Always. Although it's a Sad commentary regarding who Ribbs coyly calls Sir Studfield Mouse, a.k.a. Jack Stewart! And how the F1 Triple World Champion is The Diversity Issue...

Monday, August 3, 2020

INDYCAR: West Coast Swing Cancelled, Mid Ohio Postponed And Field Not Yet Full for Indy 500

But are we really Surprised?

Not surprisingly, as it's long been rumoured, IndyCar finally confirmed what we've all expected, and Arse-sumedly Yuhs already know. That this year's Portland and Laguna Seca races have been Cancelled due to the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic's restrictions.

And the cancellation of these three events will be made up now with Double Header events at the forthcoming Mid Ohio event this weekend, followed by Gateway and Indy Road Course's Harvest Grand Prix rounds, keeping this year's calendar at 14 events.

Yet News came this past weekend that due to COVID 19 Cases Spiking in Ohio, like much of the Nation, including Indiana... The August 8-9 Mid Ohio IndyCar doubleheader outing has now been Postponed.

Meanwhile with no less than a month's time until this year's Indianapolis 500, Hell, less than a Bloody Fortnight 'til the opening practice session on Tuesday, August 11th!

Racer's Marshall Pruett notes Thars still a Few Gaps remaining regarding the traditional field of 33 entries, but I'll arse-sume' we'll have 33 Starters since there's already 30 entries noted, excluding Carlin and Dreyer & Reinbold second entries. With Juncos, DragonSpeed and IndyCar Newcomers top Gun Racing All rumoured to be vying for "One-offs" at Mother Speedway. Whilst possibly Dale Coyne and his Alphabet Soup Brigade could run Thar traditional third Indy 500 Only entry? Although somehow, I Don't believe Thar will be 36 entries this year...

As where's good 'Ol Derek Daly to tell us to "Hang On to Our Holly Hocks," eh?