Tuesday, August 25, 2020

INDY 500: Many Fans Seeing Red Over Yellow Flag Finish

Wherez RASSCARs 'Ol DW to Oh-pine' Checkers or Wreckers, Yee-Haw!

For Mwah, the only thing that really mattered 'bout this year's Indianapolis 500 finish was that miraculously Spencer Pigot Walked away relatively Unharmed, i.e.; No Broken bones, Serious Concussion, Internal Injuries etc from his Nasty Crash!

And I readily acknowledge that Scott Dixon is one Bad Arse Hombre behind the steering wheel, presumably en route to a staggering sixth NTT IndyCar Series Championship and would certainly have been justified of winning on Sunday, but I found myself Rootin' against him, since I tire easily of Ye Big Three, nee Penske, Ganassi and Andretti Always winning...

Thus I found myself chanting Ah-Mightily Taku-Taku-Taku' with four sets 'O fingers crossed towards the end of the race that Takuma Sato would indeed win the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500!

But I'm surprised over how much Backlash there's been for IndyCar Not throwing a Red Flag. Since according to ESPN's Ryan McGee, there's been 16 Indy 500's since 1940 to finish under a Caution Flag. And I was at the last two in person, circa 2012-2013.

As what's happened to our Sporting Collective and why do we think we're entitled to always have a Green-White-Checkered Flag Finish in Open Wheel Racing?

As one very Sage Reporter out Thar noted it's the Indianapolis 500, not 501, 502; Err, Uhm that would be 502.5, 505, or the race ended on Lap 204, etc. Nor do we have any Lucky' Dog Wave Arounds behind the Pace Car to Unlap yourself! As I believe that's a different series called RASSCAR', Get along 'lil doggy...

As I speculated with one friend immediately afterwards asking where did All of the massive Debris go? Was it littering the Pitlane? Since perhaps IndyCar was worried that by bringing the field to a Red Flag Halt on Pitlane where Nobody's allowed to work on their cars, i.e.; Changing tyres, etc. how many competitors would risk having cut tyres when returning to racing?

Although I've since heard following the race Crash Gladys of Speed Freaks Fame noting that IndyCar mentioned briefly that it would have taken over One Hour to repair the Damaged Attenuator. And For The Love of Indy's Raymond Hando noted Sunday night that on the radio they claimed it would have taken at least 90mins. All of which was running up against NBC's going Off the Air at 3PM Pacific, and I believe that NBC Sports still had the NASCAR race on its TV Network, and of Course we wouldn't have wanted another Heidi Outcome, Righto?

Therefore, with only Five laps remaining, and in this topsy-turvy COVID 19 Pandemic world, I totally feel IndyCar made the right Decision to end under Caution and that Takuma Sato was a totally Deserving Winner! Having rolled off an Indy 500 career best third and staying in the Top-5 all day long.

Takuma Sato on Milk, Party Plans & Honda Engines

Ironically, the last Non big Three Indy 500 winner TK' Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan's 2013 victory for KV Racing Technology also came under a yellow flag, but Nobody seems to have a Problem with that...