Saturday, December 30, 2023

IMS Honours Gil de Ferran

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IMS scoring pylon with Gil de Ferran upon it. (The Tomaso Collection)


This just in from Speedway, Indiana.


Tonight the IMS Scoring Pylon is lit to honor Gil de Ferran. Picture of Him at the top. And reads Gil de Ferran, 1967-2023.


Photo C/O No Fenders Offical’ Photographer CARPETS’ 

Gil de Ferran Dies at Age 56

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Gil de Ferran and Good Buddy Helio Castroneves at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2023. (The Tomaso Collection)


As De Ferran accomplished so many things inside and out of the cockpit. Including being a team owner in Sports Cars and IndyCar, to BAR Honda F1 Sporting Director and more…


Late Friday evening, I was listening to my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone news, and was shocked by what I heard upon the Indianapolis Star’s Sport section!


As the news that Gil de Ferran had died from a Heart attack at age 56 sent a chill down my spine! For which naturally the entire motor racing fraternity is shocked over. Not to mention obviously gil’s family!


According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, De Ferran who was racing along with His son Luke in Boca-Locka, florida suddenly wasn’t feeling good and pulled over, before eventually dying from Heart attack!


I only met De Ferran once briefly during a long ago Legends Day outing at Mother Speedway. Where Carpets’ was my IMS Sherpa, and I recall several people running past us due to our slow pace. Leading us to a shorter autograph line that included De Ferran.


Gil always seemed to be the consummate Gentleman with a laconic vocal style which led me to believe He was somewhat cerebral. Yet this allowed Him to also play pranks upon unsuspecting friends and fellow racing drivers. As just ask Helio Castroneves about being pulled over on 16th and Georgetown for speeding!

As my favourite racing memory of De Ferran has to be the year He won at Portland International Raceway, for which I initially guessed was 1997. Before quickly remembering that was when Mark Blundell triumphed for Home-team PacWest Racing.


De Ferran held off  hard charging Target Chip Ganassi Racing’s Juan Pablo Montoya, who’d started from Pole and led much of the race. With Montoya finishing runner-up and Dario Franchitti for Team Cool Green third


As the win at Portland in 1999 was Gil’s first in three years, before moving to Penske Racing the following season…


As Gil was driving for Walker Racing and running on Goodyear tyres, which at that point were inferior to Firestone rubber. Yet the cagey Derrick Walker called another master-class strategy that enabled De Ferran to win!


Gil is obviously best remembered for winning the 2003 Indianapolis 500 for Penske Racing, after finishing runner-up to Penske teammate Castroneves in ’01.


De Ferran won a total of 12 IndyCar races and 21 Poles. Along with the 2000-01 CART/FedEx IndyCar Championships, also driving for Roger Penske.


Along with setting the All-time closed course fastest lap speed at Fontana Speedway. Where De Ferran went an astounding 241.428mph in a Penske Racing Reynard 2k Honda in 2000!


Photo C/O No Fenders Offical’ Photographer CARPETS’ 

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ferrari movie

Where Enzo’s machines are more important then the men behind their steering wheels…


Hopefully the new Michael Mann Ferrari movie will make it’s way to Ye other Florence. Y’all know Bumfiddle’ Florence upon Ye Oregon Coast. And even better yet. Hopefully Mary ellen will be willing to take me to “See” it…


Having “red”, Err listened to a promising movie review, the name Alfonso de Portago was gnawing at me. Before I finally said viola! And remembered having scribbled this long ago story about him upon No Fenders… 

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

No Fenders Boxing Day Holidazes Tradition continues

Apparently Ye Red Baron Done Shot Up this No Fenders Post, ack-Ack-Ack-Ack-Ack-Ack!


“Everybody Knows A Turkey and some Missletoe

Helps to Keep the Season Bright!”


Although neither Snoopy or thou Red Baron will be taking Off today. Since it feels Nippy enough for another very rare arrival of Snow here in Bumfiddle’ Florence, which is a rarity due to our proximity to Sea level Ho Ho Ho!


As little did I, or cadres ‘O it’s loyallisteners then knew. That the day after Veterans Day 2022, would be the final time that  Cool FM, Eugene’s 99.1FM Radio Station. Which None of us can pick up anymore on Ye Oregon Coast via Florence’s Transmitter. When it’s Not Foggy, Raining, Hailing out and you’re holding your Elboz’ just right, Oh Never Mind!


Would Began Thar final, yearly, multi-weeks Holiday Programming of playing Nonstop round Ye clock 24/7 Nothing but Ack Ack Ack Christmas Songs Barrage goes thru New Years.


At first I couldn’t figure out why they went off the Air for weeks in February? Before one day they returned to the Airwaves as The Beat! Playing Hideous 1990-2000’s Rap ‘n Hip Hop music, WTF! A far cry from what I enjoyed listening to on their radio station for nearly five years!


As this is a really crappy way of telling me I’m a Dinosaur, and my Age Demographic Don’t matter to Yuhs G-Damn Advertisers! Although News Flash, I refuse to listen to your new format Bastardoes!


I actually enjoyed this yearly tradition, since it was the only time ‘O year Yuhs could Hear such Classics as John Lennon’s so this is Christmas, which is definitely my Numero Uno X-Mas Song!


Along with The Beach Boys ‘lil Saint Nick “run run Reindeer” song. Or I want A Hippopotamus for Christmas. Alvin and The Chipmunks, chuck Berry’s run run Rudolf, You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch along with other various Classics like Bing Crosby and David Bowies Peace On Earth-Little Drummer Boy Duet et Al.


Not to mention I would always hear some Vintage Christmas song I hadn’t heard before. As a few years ago I spent several weeks trying to figure out that it was The Carpenters singing Sleigh ride from their 1978 Album Christmas Portrait, but I digress…


Whilst I most definitely got a Smile on my face when hearing for the very first time ever during the winter of 2021, The Ballad of Snoopy’s Yuletide Dogfight!


As the song is by The Royal Guardsmen, a Florida Rock Band who later became known as the “Snoopy Band!” As their Snoopy Christmas song was recorded in 1966. With the song reaching No. 2 on the billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold in early ’67.


Funniest bit ‘O trivia is the Band recorded the song without Charles Schulz’s initial permission. So their record label Up North Eh! In Ye Great White North of Oh Kanaduh’ refused to release it due to potential legal issues Stateside with Messer Schulz.


So the Band put out a very blatant re-issue called Squeaky ant The Black Knight Up North Eh! Which also became popular in Ye Frozen Tundra before Schulz gave his permission for the song.


Hence, naturally I got a Wild Hair to “See” if I could find said Squeaky and The Black Knight Great White North “Import” version, for which I was super Surprised that it came up almost immediately, Ja Volt!


And although Snoopy, Woodstock and Ye Red Baron All lived to Fight Another Gory Day, Ho Ho Ho! Unfortunately that Damn Baron Von Richthofen done Destroyed a perfectly good working radio station, meaning Thar won’t be no round thee clock Christmas music to listen to this year upon thoust Mystical Isle of NoFendersville…


Since after All, It used to be  the “Most Wonderful Time of The Year,” SPEW! Now, does anybody know where I can buy a Turkey? Or how Much this Damn Bird Weighs? Ho Ho Ho…


Happy boxing Day, Yall! 

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry Kringle (2023 edition)

‘Twas the day before Christmas, when through all of the paddocks.

Not a motor was idling, not even a single Cosworth “Lump” could be heard.

The garages were swept and tidied with care,
In hopes that Roger Penske soon would be there.

The mechanics were nestled all snug in their beds.
While visions of Championship bonuses danced in their heads.
(Not to mention HULIO dreaming of what might have been, if only he hadn't crashed over that 'Yump in Houston)


And “Princess” in her negligee, (Or was that her Cowboy Hat 'N swim suit?) Along with Paul Tracy in his crash bucket, had just settled down for a quick tryst in the sack.


(Hey! I hear that Dan-Dan-Danickers' now available, right Aaron? Likes guess that’s Not the Only fumble You’ve Made? Although I hear Carter Comstock’s Dropped Danica too…)


When out on the lawn there arose such a racket, ‘ol PT sprang from the bed to see what “TAG, Suitcase Servia, Whiney Bags and Bad Bobby D’ were groaning about.


Away to the window Tracy flew like a demon. Ran over the back markers and punted the Hamburgular clear outta the way.


The smoke from between Sea Bass’s ears. Glistened like a smoke signal, without a glow. When, what to PT’s wandering eyes should appear but a Ferrari ENZO followed by an armada of Prancing Horses in tow.


The ENZO was piloted by an ex-Formula 1 driver, still brutally quick.
That Tracy knew in an instant it must be Michael Schumacher.

More rapid than a grid full of Bridgestone alternate “soft rubber tyre’ Formula 1 chassis in “Qualie Two” light fuel tanks mode. The seven times World Champion whistled and jeered, and called them by name;


Now, Mika now, Coulthard! Now, Rubinoe and Ralfanso!

On, Heinz-Harald! On Villeneuve! On Damion and Irvine!


To the front of the grid! To the head of the pack.

Now burn rubber, burn rubber baby, burn rubber quick!


As tyre tracks that leave ominous black streaks behind. While Herr Schumacher leaves another competitor further behind!


So up to the roof-top the Prancing Horses flew. With trunk loads of presents and Schuey too. And then, came a banshee wail of the ENZO, high atop the roof.


The revving and idling of each assorted Ferrari. As PT rubbed his hands. Down the chimney Schuey forlornly came. He was dressed all in Scuderia Red, from his head to his foot.

And his Nomex driver’s suit was all tarnished with ashes and soot.

an assortment of winning trophies, he’d stuffed into his back pack.


His eyes -- how they twinkled! His rosy cheeks, how they glowed.

His hair as always was perfect, (by Loreal…)


his jaw like a chisel! His lips clenched in a mischievous smirk. As the smile was reminiscent of a Cheshire cat.


The remains of a Cuban cigar hung limply from his teeth. As clouds of Smoke encircled Schuey's head like a wreath.

He had a taunt face and washboard abs. that still showed his youthful physique when he laughed at the dumbfounded PT. He was strong and fit as an ox, a festive and jolly elf.


Thus Paul could only laugh when he appeared


A wink of his eye and a twist of his head. Soon gave TRACY nothing to fear. As Schuey spoke nary a word, but went straight to his work. Filling all of the stockings with various racing trinkets. (Such as the 2002 Borg Warner Cup, a new three year contract signed by P.L. Newman & Carl Haas along with some of the Hamburgular’s secret winning sauce…)


Before Messer Chrome Horn could wipe away his astonishment, the famous German turned Quickly, laying his finger aside of his nose. And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.


He sprang to his idling ENZO, and to his waiting minions gave a whistle. And the screeching of tortured Ferrari lumps could be heard as they burst away like rocket ships! But ‘Ol PT heard Schumacher exclaim, as he power-slided out of sight,

"Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good-night."


Merry Kringle Y'all!



(Originally written by Tomaso – December, 2007; last modified on 12/2/23) 

Friday, December 22, 2023

Happy Holley 4-barrel Holidazes, Y'all

Groan, he's at it again. In what’s now become a yearly tradition here on No Fenders. Where your Humble Scribe Tomaso tortures Y’all with his witty repartee of his version of poetry  from a much overused theme, Hya!


As Merry Festimus' Y'all, from Ye Mystical Isle 'O Nofendersville, a Happy, Joyous, Contented piece 'O Wind Swept Barren Rock, Somewheres' on thou Oregonian Coast between Winchester Bay and Cape Perpetua, R-R-R' Mateys!


Although it's another somewhat Blue, Blue Christmas, since unfortunately that Fine Kuhnaidiun' Lass Claire's No longer with us. Not to mention Ye Rhythm Professor, thou one ‘N only Neil Peart, or Sadly Pixie the Wonderdog, Wuf Wuf!


Betcha thought I was gonna Roll with 'Ol Elvis's Blue-Blue-Blue platter, Eh? But Claire would want something a 'lil more up-tempo like I Dunno, a ‘lil Ditty from Ye Muppets Me Thinks!


As  Y’all can See ‘N Hear Claire’s unique Zest for life on one of her past videos. As Claire also went by the “Handle” Panda, and I can only “guess” HaHaHa where her inspiration for this funny video came from…




As may be it’s ye Eggnog? But I always think of my favourite Two Hosers this time ‘O year, Fa la la la la lah…


NO! Not thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown and thou Young Wicky! (Robert Wickens) Nor Scott "What Pace Car?" Goodyear & Jockess V, nee Jack Vanilla, aka Jacques Villeneuve. Nye Pat "The Carpenter" (Carpentier) Nor TAG', nee Alex Tagliani. Or our two Newest Hosers Dalton Kellett or Sparky’, nee Devlin DeFrancesco, but I digress…


Nope instead, per tipicali this time 'O year, those loveable KuhNucks Bob & Doug always come to mind, along with thar signature version of a certain Christmas song! And ah One, and Ah two Ladies ‘N Germs…


On the First Day 'O Carmania, 'Ol Carroll Shelby Growled loudly at Me;

Son, Thar better be Juan 'O my Darn Blasted Contraptions in your Pitiful Song!


On the Twelfth Day 'O Carmania, ‘Ol Tomaso  crooned Gleefully…


12 Long's Doughnuts

11 X Rows of Shiny Dallara's

10Speeding Ferrari's

Nine BOSS Mustangs

eight 'lil E No. 88 Diecast's

Seven Bars 'O Geddy Lee


Like Where’s My Thing Geddy? Hit it! And Ah-One and Ah-Two…


Six Carling Black Labels'

Five Aston Martin DB5's'

four Borg Warner Trophies

three Diamantina Cocktails'

Two Saleen Mustangs

And a Bad Arse 289 FIA Shelby Cobra underneath thou Tree!


As this witty repartee from Thy Isle 'O Nofendersville was inspired by Bob & Doug McKenzie, for which they'd definitely say Take Off Eh! As this "Song's" Definitely Done, and that Labatts too Hoser!


And to All who continue reading thy No fenders Blog, A Huge shout Out and Thanks!


Along with Everybody who Assists me over thoust Gory Year, i.e.; Blogmeister Miguel, Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen, Claudio & Nelie, Florentine Goat Lady’ Julie, Snowbyrd’ MJ, Randal thy Moniker King, Carpets’, Artiste Dave and whomever I left Out


As ‘Ol Lawrence Welk would say Ah One, and Ah Two and Ah Very good Night! Felice Navidad and Merry Kringle! Since after all, It is the most wonderful, BARF! Oh put a Sock in It Andy Williams, Hya!


See Y'all early Nex Year, when “I Shall return” in earnest on January 8, 2024. Although  I might sneak in a New Years Appetizers to tide Y’all over…


As hard to believe it’s only 36-days until the Rolex 24 begins, Vroom-vroom!





Picture Credit:

Now that Chrysler’s Killed their Awesome Dodge V-8 Hellcat Charger and SRT “Redeye” Challengers, BOO! Hopefully Santa will still be able to find replacement parts from Mopar for His Bitchin’ Sled, Ho Ho Ho!

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The 2023 IndyCar Golden Tailpipe Awards edition

A. J. foyt racecar (Image source:


As who will Santa be Awarding “Gifts” to this year?


Yessiree Bog, Bob’s Your Uncle Mateys! As I’m just trying to finish off the year’s No Fenders posts Here upon Ye mystical’ Isle of Nofendersville, with Thy yearly IndyCar Golden Tailpipe Award selections. Hence these choices were just quickly Jotted down after my initial Spur of Ye Cuff selections below.


Whilst Y’all can compare ‘n contrast this year’s choices with the Uber Exciting 2022 Selections in the following link.



2023 IndyCar Champion: Alex Palou

2023 Indy 500: Josef Newgarden

2023 Rookie Of the Year: Marcus Armstrong



1. Driver of The Year

Winner: Alex Palou

This seemed obvious this year. Having scribbled on No Fenders previously about how the Spaniard was miraculously Shitting Gold Bricks! After that incredulous second place finish Up North eh! Having started P15 at Toronto, where His damaged front wing was held onto the car by the strength of a sponsors deckle! (Decal)


As Palou’s worst finish of the entire season was eighth place, need I say more? Not to mention claiming the most wins with five, and a few Pole positions to boot. As Palou became the first driver to wrap up a Championship before the final round since le Hamburgular’, nee Sealmeister B’, aka Sebastien Bourdais in Bloody 2007! Since Champ Car statistics are now recognized in the IndyCar record books…


Other Choices

Scott Dixon, Scott McLaughlin and Pato O’Ward


2. Biggest Disappointments of The Year

Initially I was drawing a blank upon this, but quickly thought up the following.


First has to be the despicable behaviour of Agustin Canapino’s Fanbase sending Death Threats to Callum Ilott, not once, but twice! Along with JHR tepid response and Riccardo Juncos saying that’s just normal behaviour in Argentina!


Texas Motor Speedway and it’s Ownership SMI refusing to work with IndyCar to secure a date for next year’s IndyCar calendar! Especially since this was one of the best two Oval races this year!


The outright Nastiness of Mr. Zakery Brown’s stupendous lawsuit against Alex Palou! Just for Spite after having had the tables turned upon Him, after He’d tried poaching the Spaniard a year before! As what did Colton Herta say about Zak being Cut throat, Eh!


The ridiculous Farce of multiple Red Flags during this year’s Indianapolis 500! Along with the stupid and Dangeous allowing of the “Snake”, Err Dragon move of driving across the track and Blocking your pursuers to not only continue, but become even more egregious!


And JHR Hanging Callum Ilott out to dry! With the talented Englishman not having a seat on next year’s IndyCar Grid!


3. Race of The Year

Oval Track Winner: Texas Motor Speedway

Once again, TMS didn’t fail to excite us, with the new IndyCar Aero package spicing up the Show! As it’s an absolute Shame how this race has been left on the vine to Shrivel and Die!


As Texas provided us with some early season excitement, that only Oval races can do! And the ending was setting up to be a Doozy between Josef Newgarden and Pato O’Ward, before Romain Grosjean tagged the Wall…


Other Choices

Indianapolis 500


Twisties' Track Winner: Galligher Indy GP

Have already scribbled ‘bout how uncharacteristically I was emphatically rootin’ with two sets ‘O fingers crossed for Graham Rahal to win the second Indianapolis road course race! Since I simply wanted to “See” Graham break His six year drought of winning a G-Damn’ IndyCar race!


Normally I wouldn’t expect to pick the IMS road course for this category, but the ebb ‘n flow of Graham . From winning His first Pole since Barber Motorsports Park some four-plus years ago. To leading a sizeable portion of the race before trying so desperately to Hunt down eventual winner Scott Dixon, Groan! Wanting so desperately to stand atop the podium for the first time since that magical weekend sweep of Belle Isle’s Double Header in 2017. With Graham saying Dixon did what He always does afterwards, simply making this a Nailbiter for Mwah!


Other Choices

Nashville, Alabama, Detroit and Toronto


4. Most Improved Team of the Year

Winner: Chip Ganassi Racing

This was my second hardest discision, since I typically try to choose a deserving Midfield team over the proverbial big Three. But the bottom Half of the Grid was pretty disappointing this year! Ergo Ed Carpenter Racing, Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing and Meyer shank Racing. With A.J. Foyt enterprises being a perpetual after thought! Whilst Juncos Hollinger Racing is a wash due to it’s partisan leadership…


Thus Ganassi went from a “low” of only four W’s in 2022 vs. Team Penske’s nine. Seeing a massive role reversal with Palou capping five victories. Followed by Dixon’s three and Marcus Ericsson’s lone W’ giving Cheep’s squad nine wins vs. Penske’s five this season…


5. Most Disappointing Team of the Year

Winner: Arrow McLaren

Yeah, I could have gone for some low Hangin’ fruit, i.e.; Coyne, Carpenter, RLLR or Meyer Shank. Not to mention Foyt, but they All seemed too easy!


As this seems like a tie between Andretti and McLaren. Especially since Pato O’Ward should have won two races this year, i.e.; Texas and Uhm? Oh yeah, St Pete, where He had that momentary Plenum Fire! Along with suffering some meltdown’s, most notably at Mother Speedway and Detroit!


While Felix-the-Cat’ (Rosenqvist) had His typical up ‘n down year. Claiming Pole positions but not delivering. Which also seems like what Alexander Rossi did. Even though it was Rossi’s first year with the team, somehow I really expected All three drivers to deliver more.


Yeah, I know much the same could be said about Andretti, Ergo Colton Herta’s missed opportunities. But “Kirk” Kirkwood put Andretti in the winner’s circle twice vs. McLaren’s Goose Egg.


Not to mention All of the Hype about Arrow McLaren and Arse-sumedly it’s Pied Piper Zak Brown crowing about making it the big Four, i.e.; Penske, Ganassi, Andretti and Cough cough, Arrow McLaren! 

Monday, December 18, 2023

The 2023 IndyCar Golden Tailpipe Awards edition, Positions 6-10

Watch out Santa, Mr. Zackery Brown’s handing out lawsuits this year…


As Rock ‘N Roll Kiddoes’, Uhm, Fasten Your Seatbelts for Another Bumpy ride! As it’s time for another rendition of Tomaso’s wacky Year ender Awards that Everyone just Absolutely Craves, Righto?



6. Most Improved Driver of the Year

Winner: Kyle Kirkwood

Otay, this one seemed simple. Even if you’d obviously expected the driver Marshal Pruett enjoys calling Kirk Kirkwood to improve. As it almost seems unfair to even consider Kyle’s rookie season at A.J. Foyt Enterprises…


As the Road to Indy Wunderkind’ had a fairly miserable maiden IndyCar season campaign, mostly due to trying to outperform in the Foyt entry. Although Kirkwood made plenty of rookie mistakes Himself too. With a single Top-10 finish at Long Beach being His best result.


Returning to Andretti Autosport after a lowly P24 Overall ranking at Foyt. Obviously Mikey a’ would have been saying “Houston, we’ve got a Problem!” If Kirkwood didn’t finish above that this season.


As we All know, Kirkwood had a breakout season by ultimately claiming two wins enroute to 11th Overall this year. Claiming His maiden IndyCar w’ in just the season’s third race at Long Beach from Pole position!


As Kirkwood was seemingly untouchable at Long Beach, while it was the only race I recall missing? When Kirkwood claimed His second win at Nashville. In surely what was another Crash-fest, Eh?


As Kirkwood’s two wins, ironically His only podium finishes help net Him 13 places in the points standings this season…


7. Most Disappointing Driver of the Year

Winner: Romain Grosjean

Perhaps I’m just Piling On the Frenchman? But for Romain’s second season at Andretti Autosport looking so promising. Even having scribbled a No Fenders story titled Can Romain Grosjean Win at Indianapolis? Which He failed to do, with His two early season runner-up finishes being His High water mark…


As we All know, Grosjean’s season, and temper simply imploded! With the Camera’s Eye capturing His Heated confrontation with the team on Pitlane!


As Romain’s implosion reportedly stems due to having signed a contract extension that Mikey A’ refused to sign, with the Frenchman having since filed for Arbitration.


As I’m sure we’ll All be waiting to see how long before the Honeymoon ends at His latest employer Juncos Hollinger Racing…


Although after I finished scribblin’ this. I realized that Colton Herta could have also easily won this dubious Honor…


8. Comeback Driver of The Year

Winner: Graham Rahal

Chose Graham simply on the merits of His and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s recovery following their Horrible Indianapolis 500 outing!


Nah, won’t scribble about the ironies of RLLR teammate Katherine Legge’s practice accident getting Graham back into the race. Instead, Yuhs just have to be impressed how Graham and the team put their Heads down and rebounded afterwards.


As it’s been an Uber’ long time since I’ve rooted so emphatically for Graham to win! After coming Oh, so close at the August Indy GP road course race behind Scott Dixon!


Not to mention Graham claiming two Pole positions, the first coming some four-plus years since His last. While Christian Lundgaard gave RLLR it’s first IndyCar victory in some three years at Toronto.


9. “Big Boyz Pants” Award

Winner: Jack Harvey

You have to feel for this likeable, most amiable Englishman, who simply never could quite “Switch On” after the arrival of Helio Castroneves to His former team Meyer Shank Racing. Especially after Hulio

‘ won some ‘lil ‘Ol Oval race…


As we’ll never know why things went so terribly Pear-shaped for Harvey during His two seasons at RLLR? But I tremendously enjoyed His “Stiff Upper lip”, Grit and Determination at Mother Speedway this May.


As I believe Harvey coined it the Hunger Games for RLLR’s miserable qualifying performances. And I have to say that I was emphatically rootin’ for Jack, Not Bloody Nige! Harvey to do the unthinkable and Bump esteemed team leader Graham Rahal from the field on the 30th anniversary of His father Bobby being Bumped!


For which Y’all already know the answer. As Harvey found a miraculous few miles per hour of speed that had eluded Him All weekend long. Bumping His way into the field as Graham sat helplessly watching from His cockpit on the Pitlane, in what I thought was a truly gritty performance by Harvey!


As the Pole Shootout really didn’t matter to Mwah afterwards…


10. Rookie of The Year

Winner: Augustin Canapino

Although Marcus Armstrong, running only the “Twisties” portion of the calendar won the IndyCar Rookie Of the Year title. Driving for the vastly superior Chip Ganassi Racing, you’d have expected the Kiwi’ to do so…


Thus my choice for Augustin was easy. Since the Argentinian Touring Car Multi-times Champion had never raced in a Single Seater. Nor raced on an Oval! And Hell also had to learn English to boot.


So overall I was very impressed by Canapino’s On-track performance. Yet unfortunately I’ve considerably soured upon Canapino for allowing and encouraging His Argentine Fanbase to so Disgustedly Attack Callum Ilott. Not once, but twice during the season!


Not to mention Riccardo Juncos decidedly partisan backing of Canapino and His Fans. Along with giving Ilott a raw deal by stringing Him along! Leaves me completely turned Off upon Juncos Hollinger Racing and Canapino!




As I really cannot wait to see how long and what Happens when Romain Grosjean collides with Canapino next year! 

Friday, December 15, 2023

MotoGP Rider letters to Santa

Although think this year’s list has already been checked twice. And it’s definitely way too late to send one now…


The 2024 MotoGP Silly Season seemingly was wrapped up the day after the eventful November 26th season finale MotoGP race in Valencia. Where ‘Ol Saint Nick handed out the following presents with Bows and Candy Canes upon them. Even if several riders opened Thars’ early…



The most powerful, and plentiful entrant on the MotoGP Grid with eight Scooters’ sees changes Ah-Plenty! With the most deserving present going to ousted Greseni rider Fabio Di Giannantonio.


As the promising 25yr old rookie finished the season on a tear! Winning His maiden Grands Prix at Qatar. And then following up at Valencia with a fantastic romp from 11th to a scant second place, only fractions of a second behind winner and “Back-to-Bagnaia”, aka Double World champion Francesco Pecco’ Bagnaia!


And even if Di Giannantonio was eventually demoted to fourth overall at Valencia for riding with low tyre pressures. Fabio will still take over the Mooney VR46 seat vacated by Luca Marini. Whilst Franco Morbidelli takes over Johann Zarco’s Pramac Racing seat alongside MotoGP Championship runner-up Jorge Martin.



You already know about Marc Marquez asking Santa for a more competitive ride next year. With the Multi-times MotoGP World Champion getting His wish by teaming up with younger brother Alex at the satellite Gresini Racing Ducati outfit next season. Although Santa sez’ thee Pinball wizard’ will have to race on a year old Duc’.


As the question everyone was asking Santa? Was who would want to take the vacated Repsol Honda seat?


As I was somewhat surprised to read that Luca Marini, Half Brother of somebody known as “the Doctor”, aka Valentino Rossi got a two year contract to take over Marquez’s seat.


Meanwhile, current Repsol Honda rider Joan Mir said I’d like to work for Marquez’s side of the garage, Granted! With Marini getting Mir’s crew next year.


And finally, as this wish apparently made it to the North Pole early. Comes word that Pramac Ducati rider Johann Zarco will take over the vacated LCR seat that Alex Rins occupied.



The only Christmas gift for the Austrian outfit is the arrival of Moto2 Champion Pedro Acosta joining the satellite GasGas Factory Racing Tech3 outfit.


Although No word on whether or not Santa will give KTM Werks’ riders Brad Binder and Jack Thriller’ Miller any tips  on staying upright in Thar saddles next year?



Former Suzuki Factory rider Alex Rins sent a letter to the North Pole this year saying He really, really wanted to be riding once again for a Factory MotoGP team. And with Franco Morbidelli jumping to ducati. Rins wish was granted, taking over the vacated seat alongside 2021 MotoGP Champion Fabio Quartararo.



Although it’s got nothing to do with the Factory, I saved this one for last. Since it’s former CryptoData RNF Racing satellite squad was summarily stripped of it’s MotoGP entry following the end of the 2023 season!


As apparently they’ve been very naughty by not paying their Bills in a timely manner! Whilst no idea if any staff was effected by this? But DORNA was none too Happy, and sent the CryptoData concern, that owned a 60% majority stake in the former MotoGP team a lump of coal!


While I first heard the rumour that NASCAR team Trackhouse Racing would be taking over the satellite Aprilia effort with it’s same two riders for 2024 when reading For the Love of Indy. Having since read also on Autosport.


As Ho-Ho-Ho to All of the 22 Bad Arse MotoGP Kneedraggers! And to everyone who reads No Fenders… 

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Honda Racing’s 75yrs Trilogy Conclusion

As it takes a long time to recount three quarters of a Century, Y’all…


Otay, so much for my scribblin’ another short story on No Fenders, Hya!


As today’s “Third and Long!” Conclusion of my elongated Honda Racing story starts with a trivia question for Y’all. As in what do IndyCar and British Touring Cars Championship (BTCC)have in common other than Honda winning multiple Championships in both series?


Yep, they’ve both terminated their partnerships with Motor Sports Games!


Having extensively covered Honda’s multiple foray’s into thee Pinnacle ‘O Motorsports, nee Formula 1. I’d be remiss to not chronicle their Open Wheel Racing travails upon this side of Ye Puddle…


Following Honda’s withdrawal from F1 at the end of 1992. Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) built a bespoke 2.65-litre turbocharged V-8 engine to contest the 1994 Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) PPG IndyCar world Championship.


Bobby Rahal, then competing as an Owner-Driver with partner Carl Hogan had absorbed the assets of Truesports Racing at the end of 1992. For which Bobby Rahal had driven for His benefactor Jim Trueman’s racing team for years. Culminating in Bobby’s 1986 Indianapolis 500 win. With Trueman, owner of Red roofs Inn and Mid-Ohio Sorts Car racecourse dying from cancer eleven days after Rahal’s Indy 500 win


Rahal/Hogan attempted to carry on with Truesport’s in-house 92C IndyCar chassis, being redesignated the R/H-001 for 1993. With Bobby Rahal being Bumped out of the ’93 Indianapolis 500 by Eddie Cheever, Gasp!


For the ’94 season, Rahal/Hogan Racing became Honda’s launch partner. Mating the Honda HRX lump’ to the team’s customer Lola T9400 chassis. With two cars entred for Rahal and Mike Groff in Honda’s return to IndyCar racing.


Honda also supplied a third engine to Comptech Racing’s single car entry for Parker Johnstone. As Comptech had been campaigning Honda powered Sports Cars under the Acura banner.


With the Comptech IndyCar entry being a partial season campaign focusing solely upon “Twisties” racetracks, i.e.; permanent road courses and temporary street circuits. Seeing Comptech make it’s IndyCar debut at Portland.


Unfortunately the new Honda engine was underpowered upon super Speedways. Forcing Rahal/Hogan to opt for customer Penske PC22 Chevrolet’s instead for that year’s Indianapolis 500. Since the team feared failing to make the race two years in-a-row for sponsor Miller Brewing.


As Rahal finished 10th overall in the standings, with a best finish of second at Toronto. While Groff finished 20th overall with two Top-10 finishes. Coming in the first two rounds, with sixth place at Phoenix His best result.


For 1995, Rahal/Hogan dropped their Honda engine in favour of an Ilmor Mercedes lump’. With the newly formed Tasman Motorsports single car entity running a Honda entry instead. As ironically Tasman was owned by Steve Horne, former Truesports President, Crew Chief and Head Bottle Washer before resigning in 1992.


Honda made it’s official return to the Indianapolis 500 the same year with Tasman entries for Scott Goodyear and rookie Andre Ribeiro, who qualified third and 12th respectively.


As Indy 500 Aficionados will recall this was the year that Goodyear was leading with ten laps remaining. Before illegally passing the Pace Car! As my memories are quite Foggy now, but believe goodyear was Black Flagged. Ultimately classified 14th, while Ribeiro finished 18th.


Comptech continued as the second Honda engine partner, once again running a partial season campaign for Parker Johnstone who would score Honda’s maiden IndyCar Pole position during Round 13 on Michigan International Speedway’s 2.5-mile Super Speedway oval.


Two races later upon another Oval-track, at New Hampshire Tasman’s Andre Ribeiro scored Honda’s maiden IndyCar win from Pole!


Then for ’96, Chip Ganassi sagely joined the Honda brigade and the rest was History! With Target chip Ganassi Racing’s Top Jimmy’ (Vasser) winning four races enroute to the Championship, while rookie teammate El Zorro’, aka Alex Zanardi was Rookie Of the Year As Honda would dominate the CART/IndyCar Championship between 1996-2001. Winning six consecutive Drivers titles and four Manufacturer Championships.


As Target Chip Ganassi Racing would win the Drivers title from 1996-99 with Vasser, Followed by Zanardi (1997-98) and that Montoyer’ feller, nee Juan Pablo Montoya. (1999)


Gil de Ferran’s would win the next two Drivers titles for El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske between 2000-01. Before Newman Haas Racing’s Cristiano da Matta with rival Japanese manufacturer Toyota snapped Honda’s streak.


Then Honda, along with Toyota and Chevrolet jumped ship to the Dark Side, aka Indy Racing League (IRL) for the ’03 season.


As I suppose it’s only fitting or karmic that it would be Bobby Rahal and David Letterman’s Rahal Letterman Racing team scoring Honda’s first Indianapolis 500 victory in 2004 with Buddy “Hot rod” Rice. While Andretti-Breen Racing’s Tony Kanaan won the IndyCar Championship for Honda.


2005 saw a repeat of Honda’s dominance, this time with Andretti Green Racing’s Dan Wheldon winning both the Indianapolis 500 and Championship, before Toyota and Chevrolet withdrew at season’s end. Leaving Honda as the sole IndyCar engine supplier between 2006-2011.


Yet between 2012-2023, Honda’s been a pretty good choice for engine supplier in IndyCar. Claiming seven Indianapolis 500 victories and six IndyCar Drivers Championships the past eleven years.


And I haven’t even dived into Honda, nee Acura’s Sports car exploits! Having learned about Comptech Racing winning the Japanese Auto manufacturer it’s debutante 24 Hours of Daytona win, Wayback’ in 1991!


As Comptech would win the Camel Lights championship with Acura’s then brand new NSX V-6 motor bolted to it’s Spice Prototype chassis three years straight, i.e.; 1991-93. Along with a second Rolex 24 class victory in ’92, plus  a class victory at the ’93 12 Hours of Sebring.


Not to mention Acura having “three-peated” at the Rolex 24 for overall victory the last three years. Beginning with Wayne Taylor Racing in 2021. Followed by Meyer Shank Racing (MSR) back-to-back W’s in 2022-23.


Although MSR’s latest victory came underneath a cloud of controversy, with the team being ultimately caught Cheating with it’s tyre pressures during the race – and penalized afterwards, albeit keeping the win and their Rolex wrist watches…