Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomaso on Autosport Radio

Thanks to Don Kay, the affable host of Autosport Radio, I spent Tuesday evening at McGilvery’s in Speedway, IN listening to the weeks guests: Jack Spurney of Honda Performance Development, along with first and second place Firestone Indy Lights Freedom 100 finishers Wade Cunningham and J.R. Hildebrand; before your humble scribe was invited to approach the stage, sit in the bright glare of the white lights behind a microphone and be interviewed by Mr. Kay about various aspects of my Blogging career and thoughts upon the just completed Indy 500. So if you’re interested in seeing “Yours Trulli” making his internets debut, then check out this weeks show, albeit Tomaso is P4 in the rotation and thus at the end of the hour segment... Click here and then click upon the word Video below the Listen live tab.

Also mentioned in the interview was the continuing saga of Don trying to procure my Gil De Ferran autograph I’d asked him for a few months ago... Thus I was pleasantly surprised to have a De Ferran Motorsports envelope in my mailbox yesterday with four De Ferran Motorsports cards enclosed, including one autographed by both Gil and co-driver Simon Pagenaud...

Kudos, Don!

F1 Teams to remain in 2010?

As Y’all know by now, I’ve just returned from Indy and therefore am a bit behind on my scribbling’s, especially from Across the Pond, as I only caught fleeting images of the Monaco Grand Prix while hangin’ out in Speedway, IN and therefore have only briefly read that it now appears that the remaining nine current Formula 1 Constructors are set to file their applications for the 2010 season sometime today, while Williams had previously broken ranks when filing its 2010 application earlier this week and then being temporarily suspended from the FOTA. With the deadline for 2010 Team applications deadline being today and now apparently only three new grid slots up for grabs, who’ll be joining USGPE at the rear of the grid; could it be David Richards and Lola? Stay tuned to the never ending paint shaker hi-jinx of the Max ‘N Bernie show...

Indy Car Fodder

, Just a few quick tidbits here... As some of you may be pondering Tomas “Rockem Sockem” Scheckter’s decision to drive for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing this weekend instead of continuing with Dale Coyne Racing... When arriving back at my Hotel Danny noticed that two gleaming white DCR Semi-haulers were parked discretely at the rear of the parking lot... So of course we sauntered over and one of the Truck Driver’s informed us that one of the four Dallara/Honda chassis was to be returned to the IRL upon their return to Chicago, as it was actually an HVM Racing steed and hence I suspect this is partially responsible for Scheckter seeking employment elsewhere?

Meanwhile, conveniently lost in all of the George-Gate hi-steria... Was the fact that this year’s Indy 500’s television ratings dropped. (And I don’t think you can blame Versus since it was on some other channel, eh?) And although it was claimed that ratings were up in the local market for the tape delayed re-run, I can tell yuh that even though we had the Telescreen turned on, Dave, Rob and I saw nary a lick of it as we sat outside after a tremendous barbeque dinner prepared by Dave discussing other topics including the current plight of Formula 1 and when in the HELL will Max ‘N Bernie be given their walking papers...

Indy 500 TV Ratings decline

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back from Indy

And I tell Yuhs... It ain’t no fun to be back home again... As I had a most enjoyable time hangin’ out in Speedway, Indiana, getting treated like a V.I.P. at the race track... Can I get that door for you Mr. Tomaso? Of course now comes the hard part, where’ I’ve gotta try scribblin’ furiously to put my massive collection of hopefully somewhat legible notes into words of a somewhat entertaining fashion... Uh, you know Tomaso, there’s these high tech gadget thingy’s called tape recorders... Why yes, Jeffrey, I managed to leave mine at home along with my business cards...

Thus after a leisurely brunch prior to Danny taking me to Indianapolis International Airport, which what a massive improvement the new Airport is over the old one, that my Visually Impaired (Blind) Assist at the Airport informed me It was 50 years old and they’d broken ground for the new Airport in 1975... But first had to move Interstate 70!

Thus we dropped by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Administration building to thank the fine folks who’d been so helpful to me during my first ever INDY 500, as although Krabitz of AM1070’s The Fan has taken to calling them the overly Officious “Yellow Jackets,” I found everyone on the Speedway grounds to be overly courteous to Mwah...

And thus as we arrived, Danny noticed a “live” News truck crew on the grounds, which happened to be from WRTV6, the local ABC affiliate. Hmm? What’s going’ on? As on the opposite side of the parking lot was the similar News van from WISH TV 8, to which Danny said; “Something Big is going on here. They don’t send two News crews out for a follow-up story on Race attendance, etc.”

So sarcastically I said; perhaps the league is announcing its new title sponsor? NO! Danny retorted. Thus next I quipped; whale may be the Mayor is presenting Tony George with a key to the city for doing such an outstanding job this year then? Ahh yeah, right?

So we went inside and met our party we’d wished to say Thanks to and Danny asked her what’s going on out there? And she categorically said “I’ve got NOTHING!” (I KNOW NOTHING! I SEE NOTHING! ROUST, ROUST!) So we said our goodbyes and left the building and Danny stopped to ask one of the Cameramen what’s going On? Well we’ve got an UNCONFIRMED report that Tony George has been ousted as the CEO of IMS by the Board in a meeting held Tuesday night... HOLY SHIT BATMAN! Where’d the report come from? It’s from SPEED TV. Oh? Was it written by Robin Miller? Why yes it was but we cannot confirm anything at the moment... We’ve tried contacting (Attorney) Jack Snider but he’s not answering his phone. Nobody’s answering their phone at the moment and we can’t run a story until we’ve confirmed it... So I told the reporter standing by that it was SHOCKING! And I’m probably one of Liddul T’s biggest critic’s... Whale Otay, there’s probably harsher, but I’m NOT exactly a fan of his... So would you like to go on the record and do an interview with us? Uhm, NO Thanks... Yeah I know, I missed my 15 Mine-nutes ‘O Fame... But I’d just had the good fortune of being interviewed on Autosport Radio with Don Kay the night before and really didn’t know what exactly was going on with the whole Tony G. situation, nor have I read Robin Miller’s breaking story which certainly set the town abuzz before I hopped upon that big ‘Ol Jetliner to Seattle as Stevie “Gee-tar” Miller once sang many Moons ago. And thus it was certainly interesting to puruse the Indiana AP Newswire and IndyStar this morning to hear the latest developments...

To read Robin Miller’s breaking story see; Transition coming at IMS


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At a regular meeting of the board of directors of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday, May 26, board members asked Tony George, chief executive officer of the IMS companies, to devise a plan for management of Hulman & Company, the Indy Racing League, Clabber Girl and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that would allow him to focus on the business which requires the greatest attention. This plan is to be presented to the board at a meeting later this year.

Tony George said: “Contrary to published reports, I continue to serve as CEO of IMS. Our board of directors met yesterday, and we did discuss how to best confront challenges and exploit opportunities facing our businesses. This is nothing new and is something that we continually do as a board. But no changes in leadership or responsibility have been made. We don’t normally comment on board deliberations concerning our family business. However, the widespread, inaccurate reports and rumors caused my mother and me to conclude that it was necessary to set the record straight. If changes are made in the management of the company that are newsworthy, we will announce them when they are made.”

(Source: IMS2009)

For more on Tony George’s response to Miller’s report, see; George: I'm still IMS CEO

Now time to check around the Blogosphere Horn, eh?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Whale this is a bit dated... But at least Gentleman John did finally make the show... Along with Milka, Ernesto, Tomas, The IZOD Dude, Bruno, Err TAG and Nelson P. as we’re all set for another entertaining race between the Red ‘N White Carz, eh?

Revving up for Indy

Off to Indy!
As previously noted, you may want to check out the Twitterz’ Holic’s list of links for this Month ‘O May’s festiva, as the “DAWG” (nee Press Dog) has come up with a most impressive list of various Indy Teams, Drivers, Bloggers, Personalities and the IMS who’ve all jumped aboard the Tweeter Nation Bandwagon...

Festival of Tweeting

As Operation Information Overload, Err Ladies and Gentlemen “Start your Tweets!” Kicks into sixth gear, as the concofiny of Dueling “Tweets” is certain to go ballistic over Memorial Day weekend...

Alas, your humble scribe will be incommunicado for the next week as I try to navigate successfully about Speedway, IN... As I DON’T HAVE NO STINKIN’ GRUNTER ACCOUNT! (Tweet-tweet, TWIT-er...) Nor any of the other High Tech gadgets my fellow Bloggers will be slogging’ around the Speedway... (Laptop, etc.)

Thus Tweeter Nation members frothing at the mouth for the latest developments; you’re recommended to drop-in to: 16th and Georgetown, Is it May yet, My Name is IRL, and Press Dog to see what riveting morsel of caveats they’ve dispensed!

Milka, Sarah and Anna

Yeah, Y’all read that correctly... As in Milka Duno, Sarah Fisher and Anna Chatten and NOT Dan-Dan-Danicker Patrick...

As in Anna will potentially be making history this weekend as the first over-the-wall Female? Whale the first in over a decade and first for a Female race driver, when serving as the Air Jacker for Milka’s No. 23 CITGO Special. And Anna’s NO “Newbie,” having previously spent six years working for Derrick Walker’s shoestring Champ Car operation as a Gearbox Specialist, which she’s also doing for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing. So this is a pretty good story worth checking’ out...

Another Woman making Race History

Meanwhile, Sarah Fisher has certainly been making the most of her own media blitz, as she was not only on The Daily Show with John Stewart Monday night, but this past Sunday, Sarah dropped into the Speed Freaks which you can listen to at:

Fisher on Speed Freaks

And also taking the brunt of the FREAKS, was Ryan “the DUDE” Hunter-Reay, who’s interview appears to not be available? Whale at least I didn’t see it on their website…

And now I’ really should get kracking, eh? And what’s up with the weather here? Thunder ‘N Lightning after raining ALL day and mid-50’s… Sheesh! You’d be hard pressed to believe it’s almost summer here, eh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another enlightening Word Butcher’s question

Please forgive my delay in answering this question, but I’ve been a tad bit busy, eh? Most notably trying to put to bed my long awaited Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials Saga... Which morphed into a six part melody, as I became totally engrossed in this long forgotten era, not to mention going overboard on I500 qualifying news...

The Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials

And thus, without further ado, as I madly scramble to prepare for tripping the Light Fantastic in Speedway, IN, here’s the latest United Open Wheel Word Butcher’s Association question.

Weekly questione (5/03/09)
Whale there’s nothing’ likes a trips to the Doctor’s Office on Cinco de Mayo, as sadly “Mey-ic-coe” is getting HAMMERED (Virtually!) over some sorta influenza... HEY! Just like Bob Varsha said on Wind Tunnel bout Robin Miller’s cold... NO Swine flu jokes, please! But I digress...

"You have just started your own privateer Formula One team. You can pick any drivers and supplier's you want. Who do you pick?"

Without going into my really LONG rant over the current Machiavellian maneuverings of Sir MAXXUM and Emperor Bernardo, which I’ll save for a further day’s scribbling, so here’s my somewhat quick thought’s upon the possibility of becoming an F1 Privateer Constructor. (Move over Kenny & Peter!)

Since I’m a “Privateer,” I assume this means I’m running in the Budget Cap Formulae Ranks... And although the Cosworth looks likely to be the highest revving “Lump” for 2010, I’ll go elsewhere and not the obvious pick at the moment. (Mercedes Benz) No, I’ll take a Ferrari 057 V-8 Lump please, along with the assorted running gear, but NO Thanks on Maranello’s KERS hardware; I’ll take the Reggie’s version instead.

For Driver’s this is an even harder decision... As there’s too many to choose from, i.e.; World Champions, Up ‘N Comer’s or Mid-packers; as my first pick is simple, it’s who his teammate is that’s the tough part! As Piloto Numero Uno Hands Down is the young German “Vunderkin” ‘Zebb, a.k.a.Sebastian Vettel, but who shall I pick next?

Obviously you’d have to think Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen would be at the top of your shopping list, eh? While Sebastian Boomi, Nico Rosberg and Adrian Sutil would be Dark horses and Louise JAGUAR” Hamilton would be a great fit, but I’m NOT impressed by the recent “Ly-Gate” Shenanigan’s. Which Ferdi the Putz (F. Alonso) has also had his share of maliciousness previously and The Iceman (K. Raikkonen) has recently confessed that the Scuderia will be his final racing team. And I’m a huge fan of BLOODY ‘JENE’s (J. Button) but he’s getting a bit up there, which leaves me choosing between The Krakow Kid (R. Kubica) and the not so Cool Hand Luc Felipe Massa, as I really enjoy Kubica’s frankness and outright speed when he’s matched with a decent chassis, but since I’m sporting Italian powerplants I’ll go with the Hearts on his sleeves Brazilian, Messer Phil, (Massa) although I’m having second thoughts after his apparent meltdowns over the radio this season when under pressure and perhaps one Mister Button wouldn’t be such a terrible choice either? C’mon Phil, get a grip...

“Immer Ferrari!”

As I’d like to tell MAD Max to stick a fork in it, Mate. Saying such outrageous things like Formula 1 doesn’t need Ferrari; Ha! Get a clue Sir MAXXUM! And when are you & Emperor Bernardo gonna take a Pay Cut, eh?

Monday, May 18, 2009

And then there were 33

For the last several years it seems like its been a chore to get the requisite field of 33 starters filled for the Indy 500, yet this year’s classic actually had... Uhm? Mountains ‘N Mountains ‘O spell binding drama on “Boomp Day.” And as Y’all know by now, Alex Tagliani and Conquest Racing have bumped their second driver Bruno Junqueira outta the field, although this morning Junky was stil on the Indy Car’s starting grid internets page...

John Andretti & Ryan Hunter-Reay get Tumbled dry look

And thus, we’re now set to go racing, as the grid is full and we’re only days away from Gomer Pyle singing Back Home Again...
93rd Indy 500 Starting Grid

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bricks ‘N Mortar?

Whale its HELL trying to keep up with the Joneses, Err fellow Blogosphere contingent, eh? As the Race is on... Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Blogging!

As I’ve never heard of this happening before at the Brickyard... (Pun intended) As shouldn’t it have been EJ “What, Me Worry”” Viso’s lucky No. 13 being the victim of the Speedway’s errant brick? Or did the Pink Panther strike again? Uh, do you think Pink Lloyd was humming Another Brick in the Wall while Hangin’ Ten in the Sam Schmidt Hospitality suite, eh?

And does the Speedway have to pay KVRT for its damaged race car bits or is that just part of the risks of racing at Ye ‘Ol Speedway? As you can watch the video clip at My Name is IRL’s
Another Brick in the Yard

Road course vs. Ovals
Meanwhile, trying to not be outdone by Mario “M ‘N M” Moraes, Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter who’s been playing the seat dance before finally landing in Dale Coyne’s second entry... Managed to turn onto the road course portion of the track in his very first outing this past Friday! And I’m guessing that Tomas would prefer not hearing this... BUTT! May be you recall that the son of 1979 Formula 1 World Champion for Scuderia Ferrari; (Jody Scheckter) was on the promising career path to a potential drive for the then Jaguar Racing Team in F1 before having divulged the young Messer Tomas’s petulance for “Women of the Night” and pulling a Hugh Grant while serving as the team’s Test Driver...

Tony G. goes to the Plate
And believe me folks... Y’all DON’T know how much this pains me to splat out on ze keyboards... URGH - BUTT! (Begrudgingly, Groan Groan...) Good on you Mr. George, who’s letting one of the track’s luxury suites be used to solicit funds for Paul Newman’s charities, i.e.; the Hole in the Wall Gang, with all proceeds of the $1,500 per person access fee for Carb and Race Day going towards the legendary actor’s charitable aid...

It’s over
And another riveting “Boomp Day” has come to an end, as I’ve limited myself to only 3hrs of Boob Tube/Internets listening... Gotta conserve ‘dem Flinstone Majik Rings for Race Day, eh?

Thus, in the final outcome, a total of three Car/Driver combinations were sent packing... But which three would it be as we played Three Card Monty... Although I really wanted to see Gentleman John (J. Andretti) make the show... And I still think its NUTS for BJ “Whiney-Bags” (Junqueira) to simply jump in a car on the final day, run 15 laps and then stick ‘er in the show... Aye Karumba!

Yet the following Drivers were sent packing: Barrett, Lazier and Tagliani, with NO disrespect to Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay, BUTT I was chanting at the Telescreen NO-NO-NO!!! As I thought it would be excellent to see one of ‘lil T’s cars NOT make the show... As I was really looking forward to Alex Tagliani and his King Tut car making the big dance, SHEISA! As I’d guess that Eric Bachelart’s Conquest Racing could use the $250k last place prize more then Tony G.

Yet, Stanton “I feel the NEED for Speed” Barrett and Buddy Lazier simply didn’t have the needed OOMPH! To bump their way into the 93rd I500, which as Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute eluded to when John Andretti was searching for the extra 10th of a SECOND to make the grid... The difference between Hunter-Reay and Tagliani was most likely LESS than the time it takes you to blink your eye. As it’s always amazing how four laps at 218mph+ are considered SLOW, eh?

NumerologyWhale “My Bad,” Err my mistake, as Donald Davidson pointed out during the morning one hour IMS Radio Network show, that Nelson Philippe in the number Double-Zero (#00) and NOT the No. 31 would be making history next Sunday as that number has never been used at the Speedway, although I’d hoped to have seen Milkalicious running that number when driving for Newman Haas Lanigan Racing, YIKES!

Television marathonNope, it’s NOT over yet... As Y’all certainly cannot say that Versus isn’t trying to inundate us with enough Indy Car TV coverage can yuhs? As they’ve rolled out four 6.5hr days of coverage the past two weekends along with an upcoming plethora of Versus specials all next week, with Ahem... Cough Cough, Some chick named Danica leading off... While the episode I’m most interested in, but won’t get to see is Friday’s episode with Super Tex, Big Al and Rocket Rick, a.k.a. the Indy 500’s only four time winners... Since thanks to Comcast I can only record one channel at a time on my ‘Ol School VCR... As should I tape Marty Reid & Co. on Race Day, or skip Bret Muss-berger’s highly agitating pre-race follies; Hmm? As it’ll seem strange to not be listening to the Versus gang, eh?

And don’t forget to watch Sarah Fisher tomorrow night on The Daily show with John Stewart. (Sorry Danicker but I’ll be busy watchin’ Sarah instead!)
Yet, As ALWAYS! Check your local listings for TV times...

Now somebody pass me a Cold 'Juan, eh?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sarah Fisher on The Daily Show

Quick, before Pressdog sees this and scoops me again... As I’m spendin’ way too Muchoe time inside as its Sunny here... But just saw the Sarah Fisher piece from Indy while they’re waitin’ for the track to dry out and she mentioned that she’ll be appearing on The Daily show with John Stewart this coming Monday night... so set those DVR’s, VCR’s or even stay up late, eh? As Fisher cracked, if I can handle you guys (Versus) while being interviewed by "LyndieCar," (Lindy Thackston) then Stewart will be NO problem, replying to Lyndie’s question about John being tough upon his guests.

Oh, and wasn’t Bobby Unser a Hoot? Ah, C’mon Robbie you were drinking at age 10 in response to an Olsonite Eagle whiskey bottle that was put out in the late ‘70’s, to which Mr. Slippery Liquids says he still autographs today, but DON’T drink the whiskey as it was the cheapest stuff available they could find and that stuff will burn your whiskers off Robbie...

Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 IMS Shuttle service announced

This is good news, as I’ve just received the following information from Jana of IMS after asking several people about whether or not there would be any Shuttle service to this year’s Indy 500?

INDIANAPOLIS, Thursday, May 14, 2009 – The Town of Speedway is facilitating roundtrip bus service for Indianapolis 500 fans Sunday, May 24 at three convenient locations, including two in downtown Indianapolis and one at Indianapolis International Airport.

For complete details, see; Roundtrip Service offered for Indy 500 Fans

So who’ll make the cut this weekend?

As many of you already know, this is the final weekend of qualifying for this year’s upcoming Indy 500 as several competitor’s attempt to make the starting grid for the 93rd Indy 500 or “I500” as Matt likes to call it.

Thus by my very non-scientific assessment, there’s A Baker’s Dozen of Car/Driver combinations planning to take their respective shots in the I500 lottery, which could lead to another tepid “Boomp Day?” (Hmm? Where’s Tony Stewart and ‘Ol Super Tex when yoose needs ‘dem, eh?) As Dreyer & Reinbold Racing attempts to get 75% of their entries qualified, while Davey Hamilton currently has the slowest speed. HVM will seek to get both of its single car entries, sans Back-up’s into the show, along with N/H/L/R eager to get Rookie Robert Doornbos qualified.

Meanwhile RLR has just announced a “One-off” for Indy with Oriel Servia at the keyboard and I’m not certain what’s going on with Stanton “I feel the Need for Speed!” Barrett, whom I’m assuming will take up Marty Roth’s tail ender position and fail to qualify for Indy..., While Alex Tagliani will most likely have a new teammate named Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter at Indy? And scratch Darren “Dangermouse” Manning who will be at Laguna Seca racing Sports Cars this weekend. Hence I’ve come up with the following list... Thanks to Matt “Cham-wow” Chamois of The Other Side for doing The initial “Heavy Lifting,” since I borrowed extensively from his 93rd I500 Entry list...

And perhaps it’s just me? But I’ve never had so much trouble trying to locate the “Offical” IMS Indy 500 Entry list... After having stumbled upon it by shear accident yesterday when finding the Shuttle info while searching for Robin Miller’s favourite Fish wrap... Indy Star’s At the Track Blog; go Figure? I managed to “Boomp” onto the Entry list which of course was in PDF file format which is NOT compatible with my screen reader... URGH!!! So good FREAKIN’ luck! As it’ll all be academic after this weekend, eh?

Original Entry List
Matt has just informed me that apparently Bruno Junqueira is set to fill in at Conquest Racing. As the clock ticks away...

Potential Second Week Qualifiers
(Car #, Driver, Team)
#8 Townsend Bell – KV Racing Technology
#13 E.J. Viso - HVM Racing
#17 Oriol Servia - Rahal Letterman Racing
#19 Tomas Scheckter - Dale Coyne Racing
#21 Ryan Hunter-Reay - Vision Racing
#23 Milka Duno - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
#24 Mike Conway - Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
#34 Alex Tagliani - Conquest Racing
#36 Bruno Junqueira - Conquest Racing
#43 John Andretti – R.P.M./ Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
#91 Buddy Lazier - Hemelgarn Racing
#98 Stanton Barrett - Team 3G
#00 Nelson Philippe - HVM Racing
#06 Robert Doornbos - Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ferrari to quit F1 in 2010?

Perhaps you’ve caught wind of Ferrari’s statement to NOT enter the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship in 2010 unless the FIA rescinds the Budget Cap Formulae... Of which Toyota has previously stated it will not compete in a Two-tier Formula, along with Red Bull threatening to pull both of its teams and Renault having just followed Ferrari’s lead today, also stating its intent to walk away next season, while BMW and Mclaren are rumoured to have taken a similar stance. As this all seems to be in deference to Max Mosley publicly taking shots at the Scuderia by saying such inflammatory things like Formula 1 doesn’t need Ferrari! So I don’t know about you, but the endless dropping of Bombshells in the media of two Old men’s arm twisting to make a sport conform to their every whim is growing a tad bit tiresome to me...

FIA and Ferrari Row to Split F1?

Gasoline Alley Talk Show

Whale I’d totally forgotten about it until this weekend, that if you’re hunkerin’ for the most enlightening and entertaining rants of Indy’s past, then perhaps you’ll want to tune-in to “The Machine,” a la “D-Squared” better known as IMS Historian Donald Davidson, who gladly fields questions of a nostalgic manner on his excellent show The Talk of Gasoline Alley on Indiana’s 1070 The Fan Radio almost every night thru the Month of May, along with previous archived shows available in podcast form...

The Talk of Gasoline Alley

Monday, May 11, 2009

USF1 Team to have company?

During this weekend’s Spanish GP television coverage, one of the SPEED announcers thru out the tidbit that Emperor Bernardo was heard blathering on about not one but two new U.S. Formula 1 teams being in the running for the three new F1 Constructor’s grid slots up for grabs in 2010, as the FIA plans to expand its team allotments to 13 from the current 10, with 26 cars taking the green flag in Melbourne.

Yet, reportedly there’s currently eight organizations interested in joining, dependant upon the new low cost Budget Cap Formulae coming to fruition, with USF1, Err USGPE being joined by Prodrive, Lola and I-Sport, a current GP2 entity.

But there is a considerable flap brewing over the widening rift between Bernie, MAD Max and their FIA Henchmen vs. the Formula One Teams Association, (FOTA) most notably Ferrari and the other Automobile Manufacturers, with Toyota announcing it will not take part in a two-tier racing series and Red Bull’s “Deeter Majestic” making noises about leaving F1, as the two sides posturing continues to ramp-up.

Speculation suggests that if Bernard’s claims are true? As he seems to be getting more ‘N more blustery,) making me think of ex-FIA Boss Jean-Marie Balestre...) with one site pondering if Ecclestone is throwing out “Quorkies?” That USGPE could see either Penske or Andretti Green Racing joining the mix... Of which I see Penske having a hard time doing this, although I believe he still has his Poole, England resources? While AGR is currently running Team USA’s A1 GP effort... So could we see Danica and Marco in Formula One after all, or is Bernardo simply trying to infuse his might over the current FOTA members? You make the call...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FIL Fillies’

While all of the media coverage centers around Princess Danicker, let’s not forget that the Firestone Indy Lights has its own share of Female Piloto’s in the mix, albeit only two this season making up the ranks of the hyper-intensive Indy Lights Championship, after three Females made their mark last season... With the exclamation point being Bia’s record setting first victory at Nashville Speedway last year, as Ana Beatriz who’s driving for perennial FIL powerhouse Sam Schmidt Motorsports is joined by FIL Rookie competitor Pippa Mann driving for Panther Racing...

Women in ’09 Indy Lights

Castroneves steals the Pole

Whale I think Versus is still the Danicker Channel, although I got really BORED with the made for TV Hulio LUV-fest... Even going so far as to having Mr. BRUT Arute Arute call his sister in San Paolo, Brazil on Mum’s Day; Aw Shucks! But inquiring minds wanna know, where’s Danicker... While I’m wondering who’ll be filing Hulio’s W-2 after winning the Pole... (Ah C’mon, you knew it was coming!)

So, I spent way too much time bouncing back ‘N forth between the IMS Radio Network’s coverage in the morning before tuning into Versus full day coverage, which was left on as background noise while filtering about doing some Domestic duties... But I’d have to say the TV broadcast was pretty good overall, as I’m even starting to warm up to “Screech,” a.k.a. Robbie Buhl, who certainly had a tough day at the track with Milka Duno being bumped and two mangled racing cars as both Mike Conway and John Andretti ended up hard against the wall, while Davey Hamilton is currently the slowest car in the field. Not to mention the oldest driver of which one of the IMS Radio Network’s Kevin “Twins” asked him about...

And wasn’t that an amazing save by the Son ‘O Stash, spinning his way out of colliding with Gentleman John’s (J. Andretti) stricken racecar veering into his projected path of travel. As I’d have expected a change ‘O shorts were in order for Messer Rahal! But perhaps that’s the beauty of being young ‘N brave, eh?

And it became quite the running joke as the closing gun approached on Pole Day, as Bob Jenkins kept saying Paul Tracy’s been bumped out of the field, but now he’s back in again, as car after car withdrew its previous qualification in order to go for a faster time, as I was unaware that your qualifying position determines your pit stall selection on race day...

Thus ‘Ol PT was bounced at least four times, with his dancin’ pardner Hideki Mutoh alongside, who got bumped out in the final minutes by Alex “Pink” Lloyd, while I find it very impressive the amount of Sportsmanship shown both days by teams pulling out of line in order to let a potential qualifier beat the dreaded shot of the day’s ending pistola, with both Justin Wilson and Scott sharp beating the gun by mere seconds.

And I have to say that has to be the wackiest Pole Day I can recall, with two cars being “DQ’ed,” along with the day’s first qualifier stalling twice while leaving pit lane, not to mention the 6-7 qualification runs withdrawn and two cars smacking the Safer Barrier... As it was the BIG UNIT (J. Wilson) stalling on his way out before being the day’s first disqualification for some lead buckshot not being secured inside of the cockpit in its required location, while Rahal’s chassis was pulled due to something not being quite right for running 500 miles, since you’ve gotta run what you used in qualifying...

Yet the new format which Robin Miller rightly calls a joke; with twelve total qualifying attempts versus three certainly produced the dizzying carnival, circus-like drama the Speedway and versus were hoping for, eh?

And wasn’t that entertaining when Lyndie-car interviewed the Princess after her qualifying attempt, as I find it interesting just how far outta their way the IMS and Versus go to give Danica Face-time! (Although I’ll take Lyndie-Lyndie in the Cat Fight; MM-MEOW!) As I find it a bit disparaging how for instance, the IMS Radio Network covered the two warm-up laps plus all four of Danicker’s qualifying attempt without interruption, while they only covered about half of Sarah fisher’s run and Milka Duno’s attempt got bumped by a commercial break... Yet Mike King said; let’s get the commercial break outta the way so we don’t interrupt our driver analyst Davey Hamilton’s run...

While the best two quips of the weekend were the comment about Tony Kanaan’s wallet weighing more then the 1/8th pound underweight his car was, while teammate Mutoh responded when asked if he gave names to his cars that the one Kanaan was driving was called Ex-Girlfriend...

And I really think Tony g. needs to break out his wallet and hire some more Engineering talent, as “The IZOD Dude” (Ryan Hunter-Reay) seemed completely shell shocked over his lack of speed when Jack Arute quizzed him on not being able to stick it in the Top 22, with Hunter-Reay simply saying I DON’T KNOW! As if the IZOD sponsorship deal really is as big as its made out to be, you’d think Mr. George ‘N Co. would want the car a little further up the order...

While apparently Mr. Chrome Horn has been taking sponsor plugging lessons from the Target Boyz, as he said the word Geico at least five times during the second day post qualifying wrap-up.

As I found it most impressive how Scotty “Take a Bottle down, pass it around” Sharp managed to knock out EJ “What, Me Worry”” Viso outta the Top 22 with the most impressive help of Brian I.H.J. Braveheart and Viso, Fisher and Hamilton all making way for him to get onto track in the nick ‘O time... As I really liked EJ’s demeanor after getting bumped; it’s Ok, we’ve got next week...

As I find it a tad bit ironic that the Spanish Grand Prix managed to get bumped in my Telescreen viewing rotation in favour of the Indy 500, since now we’re into the second week programs, searching for another eleven drivers to make the field for the 93rd running of the Indy 500, as I’ll try to catch my breath and see if “JENSE blitzes the field once again in Barcelona, while both Will of Is it May Yet? And James of 16th and Georgetown have been providing excellent photographic coverage of the first weekend onsite at Indy...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fast Friday dominated by “Big Three”

Whale it should hardly be a suh-prize, Err News Flash, eh? As wouldn’t uze know it? Friday’s Top Ten were dominated by... Wait for it... A little longer... Drum Roll please... Tuh-Duh!

Penske Racing, Target/Chip Ganassi and Andretti Green Racing, as there was a two by two “Girrannimal’s” theme goin’ on... And the top ten featured a combined nine spots being taken by these three outfits, with former “Tar jay” interloper Dan “Cammo” Wheldon spoiling the lock-out, since Alex Pink Lloyd is his replacement at TCGR. Interestingly AGR’s Big Schnoz “TK” (Tony Kanaan) was holding back speed for tomorrow as he only mustered up 12th overall, with “Son ‘O Stash” Grahm Rahal lurking in P11.

So can anybody besides “The Usual suspects” win the Pole?

Friday Times
(Pos Driver Best Time Best Speed)
1 Ryan Briscoe 39.8263. 225.981; 2 Helio Castroneves 39.9223. 225.438; 3 Dario Franchitti 40.0029, 224.984; 4 Scott Dixon 40.0317, 224.822; 5 Danica Patrick 40.0436, 224.755; 6 Marco Andretti 40.0492, 224.724; 7 Will Power 40.0733, 224.588; 8 Dan Wheldon 40.1146, 224.357; 9 Hideki Mutoh 40.1388, 224.222; 10 Alex Lloyd 40.1393, 224.219

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sarah Fisher on Twitter bandwagon

Be still my Tweeterin’ Heart!

Yep, Sarah Fisher has now joined the GRUNTER, Err Tweeter Nation, where she’s just informed us that today’s practice has been RAINED OUT! Hmm? Sounds like shades ‘O Seattle Grey? And if you decide to stalk Sarah via Twit-err, you could be in the running for a two seat ride with her! Check out My Name is IRL’s story for more details...

Who wants a Ride?

Live from Indy, NOT!

Nope, not there yet... But James of 16th and Georgetown is “In the House...” (Or is ‘dat “Hizzy” as pressdog would say?) The Grandstands, Gasoline Alley, Pit Row, IMS Gift Shop (May be Not?) Tenderloin Sandwiches line and the somewhat dated Men’s washrooms... (According to Jeffrey) And Oh Yeah! Did I mention that James is posting a veritable Boatload of live shots along with constant updates? And soon will be joined onsite by Will of Is it May yet? (Sorry for leaving any other fellow Bloggers onsite at IMS outta this post...) Check out James Day 1 pic’s at: ROP Day 1 Wrap-Up
And for all of uze Twitter-holics, James has also posted a list of choices available from the Blogosphere, which I believe was originally derived from, which has all of your live Timing & Scoring and On Track action, including the Green flag being dropped on the entire field in just hours...

IMS Recognizes Bloggers

And lastly, yesterday’s Quote of the Day came from “The Flying Dutchman,” a.k.a. Two time Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk whose shepparding Bad Bobby D thru his Oval Track adventures:

Both are fluent in Dutch. But the only time we use it is on the radio when we're talking about the engineers," Luyendyk joked.
Meanwhile I’m hoping that TAG (Alex Tagliani) WON’T be Walking like an Egyptian this Month ‘O May, eh? )Sheez! Y’all knew that was coming, eh?)

Monday, May 4, 2009

A somewhat quiet weekend

Its funny to think of the weekend just squandered, being considered a “Quiet” weekend due to the Formula 1 circus receiving a well deserved break, while the Indy Cars are all settling in for a month’s stay in Indiana. And thus, upon pulling significant seat time in front of the Telescreen, alas I fell fowl to Lee Jiffy’s words ‘O warning about being a Couch Potato this weekend. Since I’m not as technically savvy as Meesh pulling up live streams via le confuzer, nor able to see anything on a tiny 4X4 box, I instead stuck to the tried ‘N true methods of remote control itus...

Supercross throw down in Los Wages
I started the weekend’s gorging ‘O television by tuning into the AMA Supercross finale live from Las Vegas, NV, as I’ve become somewhat intrigued by these INSANE athletes... Thanks in large part to Jefford, who’s a Motorcycling nut, having acquired one of Ryan Dungee’s past “Scooters” for his son Dundee.

Thus, I’ve been pullin’ for Dungee to win this season’s Supercross Lites West title, which he accomplished prior to the East-West Shootout Saturday... In which he finished runner-up by mere inches.

I’ve also been somewhat interested in the made for TV Drama-fest between James “Bubbah” Stewart and Chad “Crocodile” Reed of which a simmering rift has widened over the season with the plethora of Dirty Tricks being played between the two of them, who’ve for the most part owned the season, being head ‘N shoulders above the majority of the field. And after some questionable team tactics in Salt Lake City, Reed was trying to do the impossible and come from behind a six point deficit in the final round.

Thus, I found it most enjoyable to see Paulsbo “Home Boy” Ryan Villopoto on Stewart’s ex-Kawasaki score his second victory of his rookie season, while Reed tried making Stewart crash into the tough bloc’s with an overly aggressive move while stalking Stewart, which wasn’t successful as Reed would finish second with Stewart winning his second Supercross title aboard Chad Reeds ex-Yamaha mount by ultimately finishing third...

New Jersey Soak-fest
Sunday morning I decided to endeavor in watching the Grand Am race live from New Jersey Motorsports Park, which unfortunately was under a deluge of precipitation... And I mean heavy rainfall, as the in-car camera showed a virtual whiteout as Mark Patterson nailed the suddenly slowing Ricky Taylor on the opening lap, causing considerable damage to his Michael Shank Racing Daytona Prototype, as the racing conditions were simply atrocious, as the drivers noted that you could only see about five feet ahead, with many noting looking out the side windows to find braking markers...

Of course much was made over “Uncle Scooter’s” over-indulgence of F-Bombs caught on David Donohue’s in-car camera after the two collided during the finish of the previous week’s race in Virginia. As it was wryly noted how that conversation would most likely not make its way into Scott Pruett’s Children books, eh?

And it was most ironic while pit reporter Brian Till was doing a segment on how rain and electronics DON’T mix, the Telescreen went blank! And then the picture cut out several more times before finally returning. As the Proto Auto Lola, a combined effort between Tracy Krohn and Lola, scored its maiden victory, as ex-Formula 1 piloto “Ricky” Ricardo Zonta simply motored away from his manager Max Angelelli, building up a 40 second lead in the precipitous conditions, as it helps to be ahead of the rooster tails, as Zonta had taken over from Nick Johnson, whose Nordic driving talents had paid off handsomely during the races opening stint, as the Lola’s superior downforce finally paid dividends for the team after developing the chassis the past few years, giving Krohn its first win since July, 2006.

Budget Cap This!
Taking a brief gander on the confuzer, (so much for not logging on Sunday) I noticed that once again Emperor Bernardo is flexing his muskcles, by stating that he’s decided that BRAWN GP will not receive the Honda $20 million prize money he’d promised them after all, since the team’s just doing a little too good for Bernie’s liking... Having even gone so far as saying that they should have kept Honda’s name, since Brawn doesn’t sound good to him!

Is there a Doctor in the House?
For the afternoon, I tuned into the Spanish MOTO GP event, of which I missed the starting segment, hence not knowing why The Kentucky Kid (Nicky Hayden) continued performing so badly... New Team/Bike blues? As unheralded Collin Edwards has completely outperformed him to date on a non-works machine.

And being in Spain, which reports have noted is worth an extra tenth or two for the Spanish riders, it was most impressive to see The Doctor (Valentino Rossi) simply run down Dani Pedrosa, pass him and motor off into the distance, while Ducatti’s Casey Stoner held onto the final podium spot after a late race scare from Pole Sitter Jorge Lorenzo, who crashed with four laps remaining while trying to run Stoner down for the final Jerez podium step...

Tracy’s new Tattoo
“BOSS! Dee Plane, Dee Plane!”

(Sorry ‘bout ‘dat, couldn’t resist, somme-thung to do ‘bout Tattoo’s, eh?)

Thus for my bug-eyed Telescreen nightcap, it struck me how once again, how time flies by as Bob Varsha was filling-in, with Robin Miller co-hosting Wind Tunnel as Ye ‘Ol windbag Dave Despain was taking only his second ever night off... As the trivia question was who was the first fill-in host? It was Ralph Sheheen way back in 2004 when Despain contracted laryngitis... As DAMN! Was it really five years ago when I watched that episode?

Of course I was most interested in the interview with Mr. Chrome Horn, whom seemed overly sedate with his interview, as I for one am looking forward to the Month ‘O May being over simply so we won’t have to hear about the 2002 INDY 500 controversy, eh? As its interesting how the results do seem a little bit skewed in favour of the Speedway...

Towards the end of the interview, Varsha noticed Tracy sportin’ a brand new “Tat.” When asked about it, PT responded that he’s had a LOT of Free time lately and not a lot to do... Which gathered laughter from both Varsha & Miller, as Tracy continued on saying that he’s been tinkering on his cars in his garage, etc. as I seem to recall that he’s also a Harley fan and has a few custom choppers, but just too much DAMN Free time on his hands lately...

Asked about Toronto, he bluntly stated that they need him to be there this year in order to sell tickets...

And they razzed him on his lack of performance in SPEED’s Fantasy Racing League, to which he replied; “I just pick the drivers I like.” And how it’s probably Bad Luck to pick himself for Indy since he really doesn’t like any of the drivers at Indy this year. Yuck-Yuck-Yuck... With Tracy stating, well I like Dario and Kanaan, but I’m NOT going ‘dare for NO STINKIN’ dancin’ contest!

And Miller who was sporting a Head Cold this evening, made the comment during the shows opening segment when a caller asked about why no Will Power at Kansas... That the rumour he’s been hearing is that Penske will farm out Power to his son Jay for Luczo Dragon Racing to run a two car entity after INDY... (But hey, this is only a rumour, eh?)

And for those of you North of the border, eh? With your magnificent TSN, you may be able to catch the Tracy segment buried somewhere on the SPEEDTV website page?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hazy recollections of May Day

Y’all know the saying: Can another year have slipped by already? (Hmm? Can this issue of Racer Magazine I’ve had stuffed away really be five years old?) As it’s amazing to realize that it’s now 15 years since the tragic deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna...

Thus I found it a tad bit ironic to hear Bob Varsha waxing on poetically about the 1994 Pacific Grand Prix, held in Aida, Japan during the recent Chinese GP SPEED TV coverage, when Messer Varsha pointed out that it was now 15 years since Formula 1’s current elder statesman Rubens Barrichello had scored his very first F1 podium... Along with pointing out that the track had named a corner in honour of a certain Mister David Hobbs...

And I know that I watched that Pacific GP race... Yet I have absolutely zero recollections of it, as for reasons unknown I find it more ‘N more interesting in what we tend to keep filed away upon our cerebral hard drives, eh? As I’ve previously scribbled about my one and only encounter with the almighty Senna.

May Day

And as other generations can vividly recall where they were upon JFK’s Assassination, or when Neil Armstrong planted his foot upon that silty surface known to Mankind as the Moon... I find it somewhat strange that I can still vividly recall where I was the day that Senna died! And even more ironic that on that horrifically tragic weekend I wasn’t glued to the Telescreen, instead partaking in the very last Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) event held on the Old Los Wages strip on Freemont Street instead... (As a guest of Roberto & Kimberly)

And yet, with “Ay-Arten’s” passing, I suppose it’s most ironic that Michael Schumacher’s very first career pole position didn’t occur until after Senna’s death... As two future multiple F1 World Champions named Herr Schumacher and the young Flying Finn Mika Hakkinen battled royale for the honours of P1 at Monaco a Fortnight later...

Latest news from Paris

As you may be aware of, on Wednesday the FIA handed down McLaren a suspended three race ban over what some pundits have called “Ly-gate,” in which indeed Lewis Hamilton and Dave Ryan both were caught red handed doing to the Australian GP race stewards. Or as “Press Dawg” has noted; “McLaren’s now on Double Secret Probation” for the following 12 months after Martin Whitmarsh told the WMSC that McLaren was indeed guilty of breaking five counts of the Sporting Regulations, yet the team’s knuckles have basically now been wrapped with a ruler and will be free to get on with defending Hamilton’s Championship...

FIA announces revised 2010 Budget Cap plans
And as expected in the past few days, the WMSC also announced plans for a sweeping Budget Cap Formulae beginning next season, with the cap’s limit now being pushed up to $40m Euros ($59m USD) with a further number of line items being stricken from the previous $30M Euro iteration, most notably Driver’s salaries, which should be good news for USF1, Err USGPE, eh? (As this now paves the way to go after Princess ‘N Schrubb...)

Yet, I’m not impressed with the move to allow moveable front and rear wings, although perhaps this is the FIA’s attempt to give up upon policing the current front & rear wings that teams try to sneak past scrutineering, albeit Toyota was thrown to the back of the grid for said infringements... As I’m not sure what’s next? Sliding Skirts perhaps? As it seems that we’re on a slippery slope towards uncontained cornering speeds of which could potentially be detrimental to Driver’s safety in the future?

The FIA has also pushed forward the 2010 F1 Team Entry deadline to May 29th, with final team entries being announced in early June.

For full details see; FIA sets Formula One cost cap at $58.9 million