Monday, May 11, 2009

USF1 Team to have company?

During this weekend’s Spanish GP television coverage, one of the SPEED announcers thru out the tidbit that Emperor Bernardo was heard blathering on about not one but two new U.S. Formula 1 teams being in the running for the three new F1 Constructor’s grid slots up for grabs in 2010, as the FIA plans to expand its team allotments to 13 from the current 10, with 26 cars taking the green flag in Melbourne.

Yet, reportedly there’s currently eight organizations interested in joining, dependant upon the new low cost Budget Cap Formulae coming to fruition, with USF1, Err USGPE being joined by Prodrive, Lola and I-Sport, a current GP2 entity.

But there is a considerable flap brewing over the widening rift between Bernie, MAD Max and their FIA Henchmen vs. the Formula One Teams Association, (FOTA) most notably Ferrari and the other Automobile Manufacturers, with Toyota announcing it will not take part in a two-tier racing series and Red Bull’s “Deeter Majestic” making noises about leaving F1, as the two sides posturing continues to ramp-up.

Speculation suggests that if Bernard’s claims are true? As he seems to be getting more ‘N more blustery,) making me think of ex-FIA Boss Jean-Marie Balestre...) with one site pondering if Ecclestone is throwing out “Quorkies?” That USGPE could see either Penske or Andretti Green Racing joining the mix... Of which I see Penske having a hard time doing this, although I believe he still has his Poole, England resources? While AGR is currently running Team USA’s A1 GP effort... So could we see Danica and Marco in Formula One after all, or is Bernardo simply trying to infuse his might over the current FOTA members? You make the call...