Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bricks ‘N Mortar?

Whale its HELL trying to keep up with the Joneses, Err fellow Blogosphere contingent, eh? As the Race is on... Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Blogging!

As I’ve never heard of this happening before at the Brickyard... (Pun intended) As shouldn’t it have been EJ “What, Me Worry”” Viso’s lucky No. 13 being the victim of the Speedway’s errant brick? Or did the Pink Panther strike again? Uh, do you think Pink Lloyd was humming Another Brick in the Wall while Hangin’ Ten in the Sam Schmidt Hospitality suite, eh?

And does the Speedway have to pay KVRT for its damaged race car bits or is that just part of the risks of racing at Ye ‘Ol Speedway? As you can watch the video clip at My Name is IRL’s
Another Brick in the Yard

Road course vs. Ovals
Meanwhile, trying to not be outdone by Mario “M ‘N M” Moraes, Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter who’s been playing the seat dance before finally landing in Dale Coyne’s second entry... Managed to turn onto the road course portion of the track in his very first outing this past Friday! And I’m guessing that Tomas would prefer not hearing this... BUTT! May be you recall that the son of 1979 Formula 1 World Champion for Scuderia Ferrari; (Jody Scheckter) was on the promising career path to a potential drive for the then Jaguar Racing Team in F1 before having divulged the young Messer Tomas’s petulance for “Women of the Night” and pulling a Hugh Grant while serving as the team’s Test Driver...

Tony G. goes to the Plate
And believe me folks... Y’all DON’T know how much this pains me to splat out on ze keyboards... URGH - BUTT! (Begrudgingly, Groan Groan...) Good on you Mr. George, who’s letting one of the track’s luxury suites be used to solicit funds for Paul Newman’s charities, i.e.; the Hole in the Wall Gang, with all proceeds of the $1,500 per person access fee for Carb and Race Day going towards the legendary actor’s charitable aid...

It’s over
And another riveting “Boomp Day” has come to an end, as I’ve limited myself to only 3hrs of Boob Tube/Internets listening... Gotta conserve ‘dem Flinstone Majik Rings for Race Day, eh?

Thus, in the final outcome, a total of three Car/Driver combinations were sent packing... But which three would it be as we played Three Card Monty... Although I really wanted to see Gentleman John (J. Andretti) make the show... And I still think its NUTS for BJ “Whiney-Bags” (Junqueira) to simply jump in a car on the final day, run 15 laps and then stick ‘er in the show... Aye Karumba!

Yet the following Drivers were sent packing: Barrett, Lazier and Tagliani, with NO disrespect to Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay, BUTT I was chanting at the Telescreen NO-NO-NO!!! As I thought it would be excellent to see one of ‘lil T’s cars NOT make the show... As I was really looking forward to Alex Tagliani and his King Tut car making the big dance, SHEISA! As I’d guess that Eric Bachelart’s Conquest Racing could use the $250k last place prize more then Tony G.

Yet, Stanton “I feel the NEED for Speed” Barrett and Buddy Lazier simply didn’t have the needed OOMPH! To bump their way into the 93rd I500, which as Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute eluded to when John Andretti was searching for the extra 10th of a SECOND to make the grid... The difference between Hunter-Reay and Tagliani was most likely LESS than the time it takes you to blink your eye. As it’s always amazing how four laps at 218mph+ are considered SLOW, eh?

NumerologyWhale “My Bad,” Err my mistake, as Donald Davidson pointed out during the morning one hour IMS Radio Network show, that Nelson Philippe in the number Double-Zero (#00) and NOT the No. 31 would be making history next Sunday as that number has never been used at the Speedway, although I’d hoped to have seen Milkalicious running that number when driving for Newman Haas Lanigan Racing, YIKES!

Television marathonNope, it’s NOT over yet... As Y’all certainly cannot say that Versus isn’t trying to inundate us with enough Indy Car TV coverage can yuhs? As they’ve rolled out four 6.5hr days of coverage the past two weekends along with an upcoming plethora of Versus specials all next week, with Ahem... Cough Cough, Some chick named Danica leading off... While the episode I’m most interested in, but won’t get to see is Friday’s episode with Super Tex, Big Al and Rocket Rick, a.k.a. the Indy 500’s only four time winners... Since thanks to Comcast I can only record one channel at a time on my ‘Ol School VCR... As should I tape Marty Reid & Co. on Race Day, or skip Bret Muss-berger’s highly agitating pre-race follies; Hmm? As it’ll seem strange to not be listening to the Versus gang, eh?

And don’t forget to watch Sarah Fisher tomorrow night on The Daily show with John Stewart. (Sorry Danicker but I’ll be busy watchin’ Sarah instead!)
Yet, As ALWAYS! Check your local listings for TV times...

Now somebody pass me a Cold 'Juan, eh?