Friday, November 16, 2018

Maximus Hothead'

A somewhat Bemused Valtteri Bottas watches two of his younger Formula 1 Colleagues Wrasslin' with each other in the F1 Paddock. (Image source:
Why is that 'Ol Mark Knopfler Boom Boom Sonny Liston Song coming to mind? And where's 'Ol Tomas Roc-em, Soc-em' Scheckter when Yuhs Need Him...

By Now, Y'all know about the Fireworks during and after the Brazilian Grand Prix, with then race leader Max Verstappen v Former Formula 3 Protagonist Esteban Ocon, for which the Niederlander' made his feelings known!

And whilst I found it very Karmic that Sky Sports played an old clip of a very Brash Juan Pablo Montoya Daring to re-pass Michael Schumacher at Interlagos a long time ago...

 I couldn't help but think of 'Ol R', aka Robin Miller, thee Curmudgeon 'O Indy Cars Bellowing his favourite Hate is Good Quip! Whilst certainly Liberty will be thinking it might wish to bring that "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" Guy to Yas isle, Eh?

And although I totally do Not Condone Fighting, I do enjoy passionate Drivers vs. the Vanilla Thank the Fans perfunctory Dribble...

Nonetheless, I wryly thought of 'Ol sugar Ray Tracy and his Good Buddy TAG', nee Alex Tagliani at a long forgotten San Jose Champ Car race. As Max Verstappen certainly seems to have the Bullying Attitude that 'Ol PT' once displayed...

But Can Y'all Say Media Exposure? As talk 'bout your ratings Bump, Eh?

Then again, thou Apple Doesn't Fall very Far from the Tree, as I'd forgotten about Max's Poppa "JOS THE BOSS" past Criminal  Convictions, which I know I've scribbled 'bout some previously...

Brazilian Samba, We're No Flash in the Pan

As Asia might be the Hot Commodity right now, with Vietnam's inclusion to the F1 Fraternity, but Others say Not So Fast...

Watching 'N listening to Friday's second Free Practice session from Sao Paolo, I chuckled over Martin BillyBob' Brundle musing over how Interlagos was an Old School racing venue, with its tight confines and twisty layout vs. the new "Wider's Better" tracks such as Abu Dhabi's Yas Island circuit.

Although it would be nice for Liberty to put its Money where Its Mouth is, in regards to keeping Legacy Race Circuits on the Calendar. Since after all Brazil was hosting its 36th event, which was an absolute donnybrook!

As Max Verstappen was certainly HOT-HOT-HOT! Following the outcome of the Brazilian Grand Prix, where the Hot Headed Niederlander' got wrongly Turfed Off by his former F3 rival...

And although I still tended to think that the Brazilian Grand Prix contract ended in 2019? With apparently No real urgency to renew it prior to this year's just concluded event. I finally decided I'd better see if I could determine when the existing contract actually concludes.

As the current Brazilian Grand Prix contract expires in 2020, while interestingly, Liberty Media previously claimed a reduction in its Sanctioning Fee was part of a $50m loss last year.

Yet all's not wrong in Brazil, as apparently the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro has just optimistically "Tweeted" News of Indy Cars desire to return to Brazil. With the only Fly in the Ointment being that IndyCar has Denied any such plans.

And whilst I wasn't surprised over the confirmation of Brazilian FIA Formula 2 racer Sergio Set Camara joining McLaren's  Young Driver Programme as their 2019 F1 Test and Development Driver. As I tend to recall reading previously somewhere this was linked to Petrobras backing the Woking outfit, Ci?

As may be this will become one of Zachery Brown's really, really, B-I-g' Announcements for 2019, albeit the Petrobras link has been rumoured for a year now. While Set Camara's currently team-mates with some Bloke named Lando Norris at Carlin in F2...

But I was surprised to learn of another Brazilian's name joining Formula One's Paddock. As Haas F1 announced Pietro Fittipaldi as a Test Driver for 2019. With Pietro set to sample his first Formula 1 drive behind the wheel of the Haas VF-18 at the Post Abu Dhabi GP Test Session.

Ironically this appears to somewhat be a straight Seat Swap, as previous Haas F1 "Simulator Jockey;" err Tester Santino Ferrucci has secured a full-time IndyCar Drive for Dale Coyne Racing (DCR) in 2019, in the seat he shared with Fittipaldi and Zachary Claman DeMelo this year

whilst Ferrucci drove a third DCR entry, the No. 39 at Portland and Sonoma alongside Coyne's "Main Man" Sealmeister B', nee Sebastain Bourdais in the #18 with Fittipaldi running aboard the #19.

And Wada' Yuhs Know? Thar was 'Ol EMMO' Himself being interviewed on the Grid, as Martin BillyBob' Brundle and his Grid Walk Sidekick Lando Norris held Court with Emerson Fittipaldi, Pietro's Grandpappie' briefly before the start of the race.

As the Brazilian Promoter had brought EMMO', Felipe Massa and Rubino', nee Rubens Barrichello Trackside to appease the Fans in the absence of having a Full-time Brazilian F1 Driver on the Starting Grid after Massa's re-retirement last year...

Brazilian Grand Prix Faces Uncertain Future Despite Thrilling 2018 race

Thursday, November 15, 2018

F1: Vietnam Joins the Grand Prix Circus, But are Other Venues leaving?

What does Yuhs know, Thars' a Liberty Shareholder meeting right round the Corner...

By now, Y'all have probably heard the news over the New Vietnam Grand Prix being announced for April, 2020, in the typical Multi-year Contract format, albeit the number of years is currently unknown.

The race will take place upon the country's Capital of Hanoi's Streets on a 5.565 kilometers 22-turn Street circuit.

But Dieter Rencken of Race Fans points out how the news of Vietnam's Grand Prix, which news was previously leaked, was timed to coincide with the first of two Liberty Shareholders meetings, to show how Thar' getting along, in hopes of Wooing Investors...

And whilst there's also the possibility of a Dutch Grand Prix revival, especially since some Hot-head; Err young Hotschue' named Max is All the Rage right now...

Yet Silverstone, Monza, Mexico and Abu Dhabi's contracts are all set to expire shortly, in 2019 I believe. To which I'd also add Sao Paolo to the mix and suddenly, there's a very good chance that more Grands Prix will be leaving the F1 Calendar vs. those potentially being added...

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

AVIATION: First Black Airmen to Fly Across America and Beyond

John C. Robinson took delight in teaching the first black class at Chicago’s prestigious Curtiss-Wright School of Aviation. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION (Image source:
As these men pioneered the rise of Black Aircraft pilots before the Tuskegee Airmen truly broke the shackles of segregated flight, for which one's known as Thar Father...

Thanks to the NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service I rely upon for Daily Newspapers across thou nation read to me. The service also allows access to a slew of Magazines, for which one of these I look forward to monthly is the Air and Space Magazine.

Thus, whilst perusing the February, 2018 issue, I came across a most interesting article about the first Black Americans to fly across our Nation, No less than during the Great Depression!

Naturally, like much History, I was totally unaware of this epic Transcontinental Flight and it's Trail Blazing Pioneers known as "the Flying Hobos!"

As I'm guessing that most of Yuhs have never heard of James Herman Banning or Thomas Cox Allen, Righto?

And what caught my Attenzione in the article was noting how Philip Hart, Banning's Great Nephew mentioning how as a Junior in High School, and trying to learn more about his ancestor, he mused during his library visits why can't I read about my Great Uncle!

As there was plenty 'O literature about "Lucky Lindy," aka Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post, but nothing about Banning...

But naturally, in our jaundiced "fair and Balanced" Media, Nary A Peep has been mentioned over these most determined pioneers, who set out upon their 3,300 mile flight with just $25.00 in hand, enough to cover the cost of their flight's first leg from Los Angeles to Yuma, Arizona.

As Messer's  Banning & Allen's exploits came frothing Onshore My Collective Yoke once again, when Ironically whilst listening to a most different type Genre 'O CD Audiobook for Mwah, yet being recommended by one of our very helpful Florence librarians. She suggested a book titled New York 2140.

somewheres' towards the beginning of Disc 2, the studious Announcer voice that interlaces Odd Factoids between the narrative mused over The Black Eagle, aka Hubert Fauntleroy Julian, being the first Black Licensed Pilot in America in 1924, who subsequently challenged Herman Goering to a Dual!

And if that 'lil "Factoid" wasn't enough to make Y'all curious, Messer Julian. A.K.A. The Black Eagle was a most colourful character, who in his latter life became a "Dubious" Arms Dealer, ultimately ensnared in his Shady transactions by our nation's "Federalis'.

Yet like many a story that I read; Err listen to. As My Gal', nee Lucy', My ARSE-Steamed' Screen Reader, who "double Dips" by also reading me my Daily News; But I digress. Thars' typically some more hidden nuggets in thou article.

Such was the case whilst listening about The Black Eagle, who apparently was at loggerheads with another Black American Volunteer of Ethiopia's Air Force during the 1930's. As his name was John Charles Robinson, who became known as The Brown Condor.

Upon cursory searching for more information upon this unknown Black Flyboy' to Mwah, I was unable to unearth much upon him, albeit marveling over the fact that a thirty year old Los Angeles Times article interviewing the author of the definitive book upon him was still accessible via Zed Internetz'.

Yet arguably, Mr. Robinson is the most important Aeroplane pilot of these Blokes', since after graduating from the Tuskegee Institute of Alabama, he became the first ever African American to gain admission into the then very prestigious Curtis Wright Aeronautical School, after initially being Denied multiple times.

After graduating from Curtis Wright's Aviation School, Robinson subsequently returned to his previous Alma Mater, Tuskegee Institute in hopes of getting the school to begin an aviation programme, specifically to promote African Americans abilities, which ultimately led to the Tuskegee airmen of World War II in their now famous Red Tails P-51 Mustangs.

Yet Robinson instead heeded the call from Ethiopia for volunteers to fight against the Crush of Fascism, specifically from menacing Italy, where Robinson became a Colonel in Ethiopia's air Force, serving between 1935-36. Before being granted permission by the Emperor to Depart the country before its Downfall to the Axis Powers,

Following Ethiopia's Liberation by the Allies in 1941, Robinson returned later with the U.S. army Air force, for which he was not only instrumental in re-establishing Ethiopia's Imperial air Force. But also in what ultimately would become Ethiopia Airlines, which began flying passengers commercially in April, 1946, before he was killed in an Airplane accident in 1954.

As I cannot help wondering whether Robinson, a la Mr. Julian who were both honing their pilot skills upon the East Coast during the same time-frame as the aforementioned Messer's Banning & Allen were on the West Coast, if somehow their paths didn't cross briefly? Especially since Chicago was the epicenter for Black Pilots during the early 1930's.

And while all of this Fanfare over these Male African American pilots was being made, it's worth noting of another unknown and most likely forgotten name. That being of Bessie Coleman, a Black Female Stunt Pilot. Who was the first female African American pilot...