Monday, November 19, 2018

Sports Cars Shanghaied' by Weather, World's Press

Uhm, pardon me "Main Stream" Media, would you have any FIA World endurance championship race results to share?

Otay, I'll admit that I was mainly excited to watch, Err listen to the World Endurance Championship's (WEC) Six Hours of Shanghai Sports Car race on the Velocity Channel Saturday evening for the sheer novelty of being able to do so. Since like I've prattled on previously, I've never had television access to this Bloody TV Channel before.

But All I can say is Oh, My FREAKIN' GAWD! And I thought the sky Sports regurgitated F1 TV Broadcasts Stateside were bad; Yowzah!

My first bout 'O consternation came when the voiceover Dude kept Bangin' On 'bout the Live Coverage of the race, albeit the programme's duration was slated for a scant 90mins total of the race's 6hrs length. As we went a whopping 5mins before the first commercial break of similar duration.

And whilst I enjoyed the announce crew of Martin Haven, Graham Goodwin and especially thee "Scottish Terrier," nee Alan McNish. Along with Pitlane reporter Louise Beckett, I simply cannot say I was even slightly impressed with the broadcast itself.

Naturally, I'd ARSE-Sume' that since Velocity was only devoting a quarter's duration of the event overall, that I'd be watching a canned Highlights package Show, which is why I couldn't understand the ceaseless prattling on 'bout it being live.

And I knew it was gonna be Boring since the Heaven's had opened up with the race being started behind the Safety Car whilst McNish wryly noted to put the kettle on... As the race was Red Flagged due to the obscene amount 'O Standing Water, after one of the Rebellion Racing's LMP1 Non-Hybrid Prototypes had gone Snap-spin Slithering off into the "Armco" barricades behind the safety car, as the racer's couldn't generate sufficient Heat into Thar tyres to get any sort of decent traction!

thus I listened distractedly to the broadcast crew ably filling time during the red flag  conditions until 7:45PM Pacific, 15mins before The Show was gonna end. Before saying NUTS! And switched off to go back to listening to my most enjoyable Ken Follett CD Audiobook World Without End instead.

So, if the Velocity Channel's really only airing the first quarter of the WEC Sports Car races live, then Shame On Them! Like seriously? Would ravenous NFL & College Football Fans wish to only see the first quarter of the game?

Although the Shanghai 6hrs race certainly lasted longer than that with its multiple Red flag periods and multiple Safety Cars being deployed...

But surely there would be a quick race recap version in Thy Daily Newspapers I peruse via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service Sunday morning, Righto?


As naturally I wouldn't expect any local or national Newspapers Stateside to say anything, especially when Duh Chase', Y'all know some Roundy-round Taxicabs series crowns it's champion at Homestead Sunday...

Thus I began with my normal World selections, The Guardian and Reuters, which both had nothing! Then Ditto for the London Telegraph and Daily Mail. Whilst the BBC didn't even offer a Sports section; WTF?

Instead, All of the European Rags' were All Ah-lather' over some horrendous Macau F3 Shunt which saw one of the competitors flying thru the air and landing in a Kerbside' Photographers "bunker," and sending five persons to Hospital! 

As so much for trying to watch the world's Premiere Sports Cars series on Thy Telie! As I found it to be an absolute waste 'o time...