Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Toto Barking Mad Wolff Howling at Abu Dhabi's Moon!

As why is that 'Ol Warren Zevon Werewolves in London song coming to mind? Or should it be Michael "touch Me" Jackson's Thriller?

Ever since the Stupefying Mercedes Gaff at Sochi, nee Valtteri, " Lewis is Faster than You!" Russian Grand Prix Hi-jinx instigated by Toto Wolff. I've been forever royally PISSED with the Smug-Arse Austrian team leader.

And every time since sky sports interviewed him, Toto's immediately garnered a vehement Will Power Double Byrd Salute from Mwah, usually followed by my growling loudly  SHUT-UP TOTO! to Thy Telie' as I search for either the TV's Mute or Off Buttons!

Oh Yeah, have I mentioned lately, The Name's Bottas, Valtteri Bottas is still my current Numero Uno F1 Pilote...

So imagine my Disgust when running across the Headline denoting that Wolff thinks Valtteri's got Mental issues, What The Fuck are you saying Toto?


Uhm, News Flash toto, can you honestly say in Hindsight after thou Golden Child, nee Lewis Hamilton just claimed his 11th Grands Prix victory of the season, en route to a ridiculous tally of 408-points, the most ever scored by a driver in a season - Whilst Decimating the Formula 1 competition warranted you making Bottas forfeit his Russian GP win?

And now you've got the audacity to question your Number 2 Driver. Yuhs know the one you called Lewis's Wingman earlier this season. Along with unnecessarily making him pull over for your favoured driver and then wonder why Valtteri's faltering? Are you really that STUPID Toto?

Or may be you need to ask Felipe Massa what it's like for a driver having his Soul crushed by his current racing team? As I'd argue that Massa never truly recovered from Ferrari's Heavy handed tactics. Which Gee Wally; Err Toto, you unwisely copied in Sochi!

As go back to Austria, Stuff some Strudel in your Mouth and then G-O Howl at the Moon! As this song's for you Toto...