Friday, May 29, 2020

AUTOS: A Blind Man's Quest for Breaking A Virtually Unknown Record

Dan Parker Corvette. (Image Source:
As what's that 'Ol Saying 'bout Thee Need for Speed, Eh?

Continuing the never ending theme 'O Virtual Racing, albeit this has real world connotations, since it's being conducted on real Honest-to-goodness Ash-Fault', nee Drag Strips.

As I totally hope Dan accomplishes his Quest to Break this record, whenever we're allowed to G-O Motor Racing in earnest once again...

Otay, so what Thee Bloody Hell am I talking about? As I'm Arse-sumin' most of you, like myself have never heard of Dan Parker before, El Correctomundo?

Having only learned of Dan's ambitions to break the existing Speed Record for A Blind Person Driving an Automobile via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service a month ago, when reading; Err listening to said story.

Although Obviously Dan's Computer technology is presumably better than current Screen Reading technology, like my currently unusable Zoomtext 2020 product that won't interface correctly with my Brand New winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer! Since technology's a Double edged Sword!

Alas, as a legally blind person who totally Depends upon Technology Daily, A la writing ye "Award Winning" No Fenders Blog. Unfortunately I'm constantly inundated  by the never ending flukes' O Computers, which I prefer calling Confuzers!

Not to mention how Gory Finicky the NFB's Newsline service is. Constantly having its content Corrupted! Although I'm Arse-suming that Newslines myriad 'O Glitches is largely Due to the never ending IT Boffins' of it's many Newspapers constantly tweaking Thar Software's Coding!

since ironically, I listened to this Car and Driver Magazine article before the magazine's content was "Corrupted" once again, losing All of the April 22nd to April 30th Articles. Before Finally resuming service some Gory Four Weeks later on May 18th; But I Digress...

As Dan Hopes to Break the Existing Record by going 201mph or Faster! Along with piloting his 2008 C6 Corvette Solo', or Un-assisted - utilizing a novel Computer Guidance System, that I'd really like to know more about! Especially since I'm Arse-suming' he used a similar system to set a new Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville Wayback in 2013; Aye Karumba!

As Dan has been around Speed his whole life and began competing at Age 8 and lost his sight in a Narly 2012 testing Accident when Hitting a Concrete "Jersey" Barrier at 175mph!

Yet Dan has persevered, albeit with much help in his Quest to topple the existing Blind Speed Record of 200.9mph currently held by Mike Newman Driving a Nissan GTR in 2013.

While Dan's already made the first of his many testing passes in his 2008 C6 Corvette, beginning with a run of 120mph!

While I've got Zero Clue of where this test run was made or how it fits into his whole test programme? Since I believe the only thing the brief video says is it's from 2018. While the current Car & Driver article claims Dan's made a test run just South of 154mph! And his custom Guidance system kept him within 5-feet of his virtual Centerline the entire run while Battling side Wind gusts of 22mph.

Reportedly Dan is aiming to make his record breaking attempt sometime this Fall, and is confident of reaching 210mph! Which would be absolutely Amazing...

Good Luck Dan!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

RETRO: Famous Automotive Marques with linkage to Thoust Mythical Triple crown 'O Motor Racing

The Car that served as the Inspiration for this Mega' Story, albeit not the exact 1974 Ferrari 246 Dino GTS that Stars in the TV Show. (Image source:
But will 'Ol Fredrico Suave', aka Fred Alonso ever capture his claim upon thoust Holy Grail?

As the famous Automobile Marques Bugatti, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche All have storied racing History at Monaco, Le Mans and Indianapolis, All claiming significant victories in these events.

Alas, another TV Show I enjoyed copious amounts of one day whilst "Rationing" my few Audiobooks during the Corona Virus COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown these past months, which I'd never heard of or watched - Also on Motor Trend TV was titled Auto Biography.

When a marathon of said TV programme was playing the same day as the virtual Twin Ring Motegi IndyCar i Racing Challenge Wayback on April 18th, remember that, Y'all?

As the show that Peaked' my curiosity was simply titled The Case of The Buried Dino, Huh? Which I soon took to calling it thou "Dirty Dino."

Unfortunately this programme began at 11AM Pacific, so I only got to watch the first half hour 'bout a Buried Ferrari Dino Wayback in 1974; CRIKEYS! Before switching over to the virtual IndyCar race, without knowing the outcome of said '74 246 Dino "Chairs 'N Flares" GTS!

Whilst I've since learned that this Autobiography marathon being run was from its 2019 Season's eight episodes, for which I returned to afterwards, since the next episode not competing vs. IndyCar's was about the Million Dollar Ferrari Enzo Destroyed on California's Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in February, 2006!

Subsequently the Enzo was completely rebuilt to Factory specifications at Maranello, with minor modifications and then briefly owned by some Chap named Jean Todt before being sold off...

As the TV Show was about the vehicle Destroyed by Stefan Erikson, NO Relation to Huski Chocolates IndyCar Pilote Marcus, Ya Sure Yuh Betcha! As this happened before Thy No Fenders Blog was Born and hence I focused upon a second Ferrari Enzo Demolished instead some Gory 13yrs ago; Aye Karumba!

Then I had to keep watching, since the next episode revolved around two Automotive Classis that nearly Disappeared, in The Case of The Hidden Racing Cars.

Naturally, the first is what tripped my No. 4 Wire, that being the prototype 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe, which astonishingly I've had some story linkage for another No Fenders story never begun residing on my Confuzer since Gory 2007!

While the other car in this episode being a famous Bugatti 57G Tank, which I'd never heard of before. Whale' Otay, I just wasn't aware of its model designation, since I did know briefly of Bugatti winning the 1937 24 Heurs du Mans, won by this very chassis.

As ironically, albeit why they're lumped together, Eh? Both of these prized racing cars  are now part of the fabulous Simeone Foundation automotive Museum located in Philadelphia, with a total of 75 performance automobiles in their collection.

Then for le Piece de la Resistance, the final Autobiography episode I viewed was about some legendary Porsche abscounded by our Federal Law Enforcement Authority, Say What?

As the two Spin Doctors' who I've also never heard of before. Uhm show Hosts whose pedigrees are total mysteries to Mwah, talk several times to a Bloke named Dominic, Who I immediately Arse-sumed must be ex-IndyCar Driver Dominic Dobson?

As this seemed confirmed to Mwah when Dominic noted he'd raced against those Bad Boyz' whilst Cutting his Teeth in Camel Lights in 1986 and they were still lurking round Mother Speedway in '88...

As this fourth and final Autobiography episode for me revolved around a very famous Porsche 935; Hmm, Am I doing a good job of teasing Y'all like these Reality TV Shows do? Five Bloody minutes in 'N time for more Nauseating Commercials, FRICK! Have Y'all figured out which legendous Porsche racecar I'm talkin' about yet? Once owned by two-thirds of the only three Brothers to ever Qualify for the Indianapolis 500... BUZZ, Times Up!

If Comedian Adam Carolla bought this ex-Paul Newman class winning Porsche 935 for a staggering $4.4 million! Then is the Whittington's Le Mans winner worth more or  less? (Image source:
Having seen the very Porsche 935 on Display at Mother Speedway's Hall of Fame museum Wayback in 2010, I'd always wondered how the car changed hands with its current owner, who was the Butt of an Elaborate Prank played upon him at Laguna Seca Raceway after having competed in one of Monterey's fabulous Historics weekends, when supposedly the DEA showed up to confiscate the car as he pulled into the Pits!

Bruce Meyer, Mega Car Collector and Peterson Automotive Museum Stalwart previously had been loaning, and I'm certain it was clearly Documented! His 1952 Indianapolis 500 Winner driven by Troy Ruttman for legendous' Car Owner J.C. Agajanian in what he refers to as the very last "Champ Car." As this Kuzma chassis reputedly was just a stretched 'N modified Dirt Car, and was the very last "Upright" chassis to win at Mother Speedway, ironically when Ruttman became the race's youngest winner to Date at Age 22yrs 80 Days.

As Bruce claims to have swapped his Champ Car that the Indianapolis Museum wished to keep, after having been on loan for a few years and decided that the ex-Whittington Brothers 1979 24 Heurs du Mans winning Porsche 935 Kremer K3 wasn't really doing anything for them and Wallah! Meyer became the Porsche's current owner.

Although I'd allege, albeit purely 100% Speculation upon my part that IMS was also happy to divest itself of the troublesome Porsche that had caused them to spend years in litigation fighting the Whittington's over ownership, and perhaps even looking for some way to get rid of the car in case those annoying Whittington's decided to appeal?

Since unfortunately, IMSA was Dubiously known as the "International Marijuana Smugglers Association" during the past Decades, although All of the Felons posing as Racing Drivers eventually gravitated to CART and contested the Indy 500 in the late 1980's...

Oh Yeah, now that I've possibly left Y'all Hangin' On, a la what that Buried Ferrari Dino Show did, although I've read critically they could have wrapped the episode up in 5mins, and only needed 30mins at best, instead of the Hour the programme ran, the end really isn't that spectacular, since the current owner of said Ferrari has had the Custom license plate DUG-UP for nearly four Decades now! For which Yuhs can follow along in the video below.

As Hopefully Y'all can figure out my loose racing connections between Bugatti, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche, for which I'd hazard that the FoMoco', nee Ford Motor Company is the only manufacturer to have won the Monaco Grand Prix, 24 Heurs du Mans and Indianapolis 500, Righto? Oh Never Mind!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Ferrari to Indy Cars, Are they Just Toying with Us?

As I'm having a Hard time believing It'll Happen...

Hmm? Aren't we all supposed to be watching NBC Sports Supersized 2019 Indy 500 TV Rebroadcast right now? And how clever of Mwah to Post this today, Eh?

Since by now, Arse-sumedly Y'all have heard or read the News 'bout la Scuderia, nee Scuderia Ferrari's Boss Mattia Binotto proclaiming the company's pondering going IndyCar racing potentially in 2022 when the new pseudo Hybrid era IndyCar's go racing.

Although Diehard Motor Racing Aficionados will know of Ferrari's Stillborn History at Mother Speedway and IndyCar racing in general, having only contested a solitary Indy 500 Wayback in 1952 with less than stellar results...

Yet Italian marques at Mother Speedway and competing Fulltime in IndyCar's Ain't exactly new, with the last to attempt winning in North America being the forlorn Alfa Romeo project. While Ferrari itself attempted to conquer Indianapolis in the early 1950's to No Avail.

And whilst Mother Speedway's in the Spotlight today, I'll direct Yuhs towards an entertaining article upon the weirdest F1 Retirements. Y'all know when Formula 1 should be knocking round Ye Principality, nee Monte Carlo for its annual Monaco Grand Prix...