Sunday, May 24, 2020

Ferrari to Indy Cars, Are they Just Toying with Us?

As I'm having a Hard time believing It'll Happen...

Hmm? Aren't we all supposed to be watching NBC Sports Supersized 2019 Indy 500 TV Rebroadcast right now? And how clever of Mwah to Post this today, Eh?

Since by now, Arse-sumedly Y'all have heard or read the News 'bout la Scuderia, nee Scuderia Ferrari's Boss Mattia Binotto proclaiming the company's pondering going IndyCar racing potentially in 2022 when the new pseudo Hybrid era IndyCar's go racing.

Although Diehard Motor Racing Aficionados will know of Ferrari's Stillborn History at Mother Speedway and IndyCar racing in general, having only contested a solitary Indy 500 Wayback in 1952 with less than stellar results...

Yet Italian marques at Mother Speedway and competing Fulltime in IndyCar's Ain't exactly new, with the last to attempt winning in North America being the forlorn Alfa Romeo project. While Ferrari itself attempted to conquer Indianapolis in the early 1950's to No Avail.

And whilst Mother Speedway's in the Spotlight today, I'll direct Yuhs towards an entertaining article upon the weirdest F1 Retirements. Y'all know when Formula 1 should be knocking round Ye Principality, nee Monte Carlo for its annual Monaco Grand Prix...

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