Friday, May 15, 2020

F1: Vettel leaving Ferrari

Ho-Hum, should we really be surprised?

I first heard the Breaking News late Monday evening via my NFB Newsline for The Blind's ESPN Motorsports News selection, claiming that 'lil syd Viddle', aka Sebastian Vettel had opted to Walk Away from la Scuderia, nee Scuderia Ferrari at the end of the 2020 Formula 1 Season, whenever it commences...

As Vettel was unwilling to take not only a major pay cut, but also unwilling to simply become a "Place Holder" upon a One year Contract.

So the $64,000 Questione is what will Seb do for 2021? And will he continue in Formula 1? Not to mention who will replace him? For which although I'd really like to see Danny Ric', aka Daniel Ricciardo get the seat, I'm guessing that it'll be Carlos Sainz, Jr. getting the nod instead, in order to not cause too much Competizione for Ferrari's new Golden boy Chuck Luh-Cluck', nee Charles Leclerc - since both Drivers are out of Contract at the end of season.

But I'm just guessing, since after all I'm only a lowly Blogger in Self Isolation upon Ye Isle 'O Nofendersville somewheres  Off thoust Oregon Coast!

Whilst I've got No idea if it's a simple mistake by F1 Grizzled Journo Joe Saward, presumably; or intended to see who's paying Attenzione to his latest Post? But I'm pretty certain that when reading the story (above) on May 12th that Vettel's still a Four-times F1 World Champion instead of Joe noting him being a Triple Champion, Just Sayin'

Whale', that certainly was a Whirlwind 'O F1 News getting Attenzione this week, Eh? As Vettel's Departure from la Scuderia saw Maranello sign a Number 2 wingman for New Ferrari Team leader Leclerc, when announcing Carlos Sainz Jr. to a Two-year Contract beginning next year.

Since I'd still have taken Ricciardo over Sainz Junior, since I thought the idea was to have the Best Two Drivers Available on your roster? Then again suppose Maranello's wary of  more infighting, A la Vettel and Leclerc. Or more Spectacularly, the Infamous Prost-Senna Debacle!

Next McLaren dutifully announced Daniel Ricciardo as Sainz's replacement, also on a Multi-year Contract leaving le Reggie', nee Renault with an empty Driver Seat to Fill for 2021 and beyond. With Gasp! Rumours of Fredrico Suave, aka Fred Alonso's possible return to Enstone and Formula 1?

And All of this before we've even turned a Wheel in Anger regarding the current Formula 1 season...

Yet I must say I'm more curious over what lump'; Err PU (Power Unit) Team Willy', nee Williams will  be utilizing in 2021 when McLaren switches from Renault to Mercedes Benz, since I believe the current F1 Rules stipulates Only Three Teams per Power Unit Manufacturer? Hmm, may be I'm getting that Cornfuzed over the 2018 Rule allowing only three Complete Power Unit's used by each Driver per season instead, Eh?