Wednesday, May 6, 2020

INDYCAR: E-sport Rewind - Early Round Virtual Ring Winners

Sage Karam's Dreyer & Reinbold Racing #24 Wix Filters Dallara/Chevrolet in front of their garage during 2018 Indy 500 qualifying weekend. (The Tomaso Collection)
As think I'm gonna miss this novel form 'O entertainment slightly, albeit it sure Ain't Thee Same as traditional Open Wheel Racing - even with Messers Diffey, Tracy and Bell in Thee House...

Otay so if you've followed along with IndyCar's novel attempt to Entertain us during the COVID 19 Pandemic Corona Virus Lockdown, when we were All staying Home and Sheltering... Then You Already know the outcome of this novel six weeks experiment.

And I must confess that I feel I owe Sage Dangerboy Karam a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy' Apology; GASP! Since when I was trying Ah-Mighty to figure out who the second round's 29 i Racing competitors were, I became totally Stumped over who No. 29 was? Even though I knew he'd won the week before, Sage and more notably Dreyer & Reinbold Racing just resonate to Mwah as a perpetual One-off Indy 500 entry...

Alas for Mwah, I didn't begin following along until Round 2 when NBC Sports belatedly decided to get Onboard the Virtual Racing Train after watchin' them Good 'Ol RASSCAR' Folks net an audience of nearly One Million viewers the same week as IndyCar's Live Stream virtual Watkins Glen race - which IndyCar has tried Ah-Mighty' Spinning it's numbers which still Pale in Comparison even when counting every which way 'til Monday; Oh Never Mind!

Barber Motorsports Park
Round 2: April 4th
This was my favourite event of the six weeks competition, primarily since  it saw a virtually unknown Tintops, nee V-8, Uhm, Err Supercars Bad Arse Sweep to Victory! As Kiwi', and Not Aussie' Scott McLaughlin, which presumably thou Mainstream Media's been Mussin' up since he lives' in Brisbane, Mates! Simply Kicked Arse to Mwah! Especially since he Defeated rival Team Penske Aussi' Will Power. For which I've already serenaded Y'all about here on No Fenders - And I Don't feel like changing tyres again; Yuck-Yuck-Yuck!

Michigan International Speedway
Round 3: April 11th
Obviously the Biggest News regarding this week's i Racing Spectacular' was the inclusion of 'lil E', or Ironhead Junior', aka Dale Earnhardt Jr. who not only energized the Pre-race Hype, but also acquitted himself nicely in his maiden i Racing IndyCar Debut by finishing on Thee Podium's third step.

As the eventual podium finishers All benefitted from adapting to a Fuel Savings strategy which I've already scribbled 'bout here on No Fenders and will defer Y'all to that Post instead...

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