Wednesday, October 21, 2020

MOTO GP: More 2020 Calendar Revisions, Marquez undergoes further Surgery, Likely Out for Season means Title's Wide Open

As only a titanium plate could slow Marquez Down! And the reports of breaking it opening a "large" window makes me recall when Juan Pablo Montoya reputedly Slipped on a Tennis Ball, Cough-Cough!

Obviously I had Zero Clue of the Uber Nasty Trick what I'll now forever refer to as Blooger', nee Blogger would play upon me and many other unsuspecting members of the Blogosphere this past August, whom rely upon Blogger to Post their Stories; SIGH! Hence, naturally this No Fenders tome is slightly dated...

For Mwah, I currently find the world's premiere Road Racing Kneedraggers, a la MotoGP far more interesting than the current state of Formula 1, albeit the Italian F1 rounds were Mega Chaotic!

Which I suppose is why I was intending to find myself Scribbling more 'N more about MotoGP here on No Fenders lately - Before Ye gOOgle Munster's Blooger' struck me squarely Amidships, Torpedo! "You Sunk My Gory Battleship!"

Thus if you're following this season's MotoGP now available on big NBC and NBC Sports, then you probably already know that the last three remaining Flyaway' races outside Europe have been Cancelled awhile ago now.

Argentine, Malaysian and Thai MotoGP races Cancelled, New European Season Finale to be Announced

Whilst subsequently the presumed Portimao season finale's been confirmed, taking part on November 22nd, with the racetrack to be resurfaced prior to the MotoGP race.

Portimao confirmed as 2020 MotoGP Finale

Meanwhile, Marc Ye Pinball Wizard Marquez has suffered another setback, after needing further surgery to replace the titanium plate aiding his broken right upper arm's recovery, after it was found to be bending under stress.

And whilst the Doctors claim Marquez did nothing wrong. Me wonders if the reports of him doing Push-ups just days after surgery, or was it just 24hrs later? In his efforts to be deemed medically fit to race in Jerez's second MotoGP round had anything to do with this?

Blow for Marquez, Forced to undergo second Surgery

Marquez belatedly had a second surgery to replace this titanium plate with presumably a new beefed up version and subsequently missed that weekend's Czech MotoGP round. And now appears most likely to sit out the entire 2020 MotoGP season.

Honda's Marc Marquez to be Out of Action a further 2-3 Months

And with the IndyCar Mid Ohio Double Header cancellation, Err postponement over August 8-9, you'd think there would have been ample Air-time to show the Czech MotoGP round at a more soothing time than Oh Bloody Dark-30 for those of us on Ye West Coast! Righto?

As here's what I could find for the current MotoGP Airings on Big NBC & NBC Sports, albeit it's now a Wee Bitamyte' Dated.

Since obviously there's been multiple TV Programming Revisions, with this one Dated July 15th - But it Doesn't seem entirely Accurate - since my Zap2It' TV Guide claimed that the Barcelona round would Air at a very palatable 1:30PM Pacific on NBC Sports on Sept 27th instead...

NBC Sports 2020 MotoGP Broadcast Schedule Revisions

Yet I'd rather get up at 4-Bleepin' 30 AM to watch the MotoGP races vs. what asuredly will be another Mercedes Whitewash, Y-A-W-N! With Golden Child, nee Lewis Hamilton having a Gory 66.6% winning Average prior to the Russian Grand Prix, where presumably he would tie DER TERMINATOR's, aka Michael Schumacher's F1 Career Wins record tally of 91 wins; SHEISA! Before Lewis Shot Himself in his own Foot!

Thus I've gotten Up at Oh Dark-30' on Ye West Coast multiple times now, which I will Not do for Formula 1 Anymore In order to watch; Err listen to these ultimate Kneedraggers! Bloody Hell, I even skipped another Toy-Yoter' parade at Le Mans in favour of the San Marino MotoGP round.

Could Quartararo be MotoGP's first Non Factory Champion?

I first did so for the Czech MotoGP round at Bruno, which was a wonderful race. Although the two British Talking Headz' seemed to slightly Disagree upon the exact year, saying it was either 1973 or '74, whenever records of such ilk began being kept, that it was the first time ever in MotoGP History that two Frenchmen had started a Grand Prix 1-2! They also noted it was 1980 when Kenny "The King" Roberts had last won three in-a-row races aboard a YamaHopper', nee Yamaha; YIKES!

and presumably the startling MotoGP Rookie Brad Binder in only his third ever MotoGP start, who Shockingly won KTM's first ever MotoGP race since Thar arrival in 2017, surely is the first ever South African to win a MotoGP event, El Correctomundo?

MotoGP History maker Binder - This is Insane

Then Thars' the Symmetry 'O Dovi', nee Andrea Dovizioso and Ducati Corse Breaking Up, with Dovizioso's announcement of leaving at season's end and then winning the Austrian Grand Prix One Day later!

Before the second Spielberg Red Bull Ring's Styrian Grand Prix had our third first time MotoGP winner, when the totally unexpected Portugese rider Miguel Oliveira Shocked everyone with his last lap last corner pass for his and KTM Satellite Squad Tech 3's maiden Big Bikes Win's!

But as 'Ol Derek Daly used to pontificate: "Hang Onto your Hollyhocks!" As we're not done yet with inaugural MotoGP winners, Mates. As next in the Queue was VR46 Academy member Franco Morbidelli, Arsumedly NO Relation to that 'Ol, Forgotten Formula 1 Pilote Gianni Morbidelli, Ci?

Surely Y'all remember Gianni as Scuderia Ferrari's Test Driver being Drafted into Formula 1 racing action late 1991 after "The Professor," aka Alain Prost was Fired by la Scuderia! Hmm, may be I'm showing my age Thar, Eh? As Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen enjoys reminding Mwah...

Big Uncle Valentino and His Fountain of Youth

And there was the Second-Second, Err "Pizza-Pizza," Hya! Round No. 7 San Marino MotoGP round at Missano, where my current Freak 'O Year Francesco Pecco' Bagnaia, who finished runner-up the week prior in his return to racing with a Broken Right leg; Aye Karumba!

Should have won his maiden MotoGP race on Home Soil before inexplicably crashing out whilst leading with seven laps remaining, ahead of eventual winner Maverick Top gun' Vinales, who finally notched his season's first W'.

And that's just leading up to the season's Halfway mark during this year's unbelievably Topsy Turvy MotoGP season, with the Championship still totally wide open, albeit Fabio Quartararo took back the points lead with his third victory this season at Barcelona.

Yet the Rider who seems to be on the podium most lately is the relatively unmentioned Joan Mir, who seems to be getting the better of his Suzuki team-mate Alex Rins, although in Rins defense, he's been recovering from injury this entire year-to-date...


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

F1: The Night ESPN2 Double Faulted at Flushing Meadows

Huh? I thought the Women's W Series was Suspended this year?

Congratulation luh Duesh! Once again you Showed your True Colours! After I'd spent the whole day in my own virtual "bubble," making sure to not open any websites, listen to any Sports News or even turn on Thy Telie, in case of stumblin' across an errant update giving me the results of the Italian Grand Prix I was eagerly awaiting after having been told earlier in thou morning to make sure i definitely watched it!

Yet for Mwah, the Saddest part of it All, was my correctly predicting that ESPN2 would Screw Us Devoted Formula 1 Fans once again! As I was totally suspicious when learning that Gory Tennis was scheduled for 4hrs preceding the listed Encore Presentation of the Italian Grand Prix from 8-10:30PM Pacific.

After all, the week before I'd fallen asleep after Ah-Waitin' a Stupendous One Hour 25mins Delay for the Stinkin' (MLB) Baseball game to finish saw the Belgian Grand Prix Encore Presentation beginning at 8:25 Pacific!

And after the myriad 'O the Mothers Shoe Polish lady Cooing Sweetly we'll return exactly where we left off immediately following these riveting Glow in The Dark $19.95 Helicopter Commercials, Sigh!

With Golden Child', nee Lewis Hamilton's serene saunter into thou Sunset, continuously stretching his lead with ease at the Mighty Spa Francorchamps put me into a Sleep induced State and I simply Switched Off instead, perhaps only two-thirds of the race's distance?

Turning on Thy Telie 15 minutes before the F1 Replay in Questione was slated to begin, I was relieved to hear that the Min's Tennis match had ended and they were interviewing the winner with several minutes to spare before the top of the hour.

But then it got Weird! As Chrissie Evert and some other Talking Head began prattling on 'bout the upcoming Women's tennis match late night at Flushing Meadows, Huh? And then they interviewed the two female contestants in the Prime Time Pre-amble; WTF?

As Yeah, we Won't get, Uhm Fooled? Oh Never Mind! As luh Duesh' did I-T Again BASTARDOES! And not only Double Faulted by airing the Naomi Osaka match, but presumably caused scores of Formula 1 Fans to Turn Off their Televisions Fuming!

And feeling that ESPN2 should be Disqualified a la Novak Djokovic Had been earlier that day for Stupidly Hitting a line Marshall with a Defiant tennis ball lob after losing! And now fined $10k for his Sophomoric Antics.

Especially since this year's Italian Grand Prix will most likely end up being my choice for Formula One's Race of The year! Even if I Didn't get to watch it.

And with No Disrespect towards Monsieur Gasley, I'd really like to know who was the Bloke on the Pit Wall that called him in on lap-19, just One lap prior to Kevin Bacon' Magnussen's Safety Car inducing accident...

As every Stinkin' story I've read/listened to via my NFB Newsline for The Blind's telephone service or the Internet, since Mary Ellen sez' I sound Silly saying Internets so easily! And Nobody get's that Circa 2000's Joke Anymore; But I Digress...

Nothing ever truly explained how Gasley went from P10, including ironically going Argie-Bargie' with his Red Bull replacement Alexander Albon at the start! To resuming the race after the Red Flag in third place, as how many cars did he Jump during the Safety Car period?

But Hats Off to Pierre, who after all is the former 2016 GP2 Champion, Err now FIA Formula 2 Champion, being the final GP2 Champion before the series rebranding in 2017.

Gasley's also finished as series runner-up in the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 Series Championship, ironically behind then another Red Bull Junior Driver named Carlos Sainz, Jr. And the 2017 Super Formula Championship, the latter I wished to mention briefly because of another Super formula graduate named Alex Palou, now contesting his rookie IndyCar season for Dale Coyne Racing with Team Goh, but this story's supposed to be about Monsieur Gasley Wee-Wee, Bon App├ętit!

As its most certainly ironic that Scuderia AlphaTauri's Debutante Grand Prix comes at Monza, Home race of the Fienza based F1 Squad.

Who's only other Grands Prix victory occurred also at Monza twelve years ago, when a Fresh Faced Driver I call 'lil syd viddle', aka Sebastian Vettel claimed his and then Scuderia Toro Rosso's maiden victory at what's called The Temple of Speed! Aka Autodromo Nazionali Monza.

Also think it was The Guardian's Giles Richard reporting that this was the first F1 Podium since Hungary, 2012 to not have a single member of Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull on the podium, Yikes!

Not to mention being the first French Grand Prix winner since Olivier Panis's Shock Win in Thee Principality, nee Monte Carlo when he won the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix.

So Congrats Pierre Gasley, you Deserve It! And at only age 24, the question now must be will he ever win another Grands Prix in his budding Formula 1 career?

Pierre Gasley secures Maiden Grand Prix Victory in Accident plagued Italian Grand Prix