Friday, March 29, 2019

F1: Bahrain's legacy?

Whilst we're All Home Happy and comfortably watching the Formula 1 Circus perform in the Desert Kingdom of Bahrain, away from the Floodlights of the Sekir circuit a different Show's being performed.

Perhaps you've heard of the Brutal Regime's ceaseless Crackdown upon Citizens Daring to Differ vs. the Kingdom's Official lines? As reportedly one such Subject's been incarcerated for simply sharing her own view upon a Facebook post in 2017!

Human Rights Groups Urge F1 to Act over Jailed Bahraini Protester Najah Yusuf

 Or you can read Najah's letter that's sparking the latest outcry, Detailing her Torture and Sexual Assault during Imprisonment, after simply publicly mocking Formula One's continued events in Bahrain as Sportswashing'.

Whilst Bahrain's not alone in such Human Rights Atrocities, as Azerbaijan's F1 race upon the City Streets of Baku immediately comes to mind, regarding Political Whitewashing. While Vietnam's recent law imposing Internet Censorship towards anyone Criticizing the Government doesn't exactly sound Democratic, Eh?

And then there's this 'lil 'Ol Grands Prix in Austin, Texas, which currently is wrangled in a Funding Myre after losing reimbursement of $20 million dollars for last year's event. Reportedly over failing to meet Governor Abbott's sign-off upon Human Trafficking Documents...

AUTOS: Haulin' some Wild Oates at Amelia Island

Will this modern day interpretation of the iconic Pontiac GTO Judge come to fruition in 2019? (Image source:
Ah, perhaps we'll all go on a Surfin' Safari' now that the Racing Season's commenced, and Spring's Sprung...

Although the Winter's Weather really hasn't been that Bad here in thoust 'lil Seaside enclave known fondly as Thee Utter' Florence... Whilst one Nashvillian Blogger's lamented how nice it was to be in St Pete vs. his Hometown's teens'...

Perhaps with Indy Cars being in St Petersburg, Florida, and Formula 1 commencing Down Under. Hell, even the FIA's World Endurance Championship (WEC) went On Holiday in Sebring, Florida, as thou Opening Act for IMSA's classic 12 Hours of Sebring Sports Car race.

It's hard to believe it was just over a month ago when I heard the most Hilarious Weather Forecast, ARSE-Sumedly comin' outta Eugene, Oregon which was in the midst of being hammered by a mega Snowstorm, Feb 25th!

Not only did said "record" Snowstorm which Dumped at least Nine inches of "White Stuff!" If not more? Make for some Stormy Days. Although fortunately not being upon thoust Amtrak train Snowbound for three days; Aye Karumba!

Nonetheless, the Downing of multiple Trees from said Snow accumulation Knocked Thee Power Out for three of the approximately ten Radio Stations I can receive. And that's being generous over what I can actually pull in clearly! Although naturally these were the three stations I typically listen to.

Thus scrollin' up 'N down thou Airwaves upon my retro style transceiver, replete with 'Ol Fashioned tunin' dial! I ran across US101FM, which turns out to be one of the two Country Stations that comes in loud 'N clear; But I Digress...

As it's somewhat slipped aways' now, as Don't think the DJ actually said the word Criminal? But I was busy bursting out in laughter as he politely noted that if you were awaiting or scheduled for Arraignment that Monday, the Court was Closed and you've got an extra Day to play Hooky! So G-O out 'N Play in the Snow! I kidz' Yuhs Not!

Can Y'all tell I'm runnin' behind per Tipicali here in Nofendersville, and typing madly to poond' out some riveting BLOB' Stories before going' on my own Spring Break; YEEHAW!

Hence, All of this Talk 'bout warmth in Thee sunshine State made me go searchin' for some Surfin' music to listen to whilst scribblin' away. And after selecting some random Best of Surfin' music; WHUH-WHUH-WHUH-WIPEOUT! I ran across a song I'd never heard before, which sounded somewhat like those legendous' Beach Boys Crooners...

Although I was surprised to learn that the song was performed by Ronnie & The Daytonas; Hmm, Who's Dat? Having never heard of them before.

As ironically, they Hailed from Nashville, Tennessee. And GTO was their first Hit Song in 1964. Arguably their biggest, having peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Charts with over One Million copies  Sold!

Although when I think of "Surfers" Car Songs, naturally The Beach Boys little Deuce Coupe and 409 immediately spring to mind. As arguably it was 409, released in April, 1962 that got the Ball; Err Hot Rodders ah-rollin', Righto? For which I'd say 'lil GTO's got many similarities to, Eh?

VIDEO: 409 - Song

Thus, not to be upstaged, Amelia Island was hosting its annual passage 'O spring Concours de elegance event the same Bloody weekend as thou Indy Cars were going Green on the Temporary Street circuit of St Petersburg.

With this year's Concours featuring an exhibit of Rock Stars 'N Guitars', Spearheaded by John Oates, one half of the Rock Band Hall & Oates, with Messer Oates also bringing two of his own vehicles to said exhibit. Most notably his 1960 Porsche 356 Emory Special Speedster.

And although the gathering of rockers' Cars was small, one of the notable rides was the ex-Janis Joplin "Psychedelic" Porsche 356.

Having just donned on Mwah, the irony of one of Janis's classic songs about a Mercedes, when she was driving a Porsche...

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

INDYCAR: Promising Start for Carlin's New charge'

Yes Siree Daddy Oh', I'm fully cognizant of the Fact that One race Doesn't Make an IndyCar career. Whale', Otay it's actually two but, Nevertheless I'm just so G-Damn Happy that Mexico's Patricio Pato' O'Ward's Back in his Rightful place, upon thou Indy Cars Grid.

As I've mentioned before here on No Fenders, I'm torn between Thee Uber' Quick Swede Felix rosenqvist and O'Ward for whom to choose as my newest Numero Uno IndyCar Driver? As I really like both of these Cats; Err Young HotSchues!

Yet although I cannot put my finger upon it, O'Ward just seems to have the Chutzpah of a Blooming Superstar talent to Mwah, even if I must begrudgingly admit Colton Herta's No Slouch behind the wheel either, who was Pato's former team-mate.

Although it's worth noting, as the NBC Sportscasters continue Fawning over Americres' Herta. Colton's had the benefit of going to Spring Training this year, along with contesting an extra race vs. O'Ward...

Then come Race Day, Thee Talkin' Headz' finally started giving Pato his due, along with finally admitting what I'd been Screaming to Thyself all weekend long. That the Harding Steinbrenner Racing Team is essentially a Satellite Andretti Autosport ride! Even if Leigh Diffey tried Spinning It off as only a "Technical Alliance," which Wink-wink, Nudge-Nudge, technically it is...

As think it was good 'Ol PT', nee Paul Tracy who mused that it was effectively Andretti Autosport Cars running 2-3-4 during the race when alluding to Alexander Rossi, Herta and Ryan Hunter-Reay following Will Power...

And N-O Pressure upon the young Mexican, as may be it was Max Chilton, O'Wards Carlin team-mate noting how Pato had 400 Friends 'N Family (Guests) Unhand for the IndyCar event at COTA.

With the Brit' musing Thars' a lot of Mexicans there when talking to NBC Sports Pitlane Reporter Kelli Stavast, after missing out on advancing to the Top-12 Qualie' round; Ariva-Ariva-Ariva!

Although during Sunday's TV Broadcast they mentioned it was 120 Strong Guests rootin' for the Mexican teenager...

O'Ward surely must have been pleased with his Qualifying results, finishing P8, just precious tenths, or was it hundreds? Of a Second from advancing to the Fast Six shootout, and rolling off the outside of Row-4 alongside current points leader Josef Newgarden.

Then a strange thing occurred on Race Day, suddenly the NBC Sports Gang finally took notice of how impressive Pato O'Ward's first weekend back in an IndyCar was! Even though they were still tripping over each other about Colton Herta, whom contrary to what (Townsend) T-Bell' said, Colton was indeed Lucky to inherit the Lead of the race courtesy of a fortuitous Yellow Flag being thrown at the perfect moment, after falling behind second place Rossi by some 14 seconds...

But for Mwah, if Y'all haven't caught on by now? I was far more impressed with O'Ward's performance, especially his scintillating Duel with Thee Graminator', nee Graham Rahal, whom the Mexican said Excuse Me, Playing Thru! Which was when the Booth boyz' sat up and took notice of Pato, with T-Bell' saying loudly, HELLO!

Not sure what Blighted Pato's Pit stop, i.e.; Driver error or Crew error? Whilst apparently he faltered at the end of the race. Since I believe he was P6 on the final restart, but then was not only passed by Marco Andretti, who finished sixth. But also Taku-san', nee Takuma Sato nipped by to finish seventh, with O'Ward coming home P8, ironically where he started.

With runner-up Josef Newgarden saying it most succinctly during his Post-race interview, when congratulating Colton Herta and the Harding Andretti team on their first IndyCar victory...

Monday, March 25, 2019

Lights, Cameras, Smartfones', Apps, Cut, Cut!

Since ARSE-Sumedly even less than ever Open Wheel Racing Fans are Seeing Any Indy Lights action these Days...

"I Want to Hear the Scream of the Butterfly..."

Yeah, suppose you're All Ah-wash' over NBC Sports Darling Colton Herta's surprise victory in Thee B-I-G BOYZ' IndyCar category Sunday at COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas, Righto?

Which despite (Townsend) T-Bell's ridiculous comment, Colton did indeed Luck into his maiden IndyCar win at COTA, thanxs to a perfectly timed Yellow Flag seeing the two leading cars ahead of him caught out!

Yet how many of Yuhs saw this weekend's Indy Lights action? Even if we're being Hounded by the Media to Quit Whining! Over Indy Cars New & Improved TV Package's DISPARGING LACK 'O Open Wheel Racing Content!

As There's some Folks out Thar whom keep Hammerin' On 'bout how $50 Smackeroos' a year's NO Big Dealio', and that this Pay-2-Play' live Streaming is the wave of the future; BARF!

That said, I just completely FAIL to Understand this overly Apathetic State of Logic regarding IndyCar and Indy Lights Television Broadcasting Shemozzle! As seriously? Thars' not room to show these two Open Wheel Racing categories on "Linear" TV? BUH-BUH-BULLSHIT!

As my Spectrum/Charter "Silver" Cable TV Service currently provides Mwah access up to Channel #775's Motortrend Network! Or at least that's as far as I've gandered, but the point is, Doesn't that imply there's over 700 Bloody TV Channels available? And basically didn't IndyCar, and more succinctly, Holman & Co. and Mark Miles simply take the easy way out vs. really Growing their Product...

Wayback on Feb 28th, I uncharacteristically listened to one of Marshall Pruett's countless Podcasts, since it featured "Thee Viking!" a.k.a. Anders Krohn, and I was hoping it'd shed some light upon where I'd be able to Hear the enthusiastic voice of Anders calling Open Wheel Racing action this year via IndyCar Radio...

Chirp-Chirp, Crickets!

Top-3 Rooks' named by "The Viking!" During his stint on Racer's Marshall Pruett's Feb 27th No. 490 Podcast in alphabetical order were: Americres' Oliver Askew and David Malukas,  and the Netherlands Rinus VeeKay.

By my very unofficial RythMuh-tickin', Thar were a total of 10 competitors on the Grid at St Pete, although like I've already eluded to. I wasn't privy to listening/watching these races due to their being locked behind a nebulous Death Star "404 Error" Access Denied Pay Wall!

Round 1 was won by the Driver with the longest name. What's That Oh KanaDuh? didn't Yuhs get to sees your Boy ZCD', nee Zachary Claman DeMelo winning on the St Pete Temporary Street Circuit?

Whilst the following day's Round 2 race was won by the Hard Chargin' Niederlander' Messer veekay, whose full name is actually van Kalmthout. Makes me think of another "Dutchie" racing driver. Thee notorious Giedo van der Garde, fondly known here in Nofendersville as "Guido-the-Dutchman!"

Van Kalmthout, Van der Garde, Vand de Kamps'; Bakerman, Bakerman, Bake Me a Cake; Oh Never Mind! Inside Joke Thar...

As Rinus Hails from Hoofddorp, Holland. Whom I've scribbbled briefly about previously here on No Fenders in;

BN Racing/Team Pelfrey, or is it Team Pelfrey/BN Racing? Ran Indy Lights Rookie Englishman Toby Sowery, who was the outstanding Driver of the weekend in St Pete, behind the wheel of the No. 2 which has been Team Pelfrey's traditional numeral over thou years in Indy Lights, albeit I've since learned BN Racing was helping Dale Pelfrey run in his home race.

Yet making Sowery's Debutante Lights outing even more impressive was the fact that he was only offered the ride just over one week before the season commenced! Which apparently is only slated for the season's first two weekends, albeit after his Double Podiuming at St Pete, it'd be a shame for him to not run a full Lights campaign.

Then again, perhaps All of this is simply Academic? Since I totally Fail to See how Indy Lights with its Paltry Grid of 10 cars, and now the total lack of any meaningful Mainstream Media coverage, i.e.; easily accessible (Linear) Cable TV programming will ever enable the Sport to Grow?

"I Want to Hear, I Want to Hear, The Scream of the Butterfly..."

James Douglas Morrison
The Doors: When The Music's Over - Strange Days, 1967

As Dare I Say It? The Saudi's apparently Get It! Having just announce concluding a five year agreement to Air Formula 1 on "Free-to-Air" Cable TV in the Middle East; Oh Never Mind!