Tuesday, March 12, 2019

INDYCAR: You Say Tuh-Mott-Oe'

Although I suppose some will think I'm Full of rotten tomatoes?

Well I can already hear thou OLD-est Indy Cars Blogger Geo. Phillips scoldin' me for joining his Grumpy 'Ol Men Brigade; Hya! Not to mention that time honoured classic...

Get Off My Lawn!

Although I enjoyed watching; Err listening to the St Pete IndyCar race. Imagine my surprise, having muted another of the countless Commercial Breaks, only to see the picture change but N-O Sound could be heard. As I played 'N played with thou Mute Button. Silly Me! Guess Who the Joke's On; Hya!

Since after checking a few other channels to discern whether it was my Cable TV Service or Hmm, NBC Sports? Switching back to the proper channel, suddenly Leigh Diffey was talking to me thru a Tin Can wired up with some Good 'Ol Waxed String...

As How 'bout them 0.38 Overnight TV Ratings, eh?

As I cannot say it was a Great Race, but I'll say it was a Good Race and Definitely Not an Ultimate Dud! Even if Thee Usual Suspects were up front, with the exception of Felix Rosenqvist, who was the Star of the Show!

And I'd say the Swede' heartily delivered on All of the Hype he's been Bestowed. As I'm in a Quandary over which Rookie I'll like better. Rosenqvist or Pato O'Ward?

Also Jack Harvey did a very nice job, and the Rookie Driver TK' Follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan said over his radio was driving like a Mad Man, who 'Ol R', aka Robin Miller sardonically said PT likes calling Ferruchi Santini'; Hya! Aka  Santino Ferrucci came home P9, Saving the Day for Dale Coyne Racing.

Nope the part that really got underneath my skin for some weird reason was the reoccurring use of the verbiage Street Courses. As I could forgive the first person I read saying it for their naivety. But then a second person piled on with this incorrect terminology.

But No, it got Worse! As suddenly Kevin Lee was talking about the Street Courses when interviewing le Hamburgular', aka Sealmeister B', nee SeaBass, also known as Sebastain Bourdais. For which I bellowed at Thy Telescreen, it's a Bloody Street Circuit!

Next Thars' Marty "Snidely Whiplash" Snyder getting in on the Act, also kibitzing 'bout how the Street Courses would play out; WTF!

As I chuckled to myself how the only NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) Pitlane Reporter to say correctly the word Street Circuit was Professor B', aka Jon Beekhuis. Which didn't surprise Mwah, since after all he's the most knowledgeable IndyCar Pitlane Reporter on the entire crew.

As I know I'm Splittin Hairs; Hmm? I Don't think I've got that many left to pull out; Hya! But ever since I began following Indy Cars Wayback in the Halcyon Days 'O Championship auto Racing Teams. (CART)

The series prided itself for running on Super Speedways, Bullring Ovals, Permanent Road Courses and wait for it... Tuh-Duh! Temporary Street Circuits!

As you would probably frown over my calling your Beloved Mother Speedway', nee the Brickyard an Oval Course, Righto? Since typically their vernacular is Oval Track El Correctomundo? Although I'm 99% certain that COTA, aka Circuit Of The Americas is a Permanent Road Course, a la Road America, Mid Ohio and Laguna Seca. Hell pretty sure even thou Bootyful' Barbers falls into that category.

Whilst St Pete, Long Beach, Toronto et Al, are All Temporary Street Circuits!

And Bloody Hell it's Bad enough that Indy Cars calls Thar races Grands Prix, Ergo Formula 1 - since apparently COTA's hosting two Grands Prix this year? But can we at least call Street Circuits their proper name; Oh Never Mind!