Friday, April 29, 2022

Blind Drag Racer sets New Speed record!

But Don’t think it’ll let Him into Bonneville’s 200 Club…


So I’ve had this sitting in my email for a few weeks now. As Florentine F1 Spotter Jeannie sent it to me. As it’s about the Blind Drag Racer I scribbled ‘bout here on No Fenders awhile ago. As Dan Parker’s finally set a new Guiness World Record for Blind Speed Merchants at an incredible speed a skosh North of  211mph!


Like I said, I wrote about Dan here on No Fenders Wayback in 2020, having originally Heard about Him via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service’s Car and Driver magazine section.


As I’d still like to know more upon the technical side of Dan’s Corvette, i.e.; his custom computer aided Guidance system, and the dual steering controls, etc. But still it’s pretty Freakin’ Amazing!


As naturally, being Blind, this subject’s fascinated Mwah for almost a Decade now, having first scribbled about the subject in the following No Fenders tome… 

Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Succulent Sounds of IndyCar

Although Don’t get too Excited about Indy Cars just Yet…


    It’s pretty Amazing how a brief step away from Zed Confuzer and “Discussing’ Blogging with Good Friends can Change your perspective, or should that be Perspective lens, Eh?


As Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King and his wife Ginnette came All the way down to Bumfiddle Florence, Oregon for a Fantastic Dinner at one of our well established restaurants, the Zebra Bar on Bay Street. As I could have used my Whale’ vernacular in deference to our legendous’ Exploding Whale History, but I digress…


Being asked over Dinner if I was still Blogging and how it was going? And if I was still sharing my Opinions and if they were positive or negative? Yep, I’m still doing this Blogging Gig nearly 16 years later and am probably getting more Cynical, which is may be why I’ve only got 3 readers, Righto, Hya!


Thus originally my Post’s title was going to be A Not so Good look for Indy Cars, since I still think there’s way too much Positive Camber, Err Spin being applied to what we All know now for certain.


That Paretta Motorsport has “elected’ to run a three race stint with Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) following IndyCar’s most prestigious race of the year, the Indianapolis 500! With Beth Paretta Banging On about how it’s the right way to build a team for the future, which I’m trying to take at “Face” value…


Since surely the cachet of running Road America, Mid Ohio and Nashville vastly out does that Month ‘O May’s ‘lil Oval race at Mother speedway, El Correctomundo?


No, instead for Mwah, what troubles me most about this, is what happened to El Capitano’ and Penske Entertainment’s “Push” for Diversity? Since I find it Appalling how Quickly this has been Thrown Underneath the Rug! As first Myles Roe was given the Heave Ho, like Luke warm Bathwater! And now Symona-Symona’, aka Simona de Silvestro’s been Kicked Derbside because, Uhm? We cannot find enough “Veteran” Crewmembers to Go Over the Wall, Balderdash!


On a positive note, I will acknowledge how pleasantly surprised I am for the moment regarding how easily I can now actually access the IndyCar Radio Network and how “Slick” it is to actually have a Screen Reader Friendly Click Here to listen link! As I’ve been able to Tune In to Mark Gravelly’ James and Davey Hamilton calling a Rain Delayed Indy 500 Open Test on Day-1, since I’d Arse-sumed incorrectly that the second Day’s practice was over at it’s originally scheduled time of 4PM ET, ergo 1PM Pacific…


And I also recall saying Out loud to Thyself how Comcast/NBC and IndyCar had Pulled Their collective Heads outta Thar Tailpipes! When discovering that we’d actually be getting our traditional 30mins Postrace Terrestrial TV coverage back beginning at Long Beach!


Yet apparently I’m getting Ahead of Thyself! Since I just checked the Broadcast time for the Grand Prix of Alabama and noticed that NBC Badly took Ye Barber’s Sheers to It! Since Thars just a straight 2 hours TV Broadcast with No 30mins Pre/Post-race Vignettes, since they immediately go to the IMSA Sports Car race at Laguna Seca which is a 3 Hours Broadcast. So I’ll go with IndyCar Radio instead!


As I try “supporting” IndyCar buy “Watching,” Err listening to the races via NBC, even if It’s definitely Nothing But commercials! As what’s that prase about the Cable Bill going Up and Up?


As I know it’s “Early Days” yet, since I’ve only listened to The Mayor of Hinchtown, aka James Hinchcliffe in the “Booth” twice, But!


I’m not sure how much longer I can endure the Pete-Repeat routine between (Townsend) T-Bell’ and Hinch’, which immediately makes me think of those two Cartoon Chipmunks Chip and Dale. No No, I insist, you first…


Whilst lastly, have to say I’m somewhat Bemused by All of the conjecture stirred up by one Old Man on Ye Blogosphere Shouting At the Clouds Get Off My lawn! Over IMS deciding to “Pause” indefinitely the releasing of Thousands of Helium filled Balloons just moments before the start of the Indianapolis 500 this year.


Yes, it was a time Honoured Tradition dating back to 1947 or whenever? Along with Riding Mechanics, Front engine Roadsters, etc. But with Roger Penske’s IMS trumpeting it’s move towards becoming the first major Eco Friendly Sporting venue in North America, Whatever that Means? Along with it’s Sustainability Push, plus the massive increase in Helium prices, I simply “See” this as a Business Model Case decision, a la like Indy Cars move to Hybrid engines.


As it’s worth noting that Penske Truck Leasing has just ordered 750 Electric E Transit Cargo Vans from the Ford Motor Company, with initial units being available for rental in Southern California shortly. Whilst I won’t belabour the point that Penske runs Ford Mustangs in NASCAR, CoInky-dense?


Nah, the only issue I’ve got with said Blogger’s rant over the Balloons going away at Mother Speedway is that He immediately Attacks Environmentalist! Since if Mankind wasn’t so Hell Bent on Destroying the Planet, as Can Y’all Say Microplastics? Along with the Global Derth of Plastic pollution that indeed does Kill Animals, then the need for such Organizations probably wouldn’t be needed! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

RETRO: Open Wheel Racing Art Cars

Oh Gawd, is He still Banging On ‘bout Art Cars?


Yeah, I know, we’re all supposed to still be ah-lather’ over this past week’s IndyCar Open test at Mother Speedway, in preparations for this year’s Indianapolis 500. Cough Cough Sputter, Lady and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…


And with the recent Hoopla over this year’s trio of “One Off” Arrow McLaren SP Indy 500 Undefeated liveries, and last year’s Tiger Stripes Felix Rosenqvist entry, do they qualify as Art Cars?


Suppose as an Aspiring, Frustrated Artist, I’ve always loved Art. While Arse-sumedly I discovered the great Motorsports Artist Randy Owens at the racetrack I’ve always considered my Home track, even when living only five miles away from Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA.


But it must have been Portland International Raceway where I first stumbled into Randy Owen’s wares, at one of the many Vendor Booths. And although my Bungalow by The Sea’s walls are festooned with several of Messer Owens lithographs and Serigraphs, I cannot recall when or what was his first piece I bought?


For many years, on my Desk at work off to one side between the Keyboard and Monitor sat a small Armada of miss-mash Indy Cars. As I think if was four in total? With the largest being a 1:43 scale predominantly blue and white Lola Randy Owens Art Car. Along with three Matchboxes, i.e.; SuperMario’, aka Mario Andretti, Robby Dirtmann Gordoun’ (Gordon) and a plain “Vanilla” blue non descript version. Which thinking about it now, I could have called it the “Mystery Car” in deference to Dan Gurney’s Mystery AAR Eagle…


Thus, I’ve always known of, and enjoyed the fact that Messer Owens was commissioned to apply his talent to an IndyCar, even if it was a perennial Backmarker. For which I suppose is why I cannot find anything substantive upon it today, Eh? And even Funnier is now knowing that I was totally unawares that I’d meet the actual driver nearly two decades later!


The IndyCar in Questione is the Leader Card Racing entry of the 1994 CART/PPG IndyCar World Series. When the team ran a single car entry, the #23 Lola T93/00 Chevrolet driven primarily by Buddy Lazier, and ran sponsorship from Financial World. Although I’ve got Zero Clue how many races it ran with that livery during the season?



Whilst I’m aware that Randy Owens also painted a matching, corresponding Spice sports Car, this story’s supposed to be about Single Seaters…


And although not only did I follow the series that year, I can recall going down early for an All Boyz’ Friday’s Day outing at Portland that IndyCar weekend, albeit I Don’t recall seeing this car now, since much Attenzione was cast upon the three car Marlboro Penske team with ‘lil Al, aka Al Unser Jr., Emmo’, nee Emerson Fittipaldi and somebody named PT’, aka Paul Tracy as it’s three drivers instead.


As I know part of the reason I wanted to take a day off from work and go down for Friday with Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King and B-Squared’ was because the Ford/Cosworth XB IndyCar engine was hitting it’s stride. Along with FoMoCo’, nee Ford Motor Company having just released it’s latest Mustang iteration Justin-time’ for it’s 30th Anniversary. Not to mention it’s very first Special Vehicle Team’s SVT Mustang Cobra with some Cat named Rufas Parnelli Jones would be that year’s Indy 500 Pace Car driver!


As it’s Hard to believe it’s fast approaching 30 years since IMS has let a Ford Pace the Indianapolis 500. As C’mon IMs, knock Off this proprietary Chevrolet tie-up Shit!


Nineteen Ninety four would also be Mario Andretti’s final year in IndyCar’s, which He celebrated with his Arrivederci Tour, which I had a most unflattering version of instead, Never being a Mario Andretti IndyCar Fan! Whilst Mario’s teammate was  Bosom Buddy Il Lione’, Bloody Nige’, Red 5 or simply Nigel Mansell…


And although like I said I couldn’t find anything about the Leader Card Randy Owens Art Car, I did stumble across the following weblink for the Top 10 Lola’s of All time, including the Bruce Ashmore penned Lola T90/00, for which the Lola T93/00 was the final version of that stellar IndyCar.


Meanwhile, and I’m sure I scribbled ‘bout it here on No Fenders over a Decade ago. Renown Artist Dexter Brown, who’s unofficial 1975 BMW 3.3 “Town Car” Saloon  Art Car I “Saw” once at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA, was commissioned by the presumably forgotten Force India F1 Team to raise Funds for two Charity’s Wayback circa Twenty-eleven, Crikeys!


As the one of a kind Hand painted Force India F1 car was the team’s initial VJM-01 driven in 2008 by FishyFellah’, aka Giancarlo Fisichella. For which all I can find is the following pre-Auction Buildup “teaser.” Including noting how Uncle Bernaughty’, nee Messer Bernard Charles Ecclestone would be the very first Celebrity to adorn his “John Handcock” upon it’s Nosecone. Noting the chassis was signed by several drivers and came sans engine, perfect for Hanging upon your Wall!


Whilst I just thought about this. As it’s funny how Buddy Lazier and Mario Andretti have something in common, both being Indianapolis 500 winners. And No, I’m Not trying to compare them! 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Douched Again by ESPN!

As it’s the ‘Ol Stick ‘N Ball Switcheroo,Stee-rike!


So apparently if you want to watch Formula 1 Stateside, Y’all know that ‘lil racing series that’s Peaking Off the Charts due to that epic Netflix Reality series The Real Housewifes of F1… Then Y’all better Bloody well get up at Oh Dark 30 for the live Broadcast or else Yuhs might get Sopping Wet!


As what a  bunch of Bullshit! I Didn’t spend the morning waiting patiently for the two Hours Alpo Fly Dog Relay Ruf Ruf Puppydog Show from Indiana to finish, just in order for an El Stupidio programming change to Men’s College Baseball game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide you Jackarses!


As my Zap2It TV Guide said that the Formula 1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix would be replayed on ESPNews at 11AM Pacific, which sounded much more soothing than getting up at Gory 6AM for the live TV Broadcast on the Flagship ESPN channel.


As the Puppydog show ended and two Blathering Sportscasteers began Prattling on about the Georgia Bulldogs I just sat there in Disbelief and began spewing Out loud you Mother Fuckers!


As what’s that ‘Ol Who song about Won’t get Fooled Again? Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss…


As I sit here typing away Fuming, I’m wondering if ESPNews will conveniently be replaying the F1 race at 2PM Pacific solely to make it go Head to Head with the CNBC Tape Delayed TV Broadcast of the Portugal MotoGP race, you Douchebags!


Since I’d planned on a lazy Day “Watching,” Err first listening to the F1 “Encore” Presentation with the Mothers Shoe Polish lady immediately followed by the MotoGP race…


Yep! That’s absolutely the Ticket! Since after returning to Thy Telie’ at 12:23PM ESPNews was playing some  X Games Skateboarding Show. And then for Humour, turning the Boob Tube back on at 1:36PM, Sky sports F1’s Kroftie’, aka David Kroft and Paul di Resta filled my speakers with a wet parade lap taking place in Imola. As it’s Lights Out at 1:36 Friggin’ PM you Dirty, Filthy Bastardoes!


Meaning Once again, we’ve been Douched by ESPN! Ahem, who’s F1 Contract is up at season’s end, since they seem to be treating it just like Indy Cars, obviously right now I say Good Riddance!


Even if Liberty Media’s hoping to Gouge the Shit outta whoever lands the new U.S. F1 TV Contract, which Liberty’s hoping to inflate to an Insane $75 million per year TV Rights Fee! Which naturally, those prices will be passed along to the consumer…


As may be, just may be it’ll be time to finally Stop caring about Formula 1?


As Shame On You ESPN and Liberty Media! 

Friday, April 22, 2022

RETRO: More BMW Competition Art Cars

That left their Mark upon the Racing World…


While there are currently 19, albeit the last one raced was No. 18 BMW Art Cars, Cornfuzed? Naturally I’m mostly interested in just those that actually competed, with No Disrespect towards the other renown Artists creations…


As I must confess that the topic of BMW’s Art Cars had fallen Off of my collective radar, since it’s now been some Gory five years since the last Art Car contested the 2017 Rolex 24, as part of ‘Ol boobie Ruble’s brace ‘O BMW M6 GTLM IMSA GT Le Mans entry.


And like many topics here upon No Fenders, it was another Car and Driver magazine article I listened to via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service awhile ago that caught my Attenzione. Although I must also confess I’d never heard of Artist Jeff Koons before…


As Messer Koons has once again been commissioned by BMW for a limited edition run of 99 BMW 8 Series Saloons known as the 8 X Jeff Koons model. For which Koons stunning graphics take BMW 11 Stages to paint and will only produce two per week. And if you want one of these ultra rare 8 X Koons models Stateside, prepare to open your wallet! As they’re only available in the 2023 BMW M850i XDrive variant, which retails for $351,000, Aye Karumba!


As Koons was also responsible for BMW Art Car No. 17, but I’m getting Ahead of myself…


BMW Art Cars Nos. 7-8 are both one of the marque’s most cherished models, those Bad Arse three series M3’s.


Michael Jagamara Nelson, an Aboriginal  Australian Artist was responsible for Art Car No. 7, using the ancient method of Papunya Sand Art. With Jagamara taking seven days to transform the black 1989 M3 Group A racecar revealing landscapes and ancient animals into a one of a kind masterpiece!


Art Car No. 8 was also another ’89 BMW M3 Australian Group A Touring Cars racecar, this time painted by Australian Artist Ken done. It features broad brush strokes, bright colours and multitudes of Parrots and Parrot Fish, which the Artist says represents speed…


As the Australian Touring Cars Championship (ATC) Group A regulations ran between 1985 and 1992, before morphing into the hugely popular V8 Supercars Championship. As BMW won the Aussie Touring Cars title twice in 1985 and 1987, with the latter being with the M3 piloted by perennial Kiwi’ Touring Cars Champion Jim Richards.


Art Car No. 15 by Jenny Holzer now has to be my second favourite racing BMW Art Car! Eclipsed only by those stunning 3.0 CSL Batmobiles. Although I must confess that I only had eyes for the evocative Ferrari 333 SP when I attended the 1999 Rose City Grand Prix at Portland International Raceway. As this was during the American Le Mans Series years, it’s Debut season, and there were three BMW V-12 LMP1 racecars competing.


The two Werks’ Schnitzer Motorsport BMW V12 LMR’s finished second and fourth behind the winning and third place Panoz LMP1 Roadsters. With the third #27 BMW V12 LM of Price + Bscher Racing finishing fifth.


As it’s Uber funny to Mwah that now almost a Quarter of a Century later, I’m just discovering that David Price Racing ran a year old BMW V12 LM Prototype, the predecessor to the V12 LMR. Which BMW had sold one of these chassis to German Privateer Thomas Bscher, finding Herr Bscher and Pedro Lamy at it’s controls August 1st, 1999…


As Williams F1 only produced four V12 LMR Prototypes chassis in 1999. With Holzer’s V12 LMR Art Car, which was festooned by “Word Art” utilizing reflective chrome lettering and phosphorescent colours intended to be seen Day and Night. Making it’s public Debuted at that May’s Le Mans Prologue test, but then was subsequently withdrawn, with Team Schnitzer only running two BMW V12 LMR’s during the race.


As Holzer’s V12 LMR Chassis 004 reportedly only ever raced in the 2000 Petit Le Mans ALMS season finale, where BMW entered three cars as it’s send off of their final race outing.


As mentioned above, American Artist Jeff Koons created Art Car No. 17, a 2010 BMW M3 GT2 racecar, running the number 79 in Homage to Andy Warhol’s 1979 BMW M1 Art Car . Andy Priaulx, Dirk Muller and Dirk Werner were the stunning M3 GT2 Art Car’s Chauffeurs, with Koons Bright colours displaying power and appreciated by Fans. Yet sadly, the car ended up retiring after only 53 laps due to an uncooperating Fuel sensor.


The final Bimmer’ Art Car to be raced to date is Art Car No. 19 as mentioned above. Ironically the 2016 BMW M6 GTLM Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (RLLR) entry sporting the #19 in deference to it’s Art Car’s significance, featured one of BMW’s most legendous’ racing drivers behind it’s Keyboard.


Renown Californian Artist John Baldessari was the creator of Art Car No. 19. With Baldessari known for his minimalist approach using only four colours, i.e.; red, green, yellow and blue, along with his monochrome Dots. The Artist left another iconic work upon his M6 GTLM canvas, summoning upon his 50 years of Art! As Baldessari Died in 2020 at Age 88.


Bill auberlen, who I’ve long taken to calling Bimmer billy’ here upon No Fenders, was one of the M6GTLM’s four Pilotes. As ironically Auberlen was just beginning his long association with BMW Wayback’ in 1999, as one of Team Schnitzer’s Factory BMW Drivers piloting one of it’s two BMW V12 LMR’s…


As the #19 BMW M6 finished 12th Overall and eighth in the GT LM (Le Mans( Class, behind three of Chip Ganassi Racing’s Ford GT’s, including the Class winning #66 entry of Sebastien Bourdais, Joey Hand and Dirk Muller. Plust two Porsche 911’s, a Corvette C7.R and a Ferrari 488 GTE.


Thus it seems High time for BMW to invite another world class Artist, or preferably Artists to apply their unique skils to another BMW racing car. Like let’s say, one of next year’s Team BMW RLLR’s IMSA GTP Prototypes, either at Daytona or Le Mans. Along with either a BMW M4 GT Pro/GTD entry. Or if they must, one of the new, electric Bimmer’s in the E-E-E-lectrified (EV) DTM series.


As Y’all can check out All of the 19 BMW Art Cars in the link below… 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

RETRO: The original BMW Competition Art Cars

Although which is more famous, the Artist or the Racecar?


With visions of Sugar Plums, Err Easter Eggs still on my mind, I thought this was  a good time for this No Fenders yarn. Although apparently it was last Fall when the subject of the oft, forgotten BMW Art Cars came to my Attenzione when Surfing the Car and Driver magazine via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service. Yet naturally, now I cannot find said article on the All Conquering Intrawoods’, Arse-sumedly since they run us thru a third Party’s “Site” in order to collect our email information for Uhm, Marketing? Yeah, that’s the Ticket!


The story was about how the Alexander Calder Foundation had commissioned BMW to create what is known as the BMW Artist Proof version of Calder’s original 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL racecar, that French racer and Auctioneer Herve Poulainraced in that year’s 24 Heurs du Mans.


As Poulain, now known as the instigator of the BMW Art Car project, asked his friend Calder to create a stunning  work using the three-liter Bimmer’ CSL “Batmobile” as his canvas. Although the car’s graphics were more striking then the car’s performance. As Poulain, Jean Guichet and some Yank named Sam Posey retired the car after just nine hours with Driveshaft maladies…


Reportedly, this rolling piece of Art was inspired by Calder’s work for Braniff International Airlines, who’d commissioned him in 1973 to paint one of it’s Douglas DC-8 Jetliners, commemorating it’s 25 years of service to South America.


The first jet known as Flying Colours, was such a sensation at the 1975 Paris Airshow, that Braniff commissioned Calder for two more airplanes, both being Boeing 727’s. The first being called the Flying Colours of the United States, in tribute to the United States Bicentennial with it’s red, white and blue motif. With  the second called Salute to Mexico, which sadly wasn’t completed due to Calder’s sudden death in 1976.


Legend has it that Messer Calder always wanted to create his own BMW “Batmobile” in order to be able to Hear the symphonic Harmony of it’s BMW M49 3.5-litre DOHC inline six cylinder engine ticking over. And it was Alexander S. C. Rower, Alexander’s Grandson and President of the Calder Foundation who finally accomplished this Dream with BMW’s assistance last year…


Have to say I’d never heard of Monsieur Poulain before, who apparently was the “Ultimate Driving Force” behind the first four BMW Art Cars that All competed in le 24 Heurs du Mans during the Mid to late 1970’s.


As Frank Stella painted the second Art Car rendition, another 3.0 CSL Batmobile, driven by two Blokes named Brian Redman and Peter Gregg in the ’76 24 Hours of Le Mans.


As this was the year that turbos were allowed at the Circuit de la Sarthe under the ACO’s new Group 5 and Group 6 regulations. And the BMW Motorsport GmbH #23 Stella Art Car entry was actually a Group 5 3.2-litre turbocharged 3.0 CSL variant that retired after a modest five hours with an Oil leak.


On a side note, I’ve “Seen” Stella’s other Art Car, a non commissioned BMW M1 that the company let Peter Gregg purchase. As it was one of the two BMW Art Cars on display during the Peter Gleeson Master Collector’s exhibit at America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA Wayback’ in 2016.


But that was a Humiliating day for Mwah. As Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen had stopped one of the Museum’s roving Volunters and inquired how I could Volunteer? The Man looked at me holding my White Cane and blandly said what can you do? As I was so flummoxed by the question that All I could say was, I can answer telephones…


The 3.0 CSL has to be one of BMW’s greatest racecars, having won six European Touring Car championships (ETCC) from 1973-79, including five straight between 1975-79! Along with winning the 1976 24 Hours of Daytona with Peter Gregg, Brian Redman and John Fitzpatrick. Also winning the prior year’s 12 Hours of Sebring with Sam Posey and Hans Stuck joining Brian Redman and Alan Moffett.


Whilst I’d forgotten that I’d chronicled “Peter Perfect,” aka Peter Gregg in a No Fenders tome five years ago, which also discusses Gregg’s association with Frank Stella, that other BMW M1 Art Car and the late Ronnie Peterson in the story below…


Art Car No. 3 was a 1977 BMW 320i painted by renown Artist Roy Lichtenstein. As Monsieur Poulain had much better results. As He and  Countryman Marcel Mignot finished ninth overall and second in their IMSA GT Class, behind a Belgian entry.


As I always find it amusing that McLaren campaigned a BMW 320i in the IMSA GT Championship for ‘Ol Hobbo’, aka HobbsCapp’, nee David Hobbs, who won multiple races aboard it. As the 320i was BMW’s 3.0 CSL successor.


For Mwah, I suppose due solely to sheer name recognition, the fourth Art Car’s Artist is the most famous I know. Although I was unaware that Andy Warhol had actually been commissioned to paint a black BMW 320i in 1978, which subsequently failed to qualify for that years Le Mans race.


Thus, for 1979, Warhol painted Art Car No. 4, arguably the most famous Art Car? A 1979 BMW M1, albeit this one being a Group 4 racing version that Poulain, Mignot and Manfred Winklehock shared. With the trio finishing sixth overall and second in class at that year’s 24 Heurs du Mans.


Funny, but whenever I think of the M1, BMW’s first production mid engine car, I always think of the M1 Procar series, a one make support series for Formula 1 run between 1979-80. Which several F1 Drivers would compete in, with Niki “the Rat” Lauda winning the ’79 Procar title, and Nelson Piquet the second and final Procar title the following year.


The M1 would contest the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1981-86 with modest results… 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

A RevHeadz’ Easter Basket Full ‘O Treats

Although I miss my yearly tradition of indulging in several Cadbury Eggs. Mmm, Mmm Sprinkles!


Otay, the thought first sprung upon me last weekend, when I was truly Gorging Thyself in a RevHeadz’ Delight!


Although it seemed funny to Mwah, how two fourths, Err Half of thee Quattro Motor races I was indulging Thyself upon, from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon seemed totally overlooked and presumably forgotten?


All of which made me think of the fast approaching Easter weekend, Y’all know when the Easter Bunny brings us lucky ones a veritable treasure trove of Sweets and Delights of various sugary confections…


In Friday’s Down Under Free Practice session, ‘lil Syd Viddle, aka Sebastian Vettel who was ravenous after having spent the season’s first two Grands Prix on Bed rest, was stubbornly in search of one of the five golden tickets that would ensure Him a Podium finish from his forbidden stash of Wonka Bars in his Firesuit. That when He’d struck out again and threw the Wonka Bar’s wrapper dejectedly out of the cockpit, the ensuing wrapper was sucked down one of the engine’s Air trumpets and suddenly Seb’ had to switch off the Aston Martin’s Mercedes lump!


Over on this side of Ye Puddle, across from the Queen Mary, good ‘Ol JJ’, nee Jimmie Johnson seemed to have laid a few rotten Eggs, the fowlest one being when He Didn’t take his Hands Off of the Steering wheel when Dead Center punching the concrete Jersey barrier Wall in Turn 5 at Long Beach! As that’s gotta Hurt!


Since we know that All of those Hunting for His Autograph at the IndyCar Drivers session immediately afterwards were left Disappointed! With No JJ’ Hero’ Cards to put in Thar Easter Baskets, due to Jimmie fracturing a tiny Bone on his signing Hand!


Yet perhaps Graham Rahal and Romain Grosjean thought that may be, just may be there was one of the most sought after remaining five Golden Wonka Bars buried somewhere Deep upon that Turn 5 Wall, Whamoe!


And perhaps Syd’s teammate Lance Stroll had Heard what the German was up to on Friday? Since apparently the Kuhnuck was frantically searching thru the bottom of His Easter Basket when travelling at High Speed on Albert Park’s Motorways, and took His eyes Off of His mirrors when trying to look at the Easter Basket upon His lap underneath All of the Cadbury Eggs in Hopes that Vettel had misplaced one of His Wonka Bars, since after All you’re supposed to Share, Righto?


Before we All Heard over the Telescreen, Where the Gory Fuck did that Hoser (Nicholas) Latifi come from!


As the Hapless Team Willy’s driver Latifi was sent pirouetting into the adjacent wall after his Williams Front tyres Hit a Slippery patch ‘O Faux Grass basket lining carelessly thrown from Messer Stoll’s Aston Martin racecar…


Next, when le Hamburgular’, nee SeaBass’, aka Sebastien Bourdais was out for a Saturday afternoon cruise upon Shoreline Drive, apparently his Hands Slipped off the steering wheel from being coated in melting miniature chocolate Eggs. Since the Cheepster’s to Cheep’ to give his Drivers Cadbury Eggs! As SeaBass momentarily “Kissed” the Wall before wiping his chocolate covered gloves upon his Driving Suit. And in a Fit ‘O Rage, or was it Panic? Put the Hammer Down so Chip Ganassi wouldn’t take his Easter Candy Away from Him!


Meanwhile in Austin Texas, a ‘lil Motorcycle race was going on. Where the Grid’s first five positions were All rosso Chickadees, Err red Ducs! Whilst the King of COTA wasn’t having his way at all, when the marshmellow Chickadees stuck to his gloves and He wasn’t able to engage his Honda’s Holeshot device, and when He tried to ride off, nothing Happened! With his Honda just stuck in neutral Shrieking to 12,000rpms as the rest of his Guests went Thunderin’ past Him! Where “The Beast” Feasted upon the rest of the Competizion upon his Ducati!


Back in “Fat Albert’s” Park, nearly Half a Million Crazed Aussies’ who Hadn’t seen the Sun in some 1100+ Days! All came out at once since they’d been promised Free easter Eggs at the Melbourne Theme Park. As they were Dazzled by the various racing cars in the colours of the Rainbow, but the Free, Hidden Eggs had run out long ago before the Headlining Act took place…


And Maximus Hothead’ was so Miffed over having to turn his Red Bull’s Powertrain Off in the middle of the event, that He went full Ozzie Osbourne “Postal” and clean Bit the Head and both Ears Off of his Chocolate Bunny! C’mon Max, be kind to Bunnies!


The next day back along the Beach, Colton Herta was completely Baffled over how come He Didn’t get a Blue Easter Egg? And how come Alex Palou and Josef Newgarden got to go search for there’s first? But I wanted the Blue Egg first Daddy! Before Colton dejectedly threw his Rainbow coloured Jellybeans outta his cockpit and next time round, went Skating into the nearby Jersey Barrier, Blamoe!


Whilst Josef, Alex and Party Newcomer Romain Grosjean All tried playing Hopscotch with each other, before Takuma Sato’s day was ruined when He Slid upon the last of the remaining Jellybeans… 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

MOTO GP: Aprilia and Gresini make History, KTM Wins Again and Marquez returns to His Playground at COTA

Although Thar’s a new Sheriff in Austin, whilst the King of COTA nearly lost His Crown during MotoGP’s 500th race…


Heading into this year’s USGP at the Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA on it’s traditional Spring weekend Slot for the first time in three Gory years! There had been an unprecedented nine different riders atop the Podium, including three different winners, with two scoring their maiden MotoGP victory. As would this trend continue at Austin?


Instead, we saw the season’s first repeat winner and just one new rider to the podium, giving us 10 of 12 different riders atop the podium’s first four races.



This has to be the story of the year so far. As the much overlooked Italian marque and it’s longtime rider Aleix Espargaro not only scored his Debutante MotoGP Pole in Argentina, but also claimed His and aprilia’s maiden MotoGP victory upon Aleix’s 200th MotoGP Start!


But the Spaniard didn’t make it easy upon himself, albeit later commenting how the track temperature was affecting his riding style. But Aleix  persevered and finally made his pass upon Jorge Martin stick for good wit five laps remaining for the victory!


Aprilia’s lineup stays unchanged with the addition of Maverick Vinales late last year after his Yamaha Styrian GP Meltdown. As Vinales stuck his Aprilia RS GP fifth upon the Argentina grid before settling for a disappointing seventh, as Vinales so far seems outclassed by Aleix, albeit Maverick’s six years younger, so time should be on his side for the steadily improving Minnowesqe Italian marque.


COTA saw the typical reversal of fortunes, as the Aprilia’s struggled mightily in Qualie’, with Aleix and Maverick P13-14 respectively. As Vinales got Team leader Espargaro at races end, finishing 10th, with Aleix one place behind, and losing his Points lead and dropping to third Overall, now 11 markers back.



The Italian marque sees it’s ranks bolstered by the addition of one additional team, with two new Satellite Squads on it’s rolls, giving Ducati the most Bikes on the Grid with eight. While the Factory and Pramac Teams lineups remain unchanged, Gresini Racing joins the Ducati fold and The Doctor’s, nee Valentino Rossi’s VR46 concern fills out the Ducati entries.


Have to say that the Factory riders have struggled so far entering the Lone Star state. With Francesco Pecco’ Bagnaia taking out an unsuspecting Jorge Martin in Qatar, whilst Jack Thriller’ Miller was penalized three places in Argentina for slowing a competitor, finishing where He started in 14th.


Bagnaia rebounded with a fifth place finish in Argentina, but you’d expect Miller 11th Overall and Bagnaia 14th Overall to be much Higher in the standings!


Miller put his Nightmare weekend behind him, Qualifying second at COTA and then promptly leading the race’s first 15 laps before ultimately claiming his season’s first podium finish in third, whilst Bagnaia claimed his second P5 finish to date.


Pramac Racing’s Johann Zarco had two Top 5 Finishes following the Argentina round, with a fifth at Qatar and  a Hard fought third at Indonesia, pipping Miller for the podium’s final step. While teammate Martin finally got on the “Board” with a second place finish in Argentina after two retirements, as Zarco and Martin were eighth and ninth Overall entering COTA.


Although Martin claimed the Pole at Austin and ran second for the first dozen laps, the Spaniard ultimately dropped to eighth, one position ahead of his teammate at the Chequered flag.


Obviously Nobody would have expected Gresini Racing’s Enea Bastianini to not only be the leading Duc’ rider Points-wise, having slid down to third following Argentina with 36 points. But who would have expected the 24yr old Italian to have won His and Gresini’s maiden MotoGP victory at Qatar!


Then Bastianini who reputedly was the fastest at COTA, winding his year old Duc’ up to a ridiculous 350kph, Yikes! Played the long game, content to let Miller and Martin lead the early stages before taking the lead with five laps remaining to win his second MotoGP race in Austin! And thereby recaptures the Points lead with two wins, with 61 points.


Rookie Gresini teammate Fabio Di Giannantonio is off to a typical MotoGP Debutante start, in surely what is a learning year for Him. Not to mention firmly being Overshadowed by second year rider Bastianini…


The Mooney VR46 Racing Team seems somewhat of a “Pet” project for The doctor’s, aka Valentino Rossi’s Half Brother Luca Marini, who I think has scored a best of 11th to date. While Rookie teammate Marco Bezzecchi scored an impressive seventh at Argentina.



Both the Factory Repsol and Satellite LCR Honda  rider lineups remain intact from last year. And although the Factory duo of Pol Espargaro and Marc Marquez got off to a fast  start in Doha, with Espargaro claiming third and Marquez fifth. It All went Pear Shaped beginning in Indonesia, where Marquez suffered a wicked High-side crash during the race’s morning warm-up and missed the race due to having Double vision, presumably due to concussion.


Marquez sat out the following Argentina round, still recovering from his blurred vision, while test rider Stefan Bradl deputized for him with mediocre result.


Pol Espargaro crashed out of the Argentina race, with his older brother Aleix being victorious, before finishing a Ho Hum 13th in Austin.


Yet it was Marc Marquez, known simply as the King of COTA who looked forward to his MotoGP return Stateside. Yet it ultimately was a weekend of what could have been for the 29yr old Six-times MotoGP Champion!


First Marquez qualified an uncharacteristic ninth, where the mighty Ducati’s claimed the top five spots. Then at race’s start, the Spaniard Dropped like a Stone to Dead last, i.e.; P24! Before putting on another typical Marquez Clinique, ultimately holding off reigning MotoGP World Champion Fabio Quartararo for sixth in what had to be the ride of the day!


Although Takaaki Nakagami claimed P10 in the Desert’s season opener, have to say that the Honda LCR Satellite Squad seems an afterthought on the grid for Mwah. As Thar results Don’t even register, typically outside of the Top 10 finishers. With Alex Marquez, younger brother of Marc’s best finish  being P13 at Indonesia heading to COTA. As Nakagami and Alex ranked 15th and 20th Overall respectively before Austin, where Takaaki finished P14 and Alex Crashed out of the race!



The Werks’ riders remain the same with Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira, with the pair both standing on the podium. Binder finished Runner-up at Qatar and Oliveira scored another win for KTM at the rain sodden Indonesian GP. Binder was second in the Points table following Argentina but has dropped to sixth after being the top KTM finisher at COTA in a Quiet 12th.


Really don’t know what to say about the Tech3 KTM “B Team” Satellite Squad, other then I didn’t expect too much from the two rookies. As both Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez, who finished 1-2 respevtively in last year’s Moto2 championship are in a learning year and have constantly finished towards the tail end of the grid…



Their lineup remains unchanged, with Joan Mir and Alex Rins being solid Top-10 Finishers, with 2020 MotoGP World Champion Mirs leading a P6-7 finish at Qatar. And then Rins has gotten the better of Mir’s, leading a P5-6 finish in Indonesia, and scoring Suzuki’s first podium of the season in Argentina when finishing third, with Mir fourth, which seems to becoming a trend.


Rins ran a stellar race at Circuit Of The Americas, being the only rider able to crack what the media called the Ducati Wall! As Rins picked off Jack Miller on the final lap to finish Runner-up, with Mir P4. As Rims moves into second in the Championship just five points adrift of Enea Bastianini, and Mir P4 Overall, 15 points adrift.



The Factory Yamaha Squad remains unchanged after last year’s final roster shuffle. As Fabio Quartararo is the reigning MotoGP champion, but has had a somewhat Subpar start in 2022, with finishes of P9-2-8. Having Quipped following Argentina that eighth place finishes Don’t win you Championships! Thus the Frenchman probably isn’t too Happy over being Boxed out by Marc Marquez, having to settle for P7 at COTA, and 17 points behind Bastianini.


Franco Morbidelli seems to have struggled more than Quartararo so far, with a best finish of seventh at Indonesia prior to COTA. Morbidelli then finished a lowly 16th in Texas, his second finish outside of the Top 10 after P11 in Qatar , along with retiring in Argentina. Making me wonder what’s up with this Italian rider, or is it just more a sign of how the Yamaha’s lagging behind?


The rebranded Yamahopper’ WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP Satellite Squad is an interesting Dichotomy, as have to say I’m surprised by MotoGP rookie Darryn Binder outperforming team leader Dovi’, aka Andrea Dovizioso prior to the latest round in Texas. Especially with the latter’s wealth of MotoGP experience.


As the younger Binder brother pulled off a tenth place finish in Indonesia, the team’s only Top 10 to date. 

Monday, April 11, 2022

MOTO GP: Another impressive Rookie Class and A few Team Changes for the 2022 Season

As which of this Quintet ‘O MotoGP Newbies’ will be Rookie Of the Year?


So we’re now four races into this season’s MotoGP Championship and per Tipicali, I try to post my views upon the start of the Ultimate Road Racing Kneedraggers series on the Planet in conjuction with the series lone U.S. round held at COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas in Austin, Texas.


Thus here’s a quick Look See’ at this years Bevy ‘O Rookie MotoGP Riders and the corresponding MotoGP Team changes, which is usually when I learn something about All of the New Faces on the MotoGP Grid.



Since I Don’t follow Moto2, except for the TV Highlights teasers during the MotoGP Pre-race Build up, I was only mildly aware of Remy Gardner’s prowess, not to mention that famous last name, being son of 1987 GP500 World Champion Wayne Gardner. As Remy’s Pappy was Australia’s first ever GP500 Big Boyz’, now MotoGP World Champion.


And with Remy’s two stints with the Junior KTM Moto2 Squad, i.e.; 2017-2018 and 2021, it shouldn’t be any surprise that He’s now racing for the Tech3 KTM Factory Racing Satellite outfit.


Gardner is the reigning Moto2 Champion having scored five Wins, six Seconds and one Third place finish enroute to the title vs. Red Bull KTM Ajo teammate Raul Fernandez, winning the Moto2 Crown with a 10th place finish in the season finale.


Raul Fernandez finished as the Moto2 Runner-up behind Red Bull KTM Ajo teammate Remy Gardner, despite scoring eight Wins vs. Remy’s five in a stellar rookie season! As Raul finished just four points adrift of Remy, and reportedly Broke several of fellow Spaniard known here on No Fenders as Thee Pinball Wizard’, aka Marc Marquez’s Moto2 records! With the duo claiming 13 of 18 wins during the 2021 Moto2 season’s Championship, Aye Karumba!


Thus the duo should be a formidable pair at the KTM “B Team” this year, whilst it’s worth noting that Raul’s younger brother Adrian currently competes in the “Junior” Moto3 category. So could we see a fourth Brother combo in MotoGP in the near future?




Gresini Racing MotoGP

Last year, Fausto Gresini, founder of His Gresini Motorcycle racing team that served as Aprilia’s MotoGP outfit, passed away from COVID-19 at the age of 60. Yet Fausto’s widow Nadia Padovani has decided to carry on as the new Team Principal this season, albeit no longer with Aprilia, as the Italian marcque’s decided to take their factory programme “In House” this year.


Thus Gresini becomes one of Ducati’s multiple Satellite Squads with a brace of Desmosedici GP21 Ducs’ for Enea Bastianini and rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio, the latter “I Know Nothing” about, Herr Schulz!


Di Giannantonio has had a long relationship with the Gresini racing concern, beginning with it’s Moto3 team in 2015, and ultimately finishing as the Moto3 runner-up to Jorge Martin in 2018, ahead of Marco Bezzecchi in third, before graduating to Moto2 with Gresini. Fabio plied his trade in Moto2 from 2019-2021 with a finish of seventh place in 2021 before joining the Gresini MotoGT team this year.


Meanwhile, Enea Bastianini, who moves over from the Sky VR46 Esponsorama Racing team gave Gresini and Himself a Fairytale start to this year’s MotoGP campaign, when the 24yr old Italian scored His and the Team’s maiden MotoGP victory at the season opening Qatar round this March! Thus Di Giannantonio’s got His work Cut out for Himself…


Mooney VR46 Racing Team

Last year, The doctor’, nee Valentino Rossi and his VR46 Racing Team hired the Esponsorama MotoGP team to campaign a entry for Luca Marini, the Half Brother of Rossi during his rookie MotoGP season.


For 2022, Rossi’s VR46 concern has replaced the departing Esponsorama MotoGP team after it’s ten seasons in the premiere motorcycle class. With the Mooney Group, and Italian joint venture between Energy and Banking concerns being the team’s Title sponsor.


Naturally Rossi’s done a Dealio’ to run Ducati’s for the next three years. And Marini, returning for a second year in MotoGP gets the latest Italian machinery, with a Desmosedici GP22 under his legs.


Rookie Marco Bezzecchi graduates to MotoGP with an year Old Duc’ after a two year stint at Sky Racing Team VR46, where He finished third Overall last season, along with a Moto3 Championship best of third place in 2018.


Interestingly, Vezzecchi was teammate with Marini in 2020 for the then newly formed Moto2 Sky Racing Team VR46 concern, with the pair winning the Team’s Championship that season.


WithU Yamaha RNF MotoGP Pteam

This Satellite Yamaha team was originally formed under the ownership of Malaysia’s Sepeng International Circuit, before Malaysian Oil Giant Petronas and the Sepeng circuit announced their withdrawal from MotoGP at the end of the 2021 season.


Razlan Razali took over control of the team with co-partners and rebranded the team as RNF MotoGP Racing, with it’s initials from Him and his two Children’s names. While Dorna, the Governing Body of MotoGP has granted the team a MotoGP Grid Slot thru 2026.


Longtime Ducati Corse rider Andrea Dovizioso who joined the team mid season last year, as part of the multiple revolving riders Shuffle following ex-Factory Yamaha rider Maverick Vinales Styrian GP Meltdown, continues as the Team leader in 2022.


While former Moto3 Petronas Sprinta team rider Darryn Binder, younger Brother of KTM Factory MotoGP rider Brad Binder is promoted to MotoGP.


Cannot say that Darryn’s Moto3 career was stellar, having competed between 2015-2021, with One win and three Poles from a total of 117 Starts, finishing seventh Overall last year.