Monday, April 4, 2022

F1: Saudi Arabia, Sin City’ and the Politics of Sportswashing

As why does my Oh, So Clever title above make me think of that Great ‘Ol Re-Flex song The Politics of Dancing, Eh?


“We got the Message

Heard it on the Airwaves

The Politicians Have become the DJ’s

Station to Station

The Politics of Dancing…”


Hafta’ say what a great way to start off the Formula 1 season, with Uber’ enjoyable TV Broadcast times out here upon Ye Oregonian coast…


What an Insane Qualifying session that was from Jeddah! Obviously the 57mins Red Flag session for Mick Schumacher’s Mondo’ crash at Turn 11 at an estimated 170mph was Saturday’s Talking Point!


For which Thankfully the son of Michael Schumacher, who’d just celebrated his 23rd Birthday on March 22nd, was Ok with No Broken Bones and simply flown to Hospital for a precautionary medical Scan. Before returning to the Paddock the following day and telling the interviewer He’s Fine!


As Haas wisely decided to withdraw Mick’s ruined racecar Saturday night. Which afterwards Herr Guenter’, aka Guenter Steiner, Haas’s Team Principal said could be up to a Million Dolla Hit, Yowzah!


Pretty Hilarious over Sir Lewis, nee golden Child, aka Lewis Hamilton failing to advance into Q2’ for the first time since  the 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix, where He reportedly Crashed Out. Whilst Sky Sports Croftie’, aka David Kroft noted on sheer pace, it had been the ’09 Silverstone race since He’d failed to advance into Qualifying’s second round, Crikeys!


Also have to say it was a very enjoyable race, albeit I was torn between who I wanted to win, i.e.; Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc, since I feel both of them are Hot Heads! But I chose Max since He’s still behind in the Championship chase…


And may be it’s just Mwah? And I like how the new F1 Chassis seem to definitely be doing what was intended with the Regulations Overhaul, But? It made me think of IndyCar’s (CART) Handford device, since it now seems like Nobody wants to be leading! And All of the drivers were trying to entice the other to be ahead of them just before the next DRS Detection Zone in order to call Slingshot On!


It's now completely Black ‘N White what Formula 1 is All about, albeit it’s Always been  about Show Me the Money!


But Formula 1, the FIA and Stefano Domenicali need to Quit pretending they’re changing Dodgy Nations Attitudes by bringing Formula 1 to them, which  is Nothing more then a Empty soundbite and Hollow Smokescreen! Since The Guardian’s Headline proclaiming Formula 1 Bosses continue to Bury their Heads in increasingly Blood Stained Sands says it All!


Wasn’t aware that the $450 million Deal with Aramco to be F1’s Global partner in 2020 included title Sponsorship of the U.S. Grand Prix at Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA, and I wonder if this will Bleed over to Miami and the forthcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix?


Then on top of that, it’s rumoured that Saudi Arabia is paying F1 $900 million over 10 years for it’s sanctioning fee to Host the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which by my math equals $1.35 B as in Billion!


So how can the Formula 1 Drivers even remotely think they can influence where Liberty Media and the FIA will send the F1 Circus to race? As obviously they’ve chosen Dollars vs. Humanity, since after all Formula One is a Business!


And speaking of putting Money ahead of Morals, Isn’t it Ironic that Liberty Media and Formula 1 were so Quick to publicly announce the new Las Vegas Grand Prix following it’s Saudi Arabia Flashpoint race? As it’s a very Sad statement towards what Liberty Media’s doing to F1, i.e.; Oversatuating the Market!


It’s also disappointing to Hear that the current Concorde agreement between the 10 F1 Constructors allows up to 24 races per season, which Y’all know Liberty Media will push thru in their never ending rush to Squeeze maximum profits out of Formula 1 before it All goes Pear Shaped and Attendance Drops Off again…


Since The Daily Mail’s Headline says it All, by proclaiming that the new, third U.S. based race in Las Vegas could become the first Billion Dollar Deal, and that F1 Has Hit the Jackpot, Baby!