Wednesday, November 11, 2020

No Fenders remains Stuck in Limbo...

Although Surely, Hey Don't Call me Shirley, Hya! No Airplane Jokes Here! Y'all Haven't been Holding Your Collective Breaths, Righto?

Or turnin' Bleu', or is it Purple? Like those loveable but forgotten Smurfs, Eh? As Hello once again my loyal, remaining No Fenders readers...

For those who care, I'm Still Stuck in 1st gear, or is it Reverse? Since my winDOUGHS 10' Confuzers' been back to Ye Computer Shop again for a Gory Third time, and now all I need is a new winDOUGHS 10 compatible Monitor, Printer and presumably switching over to Zoomtext Fusion 2020, albeit I've never successfully mastered the plain 'Ol Zoomtext 2020 Screen reader Software which reputedly Don't work since I've fought against the Planned Obsolescence of buying a Bitchin' New Rectangular monitor as Randal', Thy Monitor King would croak; URGH!

And Yeah, I won't pull too many "Iceman" Puns upon Yuhs. Y'all Don't know who the Iceman Kuh-Kuh-Kuh-Choo' is? As I stole that witty repartee from a recent Mark Thee Iceman" Worman episode of Graveyard Carz from awhile ago now, which is one of the few TV Shows I currently watch weekly - whenever it Airs. Mostly in Deference to it coming outta my adopted Backyard, nee Springfield Oregon just 90mins away from Ye Coast, But I Digress...

AUTOS: A Few TV Car Show Rewinds

As Hopefully they haven't been ravaged by the Fires Engulfing Oregon! since I've got Zero Clue how close the Holiday Ranch Fire was to Springfield, but my 'lil Transistor Radio was Squawking multiple Emergency alerts towards being prepared to Evacuate for several Days!

Having already seranaded Y'all 'bout the ridiculously Idiotic travails of why I haven't been posting any riveting, Uhm ramblin' eclectic thoughts 'bout Der Vurld' de Motorsporten; Ja-Ja! Here upon No Fenders lately, with the exception of the few Blogmeister Miguel's been kind enough to post for Mwah before Dislocating his Shoulder; YOUCH!

As Thanks Microsoft, Zoomtext and Most of All, Google; NOT! For which the "New & Improved, Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge" Hideous Blogger Platform's interface I'd used for nearly 14yrs to post everythingys' now affectionately known here on Nofendersville simply as Blooger' since it's now a Piece 'O Shit!

Technology Rears its Ugly Head Again...

Or for an even more Scathing post upon Ye gOOgle Monster's STUPIDITY! Uhm, ergo Brashness of turning Blogger into another Rotting Corpse, Yikes! For which I'd really like to Shake the Head Clown in Charge's Hand; Err Slap Him/her on Thee Back for this Mega Clusterfuck!

Google's New Blogger Interface Does Not Work Properly

Although trusty Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen who's told me many Ah-Time 'bout how one day civilization will discover this unique Tex-Mex' Jumbaliah 'O Word Smithing I've used here upon Ye Isle 'O Nofendersville for over a Decade now as Tomasan' and simply wonder in Amazement what it means; Aye!

But on a somewhat more serious note, she asked why can't I simply do like Emily Dickinson did whilst awaiting solving my Myriad 'O Confuzer' nee Computer problems, Eh? Notably how winDOUGHS 10 and Zoomtext 2020 currently won't interface correctly on my machine with each other, before I can even "SEE" if it'll work on the new P.O.S. Graphically "Enhanced" Blooger blogging platform?

As I'd never heard of Emily dickinson before, which is somewhat strange since she's lauded as being America's Best ever Female Poet. And I was surprised to learn her story some Gory 134 years following her Death in Bloody 1886; Aye Karumba! Having Died at the Age of 55 on May 15, 1886.

Having never heard of Miss Dickinson before, Mary Ellen told me the story of how she prolifically wrote some 1,800 Poems unknown, which were only discovered by her younger sister after her Death and then subsequently published! Although somehow I Doubt this will occur for Mwah...

Emily Dickinson's I Felt A Funeral in My Brain

Alas, as the Time-Space Continuum merrily continues marching on uninterrupted, regardless of what's happening in our life's. Having just finished listening to my Debutante Tom Robbins tome Tibetan Peach Pie, his only work available in thoust preferred 'Ol School CD Audiobook format from ye local Library.

'Ol "Tommy Rotten's" Sardonic travails of his life ultimately as a successful Novelist made me proclaim that Writing my No Fenders Blog is a Privilege, not a Necessity, albeit I enjoy doing so as my Daily Ritual, which I suppose is why I'm so tied in Knots over Not being able to easily do so on Microsoft's latest creation, BARF!

And whilst Name Dropping, Messer Robbins notes his various encounters with the late Timothy Leary, claiming they became friends, which weirdly made me immediately Flash Back to a Great Old Groovy classic tune by The Moody blues.

VIDEO: Moody Blues - timothy Leary's Dead

Whilst Messer Robbins wraps up his latest novel by briefly mentioning the terms Manifestation vs. Imagination, which I suppose is totally Apropos in All walks of life along with the Serendipity of Coinciding nicely with Ye late Messer Leary, Righto?

As Robbins mention of Leary, plus his partaking in visiting Hate Ashbury in 1967 during the "Summer of Love," which he and his Girlfriend visited made me Flashback to Arse-sumedly Jefferson Airplane's GURR-REATEST' Song? Or at least my favourite, simply titled White Rabbit; Sing It Grace!

"One Pill Makes You Larger

One Pill Makes You Small

And the Ones Mother Gives You

Don't Do Anything at All

Just Ask Alice

When She's 10 Feet Tall

And if You go Chasing Rabbits..."

VIDEO: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Obviously Ye Indy 500's come 'N gone since my Blogging career was temporarily Derailed, for which I've got another riveting Two-part Harmony, Err 2 Part No Fenders tome Ah-Waitin' posting. But as previously mentioned above, I've got ZERO Clue when this will happen, as Thanks Blooger', Bastardoes!

And that was before All of the West Coast Caught on Fire during and following the traditional ending of Summer, i.e.; Labour Day weekend. For which I know California's in way worse Devastation, but Over 10% Oregonians have been Forced to be under Evacuation orders to Depart their Domiciles at Moments Notice; SHEISA!

Not to mention the Horrific Smokeyness we've been enduring for over a week's time when I was trying to finish this ramblin' tome.

As it looked like the consistency 'O Chocolaty Brown Milk whenever I went outside the first few days when Thar weren't No Sun!

Not to mention it took me three days to realize there weren't any Bird noises coming from my Pine trees...

Alas, enough of Ye Debbie Downer' talk I suppose, Eh? As Ye World of Sports has been transfixed by Football; Hut-Hut Omaha! Since Arse-sumedly All of Gory Americre' is now Foaming at the Mouth over some professional Pigskins being tossed about and Motor Racing takes it's proverbial Backseat, Righto?

Although I must confess I've somewhat enjoyed the Self Enforced Sabbatical from Blogging Blooger's provided Mwah, especially since it's the worst time 'O year for when I Cannot S-e-E the Gory Confuzer' Screen and what I'm working upon during Summer's transition to Fall.

But I do still plan to continue Blogging here at No Fenders one day soon in earnest again, when I'll be fully 100% Functional, which now is my Goal for 2021 when Hopefully we'll Ring in a Much Better Year!

As Thanks Y'all for your Continued Patience...


VIDEO: Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up

Partial Song lyrics from:

Jefferson Airplane

Song: White Rabbit

Album: Surrealistic Pillow

Year: 1967