Friday, May 22, 2020

AUTOS: A Few TV Car Show Rewinds

Although not your prototypical Muscle Car, the 'lil Lancia Fulvia Bred for Rallying Stardom definitely classifies as a "Hot Hatchback!" (Image source:
After All, shouldn't we All be getting Our Motors Revved Up over Memorial Day weekend, Going round 'N round in circles for 500 miles...

Ah, thoust continuous spray 'O synchronicity peppers thou Isle 'O Nofendersville again. Since the local Library's been closed over two months now, nearly three with No Gory Audiobooks to Check Out; Egads!

Meaning I've been actually utilizing my Cable TV Service quite Heavily, which typically sits Dormant weekly until Motor Racing arrives on the weekends; but I Digress...

Although it would be Cool if we could have either the 2011, 2013 or 2016 Indianapolis 500 races rebroadcasted Sunday! As we All know, those are All owned by ABC.

Yet NBC will Host an Extended Play 4 Hours Behemoth of last year's epic Indianapolis 500 Battle Royale of Simon Pagenaud v Alexander Rossi on the intended Date of  this year's 104th running of the Indy 500, with Rossi & Pagenaud as expert Driver Analysts beginning at 11AM Pacific.

Meanwhile ESPN2 will Host an All Day Open Wheel Racing Smorgasbord, albeit going Head-to-Head with NBC's Indy 500 Broadcast...

Thus during the COVID 19 "Lockdown," I began watching one Reality TV Car Show in particular, albeit not knowing they were actually re-broadcasting it.

The Show's called Graveyard Carz', since they deal only in resurrecting Vintage Automobiles, primarily Muscle Cars, albeit only Mopar variety - And I also somewhat  enjoy the lead Character, a Self Serving 70yr old male named  Mark Worman,, whom appears to be the Shop's Proprietor, along with the Head Cheese of said TV Show.

As the first episode I watched; Err well listened to in earnest revolved around an ultra rare
340cid V-8 "Three On-the-Tree" (3-Speed 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible, with Mark claiming it was One of Only Eight cars ordered with the 3 Speed manual transmission.

Then the next few weeks following, albeit unknowingly the tail end of the current Season 10 were a retrospective upon the 1958 Christine tribute car they built for the 2019 SEMA Show, with the first All Aluminum 426 Hemi Crate motor given to them by Mopar churning out an Obnoxious 1,000Bhp in Supercharger guise! Which they called it Thee Hellephant...

This was Funny to Mwah, since the name Christine floated back up upon thoust Radar for another wonky, languishing No Fenders story about Car Movies currently on Ye Story Rotisserie...

and then when trying to figure out who that Mark Chap was, I was Bowled over in Bemusement upon learning that the show originates out of their shop located in Springfield, Oregon, just  a 90mins drive from Mwah, Momma Mia!

While I stumbled across the following article chronicling 13 of Graveyard Carz' Top Mopar Muscle Build Picks, which Y'all can check out in;

Vintage Rides
  • 1977 Porsche 924
  • 1969 Opel GT
  • 1972 Lancia Fulvia

Another Motor Trend TV show I've been enjoying whenever I'm able to run into it. Is called Wheeler Dealers, as I enjoy the cast members , primarily mechanic Ant Anstead, along with the lead role played by Mike Brewer.

Recently I decided to go on a Lazy Sunday afternoon's binge, and gorge Thyself upon three episodes back-to-back, having since discerned I was watching episodes from the 2018 season.

I chose to do so since I almost never indulge Thyself - And primarily due to Thee Uber' Soft Spot I have for the Porsche 924, specifically since 'Ol Pops', aka Tomas Senior once owned a pristine, brand new 1977 1/2 Silver 924, having previously regaled Y'all here on No Fenders with Ye following tome...

If the Opel GT's the car I think it is, which I believe my late Cousin owned one of? Then it's a pretty cool ride. And this was the Funniest episode of the three, since Mike Dryly noted how it's Brakes were Stopping in Another state! And then calmly noting he thought he'd Broken the unique swivel Bucket Headlamps mechanical Arm inside the Cockpit, OOPSADAISY!

Yet what I mostly enjoy about this TV Show is their constantly Digging Up automotive Gems in the Rough I've either not heard of before or forgotten.

Case in point was the Lancia Fulvia, which I'd never heard of before, which returned this Italian Auto Manufacturer to Glory with its winning pedigree in World Rallying. While I was surprised to learn it was the first Factory Racecar following the Company's withdrawal from Motorsports, most notably Formula 1 in 1955 - when it was Sold to FIAT.

And that immediately made me recall the long forgotten, and presumably unknown to many Lancia D50 Formula 1 chassis, which ultimately Il Commendatore, nee Enzo Ferrari utilized to win the F1 World Championship with El Maestro', aka Juan Manuel Fangio at the controls in 1956, in what became known simply as the Ferrari D50.

Also, the Fulvia was the predecessor to the car that most easily comes to Thy lips when hearing the word Lancia, as in the All conquering Lancia Stratos

The car featured on this recent (2018) episode of Wheeler Dealers, which was obtained from a Sonoma, CA Wrecking Yard for $9,500 was a 1972 Lancia Fulvia Series II with a tiny 1.3-litre V-4 lump', which later I learned was "Laid Down" to give it a lower profile.

And apparently this "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" isn't new to the TV Show, since they apparently poached a similar chassis a Decade earlier, which Y'all can check out in the "Teaser" video below.

Or Y'all might enjoy another  video I found on Youtube chronicling the Fulvia's Rallying History, which reached its Zenith by capturing the 1972 FIA International Championship For Manufacturers (ICFM) title, the precursor to today's FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) which commenced in '73. Although the Italian marque was running Thar Lancia Fulvia 1.6 Coupe HF in upgraded 1.6-litre guise, and Defeated it's FIAT Sibling's 124 Sport Spyder for this series final crown between 1970-72.

On a separate "Rally Stage," two prominent names, albeit presumably more contested this ICFM Series - Stand out to Mwah, with the late Ove Anderson and Gerard Larrousse competing as Rally Drivers, but that's a whole nother Wabbithole' for a different day...