Tuesday, May 12, 2020

INDY 500: Now and Then

When the virtual road meets the reality of Real World Driving...

Yeah, I know Thars absolutely NO Correlation, but... I found the Speed Freaks interview with Conor Daly, Thee Hardest Working Driver in IndyCars, Tuh-duh! Enjoyable as always.

As Conor was fairly philisophical about his runner-up finish in the IndyCar i Racing Indianapolis 175 Virtual Race. Saying he'll take it, but Tank Gawd' for Guaranteed Starting Spots, which Daly was filling in for Carlin that week, albeit Conor's a Fulltime Driver this year courtesy of two race teams, i.e.; (ECR) Ed Carpenter Racing and Carlin.

Yet Daly Mused He'd have Never Qualified - Presumably on Speed alone due  to his running the Barest Bones Sim Rig Set-up of All...

As I Don't know 'bout Y'all, but just Thee Mention of Guaranteed Starting Grid Slots for the Indianapolis 500 absolutely makes me Shudder!

Which is why I suppose I found 'Ol R', aka Racer's Robin Miller, Ye Curmudgeon of IndyCar's following yarn so refreshing.

As Miller harkens back to another obscure name from the past, another of his Sprint Car Heroes Me Thinks? Noting how Jan Opperman put an underperforming Champ Car into the Field of The Fastest 33 Starters at Mother Speedway Wayback in 1976!

And speaking 'O Bump Day's of Past, Robin Miller tells us 'bout three Drivers who persevered to land starts at Indianapolis despite long odds...