Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 F1 Car Launch: Ferrari leads the way with Online launch dance...

Kimi Raikkonen putting miles upon his new sled, the F14T at Jerez. (Image source:
Apparently la Scuderia, nee Ferrari was once again the first F1 Constructor to show off its wares for the 2014 season via the A-L-L knowing "Intrawoods" (Internetz) with a few computer assisted rendering teases.

And while Ferrari's front nose treatment isn't beautiful, like all of its competitors, nevertheless I'm somewhat surprised to hear that they've kept the much unloved front Pullrod layout in favour of the more traditional Pushrod layout that most of the competition utilizes.

And you already know about the much publized driver switch, with Kimi Raikkonen replacing Felipe Massa after eight years at Maranello, as obviously Ferrari is seeking to recapture the Constructor's crown at the very least, while also expecting one of its driver's to win the world championship with probably the nod going to Fernando Alonso, but will Kimi play along?

Team: Ferrari
Chassis: F14T
Engine: Ferrari

7) Kimi Raikkonen
14) Fernando Alonso

2014 F1 Car Launch: Can Red Bull continue crushing the opposition once again?

Daniel Ricciardo actually driving the RB10 at Jerez, briefly. (Image source:
By now, I'm ARSE-sumin' Y'all know 'bout Red Bull's less than impressive beginnings to this season's winter testing at Jerez, where the Quadruple Double World Champions saw nothing but a host of reliability issues being chalked up to the Renault V-6 turbo power unit, albeit cooling and turbocharger issues also resulted  from Adrian Newey's overly tight 'Aero-packaging...

And as what apparently will be  de riggour this year, the RB10 will sport one of the UGLY noses which are commonplace this season due to the rules package, as really FIA? You cannot figure out how to avoid this?

Meanwhile on the driver side, I see that "TWINKIEBOY," aka Seb' Vettel is being his usual typical graceful self by stating that new-boy Daniel Ricciardo will have to go it his own way and shouldn't expect any help from the reigning world champion... Uhm, so glad to hear you're such a team player Sebastian; Oh Never Mind! As I'm really looking forward to both of the Mercedes and Ferrari's beating you this year...

Ricciardo to make own way at Red Bullsays Vettel

Team: Red Bull
Chassis: RB10
Engine: Renault

1) Sebastian Vettel
3) Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull launches 2014 RB10 Formula 1car before Jerez testing

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 F1 Car Launch: Williams set to write a new successful chapter in its storied career this year...

Finnish Phenom' Valtteri Bottas behind the wheel of the new FW36 at Jerez. (Image source:
The storied Formula 1 Constructor Williams, which we all know under the watchful tutelage of team founder Sir Frank (Williams) and departed co-owner Patrick Head has struggled in the past few years to live up to the heights of expectations, after all being the second most successful Constructor on the grid - having fallen to a lowly ninth place in the Constructor's title fight last season with a measly 5-points.

Thus Team 'Willy has brought on a raft of new key engineering personnel, including new Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds to lead the charge in the Grove-based squad's resurgence, which the team hopes to do so this season.

Reportedly the front nose utilizes a "finger" style treatment to conform with the new rules package while the biggest technical change is the ditching of 'Reggie (Renault) power and taking on their very first ever 'Merc lump, as the Mercedes Benz V-6 turbo unit was the class of the field at this year's first winter test in Jerez.

And while the McLaren MP4-29 has been making waves with its controversial rear wing suspension treatment, little seems to being mulled over the Williams FW36's rear suspension treatment which also features some sort of wing attachment, not to mention its novel wing-flap underneath its exhaust.

On the driver front, one can only argue that the team has also improved its lineup with the addition of the amiable Brazilian Felipe Massa over last year's Hot-head Pastor Maldonado while I'm looking for great things from F1 sophomore Valtteri Bottas, who's just been lacking a decent mount to show off his prodigious talents! As I'm looking forward to seeing the Martini cars - a long rumoured sponsorship deal in the Pipeline being back up towards the sharp end of the grid this year...

Team: Williams
Chassis: FW36
Engine: Mercedes Benz

19) Felipe Massa
77) Valtteri Bottas