Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hawaii Racing Association makes the local Newspaper...

Barely! As I asked Tomas Senior to tear  out the following article from the overabundant West Hawaii Today, which make's Geo. Phillip's "thinna-seean" (Tennessean) newspaper look like a major hardback novel; YOUCH! As the local Kona "Fishwrap typically contains approx. 9-12 pages of news per day; Aye Karumba!

And I just burst out into laughter when he handed over the most miniscule piece of paper - which he said measured approx. two-inches X two and one-half inches! And that includes bottom & top of other stories in the same space as I pondered how I'd keep from losing this teensy-weensy bit 'O paper for two-plus weeks...

As here's the excerpt from the West Hawaii Today...

Hawaii Racing Association Survey
The Hawaii Racing Association is updating its membership list for 2014 to find out what types of motorsports Big Island residents are most interested in having at the proposed Kona Motorsports Park.

The HRA's website shows potential uses for a 250-acre park and offers an online survey.

For more information on the (proposed) Kona Motorsports Park project, please visit Hawaii Racing Association's Home page.

Have NO idea if this is the project I'd once heard that Danny Ongais was involved with? As I thought the project was dead, but apparently not. While if Y'all are interested in my yarn 'bout 'OnGas, aka Danny Ongais, then please check out:

Thanxs to "Eagle-Eyed" Tomas Sr. for spotting this for Mwah whilst in Kona...

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