Monday, August 30, 2021

F1: The Race Resumes. No, It Doesn’t!

Although we All know, It’s just a Two Horse race whenever it Stops Raining at Spa…


Have to admit, I totally didn’t miss Formula 1 at all over the past month’s Summer Break, and found myself musing over really wanting to go back to following F1?


As we All know, Golden child, nee Sir Lewis, or simply known as Lewis Hamilton led the F1 Drivers standings following the Hungarian Grand Prix by 8 points over Max Verstappen, with these two being in Thar own respective Zip code! As I only bothered with the Top five drivers who were above 100 points, since this already feels like a pretty compelling cut-off.


Whilst the much more important F1 Constructors standings sees a similar plight, once again with Mercedes and Red bull locked in a Mano e Mano Duel for the top slot. And who knows how many more Grands Prix there will be over the season’s second half, especially with Covid 19’s Delta variant picking up steam itself! And the F1 Calender having been further modified to now only 22 planned Grands Prix. As may be Liberty Media should get the Memo about Not trying to hold a ridiculous 23 events per season, Comprende?


And those  were my sentiments before Mother Nature Slapped Formula 1 Upside it’s Noggin’ at Spa!


As the following Points Standings were as of the Hungarian Grand Prix, and Don’t reflect the Farcical awarding of Half points at Spa Francorchamps!


F1 Constructors Points

(1) Mercedes: 303, (2) Red Bull: 291, (3) Ferrari: 163, (4) McLaren: 163, (5) Alpine: 77, (6) AlphaTauri: 68, (7) Aston Martin: 48, (8) Williams: 10, (9) Alfa Romeo: 3 and (10) Haas: 0


F1 Drivers Points

(1) Lewis Hamilton: 195, (2) Max Verstappen: 187, (3) Lando Norris: 113, (4) Valtteri Bottas: 108 and (5) Sergio Perez: 104


Not surprisingly, Red bull has elected to keep Sergio Perez for another season, while Ditto for Alpine with Fernando Alonso. With the world waiting with Baited Breath over Valtteri Bottas being replaced by George Russell. With the only question will it be a straight swap or will Bottas replace Kimi Raikkonen at Alfa Romeo?


Whilst F1 Grizzled Journo’ Joe Saward notes that le Reggie’ (Renault) parted company with it’s  Engine Boss, along with the Scandal over Spa Francorchamps Circuit Boss Nathalie Maillet being found Dead at Home in a suspected Messy Murdered triangle!


Mother Nature played Havoc with the Mighty Spa All weekend long, as Friday’s inclement weather saw Max Verstappen bringing out a second Red Flag after crashing in the final moments of Friday’s second practice session, albeit Verstappen was P1 at the end of (Free Practice) FP2.


Following the Big boyz’ final practice session, the Women’s W Series saw a six car Pile-up with multiple wrecked cars and two Drivers going to Hospital for precautionary checks, a la Lando Norris following a Wet ‘N Wooly F1 Qualifying session!


As All three Qualie’ sessions were held in varying precipitation, with a Chaotic Q3 Top 10 Shootout session Red Flagged for 42mins due to McLaren’s Lando Norris Mega Shunt at Eau Rouge on his first Flying Lap! As the famous corner was the site of multiple incidents and was the center of much consternation over the weekend, along with differing views upon it’s planned renovations for 2022.


Then the unthinkable happened, as Team Willy’s George Russell snatches an unlikely Pole position away from Golden Child, nee Sir Lewis (Hamilton) by a scant Millisecond!


But Verstappen Pips George Russell by 0.321 second on his final Q3 lap to Deny Russell from taking a Shock Pole for Williams, his first Front Row start, ahead of Golden Child in P3! With McLaren’s Dannyric’, aka Daniel Ricciardo in fourth and Aston Martin’s ‘lil Syd viddle’ (Sebastian Vettel) rounding out the Top 5.


Whilst both Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) were serving five place Grid penalties for causing separate first lap accidents at Hungary. And that was before finding out about Kimi Raikkonen changing to a different rear wing on his Alfa Romeo or Norris having had his Gearbox changed, resulting in penalties for  both of them…


As little did we know that Saturday’s Qualifying would ultimately determine the finishing order of the race’s podium, albeit I’d say that the race was a total Farce! As I said laughing mirthlessly Clusterfuck! When Nobody could figure out whether or not the race had ever officially started?


And Ye Piped Piper Chris Horner has to be wondering about signing Sergio Perez for another season after Checko’ Aqualplaned Offtrack during the Formation lap and initially “Totaled” his Red bull chariot, which definitely Had Wings!


Before longtime Red Bull Manager Jonathan Wheatley rightly Argued with F1 Race Director Michael Masi that the race had never started, and therefore Checko’ hadn’t received any “Outside Assistance.” Meaning Perez could resume racing if they could repair the car, which remarkably the Red Bull Mechanics did in record time All to No Avail!


And “we” Talk About Drivers earning Thar Money during tricky driving conditions, but I’d say that the Talking Headz’, Uhm Sky Sports F1 Pundits earned their Salaries Sunday Quite Handsomely, especially Pitlane reporter Karun “Cowboy” Chandhok! Whom lead Announcer, Err Presenter David “Kroftie” Kroft was giving much ribbing about being outside in the weather. And how he and Brundle were nice and dry, Warm and had the Heaters on Full Boil, Hya!


As they were keeping us entertained and amused as Martin Billybob’ Brundle said incredulously He’s never heard such a comment from trained F1 Personnel, when they played the sound clip of somebody on the Pit wall asking F1 Race Director Masi Did the Race Start or Not? To which Kroftie’ Cheekily said that Sky Sports Analyst ANT’, nee Anthony Davidson hasn’t done this much reading, reading the F1 Regulations since Grade School, Hya! To which ANT’ Brilliantly said Deadpan See Spot Run, Hya!


As I’ll admit that I got up at Oh Dark 30’ since I had a feeling after Saturday’s result it was gonna be a Zany race and I didn’t want to miss any of it, which typically gets rudely Sliced ‘n diced and Chopped Off in the ensuing Encore Presentations with multiple interruptions by the Mother’s Shoe Polish lady…


So I sat thru the whole Gory thing, for which I’ll tackle the Stupendous Gaff made by F1 in a separate post, since like typical this one’s running a Wee Bitamyte’ long! With two more items to comment upon.


Wasn’t paying full Attenzione to the start of the conversation during what clocked in as a 3hr 20mins Red Flag Delay on my Talking Keychain Clock. As think Kroftie’ was asking Brundle about whether or not Vettel should give back his Runner-up trophy from Hungary after later being Disqualified.


As my Ears pricked up when Brundle waxed poetically about how he still has the second place trophy along with the chrome screws in his trophy cabinet even though the FIA Record Books say He Doesn’t exist that year! As he muddled on finally recalling he’d passed Elio de Angelis in 1985 but went quiet after mentioning how de Angelis had Died in a Testing Accident.


Actually Brundle had finished second in the 1984 Detroit Grand Prix, whilst I’d forgotten he suffered a Horrendous Shunt at the following Dallas Grand Prix where he broke both ankles and feet! And reportedly his left anklw was so bad, that Doctors initially considered Amputating it! While Martin would never be able to left foot brake again! Whilst I’d also forgotten that was his Rookie  F1 season.


Although I know of the infamous ’84 Dallas Grand Prix, which I actually paid a friend to make copies of his photos from that race, it was before my Formula 1 Baptism.


Yet I am aware from the History Books how Tyrrell was ultimately excluded from that year’s records after presumably rival teams protested Brundle’s Runner Up finish at Detroit. Or was simply Disqualified afterwards for not meeting the FIA’s minimum weight requirements.


Since they’d been using illegal lead buckshot in the Tyrrell’s 012 chassis in order to stay competitive vs. the turbo cars as the lone Cossie’ (Ford Cosworth)

DFY  naturally aspirated V-8 runner that year.


As the Buckshot was mixed into the car’s onboard water tanks during final Pit stops to meet the minimum weight requirement, but done under High pressure the lead would spill out onto Pitlane, many times into other competitors Pit boxes…


Thus “Uncle Chopper’s” (Ken Tyrrell) F1 Team was barred from the season’s final three races and all results nullified, costing him considerable travel funds the following year, not to mention ultimately giving the FIA it’s wish of “Banning” non turbocharged entries for ’85. Albeit Tyrrell soldiered on with the 012 at the beginning of the 1985 season before it’s 014 Chassis with a Renault turbo engine arrived.


Whilst my Quip of The Year so far has to be Kroftie’s Brilliant parting words when signing off from Spa, saying in a typical Dry, Imperial British Monotone. We’ve been Talking Awhile Now and We Need some Water. Does Anybody Know Where We cand Find Some?

Friday, August 27, 2021

MOTO GP: The sounds of Yamaha’s Rev limiter Shrieks thru The Hills of Spielberg

As Maverick “Top gun” vinales trys pushing his Yamaha past the Danger Zone…


Cannot remember why I missed the Styrian Grand Prix, albeit think it was due to it being shown way late at night here Stateside, and I didn’t feel like bothering, since strangely I was more interested in listening to the Speed Freaks take upon that Debacle at Mother Speedway known as Kerb Gate!


By now, if you pay Attenzione to MotoGP, then you know that the news still Buzzing round Ye Globe is what has been called Maverick Vinales Meltdown! Although having long ago nicknamed him top gun, I prefer saying Maverick Flamed Out!


When the 26yr old Spaniard apparently triedDetonating his Yamahopper’s YZR-M1 engine by Upshifting to 5th Gear and leaving the straining motor revving away relentlessly! Which apparently didn’t work, since Motorsport  Magazine’s Crack Journo’ Matt Oxley notes, with the abundance of today’s complex electronics, it’s practically impossible to simply Blow Up an MotoGP engine these days!


Whilst Matt Oxley opines in his article titled MotoGP: Maverick vinales Meltdown, was it really So Bad? The last Yamaha lump’ he can recall being “Done Blown Up!” Is Thee doctor’s, nee Valentino Rossi’s engine going Kuh-Blammoe in 2016 due to a miss-programmed Rev limiter…


As Oxley brilliantly notes that these sorts of Hijinxs aren’t new, noting how both eventual World Champions Freddie Spencer and Kevin Schwantz and both attempted doing the exact same thin to their respective Honda and Suzuki mounts! With Spencer not being able to see in the Dark and finally succeeding in making the Honda’s engine seize up with All the Oil-lines blowing off the engine to his Chief Mechanic’s approval in the 1980’s!


Whilst Schwantz and Co-Rider Doug Chandler tried a similar tactic during a Suzuka 8 Hours race in ’92 after they noticed how “Dog Slow” their Suzuki GSX-R750’s engine was. With Oxley noting that Rider Meltdowns are nothing new, pointing out how Four times World Champion “Steady Eddie” Lawson once threw traffic cones in disgust at Trackside Marshals, and “So It goes!”


Ontrack Off Road Magazine’s Neil Morrison has an even more interesting take upon the Maverick Vinales Meltdown, one that made me immediately think of Golden child,nee Sir Lewis or simply known as Lewis Hamilton. As Morrison suggests that Maverick’s issues may stem from having a toxic relationship with his father Angel, who’s been blaming Yamaha for ruining his son’s career for the last five years and also cut ties with Yamaha for his Super Sport team just prior to Maverick’s suspension, and then immediate termination from the Japanese Marque.


Since I recall that Hamilton cut his ties to his father Anthony, who I think was his manager initially during his McLaren days. While Morrison notes how two current MotoGP Stars Fabio Quartaro and Marc Marquez deal with their fathers, most notably with Marquez saying he’s only allowed to ask two Questions: How are you and How’s the Arm?


And whilst Yamaha Test Rider Cal Crutchlow will race in Vinales place at this weekend’s British Grand Prix, with fellow Moto2 Briton Jake Simpson making his MotoGP debut for the Satellite Petronas SRT team, where Crutchlow’s currently been substituting for the injured Franco Morbidelli.


Moto Matters David Emmitt has written that it’s not known whether or not the 35yr old Crutchlow will replace Vinales for the final seven MotoGP Rounds or whether or not Yamaha will try to move either of Petronas Yamaha SRT Riders Valentino Rossi or Morbidelli up to the Factory team instead?


Although some Scuttlebutt suggest that Morbidelli will indeed move up to the Factory Yamaha team shortly or the rest of the season, prior to his planned 2022 promotion, and that former Ducati rider Dovi’, nee Andrea Dovizioso will take over Morbidelli’s seat for the remainder of the year…


Meanwhile Vinales has already announced his being signed by Aprilia for 2022, and with his termination from Yamaha is free to ride for the Italian concern whenever he wishes too.


It's also Old News that The Doctor, nee Valentino Rossi has announced his retirement from MotoGP at season’s end, since obviously things aren’t going well for the 42yr old Italian Rider, since MotoGP is most definitely a Young Man’s Sport.


While couple this with the news that first Petronas, the Malaysian State owned Petrolium company announced they’re pulling out of MotoGP at season’s end, and that Petronas Yamaha SRT, theSepang International Circuit Yamaha Satellite Squad is also Quitting MotoGP, along with the two lower tiers, i.e.; Moto2 and Moto3 at season’s end, and suddenly there’s Ah-Plenty’ going on for the 2022 Silly Season!


As factions of the current SRT Team are reportedly set to announce their intentions at the upcoming San Marino Grand Prix at Misano, which makes me wonder if the Dovizioso rumor’s true, will they be switching Manufacturers? Or will they remain as the Satellite Yamaha Squad with an All New Rider lineup for 2022? 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Farewell Robin Miller

The ‘Legendous ‘R (Robin Miller) Arm-wrassles with The ‘CandyMann (Randy Bernard) over a priceless limited 1st edition No Fenders T-Shirt...


So for Mwah, today’s a very Sad day, since when I opened Racer’s IndyCar page for my Daily News Trawl late this morning, I was Saddened to learn that ‘Ol r’, Ye Curmudgeon ‘O Indy Cars Robin Miller had Died from his long fight with Cancer and Leukemia at Age 71.


Frankly, I cannot write anything better than All of the glowing tributes being spread around the Media regarding Robin, other than I’m still Thankful that he bothered to interact with me, albeit minutely over the years, since I had the privilege of meeting him once Wayback in 2009 in the IMS Media Center when I believe he wasn’t initially a Fan of Us lowly bloggers! Yet to his credit he gave me tidbits to use in stories here on No Fenders, not to mention my Zany “Interview” wit him…


And like I wrote before, I know Robin wouldn’t want to have heard this, but the Tears began flowing down my face when reading Racer’s Marshal Pruett’s great description of how there was Nobody like Robin Miller!


As IndyCar’s will definitely be Duller without You


Salute Robin! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Romain Grosjean’s Career renaissance

As everybody likes the Rookie French Driver in Indy Cars…


Like many, I was most intrigued over how Romain Grosjean would fair in his debutante IndyCar Oval race Saturday Nite’ at whatever for Mwah will simply be Gateway, now known as World Wide Technology Raceway (WWTR) or simply WWT Raceway instead…


As I marveled how far the Frenchman has come in his racing career, as for some strange reason I heard Mark Handlebarz’ Webber Cooing in my ear…


As everybody knows about Romain’s Horrific, Fiery Shunt at Bahrain last year, which Thankfully He Walked Away from!


During the Pre-race Banter, believe it was NBC Sports (Townsend) T-Bell’ who mentioned that Grosjean’s new nickname is The Phoenix. While IndyStar’s Nathan Browne mentioned in a story how the Frenchman was wearing his trademarked “Ball Cap” with two hands raised in the Air with Flames All around as the Phoenix, not to mention his one hand still bears the Scars of being engulfed in Fire for some 30 seconds!


Yet how many remember, myself included that Grosjean began his Formula 1 career as “Nielsen Ho’s,” aka Nelson Piquet Jr’s replacement at Renault after the Brazilian had been dropped following the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix for the rest of the season, having been le Reggie’s Test and Reserve Driver, where interestingly his Car number was 8.


As Grosjean was completely overshadowed by what erupted into Crash Gate that Fall, with Piquet Junior’s pronouncement of having been told to deliberately Crash by “HMS Monogram,” neee Flavour Flav’, aka Team Boss Flavio Briatore during the ’08 Singapore Grand Prix to ensure that his team-mate and team leader Fredrico Suave, aka Fernando Alonso won the race!


Romain was jettisoned from the Renault F1 Team at season’s end and rebuilt his career by winning both the 2011 GP2 Asia and main GP2 Series Championships, the only driver to do so before returning to Formula 1 in 2012 at the newly renamed Lotus F1 Team, having previously been Lotus Renault GP after Renault had sold a majority share to Genii Capital investor Gerard Lopez at the end of ’09.


As Romain joined some Finnish Guy who famously said “Just leave Me Alone, I Know what I’m doing!” Known as the “Iceman,” nee Kimi Raikkonen as Lotus F1 Team leader.


But you’d have to say that his return to F1 wasn’t exactly stellar, having multiple First lap Crashes and being publicly called a “First lap Nutcase” by Mark Webber after they’d collided on lap-1 at that year’s Japanese Grand Prix! As Grosjean had been involved in seven first lap incidents in the first 12 Grands Prix, leading up to Belgium.


Not to mention being given a One race Ban for triggering the Multi-car Pile-up at Spa Francorchamps, where Grosjean’s Lotus barely missed Alonso’s Helmet, with the Spaniard now driving for Ferrari!


As the Crash ultimately took out four cars including Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren, for which Romain had cut in front of. Alonso’s Ferrari, Sauber’s Sergio Perez and Grosjean. Not to mention affecting Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi’s race, who finished 13th.


As romain became the first F1 Driver to be given a One race Ban since somebody known on No Fenders as Der Terminator’, aka Michael Schumacher Wayback in 1994! Along with being fined $50,000 Euros!


Yet to be fair to Grosjean, I do recall rootin’ for him to do the unthinkable at the 2013 USGP at Circuit Of the Americas and somehow pass ‘lil Syd viddle (Sebastian Vettel) who was leading the race in his Red Bull. As Grosjean Cooly held off Vettel’s team-mate and his Bosom Buddy Webber for second place in a Red Bull Racing “Kidney Pie” Sandwich…


After four seasons at Lotus, Romain joined the latest Brand New Formula 1 Team, Haas F1 in 2016 for the remainder of his Formula 1 career, and I cannot help but wonder now if he chose the number 8 in deference to it being his first car number in F1?


Fast forwarding to this year, I’d have to say that Romain’s probably the most popular driver in Indy Cars? As how can you not feel Happy for Him and the Feel Good story of the Minnowesqe Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing’s Rookie IndyCar Driver securing his first series Pole position and Podium in only his third ever IndyCar outing! Not to mention having the IMS Road Course figured out by finishing Runner-up twice.


Thus naturally you’d be curious over how the former F1 Pilote who’d never raced on an Oval before would do in only his tenth IndyCar outing, wouldn’t you?


Rolling off P14, from the outside of Row 7, Romain managed to dodge All of the Carnage that occurred in the first 60-plus laps, mostly being Yellow, with the Hijinxs of Ed Jones v Graham Rahal, Ed Carpenter and Simon Pagenaud v Josef Newgarden!


And after the race had finally settled down following five cautions for a ridiculous amount ‘O Yellow Flag laps, Grosjean electrified Mwah, making some Nifty Overtaking maneuvers on Ovalmeister TK’ follow your Schnoz! Kanaan and Dalton Kellett. Then Conor Daly, whom I believe Romain had been sent to the back of the field for Avoidable Contact with Daly previously?


Next up was Scott McLaughlin and then I think he put a daring High Side pass upon The Dude, aka Ryan Hunter-Reay before settling in at eighth place Ontrack.


Of course Grosjean who told Nathan Browne the only thing that had possibly prepared him for Oval racing was his time spent Ice racing Wayback in ’09! Had his struggles learning how to adapt to driving on Cold, “Hard,” Fresh Firestone rubber and got up into the ”Gray,” aka “Marbles” and summarily lost All of the positions he’d gained! Which happened over multiple Pit Stops.


Not to mention getting “Hosed” by being on the wrong side of the evening’s final Caution period when Alexander Rossi tagged the Wall after making his final Pitstop and trying to stay ahead of Race leader Newgarden and eventual Runner-up Pato O’Ward. As Grosjean ultimately finished exactly where he’d started in 14th, but I’d say it was a very good race for him.


Naturally I’ve been Pulling for Grosjean to Beat Team Penske’s rookie Scott McLaughlin in the Rookie Of the Year (ROY) battle for awhile now. And not because I have anything against the Kiwi’, it’s just that I tire easily of Team Penske always winning everything! So Go Romain! Who reputedly now trails McLaughlin by 23 points with three races remaining.


As Hopefully  we’ll see Grosjean making his Full season IndyCar campaign next year, including his Debutante Indy 500, no matter who He’s driving for, with another celebrated driver named Jimmie Johnson as part of his 2022 Mother Speedway Rookie Class… 

Friday, August 20, 2021

LE MANS: 2021 Supporting classes Once Again represent Majority of the Grid

But it’s a good thing we’ve got ‘em, Otherwise we’d be watching only 13 Cars taking Ye Tricolour…


With  the Bulk of this weekend’s 89th Edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans being comprised of it’s “lower tier” brethren,

i.e.; 25 LMP2 entries and 23 LM GTE Am entrants, which I believe Adds up to 48? Uhm, Too Bad that Jimmie Johnson Guy Ain’t here, Hya! Uhm, actually He’s got the weekend off after last week’s outing at Mother Speedway, with the IMS Road Course being his first repeat racetrack this year, with his best finish of the season coming Thar. (P19)


Thus with 48 outta 61 race entries, I’m simply not even gonna try chronicling ‘em All! But instead will just Highlight some of those who caught my eye when perusing this year’s “Entry list.” With No Disrespect intended towards the Garage 56 entry, which includes two Disabled Drivers on it’s three man #84 LMP2 roster. One a former GP500 Rider and the other an ex-Motorcross rider.


Le Mans Prototypes 2 (LMP2)

As Don’t Quote Me but, it appears that the entire LMP2 field is comprised of the Oreca 07 chassis mated to the mandatory Gibson 4.2-litre Normally Aspirated V-8 lump’ this year, albeit I didn’t initially check All 25 entries thoroughly. Since it appears the lone Ligier JS217/Gibson #74 Racing Team India EurAsia entry is the solitary interloper.


As they say, Ladies First! As the No. 1 Richard Mille Racing’s entry sports an All le femme lineup once again, with Tatiana Calderon, Sophia Florsch and Beitske Visser behind the steering wheel for a second year in-a-row. As it would be Fantastic if they won their Class this year.


But they’ll have to get past defending LMP2 winners United Autosport’s #22 entry with former Formula 1 Driver and current Sky Sports F1 Pundit Paul di Resta alongside Co-Drivers Phil Hansen and Filipe Albuquerque, the latter two who also won last year’s European Le Mans Series (ELMS) championship aboard United Autosport’s #22 ELMS entry. Di Resta has moved over to the team’s No. 23 entry and is replaced by Fabio Scherer this year in the lead #22.


As the team Co-owned by McLaren CEO Zak Brown with Richard Dean's once again enters three cars this year with it’s #22 defending Le Mans LMP2 Class champion entry alongside the #23 and it’s Seester’ #32.


As the #32 sports an interesting lineup consisting of former Indy Lights driver Nico Jammin, Jonathan Aberdein and Manuel Maldonado, the younger cousin   of former Williams F1 Grands Prix winner Pastor Maldonado, better known as “Crashtor,” Youch!


DragonSpeed’s No. 21 features Ben Hanley, Henrik “Max Headroom” Hedman and some guy named Juan Pablo Montoya as it’s drivers, once again begging thoust Questione. If Montoya wins the class, does that mean he claims Fredrico Suave’s Mythical Triple Crown before the Smarmy Spaniard does? Comprising of Monaco, Indy 500 and Le Mans victories? Or presumably does this only apply to outright wins in those three disciplines?


The second High Class Racing #49 entry features a well known Father-son duo, with MAGS’, aka Jan Magnussen joined by his son Kevin Bacon’ Magnussen and Anders Fjordbach at it’s Keyboard. As I’ve just learned that High Class Racing is based in Denmark, so it makes sense for the Magnussen pairing, Righto?


Bad Arse Patrick Kelly Headlines PR1/Mathiasen  Motorsports #24 entry, with Gabriel Aubry and Simon Trummer alongside, as one of the few IMSA Weathertech SportsCar championship entrants being invited to Circuit de la Sarthe this year. With another unlikely one being the No. 82 Risi Competizione, who used to run Ferrari 488 GTE Evo’s in the LM GTE Pro Class being the only two IMSA LMP2 entrants.


And you can never count out Messer di Resta’s Sky Sports F1 Pundit ANT’, aka Anthony Davidson, who’s piloting the #38 JOTA  entry alongside team-mates Antonio Felix da Costa and Roberto Gonzalez.


Whilst it would be nice to see Tristan Gommendy rebound from last year’s Monstrous Crash, who’ll be sharing France’s No. 30 Duqueine Team’s ELMS  entry with Rene Binder and Memo Rojas.


As Gommendy and Gonzalez are former Chump Carz’ (Champ Car World Series) competitors, who both ironically drove for PKV Racing, Gonzalez in 2004 and Gommendy in ’07. While Rojas won multiple Grand Am Championships with Scotty Scooter’ Pruett…


Not to mention IMSA Competitors Ricky Taylor and Renger Van der Zande, who’s “Day Jobs” are piloting IMSA Daytona Prototypes spending seat time in the Nos. 20 and 34 respectively. As the #20 is also a High Class Racing entry.


Interestingly, Chip Ganassi Racing IMSA DPi team-mates Kevin Magnussen and Van der Zande will be racing against each other for LMP2 Class Honours, with Renger part of the #34 Inter Europol Competition entry.


As Van der Zande’s “Turbo Bakers” co-Drivers are Alex Brundle, son of former Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports F1 TV Pundit Martin billybob’ brundle and Jakub Smiechowski. As reputedly the Turbo Bakers nickname is in deference to the team’s main sponsor.


Whilst the No. 28 JOTA  entry’s  my Dark Horse pick due to it’s Uber Stout Driver Trio of Tom “the Bomb” Blomquist, Sean Gelael and Stoffel Vandoorne, whose Seester’ team car is the #38 JOTA Sport’s entry.


Le Mans GTE Am (LM GTE Amateur )

And like above, it’s Ladies First in the “Amateur” Saloons’ ranks also, with the return of Iron Links #85 Ferrari 488 GTE Evo sporting Rahel Frey and Michelle Gatting returning for a second year in-a-row, while Belgian Sarah Boby replaces Manuela Gostner.  . As Boby joined the team at Monza, where she made her FIA World Endurance Championship debut.


As this is just one of the Mega Stallion of Prancing Horses “Galloping” about Circuit de la Sarthe with a total of 11 Ferrari 488 GTE Evo’s competing, with the Iron Links Squadra having three entries alone, i.e.; No.s 60, 80 and 85.


Although I didn’t spot any IMSA Teams in the LM GTE Am category, I did notice that IMSA GT Daytona Bad Arse Robby Foley’s part of the #66 JMW Motorsport  Ferrari team.



Robby Foley’s ride at JMW Motorsport fell thru prior to the IMSA Road America Sports Car round where the 25yr old New Jersey Native was contacted by Project 1 Motorsport for an Open Seat in the team’s #46 Porsche 911 RSR-19, for whom Foley made his 24 Heurs du Mans debut for instead…

And whilst I did correctly acknowledge Aston Martin’s withdrawal from the Top tier LM GTE Pro category, I mistakenly said they were also leaving the LM GTE Am ranks which was incorrect! Since Thars actually Quattro Aston Martin Vantage AMR’s contesting this year’s race led by the defending Class Champion TF Sport No. 95 and it’s Seester’ #33. Along with a lone Werks’ #98 entry and the Privateer “Triple Seven” (#777) entry.


Yet last year’s winner was the #90 TF Sport entry, as this year’s No. 95 sports an All New Driver lineup. As I recognize ross gunn’s name, who’s a Factory Aston Martin driver who’s competing for my Home team’s Heart of Racing’s No. 23 IMSA GTD Customer Aston Martin entry, having last spotted Gunn’s name when perusing this year’s Rolex 24 competitors. With gunn being joined by Ollie Hancock and John Hartshorne.


The second largest contingent of LM GTE Am participants are the eight Porsche 911 RSR-19 Panzerwagons, as Yuhs can Never count Porsche out at Le Mans! As that guy known Stateside as Dr. McDreamy, aka Patrick Dempsey’s Dempsey Proton Racing enters a Brace of Ye ubiquitous Porsches, the Nos. 77 and 88.


But I’ve got Zero clue who’s the favoured Contendahs’ or whom I think will win this class? So like Mwah, you’ll just have to stay tuned this weekend… 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

LE MANS: 2021, Dawning of the Hypercar Era

But can Anybody Beat Toyota?


This year’s delayed running of the 89th Edition of le 24 Heurs du Mans, August 21-22 sees the Dawning of the FIA/ACO’s new Hypercar era which will get off to a somewhat slow start with only five Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) entrants.


Once again, the Odds favour Toyota’s two car GR010 hybrid Factory effort winning a fourth straight 24 Hours of Le Mans, even if Glickenhaus Shocked the Paddock by being Fastest during this year’s Test Day.


As always, I’ll be rootin’ for the No. 7 with K-Squared’, aka Kamui Kobayashi to win, along with co-Drivers Mike “Ice Ice, Baby!” Conway and Jose Maria Lopez.


But the #7 will be trying to exorcise it’s Circuit de la Sarthe Demons, since it’s Thar Seester’s No. 8 that’s been victorious the past three years in-a-row, with Kazuki Nakajima, Sebastian Beumi and Brendon Hartley at it’s controls. As Nakajima and Beumi have won three straight apiece, whilst Hartley, who’s a two times winner has won with two separate teams, i.e.; Porsche in 2017 and Toyota last year.



Although I’d prefer somebody else winning instead, I don’t expect it to happen, especially since the Toy-Yoters’ are the only “all Wheel Drive” (AWD) Hybrid powered LMH entries, but still I’ll be cheering for the upstart American team. Since I’m also a Huge Fan of Ryan briscoe’s, who’ll be part of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’sDebutante Le Mans outing with it’s two car SCG 007 entry


As Briscoe will be piloting the #709 with team-mates “Westie,” nee Richard Westbrook and Romain Dumas aboard the “Rear Wheel Drive” (RHD) “Blown” 3.5-litre V-8 twin turbo SCG007 racecar.


Meanwhile it’s sister car the #708 sees Pipo Derani, Franck Mailleux and Olivier Pla at it’s controls in what will be the team’s first 24 Hours race outing. As Pla set the Quickest lap time in Sunday’s Test session, to Toy-Yoter’s amazement!


Whilst the final known LMH entry is the #36 Alpine A480, the rebadged Rebellion LMP1 R13, another RHD Prototype propelled by a 4.5-litre Normally Aspirated Gibson V-8 lump. Although I thought I’d read awhile ago that le Reggie’, (Renault) Alpine’s parent company had secured a second A480 chassis for Le Mans? Arse-sumedly’ as a backup chassis.


As the No. 36 features Nicolas Lapierre, the only name I recognize of it’s Driver’s trio. Presumably since the Frenchman’s a two times Sebring 12 Hours winner, along with four Le Mans 24 Hours Class victories. With Lapierre being joined by countryman Matthieu Vaxivier and Brazilian Andre Negro.


But it’s the “lower tier” categories in both the Prototypes and Saloons that make up the bulk of this year’s field, with 25 LMP2 entries and 23 LM GTE Am entries which I’ll chronicle separately.


Since I’m just scribblin’ today about Thar respective Big boy Kissing cousins 5 LMH and 8 LM GTE Pro entrants instead. With a total of 62 racecars, with the inclusion of the annual Project 56 Garage entry taking the Tricolour this coming weekend when 25% Fan capacity will be allowed.


The big Dawgs’ Tintop Saloons LM GTE Pro category’s eight entries are  comprised by  two la Scuderia Ferrari 488 GTE Evo’s, four of Weissach’s Panzerwagen Porsche 911 RSR-19’s and two Corvette Racing C8.r’s, with three IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship teams competing for class honours.


AF Corse, which essentially is Ferrari’s “Werks” entrant, who’ll soon b running la Scuderia’s Factory LMH effort in 2023, will run it’s No.s 51 and 52 Prancing Horses.


The Quattro Panzerwagons are being campaigned by three separate entities, led by the Werks’ Germany Porsche GT Team’s No.s 91 and 92. Whilst “I Know Nothing” about the #72 Hub Auto Racing Taiwan entry. With the No. 79 Stateside IMSA Weathertech Racing entry seeing Cooper MacNeil, Earl Vamber and Laurens Vanthoor at it’s Tiller.


Cooper is the son of David MacNeil, Owner and founder of Weathertech, the Fllor Mat and Cargo linings company that’s the title sponsor of IMSAS’s Sports Car Championship, with a reported yearly revenue of $700 million, with David being rumoured to have a Net Worth of $1.0 B as in Billion, Aye Karumba!


Of course everybody knows who Corvette Racing is, as who knows how much longer we’ll see this Big Dawg’ version of the C8.R upon racetracks? Since the IMSA GT Le Mans (GT LM) Class is being fazed out at season’s end in favour of GTD Pro. Alas, can it only be a matter of time before a similar fate occurs to the WEC LM GTE Pro Class? But I digress…


The #63 Corvette C8.R has Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor and Nicky Catsburg at it’s controls, with it’s Seester’ #64 having Tommy Milner, Nick Tandy and Alexander Simms at it’s respective Keyboard.


While last year’s LM GTE Pro winner’s Aston Martin won’t defend it’s Class victory, since the  Factory pulled out of the Le Mans GTE Pro category, now focusing upon the LM GTE Am (Amateur) class instead… 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Remembering Bob Jenkins

Who for Mwah, will Always be The voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway…


Won’t go into the whole Wooly Irony thingy’, other than it’s ironic that when I last mentioned Bob Jenkins name on No Fenders, Sadly it would be the very same day he died from Brain Cancer at Age 73. Thus it naturally seemed appropriate to wait until the just concluded IndyCar NASCAR Double Header weekend at Bob’s favourite Haunt to mention this news.


As Robin Miller, who we all know if fighting his own fight with Cancer and Leukemia, gave a wonderful tribute to Bob during Saturday morning’s IndyCar Pre-race show on NBC Sports…


For Mwah, bob as the lead Announcer with BP’, aka Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett alongside made watching NASCAR quite palatable, which being an Open Wheel Racing Fan speaks volumes, as they were my favourite Roundy round TV Broadcast Crew! Since Bob never pontificated Thar Duh Greatest Drivers in the World like Mike Joy does. And he certainly never stooped to the Hijinx of ‘Ol DW’s boogity-boogity-Boogity…


As I’ll let IndyCar Curmudgeon ‘Ol r’, aka Robin Miller recount Jenkins career path to Speedway Stardom instead.


As I truly didn’t appreciate Bob’s immense Broadcasting Talents until he became the Anchor of the Versus/NBC Sports Network IndyCar TV Broadcasts between 2009-2012, when he retired at season’s end to take care of his wife of 44 years Pam, who ultimately Died from Brain Cancer herself in October, 2012. As what are the Odds of both of them dying from Brain Cancer?


As it’s somewhat funny to note that I scribbled some words here on No Fenders eleven Gory years ago Defending bob, since apparently somebody had Attacked him verbally, for which I still Don’t know what their ridiculous complaint towards Jenkins was.


Since the more times I heard bob on Don Kay’s ‘lil Autosport Radio show over the years, the more Bob became a truly Humble, Caring and Passionate Fan of Auto Racing to Mwah, not to mention just being a Stand Up guy!


And now that it will b 20 years ago this September when I made my Debutante Trek to Mother Speedway Thanks solely to Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen, her wonderful Hoond Sarah and ‘Ol blue’, her Ford Econoline Campervan, having driven Coast to Coast for that year’s United States Grand Prix. I can no longer recall if the Great Tom Carnegie was talking over the IMS Public Address system that long ago Fall weekend?


Since now in my memory, I’ve only heard Dave Calabro as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s PA “voice” in person, for which Calabro is instantly recognizable to Mwah, and does a great job, but he just doesn’t Ooze Passion for the Speedway the way Jenkins does!


Since for Me Bob Jenkins is the voice I always wanted to Hear the Most over Mother Speedway’s loudspeakers, since he epitomized the Brickyard for Mwah! As what did ‘lil Al (Unser) once famously say? You just don’t know what Indy Means!” For which I’d say Jenkins surely did!


Salute Bob!


As here’s the great video montage put together for Bob’s retirement from the (Versus) NBC Sports  TV Booth in order to take care of his Ill wife Pam, with Professor B’, aka Jon Beekhuis Heaping rightfully glowing Praise upon his colleague… 

Monday, August 16, 2021

The Dinger’ Pulls Off Mega’ Upset at Indy

As A.J. Allmendinger Wins at The Speedway!


Having a late lunch, I decided to Tune In to Big NBC to See’, Err Hear who’d won the inaugural Brickyard NASCAR Race on Mother Speedway’s infield Road Course when the race should have been over…


Turning on thy Telie’ without any clue of what had happened, albeit was I really surprised Thar had been some major Mayhem since rubbin’s Racin’, el Correctomundo? But I’d missed “The Big One” and didn’t know what the Talking Headz’ were droning on ‘N on about. Just mentioning how we’d eventually be going to OT for a Green Wite 2-lap Shootout whenever racing resumed, Yeehaw!


And I’d only tuned into the start of the prior day’s RASSCAR cup Lite event since Ye Dinger’, nee A.J. Allmendinger, who’s less than flattering nickname once was Walldinger! Was competing, since I’m a Huge Fan of his! Yet I turned off the TV in disgust after Allmendinger had somehow inexplicably missed two turns at the beginning of Saturday’s race and fallen down the order. But it would have been fun hearing Team Penske’s Austin Cindric singing Back Home Again during his victory cooldown lap!


Thus finally going back to Green Sunday in what was called the Verizon 200 at The Brickyard, A.J. was starting seventh, and one of the two Driver Analysts, i.e.; ‘lil Ironhead, nee Junior’, aka Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jeff Burton, for which I think it was burton who said Don’t rule out Allmendinger, he’s got fresh tyres…


Green-Green-Green and Thar three, four or is it five wide into Turn 1? As A.J. quickly leapt to third before carnage ensued behind when Michael McDowell went Airborne after hittin what was left of the Turn 5-6 complex’s Kerbs’, which were intended to keep racecars Ontrack and Not Shortcutting the circuit! But apparently Dem’ Heavy ‘Ol Taxicab bombers had been Hitting ‘em Hard All race long and Done Torn ‘em Up! With another Red Flag being thrown to clean up the Mess. As it wasn’t until way after the race I learned that the Stock Cars had made the Kerbs Explode!


So now I was sittin’ on the couch with fingers crossed Chanting C’mon Allmendinger! Before all Hell broke loose again, with leader Denny Hamlin getting punted by rookie Chase Briscoe and as A.J. later commented, the Seas simply Parted and he knew he just had to Check Out and not let the pack catch him, as Allmendinger would only lead the final two laps to claim one of his biggest wins, having won the 2012 24 Hours of Daytona with Justin B-I-G Unit’ Wilson for Mike Shank.


And may be I’m easily swayed these days, but I just couldn’t get over thinking how Classy of a guy Allmendinger is. Since after his Mega’ celebratory Doughnuts Burnout, in Victory lane A.J. said This One’s for You Robin Miller, We Love You Man! Keep Fighting, and for the late bob Jenkins!


Along with Shouting Oh My gawe, I just Won at Indy! Shank I wanted to be like You! Referring to his “Good Buddy” Mike Shank Winning the Indianapolis 500!


As Crash Gladys of Speed Freaks noted Sunday Night, two former Team Penske Drivers had won at El Capitano’s (Roger Penske) racetrack! Hulio the Indy 500 and Allmendinger the “Brickyard 200” this year…


A.J. also told the Freaks he Didn’t want to point any fingers at anybody, but said in the Cup Lite Cars they’ve got a minimum ride height limit, whereas Cup Cars are Slammed to the ground! And it’s your job as a Driver to know where the Kerbs’ are and what they’ll do to your underside if you Hit ‘em! As A.J. said he tried to always not use very much of the Curbing in the Cup Car…


Allmendinger seemed truly Humbled to be in victory lane at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, having just etched his name in the History Books as the inaugural winner of the Brickyard 200 on the IMS Road Course.


Afterwards, Kyle Petty asked him what were you saying to Roger Penske? I was just telling him how Mad I was for losing to him yesterday, as I never got a good shot at winning the Xfinity race. But I’d say winning the Brickyard 200, only his second ever NASCAR Cup victory had to be miles and miles more Sweeter!


Since like Crash said, What Seatbelt? Referring to his leading the Indy 500 in 2013 for Team Penske before he had to Pit due to his Seatbelts Unbuckling, to which A.J. replied; You just don’t know was that your one shot at victory there? Or was it yesterday when I really felt like we had the car to beat in the Cup Lite race? As you just never know when you’ve used up your chances…


As how Cool is this? I’m sitting in the IMS Infield in my Motorhome and Doug bowles rolls up in a Corvette to give me my ring, and I’m just sittin’ here with a Brickyard Winners ring on my finger!  


Whilst I’ll guess that Almost Everybody’s Forgotten about the Nashville IndyCar race after the NASCAR Monster Cup Debacle at Mother Speedway, Righto? As Monster’s definitely the perfect title sponsor, Yeehaw, Wham, Smash! 

INDYCAR: Can Somebody Please Spike the Obnoxious Gladiator “Bumper” theme Musak!

Can You Hear Me Now NBC?


Friday afternoon, I got home around 4:15PM Pacific and immediately made a Beeline for Thy Telie’s remote in order to attempt tuning into NBC Sports live IndyCar Qualie’ session at Mother Speedway. But being Blind, it’s become quite Bemusing trying to “aim” the remote at the right angle for the TV to actually turn on, Sigh!


Naturally after I’d managed to finally enable said device, I was momentarily Cornfuzed over whether I had it on the right channel since it felt like it was about five Gory minutes of Commercials, Surprise? Before that overly Annoying, Uber Obnoxious Roman Chariots Gladiator theme Bumper Musak’ started Blaring thru my Telie’s Speakers at a way too High volume level!


Now perhaps it’s since us Blind people have “super Powers,” Eh? What did you say? No, I’m right here, NO reason to Shout, I’m blind, Not Deaf! But I digress…


And I’m not a Sound Board Operator or Engineer, so I Don’t know how hard it is to control All of the competing sounds at a live Motor Racing event, but surely Thars someway to manage the various Noise levels better? As I just absolutely Cringed every single Freakin’ time we went to Commercial Break or returned and I had to immediately Hit the Mute Button in order to not get run over by those Damn roman Chariots! Meaning I missed whatever riveting Dribble Leigh Diffey, who sounded like he had a post Tokyo Olympics Nasal Drip was saying…


As I just sat  Thar “Watching,’ Err listening to Thy Telie thinking how long has it been since I’ve willingly chosen to tune into an IndyCar race on Television? Since I’ve quite enjoyed listening to Mark Gravelly’ James, Davey Hamilton and Company on the IndyCar Radio Network instead the past few races! Hell, I cannot even remember the last time I watched an IndyCar race on television, Uhm, Arse-sumedly Detroit’s Belle Isle Race-2 Me thinks?


As I only did so in order to hear ‘Ol PT’, nee Sugar Ray Tracy, aka Paul Tracy once again back in the booth, and was pretty disappointed since he sounded pretty Flat, like they All did, not to mention Tracy getting thou Memo to “Pump Up” the Double Header weekend and how excited the Fans were over an IndyCar-NASCAR Double Header weekend, Barf!


Another Annoying bit during both days of NBC Sports TV coverage was that the Brickyard’s PA System was LOUDER then the volume level of the Booth Boys!


As I Don’t really mind Not being able to understand what Marty Whiplash snyder’s trying to tell us from Pitlane, albeit it’s annoying not being able to understand him, but I just cannot understand why the Speedway’s PA System’s speakers are louder than Diffey, Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell whom presumably are calling the action from inside the IMS Media Center. Not to mention how you couldn’t Hear certain Drivers during their Post race intervewis…


May be they explained this during the start of Friday’s broadcast, but I was completely Cornfuzed over the Double Header style Qualie’ format that IndyCar’s was using, since they’re only racing once at Indianapolis’s Double Header weekend. Thus, I didn’t realize that the Fast 12 was actually the “fast Six” Shootout for Pole! Since I found myself rootin’ for the upstart Danish IndyCar Rookie Christian Lundgaard instead of my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Pato O’Ward.


Nor did they do a very good job explaining why DJ WillyP’s team had protested Pato O’Ward’s apparent Pole position. Since Team Penske’s Will Power was provisionally second behind O’Ward, this would have vaulted Power onto Pole position, which we All know didn’t happen, as the Race Stewards overruled Team Penske’s “Objection” and Pato claimed his third Pole position of his IndyCar career according to the Talking Heads, since it’s actually his fourth Career Pole position and third this year…


No Clue why the front row, i.e.; O’Ward on Pole and Power 2nd were P23-24 respectively, along with Colton Herta 26th  during the Saturday morning warm-up session? And if it really matterdd?


Or why NBC Sports was doing Thar Damdest to make sure we were 1,000% aware that RASSCAR’ was Sharin’ thou weekend with Indy Cars at Mother Speedway? Beginning with Woodledge Rutt’ (Rutledge Wood) interviewing Daniel Suarez about his “Pal” and fellow Monterey Mexico compatriot Pato O’Ward. Not to mention the multiple Nauseating interviews with Penske Taxicab Bomber Pilotes’ during Oh Yeah, the IndyCar race!


Or Kevin Lee sharing with us how many El Stupidio Brickyard 400’s he’s attended, SPEW! Whilst giving us a walking Diatribe during the IndyCar TV Broadcast of which NASCAR team’s racecar was in which of the IMS Formula 1 Garages. Who Fucking Cares?


And then Ye Kicker, in true, typical we Don’t give A flying Fuck ‘bout Indy Cars! The IndyCar Post-race segment was cut 15mins short, Bastardoes! As they cut away to Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett and whoever at 12:15PM Pacific for the Roundy round Cup Lite Preamble, Urgh! Although they did interview the Top 5 IndyCar Drivers following the race, but still, What gives?


Although I was very happy to hear the Dinger’, aka A.J. allmendinger who was starting on Pole in the Cup Lite race give a warm Shout Out to Robin Miller, saying this one’s for you Robin! Keep Fighting and Stay Strong! Even if Miller has publicly proclaimed He’s Dying and Doesn’t give a Shit! Having been Trackside this weekend to be inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame early, since he couldn’t travel to Michigan next month…



Oh Yeah, almost forgot Thar was an IndyCar race this weekend at Mother Speedway!


As one of the best Quips had to be Townsend Bell pointing out how Will Power couldn’t get around The Mayor ‘O Hinchtown who was trying to stay on the lead lap. Noting how fellow Penske team-mate Josef Newgarden had been Peeved at Hinch’, while noting hit’s not James fault that he wasn’t Fast Enough to stay out of his way during Qualifying! To which Bell noted guess He’s Fast enough now, as Power’s nearly 10 second lead was cut in half with Power Bitterly Complaining over his In Car radio about Hinchcliffe Holding him Up!


And I’ll confess, I was rootin’ for Romain Grosjean to do the unthinkable and pass Power for his Debutante IndyCar victory, but the Frenchman had to settle for his second Runner-up finish behind Power who led 56 of the races 85 laps, with Herta coming home third. Alexander Rossi had his season’s best  finish in fourth and O’Ward came home P5.


As the Mexican curtly noted he was glad he hadn’t finished on the Podium because he Didn’t Deserve it today! Noting he’d never worked his Arse off so Hard just to finish P5! Also noting he was too tired to stick around to watch the Cup Lite race in person and would just catch it on TV instead.


As Power becomes only the fifth driver in History to record 40 wins in Indy Cars, and moves into fifth place overall, after having previously been tied with Big al’ Unser, Sr. on 39 wins for the past year, with Mikey A’ (Andretti) currently fourth Overall with 42 wins…