Friday, August 27, 2021

MOTO GP: The sounds of Yamaha’s Rev limiter Shrieks thru The Hills of Spielberg

As Maverick “Top gun” vinales trys pushing his Yamaha past the Danger Zone…


Cannot remember why I missed the Styrian Grand Prix, albeit think it was due to it being shown way late at night here Stateside, and I didn’t feel like bothering, since strangely I was more interested in listening to the Speed Freaks take upon that Debacle at Mother Speedway known as Kerb Gate!


By now, if you pay Attenzione to MotoGP, then you know that the news still Buzzing round Ye Globe is what has been called Maverick Vinales Meltdown! Although having long ago nicknamed him top gun, I prefer saying Maverick Flamed Out!


When the 26yr old Spaniard apparently triedDetonating his Yamahopper’s YZR-M1 engine by Upshifting to 5th Gear and leaving the straining motor revving away relentlessly! Which apparently didn’t work, since Motorsport  Magazine’s Crack Journo’ Matt Oxley notes, with the abundance of today’s complex electronics, it’s practically impossible to simply Blow Up an MotoGP engine these days!


Whilst Matt Oxley opines in his article titled MotoGP: Maverick vinales Meltdown, was it really So Bad? The last Yamaha lump’ he can recall being “Done Blown Up!” Is Thee doctor’s, nee Valentino Rossi’s engine going Kuh-Blammoe in 2016 due to a miss-programmed Rev limiter…


As Oxley brilliantly notes that these sorts of Hijinxs aren’t new, noting how both eventual World Champions Freddie Spencer and Kevin Schwantz and both attempted doing the exact same thin to their respective Honda and Suzuki mounts! With Spencer not being able to see in the Dark and finally succeeding in making the Honda’s engine seize up with All the Oil-lines blowing off the engine to his Chief Mechanic’s approval in the 1980’s!


Whilst Schwantz and Co-Rider Doug Chandler tried a similar tactic during a Suzuka 8 Hours race in ’92 after they noticed how “Dog Slow” their Suzuki GSX-R750’s engine was. With Oxley noting that Rider Meltdowns are nothing new, pointing out how Four times World Champion “Steady Eddie” Lawson once threw traffic cones in disgust at Trackside Marshals, and “So It goes!”


Ontrack Off Road Magazine’s Neil Morrison has an even more interesting take upon the Maverick Vinales Meltdown, one that made me immediately think of Golden child,nee Sir Lewis or simply known as Lewis Hamilton. As Morrison suggests that Maverick’s issues may stem from having a toxic relationship with his father Angel, who’s been blaming Yamaha for ruining his son’s career for the last five years and also cut ties with Yamaha for his Super Sport team just prior to Maverick’s suspension, and then immediate termination from the Japanese Marque.


Since I recall that Hamilton cut his ties to his father Anthony, who I think was his manager initially during his McLaren days. While Morrison notes how two current MotoGP Stars Fabio Quartaro and Marc Marquez deal with their fathers, most notably with Marquez saying he’s only allowed to ask two Questions: How are you and How’s the Arm?


And whilst Yamaha Test Rider Cal Crutchlow will race in Vinales place at this weekend’s British Grand Prix, with fellow Moto2 Briton Jake Simpson making his MotoGP debut for the Satellite Petronas SRT team, where Crutchlow’s currently been substituting for the injured Franco Morbidelli.


Moto Matters David Emmitt has written that it’s not known whether or not the 35yr old Crutchlow will replace Vinales for the final seven MotoGP Rounds or whether or not Yamaha will try to move either of Petronas Yamaha SRT Riders Valentino Rossi or Morbidelli up to the Factory team instead?


Although some Scuttlebutt suggest that Morbidelli will indeed move up to the Factory Yamaha team shortly or the rest of the season, prior to his planned 2022 promotion, and that former Ducati rider Dovi’, nee Andrea Dovizioso will take over Morbidelli’s seat for the remainder of the year…


Meanwhile Vinales has already announced his being signed by Aprilia for 2022, and with his termination from Yamaha is free to ride for the Italian concern whenever he wishes too.


It's also Old News that The Doctor, nee Valentino Rossi has announced his retirement from MotoGP at season’s end, since obviously things aren’t going well for the 42yr old Italian Rider, since MotoGP is most definitely a Young Man’s Sport.


While couple this with the news that first Petronas, the Malaysian State owned Petrolium company announced they’re pulling out of MotoGP at season’s end, and that Petronas Yamaha SRT, theSepang International Circuit Yamaha Satellite Squad is also Quitting MotoGP, along with the two lower tiers, i.e.; Moto2 and Moto3 at season’s end, and suddenly there’s Ah-Plenty’ going on for the 2022 Silly Season!


As factions of the current SRT Team are reportedly set to announce their intentions at the upcoming San Marino Grand Prix at Misano, which makes me wonder if the Dovizioso rumor’s true, will they be switching Manufacturers? Or will they remain as the Satellite Yamaha Squad with an All New Rider lineup for 2022?