Saturday, August 14, 2021

IndyCar’s Rumble in The Jungle on Nashville’s Streets still Reverberates!

As why did Guns ‘N Roses Welcome to the Jungle song come Screaming into My Head Race day, Uh Duh!


Yeah, everybody, their Dogs, Cats and Pet Boa constrictors have already Chimed in on the Inaugural Nashville IndyCar Street Race with Thar versions of the Good, The Bad and The Ugly! As what’s that ‘Ol Clint Eastwood saying? Uhm, “Man’s gotta Know His limitations!”


Hey Guys, You can Quit putting Up the Turn-6 Grandstands! Think they’re racing somewhere else this weekend…


Thus I’ll try keeping this Short ‘N Semi-Sweet, especially since I was  on Ye Opposite coast when the race occurred.


But I can Definitively say that when the race was Delayed Again, this time for a mysterious Stream ‘O Water coming out of the adjacent Turn-3 Suites and Oozing Ontrack as a Gory Stream, I said Out loud in near Hysteria, CLUSTERFUCK!


And like what many apparently were saying on TWIT-ER’, and yes I know those 2020 Tokyo Olympics got in the way, but you could say that this year’s IndyCar season has that same Start, Stop, Start feeling that many joked about on Twitter. Uhm, like Rinse, Lather, Repeat El Correctomundo? Now that we’re Hip Deep in the run to the Season Finale in the next eight weeks after a five week layoff.


Fortunately for Mwah, since how can a RASSCAR’ Taxicab Bombers Road Race at Watkins Glen not go long, into multiple Checkers or Wreckers, Uhm Green white Finishes? I sagely elected to listen to the Nashville IndyCar race via Zed Internets and Good ‘Ol AM1075 The Fan instead. Tuning in just before 2PM Pacific, I was very happy to hear a great introductory 15mins of Nonstop talking to multiple IndyCar Drivers!


As how prophetic was romain Grosjean when asked if Nashville reminded him of any particular track he’d raced on? To which he said Baku, as in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix which always has plenty ‘O Carnage…

And I say Sagely since I didn’t know that Kevin “The Wherewolve” Lee would be filling in for Leigh Diffey, although this was an educated guess, not to mention I’m practicing for next year when IndyCar goes “Dark” with it’s Peacock Only “TV” race broadcasts, Bite Me Comcast!


Oh Yeah, since some in Ye Blogosphere are Championing Kevin Lee to fill The big Chair permanently when Diffey moves on, Kevin Lee is a Horrible lead Announcer and should just stick to his Day Job as a Pitlane Reporter instead!


After five weeks off, it was good to hear the voices of Nicky Salt’ Yeoman and Jake “The riddler” Query, along with Ryan Marin and bloody Hell, Even Michael SCHREECH! Young was enjoyable in Pitlane where he didn’t do any Screechy Shouting, Note to Kevin, Oh Never Mind! While Rob Blackman was a pleasant addition in order for the IndyCar Radio network to cover both sides of the Cumberland river bridge.


And it was Uber Funny hearing lead Announcer Mark Gravelly’ James say how when he heard Scott Dixon’s answer to the question if they’d talked about the start in the Drivers Briefing? He just started laughing while Dixon said straightlaced, I Don’t recall Any Talking about that, and you Never Know what Drivers will really do!


To which Driver Analyst Davey Hamilton wryly chimed in with amusement in his voice, I’ve been in those situations and Drivers have said (“Promised”) everything, but when the Green Flag Flies they simply forget everything and become Aggressive…


Is the track Narrow and tight? Certainly it is, and Arse-sumedly you cannot compare it to Barber Motorsports Park (BMS) But! The Naysayers said BMS was too tight since it was designed for Motorcycles, but we’ve come to expect having fairly decent IndyCar races there over the years during the current Dallara DW12 era.


As Dixon noted afterwards, they need to figure out how to Not Penalize those who stay out and lose track position. Not to mention his displeasure over the Red Flags situation. While The Pit window’s (IndyCar blogger) Mike Silver wryly noted how they didn’t need the final Red Flag, since the race simply needed to be put Out of it’s Misery, Youch!


While Davey Hamilton kept pointing out during the entire race how you could make up a lap by simply doing a Drive thru the Pits since the Pace Car was so Slow vs. making a Pitstop during the Yellow Flag. Uhm, Nine Yellow flags and two Red Flags is simply a travesty! As I Don’t recall Vancouver, BC ever having this issue in either circuit layout.


Davey also correctly pointed out during the Radio Broadcast the easiest fix would be to simply move All of the restarts to Turn-9 a la the race’s start, for which it was sorta funny hearing Hulio’ (Castroneves) being Cornfuzed on where the race would actually start? Telling Michael Young turn 4, turn 9? Don’t Ask me Man, I’m new to this…


And Dixon dually noted that the Drivers would give their suggestions to Circuit Designer Tony Cottman, as I’d say even though it’s No longer a Blank canvas, He’s got plenty of room to play with.


And like Geo. Phillips of Oilpressure fame noted the day after the race, the Trans Am, Gt America and Robby Gordoun’s (Gordon) Stadium Truck series, which All were larger vehicles managed to not cause such Mayhem and Havock runnin’ two wide.


Also, robin Miller wrote afterwards, on a Scale of 1 to 10, the race was a 2 and a Clunker!


Although I did take immense Joy in Marcus Ericsson Cooly Holding Off Colton big Shot! Herta for some 20 laps chanting c’mon Marcus with Four Sets ‘O Fingers crossed! And although I know it’s Not Fair, After I finished laughing Maniacally  over Herta clouting the Wall whilst chasing Ericsson, I sat Thar laughing and saying out loud choke! Since I Don’t know which has gotten more Hype, Nashville or Herta?


Oh Yeah, the other part that baffled me, especially since the race apparently went past Sunset and was Bumping Up against Sun down is I thought there was a two hour time limit to IndyCar races? Since according to my Talking Keychain clock the race began at 2:51PM and it seemed like the Post race was wrapping up at 5:43PM Pacific. Which even with the race’s first 20mins Red Flag period, I Dunno, seems like it went past two  hours…


But overall, I hope people in general will realize it’s Always a good thing to be Adding races to the Calendar, No Matter the “Teething” issues and I Hope that Nashville will thrive for many years to come!