Monday, August 16, 2021

INDYCAR: Can Somebody Please Spike the Obnoxious Gladiator “Bumper” theme Musak!

Can You Hear Me Now NBC?


Friday afternoon, I got home around 4:15PM Pacific and immediately made a Beeline for Thy Telie’s remote in order to attempt tuning into NBC Sports live IndyCar Qualie’ session at Mother Speedway. But being Blind, it’s become quite Bemusing trying to “aim” the remote at the right angle for the TV to actually turn on, Sigh!


Naturally after I’d managed to finally enable said device, I was momentarily Cornfuzed over whether I had it on the right channel since it felt like it was about five Gory minutes of Commercials, Surprise? Before that overly Annoying, Uber Obnoxious Roman Chariots Gladiator theme Bumper Musak’ started Blaring thru my Telie’s Speakers at a way too High volume level!


Now perhaps it’s since us Blind people have “super Powers,” Eh? What did you say? No, I’m right here, NO reason to Shout, I’m blind, Not Deaf! But I digress…


And I’m not a Sound Board Operator or Engineer, so I Don’t know how hard it is to control All of the competing sounds at a live Motor Racing event, but surely Thars someway to manage the various Noise levels better? As I just absolutely Cringed every single Freakin’ time we went to Commercial Break or returned and I had to immediately Hit the Mute Button in order to not get run over by those Damn roman Chariots! Meaning I missed whatever riveting Dribble Leigh Diffey, who sounded like he had a post Tokyo Olympics Nasal Drip was saying…


As I just sat  Thar “Watching,’ Err listening to Thy Telie thinking how long has it been since I’ve willingly chosen to tune into an IndyCar race on Television? Since I’ve quite enjoyed listening to Mark Gravelly’ James, Davey Hamilton and Company on the IndyCar Radio Network instead the past few races! Hell, I cannot even remember the last time I watched an IndyCar race on television, Uhm, Arse-sumedly Detroit’s Belle Isle Race-2 Me thinks?


As I only did so in order to hear ‘Ol PT’, nee Sugar Ray Tracy, aka Paul Tracy once again back in the booth, and was pretty disappointed since he sounded pretty Flat, like they All did, not to mention Tracy getting thou Memo to “Pump Up” the Double Header weekend and how excited the Fans were over an IndyCar-NASCAR Double Header weekend, Barf!


Another Annoying bit during both days of NBC Sports TV coverage was that the Brickyard’s PA System was LOUDER then the volume level of the Booth Boys!


As I Don’t really mind Not being able to understand what Marty Whiplash snyder’s trying to tell us from Pitlane, albeit it’s annoying not being able to understand him, but I just cannot understand why the Speedway’s PA System’s speakers are louder than Diffey, Paul Tracy and Townsend Bell whom presumably are calling the action from inside the IMS Media Center. Not to mention how you couldn’t Hear certain Drivers during their Post race intervewis…


May be they explained this during the start of Friday’s broadcast, but I was completely Cornfuzed over the Double Header style Qualie’ format that IndyCar’s was using, since they’re only racing once at Indianapolis’s Double Header weekend. Thus, I didn’t realize that the Fast 12 was actually the “fast Six” Shootout for Pole! Since I found myself rootin’ for the upstart Danish IndyCar Rookie Christian Lundgaard instead of my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Pato O’Ward.


Nor did they do a very good job explaining why DJ WillyP’s team had protested Pato O’Ward’s apparent Pole position. Since Team Penske’s Will Power was provisionally second behind O’Ward, this would have vaulted Power onto Pole position, which we All know didn’t happen, as the Race Stewards overruled Team Penske’s “Objection” and Pato claimed his third Pole position of his IndyCar career according to the Talking Heads, since it’s actually his fourth Career Pole position and third this year…


No Clue why the front row, i.e.; O’Ward on Pole and Power 2nd were P23-24 respectively, along with Colton Herta 26th  during the Saturday morning warm-up session? And if it really matterdd?


Or why NBC Sports was doing Thar Damdest to make sure we were 1,000% aware that RASSCAR’ was Sharin’ thou weekend with Indy Cars at Mother Speedway? Beginning with Woodledge Rutt’ (Rutledge Wood) interviewing Daniel Suarez about his “Pal” and fellow Monterey Mexico compatriot Pato O’Ward. Not to mention the multiple Nauseating interviews with Penske Taxicab Bomber Pilotes’ during Oh Yeah, the IndyCar race!


Or Kevin Lee sharing with us how many El Stupidio Brickyard 400’s he’s attended, SPEW! Whilst giving us a walking Diatribe during the IndyCar TV Broadcast of which NASCAR team’s racecar was in which of the IMS Formula 1 Garages. Who Fucking Cares?


And then Ye Kicker, in true, typical we Don’t give A flying Fuck ‘bout Indy Cars! The IndyCar Post-race segment was cut 15mins short, Bastardoes! As they cut away to Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett and whoever at 12:15PM Pacific for the Roundy round Cup Lite Preamble, Urgh! Although they did interview the Top 5 IndyCar Drivers following the race, but still, What gives?


Although I was very happy to hear the Dinger’, aka A.J. allmendinger who was starting on Pole in the Cup Lite race give a warm Shout Out to Robin Miller, saying this one’s for you Robin! Keep Fighting and Stay Strong! Even if Miller has publicly proclaimed He’s Dying and Doesn’t give a Shit! Having been Trackside this weekend to be inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame early, since he couldn’t travel to Michigan next month…



Oh Yeah, almost forgot Thar was an IndyCar race this weekend at Mother Speedway!


As one of the best Quips had to be Townsend Bell pointing out how Will Power couldn’t get around The Mayor ‘O Hinchtown who was trying to stay on the lead lap. Noting how fellow Penske team-mate Josef Newgarden had been Peeved at Hinch’, while noting hit’s not James fault that he wasn’t Fast Enough to stay out of his way during Qualifying! To which Bell noted guess He’s Fast enough now, as Power’s nearly 10 second lead was cut in half with Power Bitterly Complaining over his In Car radio about Hinchcliffe Holding him Up!


And I’ll confess, I was rootin’ for Romain Grosjean to do the unthinkable and pass Power for his Debutante IndyCar victory, but the Frenchman had to settle for his second Runner-up finish behind Power who led 56 of the races 85 laps, with Herta coming home third. Alexander Rossi had his season’s best  finish in fourth and O’Ward came home P5.


As the Mexican curtly noted he was glad he hadn’t finished on the Podium because he Didn’t Deserve it today! Noting he’d never worked his Arse off so Hard just to finish P5! Also noting he was too tired to stick around to watch the Cup Lite race in person and would just catch it on TV instead.


As Power becomes only the fifth driver in History to record 40 wins in Indy Cars, and moves into fifth place overall, after having previously been tied with Big al’ Unser, Sr. on 39 wins for the past year, with Mikey A’ (Andretti) currently fourth Overall with 42 wins…