Monday, March 29, 2021

F1: Bahrain GP Post Race Bytes’

Damn You Golden child! Why do you have to be so Damn Good?


Obviously Thee Talking Point of the Bahrain Grand Prix will be the Mano e Mano Battle for the win between Golden Child, Uhm Sir Lewis and Max Verstappen, who by all rights the Dutchman should have won the race, but…


As much as I was absolutely Gutted after it became quite clear that Max had “Shot h-his-Wad” when going Off-track at Turn 4 to pass Lewis Hamilton for the lead, that Verstappen was gonna come up empthy and All I could say was Shit Shit shit!


But afterwards I begrudgingly came to the conclusion that  Max had been Outfoxed by Hamilton, who’d schrewdly put his car in the middle of the track and forced Max wide, as Verstappen perhaps was too eager to Pounce upon Lewis? After I’d sat with four sets ‘O fingers crossed chanting C’mon Max!


Meanwhile, once again Valtteri Bottas got Hosed by the Mercedes Pit Crew, which seem to have an affinity for chucking the likeable finn underneath the silver arrows “Hospitality” bus…


And could we have had any more of a chaotic, frenetic start to not only a Grand Prix, but a Formula 1 season? As Kroftie’, aka David Kroft wryly noted after the aborted start due to Sergio Perez’s Red Bull suddenly grinding to a Halt trackside on the Parade lap: “We’ve waited 105 Days for Season’s Start, why Not wait Another lap?”


Yet Checko’ (Perez) who started from the end of Pitlane methodically went about his Race-craft as always and soldiered home to a creditable Fifth-place finish by race’s end, albeit he couldn’t catch Lando Norris in the McLaren who finished P4.


Norris ran at the pointy end of the entire race, running as high as  third Me Thinks? And made a nice pass upon Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, as the Monegasque managed to bring his Ferrari home in sixth, one place ahead of DannyRic’, nee Daniel ricciardo, making his McLaren  Debut.


As I Hate Admitting the Aussie’ was outperformed by his Junior McLaren team-mate, although Norris is now in his third season at Woking, so we’ll see how this battle progresses, Eh?


Carlos Sainz Jr. Donning rosso Overall for the first time put on a good show in the second Ferrari, at one point passing six F1 World Champions as Kroftie dipped into his own version of a Murrayism when the young Spaniard passed ‘lil syd viddle (Sebastian Vettel) in the Aston Martin and his Childhood Hero Fredrico Suave’s (Fernando Alonso) Alpine  in the same corner! Ultimately finishing P8.


And my “Star of the Race” goes to one of my new Favourites, the Brash young Charger Yuki Tsunoda who finished Ninth in his Debutante Formula 1 outing at Scuderia AlphaTauri, or as Claudio’ would say, the ‘lil bulls.


As Tsunoda becomes either the 55th or 65th driver to score points upon their F1 Debut, sinceswear I heard Kroftie say two different numbers. As the 20-year  old is not only the first Japanese driver in Formula 1 since K-Squared’, aka Kamui Kobayashi, but possibly the first to score points in his F1 debut since Kobayashi in 2012? Then driving for the Factory Toyota F1 Team, which is what I thought I heard Kroftie say at race’s end.


Whilst Tsunoda’s team-mate Pierre Gasley had a Gastly race after starting a fine fith. Tangling with the rear end of DannyRic’s McLaren? Before losing his front wing to which Martin billybob’ Brundle Cheekily said something ‘bout checking the Aerodynamic Furniture!


With my Favourite Pitlane Reporter Theodore, Not Lenny Kravitz, Hya! Joining in on the Ricciardo Bandwagon when noting how McLaren might be asking him to Block the fast advancing Perez to prevent him “Jumping” Norris by saying My Ute’s Bigger Then Your’s is Mate!


Rounding out the Top-10, i.e.; points paying positions was Lance Stroll who absolutely Outshone his new team-mate Vettel, who had another weekend to not write home ‘bout!


Know I probably shouldn’t write this, but; Haas New-boy Nikita Mazepin “looked” totally out of His league during his Formula 1 Debutante weekend.


As I believe it was David Kroft who mentioned during the Qualie’ show that Social Media had taken to calling him Mazza Spin, YOUCH! As the Rooski’ spun twice during Qualifying.


Then on the race’s second start, Mazepin dually Clouted the Wall, Uhm Armco Barrier immediately! As I know he graduated from Formula 2 and earned a FIA Superlicence to compete in F1, but he seems in over his head right now, albeit the Haas VF-21 clearly Ain’t a World Beater!


But compare Nikita’s weekend vs. Haas team-mate Mick Schumacher who just quietly got on with the job of keeping his nose clean, since I believe he also had the Haas’s rear-end Snap on him once during Qualie. But finished the race a quite P16, 1-lap behind.


As I’m left wondering just how many chassis Mazepin will crash or even destroy this season? And just hope Uralkali wrote Gene Haas a really big Cheque!


And now we’re stuck with a three week break until round-2 at Imola in San Marino, Italy, site of Black Sunday 27 years ago… 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

F1: 2021 Season Kicks Off in Bahrain

But will there be a Surprise winner? Or another Dull season of the Almighty Silver Arrows Kicking everybody’s Arses?


Otay Folks, it’s almost showtime! So set ‘em DVR’s for bright ‘N early Friday morning March 26th if you want to see Formula 1 cars practicing at the Bahrain International circuit (BIC) in Sekir. As believe it’s on Stateside on ESPN U at Oh dark 30 Pacific, before the rest of the weekend, i.e.; Qualie’ and Race are on ESPN2, but you’ll need to check your TV Guide as Always.


And I’ll try not being too  cynical, but; This year will see the two Friday Free Practice (FP) sessions trimmed to just One hour apiece, down from the previous 90mins sessions.


So does that mean F1 ticket prices  will be reduced accordingly? Or will it be like your typical Shampoo bottle at said grocery store which is filled with air and even has the sides carved off for the same exact price of an old bottle? Oh Never Mind!


Meanwhile, Nah, No quarantine-while’ Jokes here Folks! Since I haven’t watched any Late Show with Steven Cobert  lately, but I digress…


This year sees the introduction of the long discussed, and presumably chafed over? Cost Cap with teams being limited to a budget of $147 million, since for each additional race over 21 events, each further race increases the budget by a cool one million dollars. But for each race under 21 ergo minus $1m. Hmm, if COVID further stirs up this year’s championship, Thar could be a reduction in the Budget Caps amount. As the Cap Doesn’t include Drivers Salaries, Team’s top 3 Executives Salaries or Marketing expenses, and other fine print details…


On the technical side, further attempts to lop off more Downforce from the 2021 Chassis has been made in three key areas, albeit I’m not going to try to define them intrincically since I’m Not a Gory engineer, etc.


The biggest change is to the car’s floor, which sees the flat portion in front of the rear wheels being pushed forwards and “Chopped” Diagonally, along with removing some other slots. Brake ducts are reduced sizewise, along with the Rear Diffuser “Fences,” which reputedly will see an overall Downforce reduction of 10%, although the FIA Scrutineers expect the teams to Claw-back 5% of these losses. Giving a total of a 5% Downforce loss for 2021. Along with the Pirelli Rubber seeing a slightly Stiffer design to protect against tyre delamination due to the harsh cornering loads – if I’ve understood this correctly?


As many are frothing over Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s sizzling Pre-season testing performance and picking him as the Odds On favourite to win in Bahrain this weekend.


And even if the Silver arrows were Slow during testing, do we really think that Sir Lewis won’t come roaring back en route to an amazing eighth World Championship title this season with a Gory record 23 races on it’s calendar. Although I’ll definitely be rootin’ against Golden Child, Uhm Lewis Hamilton since F1 needs some Shaking Up!


But I’m far more intrigued over how DannyRic’, aka Daniel Ricciardo performs in his new papaya coloured McLaren. Ditto for Checko’, nee Sergio Perez in the other Red Bull car. Along with who wins the Rookies Battle this year. As I’ll pick Yuki Tsunoda in the AlphaTauri to finish ahead of the Haas duo of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.


And lastly, looking forward to seeing Team Willy’, ergo  Williams Racing not finishing Dead last this year, along with George Russell scoring multiple points!


So Tune-in this weekend if you’re Jonesin’ for some Bloody Open Wheel Racing action, specifically thou Pinnacle of Motorsport… 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: The Top Two Protagonists

As it would be nice to think that Red Bull can finally Stop the Silver Arrows Smothering Dominance, since All (Streaks) Dynastys must end…



Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 1st, 573 Points)

Chassis:  F1 W12 E Performance

Engine: Mercedes Benz 

#44 Lewis Hamilton, United Kingdom

#77 Valtteri Bottas, Finland


Having won every Stinkin’ Drivers and Constructors Championships since the Power Unit (PU) era began in 2014, will this be another Ho Hum season? As Im simply getting extremely Bored  by the  Golden Child, Err, Uhm Sir Lewis Show, YAWN!


Obviously the  W12 chassis is simply an evolution of last year’s All conquering Silver Arrows W11 challenger which racked up 13 of 17 wins! So even if the W12 has appeared to be quite skittish in the Uber brief three day test outing and languished Mid-pack on the Time Sheets. While Lewis Hamilton never got comfortable with the car, along with the unexpected Gearbox problem on Day-1, you’d have to Arse-sume’ Mercedes will iron these issue out toot-sweet, righto?


And the driver pairing remains intact a further season, since I’ve since long Cooled upon Valtteri Bottas, who is definitely a Number Two Driver and will Never Beat sir Lewis for the title! And even though I know it was only a single race,but after George Russell’s magnanimous Debutante Merc’ outing at Bahrain, are Bottas’s days numbered?


 Red Bull

Red Bull Racing Honda

(2020 Rank: 2nd, 319 Points)

Chassis:  RB16B

Engine: Honda

#11 Sergio Perez, Mexico

#33 Max Verstappen, Netherlands


Not sure why, but I cannot seem to find anything definitive ‘bout the new RB16B on Ye Intrawoods’ which seems really Cornfusing. As I’ll simply Arse-sume’ that it like all the others is an evolution of last year’s F1 Challenger. As the RB16 can’t be calld a bad car since it won two races, both in the hands of Maximus Hothead’, aka Max Verstappen, including the season finale at Abu Dhabi on December 13, 2020.


I did read that Honda brought Thar planned for 2022 engine upgrade as this year’s Power Unit since we All know that Honda’s leaving Formula 1 at seasons end, when the newly established Red Bull Powertrains unit will take over next year managing the Frozen” Honder’ lump thru the end of it’s lifecycle, i.e.; 2025.


Presumably chassis Genius Adrian Newey’s managed to slough off the RB16’s low points and make this year’s car more well rounded to Max’s liking, which means new Red Bull recruit Sergio Perez will have his work cut out for him.


But this duo’s currently chosen as my second best Driver tandem on the grid, having after all finished P3-4 in the Drivers standings, and Checko’s never a slouch when it comes to finishing a race, so Red Bull could potentially Harass Mercedes for the vaunted Constructors Cup this year, whilst Verstappen will be chomping to knock Sir Lewis Off of his lofty perch!


As I just hope that this year’s “Winter Olympics,” nee F1 Testing won’t Fool us all since Red bull led most of the three days Time sheet results with Verstappen going Quickest Overall on the last day and making everyone think Red bull’s looking incredibly strong out of the gate… 

2021 F1 Teams Preview: Two longtime Arch Rivals

Although it’s been awhile now since they fought against each other for the title…



McLarenF1 Team

(2020 Rank: 3rd, 202 Points)

Chassis: MCL35M

Engine: Mercedes Benz 

#3 Daniel Ricciardo, Australia

#4 Lando Norris, United Kingdom


Obviously the Biggest change to the MCL35M is the switch in motive power from Renault to Mercedes Bens, hence the M prefix to McLaren’s upgraded 2021 Challenger. Although tend to believe I read somewhere that the FIA gave Woking special dispensation for the Power Unit (PU) change, allowing them to spend Thar crucial Design Tokens elsewhere.


As McLaren is allowed to use All of the 2020 Homolgated bits allowable, i.e.; rear suspension, cooling, etc. Although apparently McLaren still builds it’s own Gearboxes, which naturally needed to be modified to accept the Merc’ PU.


The new car sports a longer wheelbase which is part of Mercedes philosophy, whilst reportedly other W11 “Styling” (Design) cues make it’s way onto the MCL35M.


On the driver front, DannyRic’ (Ricciardo) xlides over from Renault on a three year contract. As I’d surmise Ricciardo’s tenure at Renault wasn’t as satisfying as planned…


While coupled with Lando Norris, I’d argue this tandem is the third strongest Driver pairing on the F1 Grid, albeit no idea on how Ferrari will respond this year?


And with McLaren’s impressive performance last year and the Power Unit upgrade, is it too early to begin talking about Woking finally ending it’s long winless drought from 2012? And which of these two drivers will do so?



Scuderia Ferrari

(2020 Rank: 6th, 131 Points)

Chassis:  SF21

Engine: Ferrari

#16 Charles Leclerc, Monaco

#55 Carlos Sainz, Jr., Spain


The storied Italian marque makes massive changes towards this year’s SF21 Challenger. And Nah, I’m not talking ‘bout the addition of the Neon Green, Shamrock Green or was it Puke Vomit Green Mission Winnow Deckles on it’s rear engine cowling. But speaking of it’s rear, most notably an got an all new Heinny’, Err rear end.


As Maranello’s designed a new transmission and rear suspension to adapt to it’s all new 2021 powerplant, Uhm PU. Thus providing a more tapered rear end to hopefully work in concert with it’s redesigned front nose and wings, to meet this year’s Aerodynamic rule changes.


And I’ll go out on a medium sized limb here by saying the arrival of Carlos Sainz, Jr. as Vettel’s replacement at Maranello will be a definite upgrade! Since I’m thinking the Spaniard won’t be as toxic over the In-car radio as Sebastian was, and definitely not throwing as many tantrums as the German did.


As I think this duo will push la Scuderia forwards. Although I think it’ll be another long year for Charles Leclerc who’s itching to get back to driving a winning chassis, which I doubt will happen this season… 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: Three Squads that begin with the letter A!

But which of these three F1 Teams will come out on top? And which one Doesn’t look like the Other?


Aston Martin

Aston Martin Cognizan F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 4th, 195 Points)

Chassis:  AMR21

Engine: Mercedes Benz 

#5 Sebastian Vettel, Germany

#18 Lance Stroll, Canada


What can I say about the rebranded Racing Point operation that possibly had the glitziest F1 Car launch? Like I mean some Super Duper Bowl NFL Stud named tom Brady was Thar, presumably only Outshone by Daniel Craig, Err 007’s James Bond!


As the newly coifed Aston Martin F1 concern will proudly don British Racing Green for it’s paint scheme and continue the refinement of it’s Mercedes look-alike chassi forlornly known as the “Pink Mercedes,” albeit sporting the aforementioned green paint scheme.


As the refined RP20 chassis now hevily leans upon last year’s Mercedes W11 design, most notably it’s rear flanks which incorporates the Mercedes W11 rear suspension bits and whatever else of last year’s Homologated components where allowable.


As like Aston Martin, the other three customer teams Alfa Romeo, Haas and Scuderia AlphaTauri are all allowed to utilize said FIA Homologated parts this season from their respective Big Brother entities before 2022 chassis Rules come into effect nullifying this practice.


But the AMR21 also has it’s own design elements since not every bit of the world Beater Mercedes W11 is allowable, as Aston Martin and I’d Arse-sume’ the others to some extent will have to come up with it’s own solution for the new floor, rear diffuser, etc.


And as we already know, on the Driver front, the much maligned ‘lil Syd Viddle, aka Sebastian Vettel has swaped his  rosso overalls for a green Firesuit this season, in hopes of somewhat resurrecting his F1 career, which went terribly Pear-shaped at la Scuderia last year.


But like I’ve heard countless times before, Y’all Don’t think Vettel’s forgotten how to Drive, Eh? Since once a Four-times F1 World Champion, Always a Four-times World Champion! And can Lance Stroll outperform his new team-mate? Although I’ve got zero Clue if the team can lift itself further up the grid this season?



Alpine F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 5th, 181 Points)

Chassis:  A521

Engine: Renault

#14 Fernando Alonso, Spain

#31 Esteban Ocon, France


As the only true Werks’ effort of this trio, you’d have expected le Reggie’, Err Renault to have come out on top. Yet for 2021, Renault has rebranded itself as Alpine, in marketing parlance to it’s Sports Car brand, albeit it’s still exactly the same outfit long based at Enstone, albeit under somewhat new management. As I’ve previously scribbled ‘bout Cyril Abiteboul being replaced by Davide Brivio as Team Principal.


Like everyone else, the chassis has been updated from last year’s RS20 and notably sports a new livery of red, white and blue in honour of the French Flag and it’s new brand.


Yet I’d say the biggest news is the arrival of Fredrico Suave, aka Fernando Alonso and is surgically repaired Jaw! As the Double F1 World Champion will contest the entire season with two titanium plates affixed to his upper Jaw before having them removed at season’s end.


As it’ll be interesting to see if Esteban Ocon can push his new team-mate? Although I’m pretty sure that DannyRic’, nee Daniel Ricciardo had the upper hand against Ocon last year.



Scuderia AlphaTauri-Honda

 (2020 Rank: 7th, 107 Points)

Chassis:  AT02

Engine: Honda

#10 Pierre Gasley, France

#22 (R) Yuki Tsunoda, Japan

(R = Rookie)


Like the newly minted “Green Mercedes” above, Toro Rosso, Uhm AlphaTauri will be able to benefit from last year’s race winning Red Bull RB16 chassis bits.


As much Noise has been made about Japanese F1 Rookie Yuki Tsunoda winding up P2 on the Time Sheets of Bahrain’s final day of testing. Although I’ve since read about Lando Norris tongue in cheek Quip about the young Japanese charger opening up his DRS before reaching the DRS zone to possibly aid in Tsunoda’s super quick lap time? Which I believe was set upon Pirelli’s C5 tyre compound, the softest of the range.


And although the Hondre’ runners as Leigh Diffey would say look strong, this was the obligatory F1 “Winter Olympics” and we’ll not really know until the season opening Bahrain Grand Prix.


Tsunoda finished third overall in last year’s Formula 2 Championship for Carlin, taking three wins, four Poles and seven podiums en route to series top rookie finisher. With the 20yr old Japanese driver replacing Rooskie’ Daniil Kvyat, who’s become Alpine’s Reserve Driver this season. Whilst I’m guessing Pierre Gasley will be hard pressed to win his second Grand Prix victory this season… 

Monday, March 22, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: Tailender Charlies’

Which of these three Backmarkers will Haul themselves furthest forward?


Once again, it’s almost time to G-O racing! As I’ll attempt doing a very short synopsis of the current 10 F1 Teams current status, which reportedly will see very little Shake-up this year since we’re All Ah-waitin’ the major 2022 F1 Rules revisions which will see new Chassis regulations.


As I believe that All f1 Teams were granted two Development Tokens apiece this season? As this year’s chassis are basically updates to last year’s runners, which would cause you to believe the Grid will stay pretty much Status quo.


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Racing

(2020 Rank: 8th, 8 Points)

Chassis:  C41

Engine: Ferrari

#7 Kimi Raikkonen, Finland

#99 Antonio Giovinazzi, Italy


What can I say ‘bout the ex-Sauber F1 outfit rebranded as Alfa Romeo? As the team’s recent performance demise is surely related to it’s Ferrari Power Unit (PU) woes, after Maranello got “busted” for Fuel flow Shenanigans in 2019 and was placed on “Double Secret Probation!”


This year’s C41 obviously has the required regulation changes to it’s chassis aimed at cutting Downforce and reportedly sports a reverse red and white livery.


On the driver front, at 41 years young, Kimi “the Iceman” Raikkonen is the sports Elder Statesman who currently holds the record for most Formula 1 Starts ever, beginning this year’s intended record 23 race calendar with a whopping 329 starts! Whilst his junior, Antonio Giovinazzi continues nipping at his Heels. Since perhaps the young Italian Outqualified Raikkonen last season?    



Uralkali Haas F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 9th, 3 Points)

Chassis: VF-21

Engine: Ferrari

#9 (R) Nikita Mazepin, Russia

#47 (R) Mick Schumacher, Germany

(R = Rookie)


The biggest visual change to this year’s Haas VF-21 chassis will obviously be it’s new Red, White and blue paint scheme. But Don’t get that Cornfuzed for the Stars ‘N Stripes, since reportedly the livery not only sports a controversial Russian Flag  motif, but is in honour of it’s new title sponsor Uralkali. A Mega’ Russian Fertilizer concern which just so happens to be a subsidiary of Euro chem which is led by major Shareholder and Billionaire Dmitry Mazepin, father of it’s newest Russian recruit.


Haas has gone for a major youth movement with it’s All new Driver lineup with a familiar German sirname and F1’s latest Bad Boy with the signings of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin. As we All know that Mick is the son of Der Terminator’, akak Michael Schumacher and the reigning Formula 2 champion. Whilst Nikita has gotten off to a Rocky start by posting the since deleted viral post of him groping a woman in the back of a car over last winter’s Off-season.


As Nikita claims he’s learned from his “Mistake,” Really? And hopes his Ontrack performance will silence his Critic. But like Alfa Romeo, the Haas will potentially be hampered by it’s Ferrari PU, albeit Maranello has developed a brand new power unit this season.    



Williams Racing

(2020 Rank: 10th, 0 Points)

Chassis:  FW43B

Engine: Mercedes Benz

#6 Nicholas Latifi, Canada

#63 George Russell, United Kingdom


This year’s revamped FW43B sports a brand new livery harkening back to yesteryear’s Williams glory under it’s new owner Dorilton Capital, which I’ve heard a variety of comments upon. From sporting the hues of it’s Team Willy Renault Championship Days to looking like some kid got ahold of some colouring crayons, YikeS!


Although since I cannot See it, Don’t know if it’s blue, yellow & white from Thar Canon Williams Renault Glory Years? Or some other retro theme…


The chassis sports the requisite Aerodynamic Mods along with a different engine Bonnet due to it’s latest Merc Power Unit.


The Driver lineup stays unchanged, one of only three F1 Constructors to do so this season, Ditto Alfa Romeo and Mercedes.


And while I cannot say that Nicholas Latifi impressed me; Hell, I Don’t think I even ever heard his name mentioned last year. Yet He, like team-mate George Russell were in the woefully anemic FW43 which failed to score a single Constructors Championship point. Which think I read somewhere was the first in some 40 Odd years that Team Willy had gone Scoreless, aye Karumba!


Yet we All know how amazing Russell was when deputizing for “golden Child,” Err Sir Lewis in Bahrain, where he was robbed of his maiden F1 victory by the Almighty silver Arrows mighty Pit Stop cockup!


Thus I’m looking forward to Russell scoring points this season and will predict that Team Willy’ will outscore at least Haas this season, and possibly Alfa Romeo… 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Another Sports Cars Renaissance On the Horizon?

But first we’ve got to keep our Heads above water during the current Doldrums…


By now, surely it’s Old News to Yuhs over la Scuderia’s somewhat “shock” announcement that they’ll return to sports Car Prototypes racing in 2023, exactly 50 years since their latest Factory effort. With Ferrari racing for outright victory at the famed Circuit de la Sarthe, which will be commemorating the Centenary running of le 24 Huers du Mans.


  Yet Porsche had already upstaged Ferrari when confirming Wayback in December, 2020 that it would be joining the IMSA Le Mans Daytona Hybrid (LMDH) ranks, which was followed shortly by Audi.


While hopefully the two remaining manufacturers for 2022, i.e.; Acura and Cadillac will participate in 2023? With Mazda having already announced their withdrawal from IMSA’s Daytona Prototype International competition at this year’s season’s end.


Yet I’ve since read that at least Acura has confirmed it’s LMDH programme, while hopefully Cadillac will continue also…


Glickenhaus and Toyota are the only two totally “New Stock” LMH runners in this year’s FIA World Endurance Championship, (WEC) while Alpine will campaign a single Grandfathered rebadged Rebellion R13 LMP1 chassis this year, with No word on whether they’ll bring a brand new Hypercar to the 2022 WEC season?


In 2022, Peugeot will debut it’s LMH Hypercar, and then the party of the FIA’s LM Hypercars will face competition from IMSA’s LMDH Prototypes at Circuit de la Sarthe with the two different categories being regulated by (bOp) Balance of Performance rules for the 2023 Le Mans 24 Hours race.


And as far as I can tell, currently the LMH Hypercars won’t be eligible for IMSA’s Rolex 24 or Sebring 12 Hours events, which I thought was the initial intent of bringing these two divergent Prototype classes together. But at least we’ll see a return Clash of the Titans at Le Mans, ergo Ferrari vs. Porsche, not to mention Toyota, Audi, Peugeot and Glickenhaus.


Interestingly during this year’s qualie’ session which I managed to Tune into on Zed Internet, John Hindhaugh mentioned Thars a rumour that Lamborghini is possibly considering an LMDH effort, Huh?


Whilst ‘Ol Booby Ruble’, aka Bobby Rahal’s been busy Beatin’ thoust Drum over hoping he and his RLLR Outfit can continue with BMW in the future as their potential LMDH project’s entrant, noting how they’ve  been with BMW for 13 years now. But I wonder if BMW would be inclined to partner with it’s Formula E entity Andretti Autosport instead? Since they’ll both be free at season’s end, when BMW quits Formula E.


As Racer’s Marshall Pruett notes, everybody will be talking to everybody about Thar future alliances over the Sebring weekend and only time will tell…

Fifty years ago, Porsche’s All Conquering 917 won it’s lone Sebring race, whilst just weeks prior on March 6th, SuperMario’, nee Mario Andretti won his Debutante Formula 1 race at Kyalami, South Africa in a Ferrari, before competing at Sebring behind the wheel of a Werks Ferrari 512M.


By my very unofficial count, la Scuderia, neeFerrari has scored 13 vidtories to date at the venerable Sebring International Raceway, albeit only eight  as a Werks’ participant. Which ranks  them second behind Porsche’s Mega’ tally of 18 W’s.


Although Ferrari’s tally of eight wins is the most by an Entrant, since many of Porsche’s were won by customers, ergo la Scuderia’s latest three victories during the 1990’s.   


The bulk of Ferrari’s wins began during the front engine era with it’s maiden W’ in 1956, then three consecutive wins from 1957-59 and two more in 1961-62, before it’s first Mid engine V-12 250P won in 1963, followed a year later with the 275P.


It would be a further six years before Mario Andretti’s emphatic win aboard a Factory 512M, followed by la Scuderia’s final W in ’72 with Jacky Ickx and Mario Andretti at the wheel of a 312PB before Ferrari Quit Sports Car racing in  1973.


Twenty-two years later, one of those beautiful customer 333 SP’s would claim the first of three victories for this evocative Sports Prototype, i.e.; 1995, 1997-98, the first two by Andy Evans Scandia Racing outfit, with Momo Corse the latter.


Porsche ran “the Tables” from 1976 to 1988, claiming 13 consecutive victories beginning with it’s legendous Carrera RSR’s, the Group 4 934, which I remember most fondly in it’s Jaggermeister livery, albeit think that was at Le Mans? Then came the All conquering Group 5 935’s and those Panzerwagon 962’s before Electramotive Engineering and it’s Nasty Nissan GTP ZX Turbos ended Porsche’s dominance.


Whilst I know I’ve scribbled before about Audi’s Dominance during the Oughts’, nee Double Zeros’, aka 2000’s, when the All  conquering Audi r8 and R10’s won an impressive eight in a row from 2000-07. As only El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske and his Factory Porsche RS Spyder could put a stop to this win streak when scoring Porsche’s latest victory in ’08, as Porsche currently holds the record for most victories by a manufacture at the aforementioned 18 W’s, Crikeys!


And I totally understand why Scuderia Ferrari would choose the WEC’s Hypercar class over the IMSA’s LMDH category, since after all, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most revered Sports Car Endurance event in the World and ultimately offers the most prestige. Not to mention it gives Automanufacturers more leeway by allowing road going cars to be utilized for Hypercar Homologation vs. IMSA’s four LMP2 chassis manufacturers and a spec Hybrid system required.


But that doesn’t mean I still don’t wish to see truly legendous  Sports Car racing around the Globe, i.e.; World Sports Car Championship when everybody was able to compete at Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans, Watkins Glen, etc. in a single unified category, albeit perhaps that cannot ever be achieved again due to almighty Capitalism? And who Controls  what… 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

IndyCar's I-Racing Series returns

In case Y’all haven’t heard, IndyCar will hold it’s second Annual I-Racing Series Challenge beginning this Thursday, March 18th at Circuit gilles Villeneuve Up North eh!


This year’s series will just consist of three rounds on consecutive Thursday afternoons beginning at 3:30PM Pacific. With round 2 on Miami’s Homestead oval Thursday, March 25th. And Round 3’s Finale on a Fan Chosen track, albeit last year IndyCar just chose Mother Speedway instead. So Don’t be too surprised if Round 3 is once again held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on April 1st, No Foolin’.


You can catch All of the Zany Action on or it’s Official Youtube channel or i-Racing’s Youtube channel. While various participating IndyCar Drivers will also have their Twitch Feeds to tune-in too, presumably Conor Daly, etc. So Check it Out… 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Sebring, COVID 19 and the Mean Green Machine...

Hey After all, it’s St Patties week, so where’s my green beer, Eh? Since I highly doubt that I’ll be able to find a bottle ‘O Guiness at my local grocery store.


Yep, I checked and they Don’t sell it in the single large bottle I prefer. Only El Stupidio Shaker Caps in Six Pack style, which you can Never get to Mix correctly…


In the Never ending IndyCar Off-season, for those of us Jonesin’ for some motor racing, this Saturday (March 20th) marks the 69th running of the venerable 12 Hours of Sebring Sports Car race.


And as we All know, the continuous Scourge ‘O COVID 19 has already effected multiple calendar changes worldwide, notably in the Hopes of being able to bring back the most needed Promoters Asset, i.e.; “Butts in Seats!” although International Travel Ban restrictions have seen the FIA Cancel it’s portion of what was Super Sebring weekend once again.


As the World Endurance Championship’s (WEC) 1000 miles of Sebring event won’t be run for a second year in a row. With the WEC calendar being further pushed back with the recent postponement of the Eight Hours of Portugal race at Portimao slated for Easter Sunday (April 4th) now commencing on May 1st at Spa Francorchamps. But if you’ve been reading No Fenders lately, then you already know that…


Hence the IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship has also been affected with the changing of this year’s 24 Heurs du Mans date, originally scheduled for June 12-13 now being held on August 21-22, which caused IMSA to reschedule the Virginia and Petit Le Mans  rounds to October 9th  and  November 13th respectively. Since the Virginia race would have clashed wit Le Mans with rumours of Corvette Racing wishing to return to Circuit de la Sarthe this year.


But enough of everybody’s favourite Corona Virus News, Righto?As I for one am looking forward to gorging Thyself upon multiple hours of this year’s 12 Hours of Sebring and probably will do my same ‘Ol routine of watching, Err listening to the beginning via the fleeting NBC Sports TV Channel in order to hear Leigh diffey’s “Pipes.” And then the majority via and John Hindhaugh, Jeremy Shaw and Shea Adam on Zed Internet, since they manage to Broadcast the entire race sans Commercials, Just Sayin’, Can You Hear Me Now IndyCar and Comcast?


The best news for Sebring is the return of the #48 Allied Action Express Racing Cadillac Dpi VR and it’s All Star Cast of Drivers led by Jimmy Johnson. With Kamui Kobayashi, Simon Pagenaud and Mike Rockenfeller now confirmed for All four of the Michelin Endurance Cup rounds, i.e.; Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta


And Yeah, I’m Arse-sumin’ that the No. 48 will be running a white paint scheme and  not green, even if I teased Y’all with that Mean Green Machine moniker, since this is probably my favourite car on the grid since I’m a Huge Fan of Kobayashi’s! Along with having been a Fan of “Symone,” nee Pageantry’ (Pagenaud) since his Schmidt Hamilton Motorsports IndyCar days.


For the rest of current NTT IndyCar Interlopers, I can only Arse-sume they’ll be the same cast ‘O characters that participated in this year’s Rolex 24. With Scotty “Thee Iceman 2.0” Dixon aboard the #01 Chip Ganassi Racing Cadillac.


“Joe cool,” akak Alexander Rossi should be part of the #10 Wayne Taylor Racing Acura triumberant, as I’m guessing Hulio’, nee Helio Castroneves won’t be at Sebring. While his Arch Nemesis JPM, Monty’ or Juan Pablo Montoya should be part of the No. 60 Meyer Shank Racing Acura trio.


OOPS! Almost forgot le Hamburgular’, nee SeaBass’, aka Sebastian Bourdais who’ll Arse-sumedly be piloting the “Mach 5” (#5) Mustang Sally’, err Sampling JDC Miller Motorsports Cadillac in the Daytona Prototype International (DPI) Class.


Presumably Oliver Askew, fresh off winning the Le Mans Prototype 3 (LMP3) Class on his Sports Car Debut at the Rolex 24 will be back behind the wheel of the No. 74 Riley Motorsports Ligier? Although no idea if Spencer Pigot will join him?


And will we see  Marco Andretti making his Sports Car return at Sebring in another LMP3 competitor with his cousin Jered Andretti? As Thars been much Scuttlebutt about Marco’s Sports Cars intentions, now that he’s only slated to run the Indianapolis 500 this year.


Although I’ll admit I just took a Flyer upon that speculation, since afterwards I’ve read Online in Racer that Jered Andretti and Tristan Herbert are running the #18 Andretti Autosport Ligier LMP3 entry in the IMSA Prototype Challenge (PC) Championship which only allows Silver and Bronze rated Drivers, for which Marco wouldn’t qualify for.


As Marco mentions he thinks the plan is to probably race the Watkins Glen and Road America rounds, but why couldn’t the Andretti Autosport crew leave the No. 18 at Sebring a further week’s time after the 1hr 45mins IMSA PC “Sprint” race March 14th and then contest the 12 Hours of Sebring? Which is just total speculation upon my part, meaning it probably won’t happen, eh?


Yeah, it was just wishful thinking upon my part, since the now revealed 2021 Sebring 12 Hours entry list doesn’t include this LMP3 trio. So presumably Marco’s implying the June 27th Six Hours Watkins Glen and August 8th Road America event…



Meanwhile, moving to the Saloons, Err Gran Torismo ranks, In the GT Daytona (GTD) category I’ll also Arse-sume’ that Colton “Big Shot!” Herta will return aboard the #96 Turner BMW M6 GT3 entry with Bimmer billy’ (Auberlen) and Robby Foley.


Ditto for Ed Jones, who co-drove the No. 63 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo with former IndyCar Pilote Ryan Briscoe, albeit No idea if the 24 Hours of Daytona was a One-off’ for them?


Whilst I’m pretty certain that (Townsend) T-Bell’ will be doing Double Duty as a Colour Analyst and Chauffeur of Top Jimmy’s, aka Jimmy Vasser and Jame Sully’ Sullivan’s #12 Lexus RC F GT3 machine.


While I’m not sure if Thars an Xfinity Cup Lite’ race that clashes with Sebring? Which would preclude recent Lost Wages’, nee Las Vegas race winner A.J. Allmendinger from television Commenting duties. And probably see Kevin Lee filling the TV Booth instead, Groan!


As Always, Check your local listing for TV Times, as this will be your final chance to watch Sebring on NBC Sports Network. While I’ve got No idea if the opening portion of the race will be aired on Big NBC a la the Rolex 24?


2021 Sebring Entry list revealed

Having begun this No Fenders story before the entry list was revealed on Racer on March 10th, I did a pretty G-Damn Good job of Arse-sumin’ the potential Big boyz’ ranks, albeit There were just seven entries to ponder. As I got All of the top flight Dpi drivers correct with the exception that Mike Rocky’ Rockenfeller isn’t listed on the #48 AXR Cadillac entry.


Gar Robinson is back with the No. 74 Riley Motorsports LMP3 entry, since after all his Pappy’s involved, presumably financially wit the car number mimicking his 74 Ranch Resorts business. And Spencer Pigot is on the Driver Roll but not Oliver Askew, but Scott Andrews is listed instead.


Although I seemed to have totally Struck Out on the Saloons side, but that’s what happens when youre a S-L-O-W Typer and trying to poond out a story ahead of time. Strike One, or is it 2 or 3? You’re Out Tomaso!


Since the GTD #96 Turner Motorsport BMW M6 GTE entry doesn’t feature Colton “big Shot!” Herta’s name paired with the Bimmer boyz’ at Sebring.


Ditto for Ed Jones and Ryan Briscoe, as I couldn’t find the #63 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo entry listed at all.


But on the flipside, Team Hardpoint EBM has announced they’ll run a second Porsche 911 RSR the remainder of the season with an All le Femmes line-up. As the #88 will be campaigned by Thy Leggy Juan’, aka Katherine Legge and Christina Neilsen. With the third female Co-driver to be announced shortly for Sebring.


After repeatedly checking out my Zap-2-It’ TV Guide, it only lists the race’s start during a two hour window of 7-9AM Pacific and the ending of the race during a 3.5 hours  segment from 4-7:30PM Pacific, both listed on NBC Sports. (NBCSN) With the rest of the race going thou route of Ye dodo bird, i.e.; Streaming Buggers! So once again, Check Your Local listings… 

Monday, March 15, 2021

F1 Sporting Icon Murray Walker runs his Final lap

As Thar will most definitely Never be another Murray…


Although I know it means absolutely Nothing, as where did I  read about making too much out of CoInky-desnses? But I found it pretty amusing how thoust Seas ‘O Synchronicity Splashed over Mwah late Saturday evening, as I’d just finished a most amazing book titled Spearhead: An American Tank gunner, The Enemy and A Collision of Lives in World War II by Adam Makos before Settlin’ Down to do my nightly News Trawl and as ‘Ol Kenny Sargent of Speed freaks would say, BAM!


As I’d either forgotten or  didn’t know that Murray Walker was a Tank Commander during World War II and involved in the Battle of The Bulge, a lifetime before he became the BBC’s F1 Anchor at the age of 54.


And thinking of Murray, who I never got to hear call an entire Formula 1 race to the best of my recollection, although may be there was the Odd one or two thrown in somewhere along the way, thinking how a few BBC F1 Broadcasts got Piped onto U.S. Airwaves Since I believe this will be my 36th season of Formula 1, but I digress…


Murray made me think of our past F1 Announcers Stateside, which for Mwah, Bob Varsha will always be my Numero Uno Announcer, with Leigh Diffey during a admiral job of filling such large Sneakers! Having now pivoted to Kroftie’, aka David Kroft and his “Sidekick” Martin Billybob’ Brundle.


Versus the lack of stability, or IndyCar’s never ending cast of revolving characters Stateside for Indy Cars, which Varsha once again get’s my nod for P1, even if I grew up listening to Paul Page “Uncle Bobby” (Unser) and Sam Posey.


Whilst another of my favourites was Bob Jenkins, who I first heard calling NASCAR races. As I know we All hope for Bob to pull thru his current bout with Brain Cancer!


With other less memorable Announcers running the Gambit from Mike Yippee Kai A! King, Todd Harris, Eddie The Mouth! Cheever, Scott Somonex’ Goodyear and Marty Reid.


As I absolutely Cracked Up listening to some of Walkers Murrayisms’, like there’s a glowing fire behind the Ferrari to which Walker’s Wingman, 1976 F1 World Champion James Hunt said dryly, No Murray, that’s the Ferrari’s rear warning light!


Or Murray noting a relatively young Ralf Schumacher getting passed by the youthful teenager Jenson Button who’s 20! With other gems like There’s seven Monaco Grand Prix winners on the Grid and four of them are Michael Schumacher.


As I never minded Marty Reid, and it just seemed like a really bad excuse when ABC Canned Him over his calling and IndyCar winner one lap too early, since I cannot even remember who replaced him? And it always seemed like the Network was simply trying to cut Costs.


Since Leigh Diffey’s done the exact same thing during an IMSA Sports Car race, since I recall Booth Mate Calvin Fish teasing him about that during a different race, which means it just depends upon the Announcers Overall personality and how much the Audience likes them. Since part of Murray’s indelible Charm was his Witticisms, along with cheerfully Overlooking his many mistakes because he was so passionate about the sport of Formula 1…




And Murray’s passing just seems like one more Hammerblow regarding the state of today’s television coverage ofOpen Wheel Racing’s Demise and how Any Tom, Dick or Harry can do a Gory Live Streaming Infomercial these Days. As will anybody care about Motorsports on TV in the future?