Monday, March 22, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: Tailender Charlies’

Which of these three Backmarkers will Haul themselves furthest forward?


Once again, it’s almost time to G-O racing! As I’ll attempt doing a very short synopsis of the current 10 F1 Teams current status, which reportedly will see very little Shake-up this year since we’re All Ah-waitin’ the major 2022 F1 Rules revisions which will see new Chassis regulations.


As I believe that All f1 Teams were granted two Development Tokens apiece this season? As this year’s chassis are basically updates to last year’s runners, which would cause you to believe the Grid will stay pretty much Status quo.


Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Racing

(2020 Rank: 8th, 8 Points)

Chassis:  C41

Engine: Ferrari

#7 Kimi Raikkonen, Finland

#99 Antonio Giovinazzi, Italy


What can I say ‘bout the ex-Sauber F1 outfit rebranded as Alfa Romeo? As the team’s recent performance demise is surely related to it’s Ferrari Power Unit (PU) woes, after Maranello got “busted” for Fuel flow Shenanigans in 2019 and was placed on “Double Secret Probation!”


This year’s C41 obviously has the required regulation changes to it’s chassis aimed at cutting Downforce and reportedly sports a reverse red and white livery.


On the driver front, at 41 years young, Kimi “the Iceman” Raikkonen is the sports Elder Statesman who currently holds the record for most Formula 1 Starts ever, beginning this year’s intended record 23 race calendar with a whopping 329 starts! Whilst his junior, Antonio Giovinazzi continues nipping at his Heels. Since perhaps the young Italian Outqualified Raikkonen last season?    



Uralkali Haas F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 9th, 3 Points)

Chassis: VF-21

Engine: Ferrari

#9 (R) Nikita Mazepin, Russia

#47 (R) Mick Schumacher, Germany

(R = Rookie)


The biggest visual change to this year’s Haas VF-21 chassis will obviously be it’s new Red, White and blue paint scheme. But Don’t get that Cornfuzed for the Stars ‘N Stripes, since reportedly the livery not only sports a controversial Russian Flag  motif, but is in honour of it’s new title sponsor Uralkali. A Mega’ Russian Fertilizer concern which just so happens to be a subsidiary of Euro chem which is led by major Shareholder and Billionaire Dmitry Mazepin, father of it’s newest Russian recruit.


Haas has gone for a major youth movement with it’s All new Driver lineup with a familiar German sirname and F1’s latest Bad Boy with the signings of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin. As we All know that Mick is the son of Der Terminator’, akak Michael Schumacher and the reigning Formula 2 champion. Whilst Nikita has gotten off to a Rocky start by posting the since deleted viral post of him groping a woman in the back of a car over last winter’s Off-season.


As Nikita claims he’s learned from his “Mistake,” Really? And hopes his Ontrack performance will silence his Critic. But like Alfa Romeo, the Haas will potentially be hampered by it’s Ferrari PU, albeit Maranello has developed a brand new power unit this season.    



Williams Racing

(2020 Rank: 10th, 0 Points)

Chassis:  FW43B

Engine: Mercedes Benz

#6 Nicholas Latifi, Canada

#63 George Russell, United Kingdom


This year’s revamped FW43B sports a brand new livery harkening back to yesteryear’s Williams glory under it’s new owner Dorilton Capital, which I’ve heard a variety of comments upon. From sporting the hues of it’s Team Willy Renault Championship Days to looking like some kid got ahold of some colouring crayons, YikeS!


Although since I cannot See it, Don’t know if it’s blue, yellow & white from Thar Canon Williams Renault Glory Years? Or some other retro theme…


The chassis sports the requisite Aerodynamic Mods along with a different engine Bonnet due to it’s latest Merc Power Unit.


The Driver lineup stays unchanged, one of only three F1 Constructors to do so this season, Ditto Alfa Romeo and Mercedes.


And while I cannot say that Nicholas Latifi impressed me; Hell, I Don’t think I even ever heard his name mentioned last year. Yet He, like team-mate George Russell were in the woefully anemic FW43 which failed to score a single Constructors Championship point. Which think I read somewhere was the first in some 40 Odd years that Team Willy had gone Scoreless, aye Karumba!


Yet we All know how amazing Russell was when deputizing for “golden Child,” Err Sir Lewis in Bahrain, where he was robbed of his maiden F1 victory by the Almighty silver Arrows mighty Pit Stop cockup!


Thus I’m looking forward to Russell scoring points this season and will predict that Team Willy’ will outscore at least Haas this season, and possibly Alfa Romeo…