Wednesday, March 24, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: Two longtime Arch Rivals

Although it’s been awhile now since they fought against each other for the title…



McLarenF1 Team

(2020 Rank: 3rd, 202 Points)

Chassis: MCL35M

Engine: Mercedes Benz 

#3 Daniel Ricciardo, Australia

#4 Lando Norris, United Kingdom


Obviously the Biggest change to the MCL35M is the switch in motive power from Renault to Mercedes Bens, hence the M prefix to McLaren’s upgraded 2021 Challenger. Although tend to believe I read somewhere that the FIA gave Woking special dispensation for the Power Unit (PU) change, allowing them to spend Thar crucial Design Tokens elsewhere.


As McLaren is allowed to use All of the 2020 Homolgated bits allowable, i.e.; rear suspension, cooling, etc. Although apparently McLaren still builds it’s own Gearboxes, which naturally needed to be modified to accept the Merc’ PU.


The new car sports a longer wheelbase which is part of Mercedes philosophy, whilst reportedly other W11 “Styling” (Design) cues make it’s way onto the MCL35M.


On the driver front, DannyRic’ (Ricciardo) xlides over from Renault on a three year contract. As I’d surmise Ricciardo’s tenure at Renault wasn’t as satisfying as planned…


While coupled with Lando Norris, I’d argue this tandem is the third strongest Driver pairing on the F1 Grid, albeit no idea on how Ferrari will respond this year?


And with McLaren’s impressive performance last year and the Power Unit upgrade, is it too early to begin talking about Woking finally ending it’s long winless drought from 2012? And which of these two drivers will do so?



Scuderia Ferrari

(2020 Rank: 6th, 131 Points)

Chassis:  SF21

Engine: Ferrari

#16 Charles Leclerc, Monaco

#55 Carlos Sainz, Jr., Spain


The storied Italian marque makes massive changes towards this year’s SF21 Challenger. And Nah, I’m not talking ‘bout the addition of the Neon Green, Shamrock Green or was it Puke Vomit Green Mission Winnow Deckles on it’s rear engine cowling. But speaking of it’s rear, most notably an got an all new Heinny’, Err rear end.


As Maranello’s designed a new transmission and rear suspension to adapt to it’s all new 2021 powerplant, Uhm PU. Thus providing a more tapered rear end to hopefully work in concert with it’s redesigned front nose and wings, to meet this year’s Aerodynamic rule changes.


And I’ll go out on a medium sized limb here by saying the arrival of Carlos Sainz, Jr. as Vettel’s replacement at Maranello will be a definite upgrade! Since I’m thinking the Spaniard won’t be as toxic over the In-car radio as Sebastian was, and definitely not throwing as many tantrums as the German did.


As I think this duo will push la Scuderia forwards. Although I think it’ll be another long year for Charles Leclerc who’s itching to get back to driving a winning chassis, which I doubt will happen this season…