Wednesday, March 24, 2021

2021 F1 Teams Preview: The Top Two Protagonists

As it would be nice to think that Red Bull can finally Stop the Silver Arrows Smothering Dominance, since All (Streaks) Dynastys must end…



Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

(2020 Rank: 1st, 573 Points)

Chassis:  F1 W12 E Performance

Engine: Mercedes Benz 

#44 Lewis Hamilton, United Kingdom

#77 Valtteri Bottas, Finland


Having won every Stinkin’ Drivers and Constructors Championships since the Power Unit (PU) era began in 2014, will this be another Ho Hum season? As Im simply getting extremely Bored  by the  Golden Child, Err, Uhm Sir Lewis Show, YAWN!


Obviously the  W12 chassis is simply an evolution of last year’s All conquering Silver Arrows W11 challenger which racked up 13 of 17 wins! So even if the W12 has appeared to be quite skittish in the Uber brief three day test outing and languished Mid-pack on the Time Sheets. While Lewis Hamilton never got comfortable with the car, along with the unexpected Gearbox problem on Day-1, you’d have to Arse-sume’ Mercedes will iron these issue out toot-sweet, righto?


And the driver pairing remains intact a further season, since I’ve since long Cooled upon Valtteri Bottas, who is definitely a Number Two Driver and will Never Beat sir Lewis for the title! And even though I know it was only a single race,but after George Russell’s magnanimous Debutante Merc’ outing at Bahrain, are Bottas’s days numbered?


 Red Bull

Red Bull Racing Honda

(2020 Rank: 2nd, 319 Points)

Chassis:  RB16B

Engine: Honda

#11 Sergio Perez, Mexico

#33 Max Verstappen, Netherlands


Not sure why, but I cannot seem to find anything definitive ‘bout the new RB16B on Ye Intrawoods’ which seems really Cornfusing. As I’ll simply Arse-sume’ that it like all the others is an evolution of last year’s F1 Challenger. As the RB16 can’t be calld a bad car since it won two races, both in the hands of Maximus Hothead’, aka Max Verstappen, including the season finale at Abu Dhabi on December 13, 2020.


I did read that Honda brought Thar planned for 2022 engine upgrade as this year’s Power Unit since we All know that Honda’s leaving Formula 1 at seasons end, when the newly established Red Bull Powertrains unit will take over next year managing the Frozen” Honder’ lump thru the end of it’s lifecycle, i.e.; 2025.


Presumably chassis Genius Adrian Newey’s managed to slough off the RB16’s low points and make this year’s car more well rounded to Max’s liking, which means new Red Bull recruit Sergio Perez will have his work cut out for him.


But this duo’s currently chosen as my second best Driver tandem on the grid, having after all finished P3-4 in the Drivers standings, and Checko’s never a slouch when it comes to finishing a race, so Red Bull could potentially Harass Mercedes for the vaunted Constructors Cup this year, whilst Verstappen will be chomping to knock Sir Lewis Off of his lofty perch!


As I just hope that this year’s “Winter Olympics,” nee F1 Testing won’t Fool us all since Red bull led most of the three days Time sheet results with Verstappen going Quickest Overall on the last day and making everyone think Red bull’s looking incredibly strong out of the gate…