Friday, March 12, 2021

Carlin Last to IndyCar Party

But will they ever return to a proper two car Fulltime Team?


Last week was apparently what All the Kiddoes’ are calling Content Days now, when Yuhs do everythingy’ but Zoom. Which IndyCar has been doing awhile now, and thus held Thar traditional Pre-season Media Day this way this year instead.


Thus such riveting News as Pietro fittipaldi being confirmed as the Ovals Only Driver of the Dale Coyne Racing with Rick Ware Racing, which I’m gonna just call Coyne-Ware Racing (CWR) from now on instead, since that other ones too Bloody long to type, Thanks Dale!


As I’m guessing Pietro’s signing shoulda been a Slam Dunk after one of Dale Coyne’s “Mouthpieces” previously said that James Davison would Not be driving the No. 51 CWR entry at Mother Speedway this May, which means the Aussie will most likely be in CWR’s second #52 entry at Indianapolis this May, Righto?


Although it’s worth noting that CWR’s primary #51 HotSchue’ Romain Grosjean won’t be racing at World Wide Technology (WWT) Raceway in August, when IndyCar visits St Louis which will always be Gateway to Mwah, which he’d previously been considering.


But wait, you say this story’s supposed to be about Carlin, Righto? As the IndyStar’s Motorsports Journo’ Nathan Browne also divulged to us that Max Chilton has now been officially confirmed to another season aboard his No. 59 Carlin Dallara Chevrolet, and will once again run just the Twisties’ i.e.; Road Course and Street Circuits portion of IndyCar’s calendar along with his lone Oval outing at Indianapolis. Leaving us to ponder if conor Daly will once again pilot the #59 on the other two Oval racetracks? I.e.; Texas Motor Speedway’s Double Header and WWT Raceway.


And speaking of Conor, reportedly he made Mondo Headlines when showing up Onscreen with his latest coif, Err Hairdo, having something to do with a Mullet. Which reportedly Josef Newgarden commented favourably upon Daly’s new “golden locks,” whilst Conor had to explain to a Fan that No! He wouldn’t be running with his long hair flowing out of his Helmet, Mmm…


Really, is this what IndyCar has evolved to during it’s never ending 175 days 2020-21Off-season? Oh Never Mind.


Whilst Messer Browne also recently noted we’re now Officially up to 30 confirmed entries for this year’s Indy 500, and think he said the second #52 Coyne-Ware Racing entry would make 31 entries for Indianapolis?


While Chilton’s and Carlin’s confirmation gives us 24 full season entries, excluding Meyer shank Racing’s partial second entry for Hulio’, nee Helio Castroneves. While I’ve got Zero clue on what Dreyer & Reinbold Racing (DRR) and Sage Dangerboy’ Karam are up to this season?


So Stay Tuned, as we’re almost just one Gory month shy of actually going racing Vroom-Vroom! Since I find myself far more interested over Indy Cars these days vs. Formula 1.


And Yeah, I’ve probably speeled Indianapolis Star reporter Nathan Browne’s last  name incorrectly? But I went that way in honour of Jackson Browne, since whenever I think of Nate Brown, I immediately think of the Unlimited Hydroplanes driver instead…