Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No surprise as Haas F1 announces Grosjean as lead driver, Gutierrez next?

As widely expected, Haas F1 today announced current Lotus F1 Ace Romain Grosjean as its lead driver for the American flagged squad's entrance into Formula 1 next year, with confirmation of the team's second driver to follow shortly.

As I'll ARSE-sume the announcement of Esteban Gutierrez as Grosjean's Wingman to come most likely at Circuit Of The Americas during the Austin F1 race's build-up, or perhaps in Mexico City instead?

Hearing A Cavalcade 'O Voices over a Double Header weekend...

Ah, now that's what I call a KURR-RACKING Good Crew! As "Peacock-lite" went with its 'A Team for the Pocono IndyCar & Belgian Grand Prix's Formula 1 races during its final "Double" Open Wheel race broadcast weekend - which went from ecstasy to despair! Occurring before IndyCar went dormant for the next seven months, AGAIN!

Although I'd originally planned on posting this immediately following the Pocono IndyCar race - having begun scribblin' I-T before the HORRENDOUS Death of Justin Wilson! Naturally, it just didn't seem significant in the moment, as my deepest condolences go out to Justin's entire family...

Alas, now that there's NO muted twin turbocharger IndyCar lumps' whizzin' about the racetrack; Uhm? What's that? They're testing somewheres' in Wisconsin; Oh Never Mind!

Instead, I thought I'd give a "Shout Out" to the voices in my head; Err Confuzer and Telie' that provide me the mental pictures of what I scribble here in Nofendersville - harkening back to that ultimately black storm clouded weekend of August 22-23...

Ah, what's an Open Wheel Racing devotee to do, other than gorge thyself over the weekend watchin'; Err listening to the voices of excitement calling not one but two premiere events. Not to mention a European Feeder Series as a Nightcap; Can Y'all say GP2?

Yet apparently the joke's upon Mwah! As couldn't sleep 'N got up for the listed 5:30AM Pacific airing of the Pocono IndyCar practice, which the Indycar.com website just played for an hour A-L-L its Hubbaloo over past Indy 500's - albeit some smart person said over air on his live mike he was going to take A Leak; NO Kidding!

Yeah, that's right, once again IndyCar played another cruel trick upon me, as their Bombastic website listed IndyCar practice beginning at 8:30AM Eastern, for which I spent an hour furiously searching 'N searching A-L-L over the FREAKIN' "Live Timing & Scoring" webpage for where the FUCK they'd HIDDEN the invisible Play button!

As this is overly CRUEL SHIT to somebody who's severely visually impaired, or as Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen likes to remind Mwah: I'm Blind as a Bat!

After listening to the same montage 'O Indy 500 highlights over 'N over, as I found I-T especially ingratiating to hear "The Voice," aka Paul Page talking 'bout how proud he was to be bringing us the Broadcast live over the Airwaves... Hmm? Where in thee HELL are Yuhs Mr. Page; Hooah!

Around 6:38AM Pacific suddenly Page and Sidekick Mark Graveley' James voice broached my speakers and Wallah, Indy Cars first practice session from Pocono was On Air; Hurrah! As I'm guessing  the mix-up was the fact that IndyCar held a Rookie's Only Pre-practice session, eh? So Good job Yuhs Jokesters' for NOT communicating this properly; URGH!

Thus, I enjoyed listening to Paul Page in the present vs. his highlighted  intro "Call" of the 64th Indy 500, like Dude that's nearly 36 FREAKIN' years ago; EGADS!

Mark Graveley' James did his  typical Toe Tappin' Shilling for Indy Cars, cow-towing' to Mark "I've Got a Plan!" Miles - along with serious dosages 'O Fluff; Err Blather - as really? 30+ minutes 'O championship potential contenders, huh? I could have been Uh-contender; Oh Never Mind!

Meanwhile Jake "The Riddler" Queiry showed off his "Ni-eve-eh-tee" in spades, as it was funny hearing the Head Cheese 'O Hondre (Honda) sayin' I DON'T understand your question! While ZERO clue upon who New Boy Jim Murphy, NO relation to the late, great Jimmy Murphy; Hya! Is? As they acted like he was an old hand on the broadcast, but I've never heard him before.

then an hour's plus later after I tuned on thy Telie' and hunkered down to a double dosage of Open Wheel Racing, with the true "Peacock-lite" (NBCSN) A Team of Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs & Steve Matchett calling Formula 1 Qualie' from their Studio Bunker in Connecticut - with thy 'Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton) on the ground at theee mighty Spa Francorchamps.

Next comparing and contrasting Tres F1 Amigos to Stand-in Anchor Man Kevin Lee and 'PT, nee Paul Tracy was  somewhat of a let-down, albeit the B Team pairing  gave 'Ol 'R, aka Robin Miller more microphone time then normal! Whilst I always enjoy "Professor B's" (Jon Beekhuis) outstanding work.

Yet Newby' Pitlane reporter Katie Hargitt still wearing her Rookie stripes quite prominently! As Gil De Ferran had to suppress Guffawing over her questioning if he missed being out of the cockpit after discussing Charlie Kimball's NASTY Qualifying accident; Uh Duh!

Yeah, I know I'd do way worse than any of the above mentioned, although it's their trained profession while I'm just a Vagabond "Keyboard Warrior!"

while I think Diffey's Quip of the Weekend about his friend Barry Sheen mentioning doing some Agricultural Work! After the 'Kimster, nee Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari DONE BLOWN UP! (Gearbox failure) Would have been more than appropriate for Kimball's 'Mega Shunt; CRIKEYS!

Thus, Diffey 'N Matchett would call the F1 race from Spa Francorchamps live in studio - which I decided to watch the evening's re-broadcast at 5PM Pacific vs. 4:30 FREAKIN' AM! URGH! As it really SUCKS not being able to S-E-E the itsy-bitsy colour coded squares for today's  DVR's; But I digress...

Then they'd leave 'Ol 'Hobbo in Connecticut to take  his daily Nap; Hya! While they scooted off via  chartered jet to Pocono to join excellent Driver Analyst Paul Tracy 'Booth-side to call the Pocono IndyCar race live.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Baseball's Sporting legend Yogi Berra Dies

By now, certainly Y'all have learned of the great Yogi Berra, a multi-times world champion winning catcher's death last Tuesday, Sept 22 at the age of 90. As the Hall of Famer player, manager and iconic character, who had a cartoon made after him - was as  Speed Freaks Kenny Sargent would say, legendous' in more ways than one.

While his exploits in baseball and life - where the diminutive catcher was staunch enough to hold fast to his beliefs, including not setting foot in Yankees Stadium for 14yrs after being fired ineptly by George Steinbrenner, are chronicled in;

Yet I too, found myself with a smile on my face after reading his twenty best Yogi-isms', for which he leaves his indelible mark upon us with, having smiled over the one about Yogi meeting the Pope. When asked what he said to the Pope, Yogi retorted: Hi Pope. Chuh-ching!

Thus when Y'all get to that inevitable Fork in life; Err the Road, you'd better take it! As its Déjà Vu all over again...

IndyCar Spinning its Wheels...

Ah, is I-T just Mwah? Nah, as at least Kenny Sargent is willing to rightfully call out IndyCar on his weekly radio show Speed Freaks, albeit 'Wayback now on August 30th, Y'all know when we were still Ah-grip over Scott Dixon's stunning championship upset over Juan Pablo Montoya!

As it's funny how IndyCar and its affiliates were busy pumpin' up their veritable TV ratings, which have had staggering up swell, with Kevin Lee even going so far as to attribute I-T to "Peacock-lite's" assimilation of 'RASSCAR; YIKES!

But as the Sarge' said, nice job IndyCar, only seven FREAKIN' months 'til Yuhs go racing again! I mean talk 'bout momentum killer, eh? Hmm? What's that? Can't Y'all hear the muted tones of some Indy Cars languidly rollin' around Road America right now; Oh Never Mind!

As I'll B-I-T-E! Err Play Along with Curty' Cavin's theme below, albeit leaving the obvious 'Juan's to Curt; Hya!

HIGH: Majority of On-track Racing
LOW: Mark Miles Heavy Handedness

HIGH: Series actually going racing
LOW: Another STUPENDOUS 7mos Off-season!

HIGH: Attending this year's Indy 500
LOW: Engines going SILENT before Labour Day...

VW's Smog-Gate 'N More...

Obviously I have NO clue what's going on behind not only the closed Motorhome doors in the Formula 1 Paddock, other than Lotus's has been locked out of their hospitality suite for failing to pay their bill...

Yet whilst certainly Deeter Majestik' (Dietrich Mateschitz) has an Ace up his proverbial Brest pocket sleeve in regards to an engine dealio' for next year's F1 championship, right? I've been more curious over wrapping my mind around how Volkswagen could deliberately install computer software into nearly a half million U.S. vehicles alone - their automobiles to alter emission testing results...

Naturally this has led to further speculation that perhaps the VW/Audi takeover; Err buyout of Red Bull F1 has gone up in a cloud 'O blue Diesel Haze?

Yet Me Thinks we'll have to wait until after Suzukre' (Suzuka) to find out just how the smoke has dissipated, a la Singapore over which engines will potentially propel Lotus, Red Bull and Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Although the Lotus picture should be clearer by Monday, in order to prevent Winding Up action, while I'd personally like to see thee 'lil Bulls, nee Red Bull's Seester' team Toro Rosso with Hondre' (Honda) lumps bolted to their backsides, just to break-up the consolidation of engine suppliers on the F1 Grid...