Thursday, September 3, 2015

Azerbaijan Brutality Continues...

While the World 'O IndyCar Turns, as why does this phrase continuously make me think of Champ Cars, eh? Which I tended to refer to as Chump Carz' a decade ago, not to mention Shell blithely sponsoring both Indy Cars and Formula 1 whilst in never ending pursuit of squeezing out more profits; Oh Never Mind!

As there's far more serious matters occurring in the world, like Azerbaijan's continuous brutality towards  its citizens daring to speak their minds on far ranging matters from the Government's Iron Hand of Dictatorship to Football and its Nationalistic  Jingoism, as another civilian has just been murdered for daring to publish his personal opinion towards an Athlete on Facebook!

While certainly the Kingdom's official stance will be that this is nothing more than an out-of-control Footballer needlessly taking the life of an outspoken critic, for which he and five others have now been arrested, but!

It's just one more chilling example of how Democracy's alive 'N well in the Oil Rich state which brutally quashes any outspokenness, which includes having denied The Guardian NO less access to its Kingdom during its recent European Games - as naturally next year's inaugural European Grand Prix will be a Political target of what one Journalist cleverly denotes as "Caviar Diplomacy!"