Friday, September 11, 2015

Hold the Mayo' on thy Fries - No Fenders Now and Then...

So it's that most legendous' Day 'O Dazes! For which ironically I began posting stories on thy 'lil 'BLOB thingy five years before the B-I-G' BANG! For which Don Henley's Karmically released Album and title song that very same year says I-T all, eh?

VIDEO: Inside Job

Seb' Vettel, now charming us once again whilst swathed in scarlet, last time out at the Hungaroring won his 41st Grand Prix, tying him for third All-time in career F1 victories with some Chap named "AyeAirten," nee Ayrton Senna!

As pretty amazing how a few years makes Yuhs forget, when "The Smiling Assassin" was being greeted weekly by his flock 'O Fans!

As it's funny how I once again now enjoy "TWINKIEBOY" winning occasionally vs. the mighty Lewis Hamilton and his Silver Arrows, since I'll never forgive him for his epic "Multi-21" tirade!

Thus, my once Numero Uno Formula 1 Driver - whom I've long since given up on, now cheering for Valtteri Bottas instead, sure has come a long way since I first scribbled 'bout the then precocious German teenager nearly a decade ago in;

Whilst we're NOT supposed to go A-L-L Politico' in a motor racing blog, right? For which I've done numerous times instead - not to mention typing 'bout various sundry articles that don't pertain to motor racing at all; Hooah! But here's one such 'lil story about today's place  in history - for which I'll be celebrating exactly the same...