Saturday, September 5, 2015

Harold LeMay - Past & Present

Spotted the following story recently when doin' my nightly News Crawl - regarding what I consider to be "The City of Destiny's" finest museum, nee LeMay America's Car Museum, which is featuring a brand new exhibit honouring its founding father Harold LeMay and his "Lucky 13" Garage.

And now that I've renewed my yearly membership, if I can only get Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen to take me there once again!

As Gee Wally, lookee 'Thar, time sure does fly by when you're busy typin' at a Snail's pace; Err having Fun; Hya! As its hard to believe it's already been 8yrs since I made my lone outing to the original LeMay facility in Spanaway; YIKES!