Thursday, September 3, 2015

With A little Help from Friends, (In High Places) Shell pursues Arctic Assault

Its overly disappointing to me to think that OUR great President championing environmental concerns regarding Climate Change could be so insolent in regards to approving drilling in the Arctic...

Alas, sounding like a broken record; it's really, really sad to Mwah that whenever I think about Formula 1 racing at thee mighty Spa Francorchamps circuit these days, I immediately think of David Coulthard being an ARSEHOLE! And Seb' Vettel playing the Smarmy Charmer role to perfection. Uhm? What's going on "Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge!" You know exactly what the FUCK's going on "TWINKIEBOY!"

As how dare those nasty, confuzed folks from Greenpeace DARE protest our 'lil motor race; YIKES! As Spa is the Numero Uno racetrack I dream about visiting, yet simply cannot get the BASTARDOS who sponsor I-T outta my head, nee those DASTARDLY Folks from Royal Dutch Petroleum, aka Shell. As the idea of an Oil Company being responsible is rich to say the least, eh?

While what type of damage will occur when the inevitable Oil Spill in the Chukchi  Sea occurs. Like if BP's Gulf Oil Spill is responsible for killing Dolphins where they could get to the gusher, then what'll happen in the Arctic where Shell's ill-prepared to deal with disaster!

As here's just a few recent news headlines related to that Black Tar, nee Oil...

Oil spill from broken pipeline stretches four miles along California coast.
Revealed: BP's close ties with the UK government
BP ditched Arctic concerns for strategic deal with Russia
Owner of Deepwater Horizon drilling rig agrees to $211m damages settlement
'Nightmare' California oil spill damages rare coastal ecosystem
Karl Over Knausgaard condemns Norway's Arctic oil plans
Croatian dilemma: Oil in the Adriatic, or tourism
The real story behind Shell's climate change rhetoric
Shell accused of strategy risking catastrophic climate change
Oil lobby group recruited Canadian minister for secret strategy meeting

Yeah, like A-L-L Humans on Planet Earth, I too consume petroleum at a somewhat prodigious rate weekly, even if I DON'T drive an automobile,  I still pay for my fair share of Petrol, not to mention riding Mass Transit which naturally consumes Fossil Fuels. But it just seems plain GREEDY on Shell's part to be tampering with Mother Nature in search of unneeded Crude Oil, especially at a time when Oh 'KanaDuh's most controversial Tar Sands project, like others, is experiencing the plight of the world's current Oil glut.

Yet, not surprisingly, Royal Dutch PLC remains oblivious to the ramifications of when it spills Oil in the Arctic as its begun exploratory drilling in search of increasing its bottom line; Err profits. Even after the U.S. Government's report concluded that there is a 75% chance of an Oil Spill over the lifetime of the contract!

Alas, as Don Henley once crooned: "We've got to squeeze out One More Hit!" Err, tap every possible Sinkhole on Mother Earth in search of making a few more Greenbacks before the Environment Craters!

"But, the barons in the balcony are laughing
And pointing to the pit, they say, "Aw look
They've grown accustomed to the smell
Now, people love that shit
We're workin' it"
(Workin', workin)
Workin' it!"

VIDEO: Workin' It

Song Lyrics:
Workin' It
Don Henley
Inside Job, 2001