Friday, September 11, 2015

No. 9, Number Nine, Numeral Nein?

The Grand Wizard Tomaso & His trusty "Lab Assistants," aka Mad Molly & Thy Pixolator' hard at work somewheres' on The Oregon Trail. (The Tomaso Collection)
Ah, I know what I want for my birthday! But it AIN'T gonna happen, like when Santa fails yearly to bring me my Ferrari; Hooah!

So can another year have already slipped by? And what do I have to show for I-T? As today marks the ninth Birthday of No Fenders! Whilst having chronicled last year's B-Day Salutation in:

Alas, this year seems like it's been utterly different with Motorsports slipping down thy list 'O priorities...

As really haven't done that much motorsports-wise, except for attending two events this year.  First being another fairly entertaining outing at thy OLD-est IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips favourite Tex-Arse track COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas - where I'll be headed soon for the forthcoming USGP! Having attended my third MotoGP event this past April, which I scribbled 'bout in;

Although I did indeed start the year in style once again, with another most Excellante 3wks trek to thy B-I-G' Island!

While I've been sitting on; Err, failing to finish another two part harmony; Err longish tome 'bout my thoughts upon attending this year's 'Uber enjoyable Indy 500! As I've been trying to let my anger over Mark "I've Got a Plan!" Miles subside before trying to objectively work out the High's 'N Low's of Mother Speedway; Aye Karumba!

All of which the above furor over Mr. Miles collectively boiled over after the Fontana IndyCar race, which sadly won't be returning next year, so Good Job Miles!

But I had a pretty entertaining  outing to thy "Other Florence" in early June, Pre-Fontana, which I scribbled as typical, labourisly in;

Meanwhile, I paid Homage to my Numero Uno Rock Band, as thee "Power Trio," Yuhs know, those lads from Up North Eh! Simply known as Geddy, Alex & Neil were celebrating forty years of Rockin' - for which I partook with longtime RUSh Aficionado & Co-hort Marco, when we attended R40 at The Key on July 19th.

Alas, Summer 'N Life seems to have gotten into the way lately, especially with the never ending crush 'O minutia, technology and continuous shrinking of thy world!

As I simply cannot type fast enough anymore, not to mention the never ending plethora of websites which don't interface correctly with 'Lucy, my ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader I depend upon to bring Y'all this riveting 'BLOB pages as thee late 'Awntie Harriet christened I-T!

Not to mention another issue when either the 'Ol Mouse AIN'T 100% NO more - or another technical issue has reared its UGLY Head upon Zoomtext 10.0? When intermittingly the mouse's cursor goes SPAZDIK when speel-checking or modifying the text font format; SHEISA!

since A-L-L of this Digital Interference naturally further decreases my speed, making it even more labourious to create 'N publish thy "Award Winning" No Fenders Blog these Dazes, for which Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen has just decreed - uses a most unique  language known as Tomason; Hya!

Hence, A-L-L of these issues, plus the yearly decrease 'O my vision ensures that my yearly total of Posted Articles decreases, which Y'all can note by looking at the Blog Archives on thy No Fenders Homepage - while Y'all are more than welcome to Comment upon anything here, having surpassed 3,000 "Hits," and A-L-L without using any of an ex-Mariners Magic Snake Oil; Hooah!

Thus like Always, I'd like to thank the Fans; Blah-blah-Blahity-blah... Err, Uhm, A-L-L three of my remaining loyal readers; Hooah! Family & Friends for their Contiguous support! Everybody who reads my weekly dribble and most notably;

Mad Molly & Thy Pixolator, nee Molly & Pixie!

Who remind Mwah there's more to life than Blogging... Especially when they're keeping my lap warm; Hya!

As hopefully I'll be off somewheres' scenic with Mary Ellen, Molly & Pixie when this B-Day Salutation Hits duh Press...