Monday, March 2, 2015

The Tomaso Files: A Somewhat brief Kona trip recap...

One of the countless Big Waves that pounded the missing White Sands beach during another Huge Surf storm on Kona. (The Tomaso Collection)
Another year, same tedious tune... As I simply cannot type fast enough anymore; Ariva-Ariva-Ariva! Not to mention the HORRIFIC difficulties of simply posting stories upon the 'Uber P.O.S. platform! But I digress...

As here's my somewhat quick? Kona postscript, after receiving the pictures from Hawaii Travel Coordinator  Linda, as Sheez! Didn't notice until returning HOME that I didn't include my epic On Gas' (Danny Ongais) feature story in my previous Hawaii themed post, which sprang to mind when Linda called out the flying fish jumping in front of our dwelling...

And as what's becoming typical, of Hawaiian winter storms, we endured another round of 'Mondo High Surf action, with Kona being struck by the itsy-bitsy-teanie-tiny 18-25 foot waves; Aye Karumba! Which entailed a historic closing of the entire B-I-G' ISLAND'S beaches for five days!

On our very first 'Walkabout, pre-high surf action, Me Thinks? Sauntering down Alii Drive, which parallels the Pacific Ocean and is the main seaside road thru Kona, we spotted the following Hot Rod being worked upon in the morning of a shaded driveway of a friendly local "Shade Tree Mechanic."

  • Fiberglass body - '23 Ford
  • 327cid V-8 Chevy with Muncie 4 speed
  • Metallic orange with lots of chrome
  • License plate : Cool 23

The friendly mechanic told us that the "Wheelie bar" on back was for more show than go! As he was busy replacing the current 'Blower with a larger unit, since apparently it wasn't FAST enough; Hya!

As typical when in Hawaii, on the chaise lounge with CD-player & headphones on - and some funny 'lil Adult beverage with umbrella alongside... I launched into several 'Audiobooks including another of Clive Cussler's Isaac Bell series thrillers, this one being titled The Chase, having now listened to (read) four of the current seven novels in this series, with the latest installment, The Assassin due sometime this year.

And although this novel, which is actually the very first of the series, (published in 2007) deals more with steam locomotives, focusing upon the mighty Pacific class 4-6-2's, although Messer Bell gives chase in a faster, more powerful 4-4-2 'Loco, sans passenger cars, caboose, etc whilst giving chase to the  Canadian border...

Featured Cars
  • Chain drive Mercedes Simplex
  • Ford Model K
  • Red Locomobile
  • Packard straight-8 convertible

While the Simplex, Model K and Straight-8 convertible all get just cursory mention, the red Locomobile, which is claimed to have been purchased by Mr. Bell after its third-place finish in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race is put  thru its paces - impressively chasing down the locomotive at nearly 100mph that our villain has escaped town on with a head start!

As the book briefly describes the cars period correct "Kit," i.e.; brass radiator and eagle hood ornament whilst Bell prepares to turn the crank after bellowing "Fire in the Hole!" Hmm? Think I feel a future Locomobile story coming on...

Tomaso ecstatically poses briefly with the legendous' Alex Zanardi on Carb Day, 2013 during the Pit Stop contest.  (The Tomaso Collection)
Following that incredulous Seahawks come from behind victory over Green Bay! We went into town for that month's "Flea Market," or  whatever they call the monthly  multi-vendors bizarre. And after some friendly banter over the Seahawks defeating the Packers, we continued sauntering  along the pier's and adjoining Seawall, after Tomas Sr. took me inside the King Kamehameha Hotel (owned by Marriott) to briefly view the outrigger canoe again, whilst Linda was busy shopping...

As I almost forgot about the friendly Shuttle Express driver who told me about "the Duke," not the original Hawaii Surffing legend, but "the Duke" John Wayne, who I didn't know played college football for USC before being discovered by Hollywood...

As Tomas Sr. pointed out "the Duke's," NOT Daisy; Hya! But both  Duke Kahanamoku & John Wayne respectively on T-shirts alongside an Eddie Akai Quicksilver tee...

And without knowing it, we'd strolled bats the hole-in-the-wall, nee Seawall where the annual Ironman competitors race into the Pacific Ocean in Downtown Kona!

As the three of us were upon one of our morning walks,  I somehow got off on a tangent, and as 'Ol 'Awntie Harriet would say: I had a Talking Jag on; Hooah! As I delved mightily into the impressive feats of 'El Zorro, aka Alex Zanardi nearly the entire length of our southwards walk down Alii Drive.

Telling an unexpecting Tomas Sr. the virtues of Alex's "multiple legs," a set for every occasion! Along with his recent triumphs of winning two gold and one silver medal in Handbiking during the 2012 London

Thus, I was bemused to have Tomas Sr. tell me that the Ironman competitors file down Alii Drive directly in front of their condo, claiming that it's a Nightmare! (Traffic-wise, with the road being closed...)

So, this began my pinin' for a picture of that Seawall opening, and then Linda told me we could go to the Ironman store after I'd been pestering Tomas Sr. for a postcard showing the competitors flocking into the water... Which  somehow we never quite got around to visiting, but Hey! It's tough being on "Island Time" and just relaxing on the balcony enjoying the fresh tropic breeze!

As I still chuckle over Alex's wryly noting his cadence of counting to 333; got I-T? Whilst fighting the headwinds on his custom Handbike, as I believe the 333SP reference was noted in the Racer article linked in the adjoining Zanardi continues to Amaze post below. Not to mention struggling mightily to find grip on his wheels with sweat pouring onto his gloves!

Starting point for the swimming portion of the famed Ironman event held on Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, nearby the King Kamehameha Hotel in Downtown Kona. (The Tomaso Collection)
And lastly, mostly for 'Offical No Fenders Photographer 'N "Ger-ranimals" LUV-err CARPETS; Hya! The B-I-G' ISLAND is awash in Red crowned Amazon Parrots; NOT the red crested variety as I misspoke earlier, along with Red cardinals, Doves and Myna birds, etc...

For links to other previous Hawaii stories, see; No Fenders "RoarBefore" Hawaii, Baby!

2014 'Mega Surf & Seawall pictures courtesy of Hawaii Travel Coordinator Linda.
, 2013 IMS Carb Day picture courtesy of 'Offical No Fenders Photographer 'CARPETS.