Monday, November 3, 2014

Zanardi continues to Amaze!

Otay, as always, this news is a 'Wee bit dated, having originally heard I-T on thee Speed Freaks show during Crash Gladys's "Pit News & Notes" segment on October 12th, as she appropriately showered who's known affectionately here at No Fenders as 'El Zorro, aka Alex Zanardi with numerous accolades over his amazing feat of having just finished his maiden Ironman Competizione!

As the Ironman event he was contesting, as just one of the dozen "Physically Challenged" competitors was the Kona Ironman contest on thee B-I-G Island of Hawaii, which has seen other IndyCar drivers participating in previously, i.e.; 'TK Follow-your-Schnoz Kanaan and Vitor Meira, whom I interviewed 'Wayback in 2010.

Yet this story's 'bout Zanardi, who contested the entire event Sans  legs! As in NO LEGS! Noting how difficult the swimming portion was, i.e.; getting his snorkel knocked off three times! Then fighting relentless winds on his handbike, along with the  difficulties of propelling his wheelchair with sweat landing upon the wheels!

As Y'all cannot be anything else but overly impressed with this man, who's irrepressible Italian "Zest" for life continuously amazes Mwah!