Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Penguin Flaps his Arms and Barks!

Ooh, aren't Y'all glad that Messer Bernard Ecclestone wriggled free from his Bribery Sham this past summer in order to return his focus solely upon Formula 1!

As Uncle Bernaughty, the Pied Piper of F1 has been doting out his usual Flamethrower Quips towards the sport and his least two favourite F1 teams, nee Minnows Marussia and Caterham, most notably taking aim towards Caterham's Crowd Funding scheme by lamenting the Leafield squad's Administrator's as having hung out "Begging Bowls!" And further chiding the team 'bout not having the funds to fly home...

Which of course smacks of Hypocrisy, after Bernie used his own Begging Bowl, a la the FOM Coffers to enable him to write a cheque for $100m to BUY his way out of his bribery charge Toot sweet!

And what financial crisis in F1? As Bernie the Benevolent has now gone for some cheap gossip hitting A-L-L of the Newswires appropriately on Friday, Y'all know the bestest day to bury stories... Stirring the Pot by being his usual mischievous, sexist, arrogant self! To which I simply say to all of the F1 Team Principals supporting him; You've made your bed, now Lie in I-T!

Bernie to young people: screw you, you don't have any money anyway!