Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What Are We Afraid Of?

And why are we so scared of somebody being Different?


Yeah, I know this No Fenders topic will be controversial, along with polarizing for many, which I simply do Not understand, and cannot wrap my Head around!


As I find it Appalling that our local Pride event was cancelled due to it’s organizer receiving Death Threats! Seriously people, what’s wrong with you?


While today marks the 54th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. For which if you’re not familiar with, look it up.


Having scribbled about one such remarkably interesting person whom became Roberta  Cowell here upon No Fenders last June in the following two part tome.


Whilst I must say that I’m most disappointed with IndyCar, Andretti Autosport and it’s No. 28 title sponsor DHL for apparently Not Honouring Pride Month this year! Unless I somehow missed the Memo?


Although I Don’t think they did anything this year either at Detroit or Road America? The only two races during June, which I take to be just one more sign of how divisive this taboo “subject has become…


As it’s somewhat hard to believe that it’s already a decade ago since I was introduced to the great Kuhnaidiun’ Band Arcade Fire in Austin, Texas, when attending that year’s United States Grand Prix. When Austin F1 Sherpa Claudio took me to hear the band playing live prior to the race.


Getting to hear my favourite Arcade Fire song Reflector being performed, along with learning about their most compelling song We Exist! A Straight forward, No Nonsense and wonderfully correct song upon the matter of being Gay and the intrinsic Homophobia associated wit it… 

Monday, June 26, 2023

F1: What makes Max Verstappen so Great?

As No Max! You’ll never be Better than Ayrton Senna! Regardless of your statistics…


Was Talkin’ Turkey, Err Formula 1 recently with one of the few people I get a chance to these days. As former Austin F1 sherpa Claudio’ was saying He guessed Red Bull has the Best engine on the Grid? Which makes Max Verstappen so unbeatable?


And if you’re a Diehard F1 Aficionado like Mwah, albeit Fading. Then Y’all know about the 1988 Formula 1 season when McLaren won 15 of that year’s 16 races! Since Red Bull’s being compared to this phenomenon, apparently with Max saying that Red Bull could very well win All 22 races this year, Youza!


Having “read” the very staggering statistics according to Reuters Alan Baldwin following the Spanish Grand Prix. Noting how Red bull had won the past 17 of 18 Grands Prix, from Round 12 at Le Castellet, France last year. Including seven in-a-row this year thru Barcelona!


For which Verstappen’s won a staggering 14 times! With His Wingman Sergio Checo’ Perez taking three. With the only single non Red Bull win during this period being George Russell’s maiden Grand Prix victory at last year’s Sao Paolo Grand Prix, Aye Karumba!


Since when I think about McLaren’s 1988 “Dream Team” of The Professor, aka Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. I’m struck by the fact that they were the two Best Formula 1 Drivers on the F1 grid at that point. And sorry Checko’, but you’ll Never be  in this Zip code…


As ironically, McLaren’s Honda 1.5-litre twin turbo V-6 lump’ was the best engine on the 1988 F1 grid, coInky-dense? Not to mention having a very good chassis…


Whilst we know that MaxiMillions’, nee Verstappen won a record 15 Grands Prix last year. With the rest of the grid picking up the table scraps! As Max’s Red Bull teammate Checo’ (Perez) knotted two W’s. While Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc won three, along with Scuderia teammate Carlos Sainz, Jr. winning His maiden grands Prix at Bloody Silverstone. And Mercedes George Russell’s win at Sao Paolo.


As I told Claudio, and I’m probably stating the obvious here. But I feel certain that it’s the entire package, i.e.; Driver, Chassis  and Engine that makes Red Bull currently unbeatable!


Since I’ll begrudgingly concede that Verstappen’s currently the best F1 driver. But how would Charles Leclerc do if He and Verstappen swapped rides? Ditto Sainz or Russell. Not to mention that Sir Lewis, or to that point. That Smarmy Spaniard Frederico Suave’, aka Fernando Alonso would certainly be collecting more Silverware, nee Grands Prix trophies, and Gasp, Championships!


Whilst if I recall correctly? Red Bull was threatening to Quit F1 awhile ago unless the FIA Froze the current engine regulations when Honda announced it was Quitting Formula 1 again. Which after agreen to this demand, Red Bull and Honda saw Verstappen controversially win the 2021 Drivers Championship at Yas Isle,. Where I believe that Max and Lewis Hamilton had been tied on nine wins apiece, before Verstappen won the “tie-breaker”.


Thus with the engine regulations frozen until 2025, I suspect we’re in for a further few dull years of Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance! A la Mercedes from 2014-2021…


Yet I tend to overlook the fact that Adrian Newey, arguably the greatest ever Formula 1 Designer, whose racecar have reportedly won a staggering 200 Grands Prix! Worked for March Engineering in His formative years.


As Newey is the only Formula 1 Designer to have won Constructors Championships for three F1 Teams, ergo Williams, McLaren and Red Bull. With His racecars having won  eleven Constructors and twelve  Drivers titles to date! Since obviously Verstappen and Red Bull are well on their way to clinching this year’s “double”.


Team Willy’ won the 1992-94 and 1996-97 Constructors titles. Followed by the Ronsters’, nee Ron Dennis’s McLaren in 1998 and then Red Bull from 2010-13 and 2022 and counting…


While Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve won their F1 Drivers titles at Team Willy’. Followed by Mika Hakkinen’s Double World Championship at McLaren. And then Sebastian Vettel’s four consecutive Championships at Red Bull before the current Verstappen reign began! Making me wonder if it’s the driver or the chassis? Or what comes first, the Chicken or the Egg, Wee-wee?


Much noise has been made lately over the Red Bull RB19’s “Underbody” floor’s secret’s finally being divulged when Perez’s stricken RB19 was lifted skywards by a crane at Monaco. Although McLaren’s Andrea Stella admitted it was one complex looking “Piece of Kit!”


As I’d totally forgotten that Newey’s first racecar design was the March GTP car of 1982, specifically the 82G. Which if I’m reading the record books correctly, it’s successor, the March 83G won the IMSA GTP Championship in 1983-84.


Then Newey moved to engineer Bobby Rahal at Truesports in 1984, before His March 85-86C designed Indy Cars won both the series Championship and Indianapolis 500. Arse-sumedly with all three racecars being Ground Effects chassis.


Making me tell Claudio that I suspect that Newey simply has a better understanding of Ground Effects vs. the rest of the Formula 1 field and Hence, why the Red Bull RB18 and RB19 are leaps ahead of everybody. Not to mention suffering the least from Porpoising!


As I’ve read many times how it’s the total package, i.e.; the front wing working with the sidepods and floor. Channeling the “invisible” Air to the diffuser and rear wing. Along with working in harmony with the Drag Reduction system. (DRS) Along with needing a powerful engine, Err Power Unit and gasp, somebody to steer the Bloody contraption!


So even though Max is set to eclipse the late, great Ayrton Senna’s F1 career wins tally shortly, with Prost and Vettel’s surely in sight. Does this make Verstappen as great or greater than these Formula 1 icons? Especially Senna and Prost, who accomplished their records during the era of fewer Grands Prix per season… 

Friday, June 23, 2023

F1: Red Bull's latest Branding Exercise Shoots towards the Stars

Is it A Plane, A Star or just some Really Bad Racing Name?


Was  gonna launch in to that 'Ol Refrain 'bout Is it A Bird, Plane or Alpha Centauri? Which I fondly recall from a Great Comedian named Brian Regan, who's Comedic Skit I first heard upon Thee Radio a Buh-Zillion' years ago, Get It? Buzz Lightyear, To Infiniti and Beyond, Oh Never Mind!

As that was before having watched him on various Comedy Central TV shows, Wayback “Light Years Ago” when they hosted Comedians Daily, but I digress, as here’s the clip below…


As this long dormant No fenders story came percolating back upon thy radar screen when recently hearing the news over Franz Tost’s impending departure as Team Principal at the end of the 2023 F1 season.


As AlphaTauri suddenly announced having poached current Ferrari Racing Director Laurent Mekies from la Scuderia, much to Team Principal Frederic Vasseur’s dismay over the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend this past April. While the totally unknown Peter Bayer will become AlphTauri’s CEO upon Tost’s exit.


Although apparently Ferrari and AlphaTauri are still wrasslin’ over when Meckies will go on the requisite “Gardening leave” and when He’ll be allowed to start working at Faenza as AlphaTauri’s new Boss…


Thus, having taken some three years to piece this together, most likely Yuhs already know the reason behind Scuderia toro Rosso's Name change following the 2019 F1 Season. Which I cannot say I'm overly impressed by even now. And far prefer Scuderia Toro Rosso instead!


For those who Don't know, AlphaTauri is Red Bull's "luxury" Fashion Brand, having commenced in 2016 and is named after that Humungous Red Star in thoust Milky Way in deference to the colour Rosso, for obvious reasons.


Although No Word on whether or Not these clothes Give you Wings? Since Thar Tag-line is something about The Body that Fits or something close to that, but I digress further.


Or as the Brilliant Author Kurt Vonnegut says countless times in his epic Masterpiece Slaughterhouse5, “So It Goes”.


Naturally, the rebranded Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 Team Shocked us All with it's unexpected triumph at Monza, in September 2020. Scoring it's maiden Grand Prix victory when Pierre Gasly won his Debutant Formula 1 race at the Italian Grand Prix!


But Y'all probably Didn't see that Stateside if Yuhs were Ah-Waitin' the late evening Encore Presentation on luh Duesh' like your Humble No Fenders Scribe was. Y’all know, when ESPN2 Double Faulted, Again, Fault!


And if you're a Hard Core F1 Aficionado like Mwah, then you already know that AlphaTauri and it's subsequent Scuderia Toro Rosso incarnations as a Formula 1 Constructor began as Minardi Wayback in Gory 1985, when Giancarlo Minardi's Minnowesqe Formula 1 Team made it's F1 Debut at Sao Paolo, Brazil. But I’m getting Ahead of Thyself…


Red bull Impresario Deeter Majestik’, aka Dietrich Mateschitz bought the Minardi F1 concern from then Team Owner Paul Stoddart, founder of European Aviation. With the Formula 1 operation arriving on the Grid under it’s new Scuderia toro Rosso moniker at the 2006 season opening Bahrain Grand Prix. With Red bull having taken control of the Faenza, Italy concern upon November 1, 2005. As ‘Ol deeter’ was a busy boy, having bought the Jaguar F1 Team from Ford just a year earlier…


Toro rosso naturally began amid controversy, when it’s STR1 chassis was a redesign of it’s Big Brother’s Red Bull RB1 chassis. Along with utilizing Minardi’s supply of 2005-Spec rev-limited Cosworth 3.0-litre normally aspirated V-10 lumps’, after the FIA had mandated 2.4-litre normally aspirated V-8 engines for the 2006 F1 season.


As it’s drivers were the long forgotten Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi ans American Scott Speed who’d won the Red Bull Drivers search.


Speed who reputedly was used as Team Boss Franz tost’s “Punching Bag”, was controversially dropped mid-season in favour of then BMW Sauber Development Driver Sebastian Vettel, and the rest as they say is History!


Vettel claimed His and the team’s first Pole position and victory at the wet (2008) Italian Grand Prix. Becoming the first Italian F1 Constructor other than Ferrari to win a Grands Prix since Juan Manuel Fangio triumphed for Maserati at the 1957 German Grand Prix! Along with being the only Ferrari powered customer Formula 1 win to date.


As this would be the team’s High-water mark during it’s 268 Grands Prix appearances as Scuderia Toro Rosso between 2006-2019. Whilst Toro rosso also holds the Honour of employing the last IndyCar driver to go to Formula 1, that being Sebastien Bourdais between 2008-09, which is a really long time ago!


And I don’t see this changing anytime soon, with the FIA’s Nepotism towards promoting only it’s European ladder system and totally ignoring IndyCar when it comes to an appropriate awarding of points for the necessary FIA Super License to compete in Formula 1.


Since we All know about how Colton Herta was unable to earn the necessary points needed, even if the American driver is totally capable of driving a Formula 1 racecar… 

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

RETRO: Minardi F1 Team

Who were always a Fan Favourite as a loveable Underdog Formula 1 Constructor!


This “Retrospective” of one of the Greatest Minnowesqe Formula 1 Teams of the past was originally begun Wayback in Bloody 2020, during a lull in Motor Racing due to COVID-19. But like many things Here in Nofendersville, it never got published! Being waylaid High upon Ye Driftwood…



Full Name: Minardi F1 Team

Team Founder: Giancarlo Minardi

Noted Technical Staff: Gustav Brunner

Base: Faenza, Italy

Constructors Titles: 0

Drivers Titles: 0

First Race: Brazilian Grand Prix, 1985

Last Race: Chinese Grand Prix, 2005

Races: 346 Entries (340 Starts)

Wins: 0

Poles: 0


If you're a Hard Core F1 Aficionado like Mwah, then you know that today’s AlphaTauri and it's subsequent incarnations as a Formula 1 Constructor began as Minardi Wayback in 1985, when Giancarlo Minardi's Minnowesqe Formula 1 Team made it's F1 Debut at Sao Paolo, Brazil.


the team's list of Driver Alumni include one future Formula 1 Double World Champion named Fredrico Suave, aka Fernando Alonso who began his Formula One career in 2001 at Minardi., in what I've always thought was one of the team's best looking chassis, i.e.; the Minardi PS01.


As the PS Chassis suffix stood for Paul Stoddart, after the Australian Businessman purchased the beleaguered F1 team from Messer Minardi in 2001, before selling it to the late “Deeter Majestic” and his Red bull concern in 2005.


Other F1 Drivers to score Grands Prix victories include four future winners: Jarno Trulli, Giancarlo Fisichella, Alessandro Nannini and Mark Webber. Plus one former Grands Prix victor, Michele Alboreto who joined the team during his F1 Swansong.


Four former Minardi Drivers became winners in America's Open Wheel Racing series. The first being Christian Fittipaldi who won for the storied Newman/Haas racing team in CART (Championship auto Racing Teams) in 1999 at Road America. With then Chief Steward Wally Dallenbach having to Eat his Hat as part of a Bet!


While Justin B-I-G UNIT' Wilson, who subsequently became my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver during his prowess at RuSport Wayback in '05 - Before his unfortunate Demise, scored wins in both the Champ Car World Series (CCWS) and the mergified Indy Racing League, (IRL) now simply known as IndyCar. Scoring a total of seven wins before His untimely Death at Pocono in August, 2015.


Whilst Former Jordan, Minardi and Red Bull F1 recruit Robert Doornbos also drove for Minardi's Champ Car team known as Minardi Team USA during Chump Carz' series final season in '07, where he not only notched two Champ Car W's.


But is more fondly known here on Ye Isle 'O Nofendersville for giving le Hemburgular', later known here on No Fenders as Sealmeister B', aka Sebastien Bourdais who ruled the Roost in Champ Cars from 2004-2007  Great Agro', nee Aggravation! Which presumably heldped him earn the nickname Bad Bobby D!


Christian Fittipaldi and Justin Wilson have also won the prestigious Rolex 24, with Fittipaldi claiming three Rolex time-pieces for his multiple victories.


Michele Alboreto won the 24 Heurs du Mans outright for Porsche in 1997 with eventual Mr. Le Mans, aka tom Kristensen and ‘lil Stevie Johnson, nee Stefan Johansson. Driving the TWR Porsche WSC-95 for Joest Racing.


Before Michele’s untimely Death whilst testing an Audi R8 Prototype at the Fiendish Euro Speedway Lausitzring in the former East Germany. Site of another Mega ex-Minardi Driver's Horrendous Death Defying injury on September 15, 2001! With Alboreto’s Death coming just one month after having won the 12 Hours of Sebring for Audi.


And how could I not mention El Zorro', aka Alex Zanardi, whom everyone will know lost both of his legs at that aforementioned CART IndyCar race at Ye Lausitzring in '01.


While Alex has been recovering from a Horrific Handbiking Accident near Pisa nearly three years ago on  June 19, 2020. Before returning home in December, 2021.


As Zanardi's the  only Double (CART) IndyCar Champion who amassed 15 IndyCar wins after driving for Minardi. And obviously I hope for his full recovery from his latest traumatic accident!


Whilst lastly, Marc Gene who raced for Minardi in Formula 1 between 1999-2000, before becoming a Williams and Ferrari F1 Test Driver, won the prestigious 24 Heurs du Mans for Peugeot Sport Wayback’ in 2009.


As once upon a time, before Formula 1 began piling on more 'N more Grands Prix per season, with Liberty Media wishing to capitalize it's investment with a ridiculous plan for 25 Grands Prix per season, YOUSA! As Talk 'bout Diluting your product…


There was a time when a Formula 1 Driver making 200 Grands Prix starts was a Mega' accomplishment, for which four Minardi Alumni have done so, which I scribbled about in another No Fenders tome.


And Fernando Alonso, whose currently enjoying an F1 Renaissance currently driving for Aston Martin, having scored five podiums to start the season. Will claim His record 362nd  Grands Prix start at His Home race at Barcelona, the Spanish Grand Prix on June 4, 2023. With the soon to be 42yr old Spaniard in the first of His two year contract with Aston Martin, being set to potentially become the Sports first ever 400 Grands Prix starter, Aye Karumba! 

Monday, June 19, 2023

F1: sky sports Blames Marmots Up North Eh!

As I’ll try refraining from any Beaver Jokes…


It’s been a very long while since I’ve felt compelled to tune into any of ESPN, Err Sky sports Formula 1 TV coverage. But with Circuit Gilles Villeneuve’s Friday (Free Practice) FP1 session slated to air at 10:25AM Pacific, I thought what the Hell…


Little did I, or anybody else tuning in around thee Globe knew that the session would effectively be cancelled due to the most surreal circumstances.


As a red Flag was thrown before five minutes into the session had been completed, which initially was for the stricken Alpine of Pierre Gasly, who’d come to a complete Halt on track.


Yet instead of ever going “Green” again, the reason for this would be made known later. While the session wound down with No cars on track for over 50 minutes! As the Red Flag had remained for Safety reasons. Since the circuit’s CCTV camera system that the FIA relies upon for monitoring track action had unexpectedly failed.


As leave it to Sky Sports F1 Court Jester, Err Pit Reporter Theodore, Not Lenny! Krabitz to immediately go where I knew He was heading…


With Ted saying He reckoned that some Marmots had chewed thru the CCTV wiring! And then Thar was a lot of Guffawing over Marmots, Beavers, etc. For which the racetrack’s on a public Island after all! And it’s Not the Animals fault that Formula 1 shows up just once a year for four days!


Naturally, whenever I Hear the word Marmot or Beaver during a Kuhnadian’ Grand Prix weekend. I immediately Flashback to when ‘Ol ANT’, aka Anthony Davidson was driving for whom ‘Ol Professor (Steve) Matchett fondly called Super Best Friends. Ergo Super Aguri F1. When Davidson unexpectedly Smashed into one of the Furry Critters Wayback in 2007!


Being a ground Hog who obliterated Davidson’s Front wing when running an unaccustomed third place, being set to score His very first F1 points. Before having to make an unexpected stop in the Pits where His team was No where to be found! Leaving Davidson to finish a dejected P11!


With the locally provided CCTV system being unable to be repaired quickly. The FIA finally announced after great consternation in the Broadcast Booth, along with everyone else including the F1 Teams and Drivers, to just Get On with It!


Thus a Half Hour’s extra running time would be added to FP2, beginning 30mins earlier, presumably due to the forecasted rain for the afternoon session, which did indeed arrive as forecasted. Unexpectedly seeing the two Silver Arrows finishing P1-2, with Sir Lewis leading the way…


As I just spent the rest of the weekend thinking out loud, may be somebody could drop one of those furry, loveable rodents into MaxiMillions’ Red Bull’s cockpit!


Yet with the inclement weather giving for Wet, Dry, and then Wetter! Conditions Saturday during Qualifying, wisely All of the Ground Hogs, rodents, etc. stayed Dry underground! Whilst presumably the Beavers were happier frollicing in the Saint Lawrence Seaway instead, Hya!


As I found it funny how once again the timbre of Kroftie’, aka David Kroft and Martin BillyBob’ Brundle calling a mixed bag Qualie’ session found me Dozing off during Q3… As Yawn! Verstappen won His third Pole in -a-row, Sigh! Having woken up just-in-time to hear Queen Danica doing the podium interviews.


And although I knew who’d win the race a day prior, I decided to tune into the Encore presentation Sunday fternoon, during what seemed like Sky sports was using the same local CCTV provider for their Satellite “Uplink”. Or did some pesky Ground Hogs nibble upon the cables? Since the sound quality was quite Horrendous!


And after hearing ‘Ol Nicole Briscoe coo one too many times ‘bout returning right where we’d left off immediately…


I just flitted in ‘N about the kitchen making dinner before finally tiring of listening to a bunch of noise being made over how McLaren and Thar Golden boy Lando (Norris) were Cornfuzed over His five second penalty for Unsportsmanlike Behaviour! And dualy switched off as Mercedes told another Bloody Brat Pack Brit, nee George Russell to retire the car on lap-53.


Since with some 45+ minutes of Airtime remaining, I wondered why am I bothering to wait to find out that MaxiMillions had won again, Sigh!

As even Max Hitting an unsuspecting Bird couldn’t deter Him from winning His 41st Grand Prix! 

Friday, June 16, 2023

Can the NXT Indy Lights Champion make it into IndyCar Next year?

And will the winner’s prize be enough to fund more than a One-off entry at Mother speedway?


Although the season’s far from over, with nine rounds remaining entering Road America, albeit Mid-Ohio’s July 2nd race will be the Halfway point of the season.


Nonetheless, the Wo’s Next Championship battle’s currently shaping up to potentially be a two way fight between HMD Motorsports with Dale Coyne Racing teammates Christian Rasmussen and Nolan Siegel.


As Rasmussen led by a squeaky clean two points ahead of Siegel; 178-176prior to Road America this weekend. Although Seagal should have been leading the Championship following Detroit, but I’m Jumping the Shark here…


Whilst surely Andretti Autosport Boyz’ Hunter McElrea (138 points) and Lewis Foster, (123 points) currently third and sixth respectively, will wish to join the Championship conversation over the remaining rounds. With the pair whom seem magnetized during most races split by Danial Frost (132 points) and Jacob Abel (128 points) P4-5.


Interestingly, Indy NXT has had five different winners during the season’s first five rounds a la IndyCar’s multiple winners. With Frost winning at St Pete Wayback’ on March 5th. Followed by Rasmussen at Alabama, and rookie Matteo Nannini’s breakthrough victory at the first Indy GP. As the calendar’s now been amended from a Double Header over the “Guns ‘N Roses” Indy Grand Prix weekend, and will race during the August Brickyard RASSCAR’ IndyCar weekend instead.


And yes, Matteo’o’s related to former Formula 1 driver Alessandro Nannini. Whose His First cousin Once removed…


Rookie Reece gold took a surprise win during Detroit’s first race, when Siegel who’d led most of the way saw His Half shaft break with two corners remaining and limped home a dejected eighth! Yet Siegel wasn’t to be denied during Sunday’s second race at Detroit. Starting third, He quickly jumped to the lead and remained Thar until claiming His Debutante Indy NXT victory!


As the three various HMD Motorsports/Dale coyne Racing concerns, which comprise nearly Half of the Grid with it’s combined nine entries. Have won four of the first five rounds. Arse-sumedly much to Andretti’s and the rest of the field’s dismay! With Nannini winning for Juncos Hollinger Racing being the lone Non HMD/Coyne win to date…


Christian Rasmussen from Denmark is in his sophomore Indy NXT campaign. Having won the 2020 U.S. F2000 National and 2021 Indy Pro 2000 championships driving for Jay Howard Driver Development. Before graduating to the final Indy Lights season last year with Andretti Autosport. Scoring two victories enroute to sixth Overall.


Whilst rookie Nolan Siegel previously spent three seasons in the U.S. F2000 National Championship with a best finish of eighth in 2021 driving for DEForce Racing. Before contesting Indy Pro 2000 last year, also driving for DEForce. Scoring two wins and finishing fourth overall.


Detroit’s Race-1 saw Jagger Jones, grandson of ‘Ol Rufas Parnelli Jones score His maiden NXT podium, finishing second. With Ernie Francis, Jr. doing likewise when finishing third.


As I have to say I’m most impressed with Francis’s Gritiness! As the Multi-times Trans Am Champion previously drove the majority of the second round at Barber Motorsports Park with a Broken wrist! And then only missed the following race at Indianapoli’s road course outing…


Meanwhile, cannot say I’m overly impressed by either of the two IndyCar Development Drivers Kyffin Simpson (Chip Ganassi Racing) or Homeboy’ Josh Pierson. (Ed Carpenter Racing) Although Pierson’s only doing a limited schedule due to His Day Job of driving LMP2 Sports Cars on both sides of Ye Puddle. Including racing at Le Mans for the second year in-a-row for United Autosports, whose co-owned by some Mr. Zakery Brown character…


Whilst Pierson’s Stand-in toby Sowery will get to test an IndyCar for ECR June 8th at Sebring, alongside reigning Indy Lights Champion Linus Lundqvist. Before Pierson closes out the remainder of the season.


Whilst Lundqvist is still Hoping to become an IndyCar driver some day after getting Screwed Out of His Indy Lights Advancement Prize! As way to go Penske Entertainment!


As I’d say it’s anybody’s guess who’ll win at Road America this weekend, or wind-up the Champion by season’s end at Laguna Seca this September… 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

The First IndyCar Domino Falls

But who’ll be next on the IndyCar driver’s Merry-go-round?


By now, Y’all are painfully aware that IndyCar Fan favourite and Court Jester Conor Daly has been let go by “Mutual” agreement from Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) on June 7th. In what Racer’s Marshall Pruett called Inter-personal relationship “issues” being the reason for Daly’s Firing vs. His mid-pack finishing order. Whilst if I remember correctly? IndyStar’s Nathan Browne noted how Conor’s finished P17-18-17 Overall the past three seasons for ECR.


Have to say that initially, I was surprised over ECR announcing Ryan Hunter-Reay as Daly’s replacement the following day. Especially since ECR just so happened to be testing reigning Indy Lights Champion Linus Lundqvist and current Indy NXT driver Toby sowery on Sebring’s Short course.


But the move makes sense in the fact of Ed Carpenter wishing to tap into 42yr Old Hunter-Reay’s wealth of experience, technical feedback and team leadership abilities. Since neither Daly or teammate Rinus VeeKay have shone in these departments!


Hunter-Reay takes over the No. 20 entry beginning at Road America, after not being on a Road Course since 2021. And I believe that Pruett’s article also mentioned Carpenter saying His Team would be different in 2024. Meaning that RHR’s just a temporary solution?


The other Bit I find interesting, No Pun intended! Is that Bitnile, the team’s primary sponsor who Daly brought to ECR over a year ago is staying put. Making me think of Zach Veach bringing Gainbridge to Andretti Autosport, remember that Y’all?


Although I suppose that Bitnile and ECR have signed contracts for the year’s duration, and perhaps longer?


As the main question is where will conor land? Since I really cannot see anywhere in IndyCar, and His NASCAR Cup career hasn’t exactly been flattering. But may be He can find employment in Sports Cars? Or Gasp, refuge in the Craftsman PickemUp series?

Whale’, I certainly didn’t expect Conor to be making His debut for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing (DRR) in this weekend’s season opener Nitrocross event in Oklahoma!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Motorsports three Card Monty. Is IndyCar playing with Fire?

And when will the Dragon’s Flame finally “burn” Somebody?


Yeah, like always your Haggard No Fenders Scribe tomaso’s late to thee Party! Since everyone’s already given their opinions upon the matter. Which regardless, the record books will forever denote Josef Newgarden as the winner of the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500…


But I’d like to share my two pesos worth anyways, since that’s why I’m still scribbling here upon No fenders some 16+ years later, El Correctomundo?


It’s funny to Mwah how the Formula 1 race in reality was another fairly Dull procession upon thee streets of Monte Carlo. With Max Verstappen effectively leading wire-to-wire.


Although I thought that 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill wrote a very good article for the Telegraph describing how for Him, the race was on Saturday when watching the drivers needing to be millimeters perfect during Qualifying!


Yet instead, since I skipped Monaco again, (along with Barcelona) I have to say that I felt totally Deflated by the ending to this year’s Indy 500! Especially after All of the tension and build-up leading to the actual race.


As I believe I heard or read somebody saying that the final 20-laps took an Hour to complete due to the unprecedented three Red Flag periods! For which apparently I’m in the minority? But I’m not a fan of multiple Red flags being use to essentially manipulate the finish, in what effectively is a nod to RASSCAR’s Chequors’ or Wreckers Green-white finishes, Spew!


As do we really want it to become the Indianapolis 520?


Now I’ll agree that the first Red Flag on lap 186 was warranted, since Kyle Kirkwood’s racecar was lying upside down on the race track! Along with His rear tyre that had gone Flying over the Catch Fencing! Fortunately only striking somebody’s unattended car! Although one Fan was treated for minor injuries from flying debris.


And since I’m blind and simply listened to the race via IndyCar Radio. I can only Arse-sume there was a fairly major field of carbon fibre debris littering the racing surface? Not to mention Felix Rosenqvist’s wrecked racecar.


The second Red Flag for Pato O’Ward’s ill advised move on lap-193, when O’Ward desperately tried passing Marcus Ericsson for second place, with Josef Newgarden leading. Apparently was a bi-product of the Dallara’s Areodynamics, and how only the second place car could make a pass upon the leader, with third on-back being stuck and unable to move forward…


Not sure how many cars were finally involved? Since I know that rookie Agustin Canapino, who had a wounded racecar ended up unceremoniously crashing into O’Ward’s stricken car!


But the third and final Red Flag on lap-198 seemed totally unwarranted! With me initially feeling that Marcus Ericsson had been Robbed! Even if I preferred Santino Ferrucci inexplicably winning. I simply wanted Anybody besides Josef Newgarden drinking Milk!


Yet I suppose it would have also been somewhat controversial for Ericsson to become the first Back-to-Back winner since Hulio’ (2001-02) by simply racing back to the Start line before the Caution should have been thrown! As I’m still Cornfuzed over the need to reshuffle Ferrucci and Newgarden?


And Yeah, I heard El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske pronouncing that Race Control had just done what the Fans wanted, since Nobody wants the race to end under a Yellow Flag. But Yuhs know what Roger? Sometimes that’s what happens!


As I won’t even bother on the point that it was Roger’s car winning! Since Josef Newgarden did what He needed to do to win On-track “legally”, so Congrats to Newgarden.


But for Mwah, where it gets Dicey! And perhaps I’m blowing this out of contention? But I find it funny how I cannot keep thinking of How Race Control did something unprecedented on Yas Isle at the season finale Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that “Gifted” Max Verstappen His Debutante F1 World Championship!


Thus I simply feel that IndyCar is playing with Fire here by doing the unprecedented in order to simply “Spice Up the Show!” As sing it ‘Ol Jerry Lee Lewis!


And although once again, Josef Newgarden did Nothing wrong enroute to victory, for which has been pointed out how He was the leader after the second Red Flag…


But my Biggest problem with the race is what has simply become known as the dreaded “Dragon” move. When the leader becomes a Snake serpentining back ‘N forth across the entire track to effectively Block the path of the second place car!


For which I’ve read two Bloggers opinions about playing Chicken with the Pit Wall Attenuator! Which really shouldn’t be occurring at over 200mph!


Since when I think of the consequences of a driver crashing Heavily into the Attenuator. I immediately Flashback to when I could vividly see Mark Dismore lying on His Hospital bed with a ginormous neck brace fashioned around him staring into the camera!


Two things that are related, seemingly are not being discussed currently, regarding next year’s Dallara DW12 racecars. That being what happens when we’re racing with Heavier cars with more Horsepower?


As I’d like to Arse-sume that Dallara has already factored in the needs to strengthen the wheel tethers on All four corners! Along with other necessary Safety updates.


And lastly, do we really need Indy Cars going any faster at Mother Speedway? Ergo the reportedly 100 extra Horsepower the ERS Super capacitor “Hybrid” motors will provide?


And what happens when two of these Heavier racecars collide with each other whilst performing the Dragon? 

Friday, June 9, 2023

LE MANS: New look Hypercar era Throws Party at Circuit de la Sarthe

But can anybody take the Shine off of Toyota this year?


Forgive me for not wishing to type the names of 48 Hypercar drivers, Hmm? Where, Oh where have I heard that 48 number before? And how come it’s not being used upon ‘Ol JJ’s, nee Jimmie Johnson’s Garage 56 entry?


By my very rudimentary understanding. This year’s Mega’ 16 car FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) Hypercar category is essentially divided three ways. With seven Le Mans Daytona Hypercar (LMDH) entries, six Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) Factory Hybrids and three “boutique” LMH Non-Hybrid Hypercars competing for Overall glory at this year’s Centenary 24 Heurs du Mans race.



5.5-litre Normally Aspirated V-8 Hybrid (LMDH)

The Nos. 2-3 Chip Ganassi Racing (CGR) run Cadillac Racing WEC entries has scored two fourth place and one fifth place finishes in the first three rounds of the season. And the No. 3 CGR entry at Le Mans is comprised of it’s IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship drivers, including Scott Dixon.


Although I believe the #3 is a second WEC Cadillac V-Series.R Spec entry built-up for European competition. Since think I read a previous Racer article about the logistics of swapping between IMSA LMDH and WEC specifications are too time consuming…


Although subsequently learning that the No. 3 WEC entry built-up for Spa and Le Mans was wrecked at Spa-Francorchamps and the team flew one of it’s IMSA entries to Germany instead, and swapped it from IMSA to WEC specification. With the original No. 3 now serving as a spare chassis.


Meanwhile, I have No idea where the third Action Express Racing (AXR) #311 Cadd-Oh-lacc’ V-Series.R entry’s coming from? Since AXR is strictly competing in IMSA this season. Along with it’s Le Mans “wildcard” entry. So I’m guessing it’s also been changed over to WEC specification.



4.6-litre Twin Turbo V-8 Hybrid (LMDH)

Although some might claim that Porsche has gotten off to a slow start this year. Nonetheless, not only have they won in IMSA, at Long Beach. But also scored the first ever WEC LMDH chassis podium the same weekend, when finishing third at Portimoa.


Porsche Penske Motorsport is fielding a trio of it’s Porsche 963’s. It’s Nos. 5-6 WEC entries being joined by it’s #75 entry comprised of one half of it’s IMSA drivers compliment


Hertz Team Jota is the first of the eventual two customer Porsche 963 WEC teams this season, with Proton Competition still awaiting delivery. As Jota’s No. 38 will be the fourth Porsche 963 on the grid.



3.5-liter Twin Turbo V-6 Hybrid (LMH)

What can I say about the All conquering Toyota GR010 Hybrid race cars? Other than they’re the current Five-times defending 24 Hours of Le Mans Champions! Along with having won the first three 2023 season’s races. While Arse-sumedly it’s Nos. 7-8 Boyz’ will most likely be competing in another intra-squad scrum for victory. With the #8 entry being the defending winner.



3.0-litre Twin Turbo V-6 Hybrid (LMH)

Appropriately, la Scuderia seems to be the most potent threat to finally defeat Toyota. As the Prancing Horse’s first Factory Sports Car prototype in 50 years, the evocative Ferrari 499P first finished third at Sebring upon debut. And then moved to the podium’s second step at Portimao. Followed by another third place finish at Spa-Francorchamps. And obviously now wishes to score their maiden WEC victory. With Circuit de la Sarthe being the perfect place to spoil Toyota’s party!


As the Nos. 50-51, so numbered to commemorate Ferrari’s half century absence as a Werks’ entry. Will be campaigned by AF Corse, will hope to claim glory for Maranello by capturing it’s tenth overall victory.



2.6-litre Twin turbo V-6 Hybrid (LMH)

Peugeot Sport has to be the most disappointed of the Factory Hypercar efforts, since it’s Nos. 93-94 9X8 entries have seemingly been off the pace everywhere to date! As I think their best result was a fourth place in 2022? As the team’s entered six rounds so far, with a best finish of fifth this year.


No idea if the radical 9X8 is off the pace due to being the only Hypercar that doesn’t sport a traditional rear wing? Having elected to produce it’s necessary downforce from it’s underneath bodywork instead.



3.5-litre V-8 Twin Turbo (LMH)

Suppose it’s small consolation that the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 007 LMH entries are the best of what I’m calling “boutique” entries, since it’s a Non-Hybrid racecar. Therefore, it seems that the ACO/FIA hasn’t adjusted it’s dreaded Balance of Performance (BoP) regulations accordingly yet for Glickenhaus and Vanwall to compete for outright victory this year vs. the far superior Hybrid Hypercar entries.


Once again, The team will run it’s traditional Nos. 708-709 racecars for their third consecutive Le Mans outing. With my sentimental favourite being the #708 with former IndyCar Star Ryan Briscoe as part of it’s drivers trio.



4.5-litre Normally Aspirated V-8 (LMH)

This appears to be the most controversial entry in this category. First due to the long running court battle over who owned the intellectual property rights to the storied Vanwall company’s name. And then Dr. Colin Kolles, a No Nonsense Dentist turned Racing Boss, Err Formula 1 Team Principal before moving to Sports Cars, decided to Sacked Jacques Villeneuve less than a Fortnight prior to the race!


With scuttlebutt suggesting that Dr. Kolles wasn’t happy with Jacques pace, along with crashing in two races. With the official excuse being that the 52yr old Kuhnuck’s wife is expecting their latest child…


As the No. 4 Vanwall Vandervell 680 Gibson powered entry will be piloted by former Indy Lights standout Esteban Guerrieri and former Indy Lights champion and IndyCar driver Tristan Turbo’ Vautier, along with Tom Dillman. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

LE MANS: Will Anybody pay Attenzione to this year’s Supporting Classes?

And can they even possibly share any of the Limelight?


Yeah, suppose it’s the same ‘Ol yearly Copout, But! Y’all try chronicling some 24 LMP2 and 21 LMGTE Am entries, Yikes! For which your Haggard No Fenders Scribe Tomaso’s not even gonna try! Especially since feeling pretty Dejected over the Farcical ending of this year’s Indy 500 right now!


Not to mention that All of the focus of this year’s Centenary 24 Heurs du Mans will be upon the massive 16-car Hypercar category. Which surely once again, Toyota’s gotta be the favourite, Groan!


Although I did have “Zoey the Princess Warrior!” My current Zoomtext Fusion 2023 Screen Reader read me the entire 62 Car entry list, Zoinks! And was somewhat surprised that only two current IndyCar drivers are participating this year.


With Scott Dixon naturally aboard one of Cheeps’, aka Chip Ganassi Racing’s Cadillac V-Series.R Hypercar entries. Whilst Simon Pagenaud is listed aboard  the No. 47 Cool Racing LMP2 entry.


This is also a “Bridge” year for the Saloons category, with Porsche and Ferrari dropping their LMGTE Pro teams in favour of graduating to the Hypercar Class, meaning that Corvette was stuck scrambling to prepare an entry for the Grand Touring Amateur category. Since the ACO/FIA cancelled the GTE Pro category this year, and next year will feature only GT3 machinery.




Meanwhile, I still think that the lone #33 Corvette C8.R with Ben Keating, Nicky Catsburg and Nicolas Varrone at it’s controls will be hard pressed to win it’s Class, due to the shear volume of competitors it faces in the 21 strong LMGTE Am field.


Since Porsche has the most Class entries with eight Porsche 911 RSR-19’s, with seven Prancing Horses Hot on it’s Heels! With la Scuderia’s venerable Ferrari 488 GTE Evo giving chase. Along with a strong contingent of five Aston Martin Vantage AMR’s, including the defending TF Sport Class winner. entered.


Whilst I’d be happy with the No. 16 Proton Competition’s Porsche entry with Ryan Hardwick, Jan Van Hagar’ Heylen and Zacharie Robichon winning this Class!


Although I’ve subsequently discovered, following a little, deeper digging. That the No. 33 Vette’ has been tearing up the Competizione in the Weckity Wec’s first three races. Having won the 1000 Miles of Sebring and Six Hours of Portimoa races! Along with finishing runner-up in the most recent Six Hours of Spa-Francorchamps round.


Interestingly, according to Racer’s Stephen Kilbey. Pratt & Miller have built a brand new 2023 Spec C8.R for Corvette’s FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) LM GTE AM assault this year. With the chassis being prepped by Larbre Competition, a longtime Le Mans competitor.


While Corvette has just unveiled the forthcoming Corvette Z06 GT3.R racecar at Daytona International Speedway, and is busy Homologating it for 2024 competition in both IMSA GTD Pro and GTD classes, along with the WEC. In what apparently will be primarily Customer based entries worldwide. Although expect a two car Factory GT entry in IMSA next year, albeit I don’t know if that means two GTD Pro cars or one Z06 GT3 apiece for the two GTD categories? 

Monday, June 5, 2023

AUTOS: Is Detroit really still the Motor City?

Or will it just become another Outpost for “Rorge Retson” Flying Cars in the future?


Every year around this time, that being Indy Cars Detroit Grand Prix weekend, I Hope to have posted a very long overdue, languishing No Fenders post about Tintip Boyz’ and the ‘Ol glory Years of the SCCA Trans Am era when The Cat in the Hat, aka Jack Roush’s Nasty Ford Mustangs ruled the roost in SCCA Pro Racing’s Trans Am series.


But I just never quite get around to it, after becoming engrossed in the Month of May’s festivities at Mother Speedway instead.


For which I have to say this year’s Indy 500 finish left a sour taste for Mwah, with a ridiculous Red Flag, Uhm Chequors or Wreckers Greann-White Flag finish!


Yet with All of the previous drama surrounding Graham Rahal and Stefan Wilson at this year’s Indianapolis 500. Not to mention Graham’s ties to the late Justin Big Unit Wilson, notably being Wilson’s teammate at Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing in 2008. My mind goes Ah-Wanderin’ Wayback’ to 2008 when Justin Wilson scored His first IndyCar victory after that Dastardly Helio Castroneves Blocked Him upon The Raceway at Belle Isle!


Since it’s funny how whenever I hear the words IndyCar and Detroit, I immediately think of Ye Beautiful Island, Err Belle Isle, for which I tried scribblin’ about some of my Belle Isle memories previously in another No Fenders tome.


As IndyCar has become so synonomous with Belle Isle that I forget that the CART/PPG IndyCar World Series raced Thar between 1989-1991, following Formula 1 choosing to not race on the Streets of Detroit following 1988.


Which fortuitously for Mwah led to my very first, true Grands Prix. Being the 1989 Iceberg Grand Prix held upon Ye Downtown Streets of Phoenix, Arizona on June 4, 1989. A very significant day in world history, i.e.; China, Iran and Poland!


Whilst your much younger humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso was sweltering in the 104 degrees Fahrenheit Heat of that year’s amusingly named Iceberg Grand Prix!


As I also like to believe that it was the 1986 Detroit Grand Prix with Ayrton Senna’s beautiful black and gold John Player Special Lotus that introduced me to F1 Wayback’ when! Which would be fthe first of Ayrton Senna’s three consecutive Detroit Grand Prix victories.


As the much unloved 2.50-mile, 17 turns  temporary street circuit was despised by the Formula 1 drivers. This race which was considered the Hardest of the season, due to the circuit’s bumpiness anlong with being run during the brutally Hot portion of mid June in Detroit, where the Ash-fault

 Routinely disintegrated! Just proves to me again, how much of a Bad Arse F1 Pilote the late Ayrton Senna was! Since Senna won the most Detroit Grands Prix before the F1 Circus departed to Phoenix.


Without scouring the current IndyCar race circuits lengths, I believe that the new, 1.70-mile 10 turn course on Detroit’s streets will be the shortest on the IndyCar calendar, with the only caviot being that the entire race course’s Downtown Streets have been repaved expressly for this purpose! While for Mwah, the most interesting portion of the track is the unique Pitlane, which I think features drivers pitting on two different sides of the Pitlane…


Meanwhile, how much does having an IndyCar race in Downtown Detroit really matter? Since when I think about the once fabled “Motor city”, I think of the “big-3”, i.e.; Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler and the legendous’ Muscle Car era and the Pony Cars war.


Not to mention Scotty Scooter’ Pruett kicking Arse during the Motor city 100 SCCA Trans Am races…


Yet now Ford will soon be the only Playah’ with a rear wheel drive V-8 powered Pony Car left for customers to purchase. Following the demise of Chevrolet’s sixth generation Camaro in January, 2024. Whilst Stellantis has already killed off the amazingly brutal Dodge Hellcat Charger! Leaving us with just the Mustang, which Ford has just rolled out it’s seventh generation version.


 Making me wonder if we’re headed back for another incarnation of the early 1980’s, when turbocharging initially became the rage during an enforced tightening of vehicle emissions and fuel economy, if I remember correctly?


As one has to say it’s slightly odd thinking that Indy Cars, albeit going Hybrid next year, will be pounding round the streets of Detroit hopefully for years to come with their “ERS” (Energy Recovery systems) Internal Combustion Engines, (ICE) while Chevrolet, Ford and Stellantis are all racing to “lock-up”, Uhm secure the world’s deposits of lithium and other raw materials in order to make everybody drive Electric Vehicles…


Although the ACO which governs le 24 Heurs du Mans has just instituted a Hydrogen Class for it’s top LMH category for Le Mans beginning in 2026 for Fuel Cell technology. And intends to make Hydrogen powered prototypes the Classes only fuel source by 2030. So may be the V-8 Internal Combustion Engine can be converted to Hydrogen after all?