Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What Are We Afraid Of?

And why are we so scared of somebody being Different?


Yeah, I know this No Fenders topic will be controversial, along with polarizing for many, which I simply do Not understand, and cannot wrap my Head around!


As I find it Appalling that our local Pride event was cancelled due to it’s organizer receiving Death Threats! Seriously people, what’s wrong with you?


While today marks the 54th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. For which if you’re not familiar with, look it up.


Having scribbled about one such remarkably interesting person whom became Roberta  Cowell here upon No Fenders last June in the following two part tome.


Whilst I must say that I’m most disappointed with IndyCar, Andretti Autosport and it’s No. 28 title sponsor DHL for apparently Not Honouring Pride Month this year! Unless I somehow missed the Memo?


Although I Don’t think they did anything this year either at Detroit or Road America? The only two races during June, which I take to be just one more sign of how divisive this taboo “subject has become…


As it’s somewhat hard to believe that it’s already a decade ago since I was introduced to the great Kuhnaidiun’ Band Arcade Fire in Austin, Texas, when attending that year’s United States Grand Prix. When Austin F1 Sherpa Claudio took me to hear the band playing live prior to the race.


Getting to hear my favourite Arcade Fire song Reflector being performed, along with learning about their most compelling song We Exist! A Straight forward, No Nonsense and wonderfully correct song upon the matter of being Gay and the intrinsic Homophobia associated wit it…